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The Underhanded Reason for the Attack on DA Cruz

(`) Liberty CriesThe attack on District Attorney Timothy Cruz by the Boston Globe as I suggested in my post yesterday had no merit. Newman Flanagan the flamboyant district attorney in Suffolk County for many years was also its top trial lawyer prior to becoming DA. He would remind jurors when he argued cases that when they are dealing with crimes committed in the gutter the witnesses to the crimes were not going to come from Ivy League institutions; they also came from the gutter. The Globe’s problem with DA Cruz is that he got his witnesses from the hard streets who were not themselves angels. The alternative to DA Cruz’s vigorous and aggressive attempt to solve murders is to stand back and do nothing about them. The Globe offers no suggestion on what other methods he should have used to solve these crimes yet criticizes him wrongly.

I found the attack on Cruz unfounded and called it made up out of whole cloth. I questioned the Globe’s  motives because what Cruz has done is common to other prosecutors both federal and state. To get some testimony you have to make deals; remember John Martorano (12 years for 20 murders); Kevin Weeks (6 years for 5 murders) and others equally inexplicable deals that were made without a passing comment.

High Handed Hypocrisy: The Unfair Attack on Plymouth DA Timothy Cruz

(`) Liberty CriesPlymouth District Attorney Timothy Cruz who I don’t know appears to run his office in a way that I don’t like. I’ll explain that in a later post. But the Boston Globe’s unfair attack on him leaves me scratching my head. There has to be something behind it that it is not disclosing for it is made up of whole cloth.

The nub of the Globe’s hostility toward him is he has:  a pattern of granting favors to violent criminals who continue to commit new crimes almost immediately after being granted leniency.”

Cruz has been in office 14 years. He has handled cases involving several thousands of individuals over that time. The Globe’s complaint points to four individuals. It is far from being “a pattern.” Worse of all the Globe’s complaint has no merit to it. Cruz should be commended for his actions rather than denigrated.

You would think that the federal prosecution of Whitey Bulger happened in another world. The Globe uttered not one word of protest about the incredible bargains the federal prosecutors made with admitted murderers there; nor about any other bargains by the federal prosecutors. Nor has it uttered a word of complaint about the FBI’s Top Echelon Informant program which is based on the idea of “granting favors to violent criminals who continue to commit new crimes.”

An Unsettling Day: I Thought of John Connolly Still Being Imprisoned in Florida

Woman cryingWhy I get upset thinking about the case is that the theory behind the case is so flawed it is hard to believe it resulted in a prosecution. I’m not talking about the charge on which he was convicted which is murder by gun. That too has no validity. Connolly had no presence in Florida for months or even years prior to the murder nor did he have any connection with the gun used in the shooting. The state argued that because Connolly was an FBI agent and carried a gun then that gun, the gun he perhaps had on his person in Massachusetts, implicated him in the crime murder by gun. To think an appeals court would seriously consider this as a legitimate interpretation of a criminal statute boggles the mind.

As bad as that is, it pales in significance to the government’s theory as to why the murder took place. The victim of the murder is John Callahan a Boston accountant. He liked to hang around with the wise guys including Johnny Martorano and his brother Jimmy, who is said to be a member of the Mafia.