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The Great Con Man and His Make Believe Plan

CharlatanHere is  Donald Trump’ speech if you have the time to read it. It is the one he gave along with the one that was leaked to the press before he made it.

He started by saying: “We will be a country of generosity and warmth. But we will also be a country of law and order.” He added: “I have a message for all of you: the crime and violence that today afflicts our nation will soon — and I mean very soon come to an end.” He did not tell how that would happen.

He then put out a number of problems he believed America is facing both at home and abroad saying: “Tonight, I will share with you my plan of action for America.” He had would never tell us of his plan.

I thought finally we will hear some substance and not a litany of complaints.

He went on: “our plan will put America First.” Great, I thought, let’s hear it.

He went on:My plan will begin with safety at home . . . On the economy, I will outline reforms.”

Donald Trump Meets Elizabeth Warren:

2015 08 21_3000Those who heard Donald Trump’s Soviet-like acceptance speech of the nomination for president of the United States at the Republican Convention in Cleveland could not but be reminded of a dictator, especially a Communist one, who is accountable to no one but himself. You know how long those dictators liked to talk when given a platform – Fidel Castro for one holds the UN record for the longest speech of four hours and twenty-nine minutes and once gave one that ran seven hours and ten minutes.

Among the top eight longest speeches  we have Muammar al-Gaddafi, Hugo Chavez, Fidel, and Joseph Stalin. These give you a view into the type of person who is speaking. He is one who believes the sun only shines on him.

Lengthy speeches are very much like the lengthy appellate court decisions – they stretch out so long because they use the length to try to hide the vacuousness of their thoughts. I recall the Florida appellate judge’s dissent on former FBI Agent John Connolly’s appeal ran about forty pages as she tried to show that even had John Callahan been strangled John Connolly was correctly convicted of murder by gun when he was 1,500 miles away.

The Trump Doctrine: Pay Your Share or Lose Your Peace and Freedom

mount rushmoreThis is really way out of line with American policy for almost seventy years. Actually it is the type of thinking you can attribute to no other American president in our history.

Donald Trump has analysed the world and put it on a profit and loss sheet to determine how it should operate. There is nothing on the sheet about freedom or about war. it is all about costs of operation without the faintest hint of the idea of deterrence or showing resolve.

It is what a businessman does. All that matters is making a profit; if lives are adversely affected by the decision to fire people so be it. The one important thing is to get a good return on one’s money.

No charity here (that’s why he hides his tax returns).  Our country will rename itself as the United Scrooges of America. When other countries experience a disaster or epidemic that won’t concern us unless they are willing to pony up big for our help. Nothing for nothing will be his motto.

The Trumpeteers – All That Is Missing Are The Brown Shirts

Heidi CruzI have often wondered how some dictators have come to power in countries through the free ballot. I can see it now in the actions of the Trumpeteers. They are a small group of disgruntled people who have been motivated by a seemingly innocuous and meaningless slogan “make America great again” which when coupled with Donald Tump’s rhetoric is as subtle as the old “you know where I stand” hateful racist slogan of L.D. Hicks. The Trumpeteers want to put into power a man who spreads ill will by denigrating other groups who he suggests are a danger to real Americans; a man who blames the others for any imagined ill that his Trumpeteers believe America is suffering from; a sloganizing man with no substance.

The Trumpeteers know who these people are who keep America from being great. They are identifiable by their features or names. They need not be forced to wear arm bands or other insignia so that we are able to tell them from the rest of us. We can look at them or read their names or listen to their speech and know these are the people who are attempting to steal away the rights of the Trumpeteers.

Make America Grate Again: The Horror of the Trump Candidacy

() HareGrate as defined by the dictionary I just took off my shelf (Webster’s Dictionary, Pictorial Edition, Unabridged, printed in Springfield in May 1859) is defined as: “To offend; to fret; to vex; to irritate; to mortify; as, harsh words grate the heart; they are grating to the feelings; harsh sounds grate the ears.”

That’s what I suggest is happening to America as I think that until November of this year we have a candidate that will irritate most Americans and mortify them in front of the world.

Can you imagine a candidate who traveled to Europe during the time he was running for the nomination not to meet with foreign leaders but to open a golf course?  A candidate who supported the British leaving the European Union, an action that greatly concerned most intelligent persons.

The tragedy of Trump’s candidacy and the false slogan he throws out about making America great (rather than grate) again means there is some time in the past when he believed America was great. He never tells us when that was. Why has no one asked him “when was  America great” as compared to today?

The Man Who Cannot Win And The Party That Should Be Dissolved

() HareDriving to town I was surprised. I saw a Donald Trump (DT) sign. “What kind of nut lives there,” I thought.

Over the years there have been candidates for the office of the presidency who I did not like but never thought that the people supporting them were nuts.  Who would want a man like DT who reached the goal of being the nominee of the Republican Party to represent our country. Somehow you feel dirty knowing that people like him exist even if you did not know he was a pal of fellow NY City rich guy Jeffrey Epstein. Imagine hoping one of your children would grow up to be DT? You would almost prefer they get the DTs.

Over the past few days I have met quite a few people who have talked about the upcoming election. I have not met one who has said he or she will vote for DT. Some have said they will hold their nose and vote for Clinton with the main reason given they would like to see a woman in the White House. Others are going to write in a name or sit at home.

Guns and Dead Police Officers: How Long Do We Put Up With It?

blackpanthersthenBBC hd an interview with a Black Lives Matter guy in Dallas. He belongs to some defense league. He says they are at war with the police because the police are at war with them. The BBC showed footage of a couple of dozen, maybe more, black men and women marching around carrying automatic rifles.  In Texas it is all right for a group to form a little military unit and parade on the public street carrying their arms.

The guy was talking of the right to overthrow the government when it becomes oppressive. He said they are up against the biggest gang in America, the American police, and have to be armed like the police to protect themselves. One woman sitting with this guy said something to the effect: “During the Civil War the North didn’t fight the South without guns, did they?”

Then the BLM guy showed the BBC reporter his weapon. It looked like a .45 caliber weapon I had in the military. He pulled back the hammer to show that there was a live round in the chamber; he said that the safety was not on; and told how he was ready to defend himself from the police because as best he knows he could be pulled over and murdered driving back to his home.

Sing A Song of Mikepence


Sing a song of MikePence,

A belly full of wry.

That’s what Trump must of had

To go choose that guy.

Donald wanted someone

Hoping to change his fate

So he picked a Hoosier

As his running mate.

Trump thought himself clever

Playing to right wing hopes

Mike was in the cloakroom

Hanging Donald’s coat

Donald hoped he conned them

By making Mike his guy

When the shoes were polished

Mike could only sigh.