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BC Football. Dire Days Demand Drastic Doings

John Irwin was president of the Boston College Alumni Association the same year Ernie Chlebec was coaching BC football to a winless season. He was also sitting as a superior court judge in the first session at Norfolk which meant I had to go before him on a regular basis. Usually Monday mornings at 9:30 the list would be called and decisions made on cases. Even if we were on trial we’d have to first go before him.

Did you ever see the Seinfeld show where Elaine had to encounter the Soup Nazi. That was Irwin as the season passed and the losses piled up. The court room became like a Marine brig where you were afraid to make one false move or he would be jumping down your throat. Along with that Irwin had a tendency to show his anger by his face getting red. He was soon a brilliant scarlet on Monday mornings and most of us were looking for excuses to avoid the courthouse.

Fortunately for him he has shed his earthly robes and has gone off to his reward. Have you noticed lately the brilliant sunsets. I figure Irwin is up there glowing red as he watches his beloved BC sink lower and lower.

Trump’s Revenge: His Last Campaign Speech: November 1, 2016

bloody-murderFellow Americans. Tonight is the last time I will speak to you before the election next week. I want to thank all of you who sought to change things in this amazing country so that we could make it great again. We thought it was possible. We worked hard to make it happen. We were naive to think that the election would not be rigged. Well now we know.

It is even rigged to the point that when I say it is rigged my words are twisted to suggest that I am stating that on election day there will be massive acts of malfeasance. I have not suggested that.

I have said it was rigged a long time prior to election day.  It was rigged by Crooked Hillary and the Crooked Media and the Crooked FBI.

In no campaign in American history has the media conspired with one candidate to lie about the other and to bury the truth about its co-conspirator. You have seen this happening day after day as these crooked people work together to hide Hillary’s evil and destroy the goodness of my voters.

The Last Debate on the Road to the White House: Envelope please. And the Winner is?

() HareThe New York Times which has been solidly in Hillary’s pocket during this election year (which announced on its front page the other day that after extensive research its publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr. has decided on his successor, Arthur Gregg Sulzberger, his son) has put Donald Trumps chance of winning the presidency at 8%. I was surprised that it was so high. I give him zero chance.

How could you possibly even consider voting for the guy. Tradition demands that both the Republican and Democratic nominees for president receive the same briefing as the president on the state of the world. Having been briefed he was told that seventeen intelligence agencies, both governmental and private, have concluded that the matters being printed by Wikileaks about the Clinton campaign have come from Russia with the approval of the highest officials. He says he does not believe it saying they could have come from anywhere including China.

How is he to conduct the actions of our country when he refuses to believe what our intelligence sources are telling him? Do you really want a person like that making decisions? I suppose if he had some other information to justify his disbelief it would be one thing but he doesn’t. He just chooses not to believe it.

Obamacare: Romneycare: Time To Junk Them and Have Omnicare:

CharlatanTo get Obamacare the President Obama had to make deals – big deals. He had to sell out the American people to the pharmacies. Now he sees that was a bad idea.

He also had to make deals with other health entities. He guaranteed that the pharmacies they would not be undercut by sources outside the United States. You’ve seen how good that has worked out when you do away with competition and how some of the pharmacies have raised the cost of their medicines by over 700%.

What is there to stop them if they own a monopolyy. The pharmacies are like the railroads of the late 19th Century controlling the market and the price of their products.

Here is something to chew on. The cost of pharmaceuticals make up around 30% of the cost of Medicare. Medicare, which pays 110 billion dollars a year for drugs is prohibited from negotiating the prices by Congress. Who do these guys in Congress represent?  Most Americans want that changed.

Your FBI: Too Many Agents Who Are Bored, Underworked, Frustrated, Yearning for the Excitement. 2 of 2

Yesterday I wrote about how arrests should be done in a civilized society. Today I’ll show how the FBI usually does them. Remember, this could happen to you and it need not. Those in power should treat people like they would like to be treated.

I’ve written before how these Federal Bully Individuals came down to Quincy, MA, with three black vans, a dozen or more SWAT costumed agents, guns showing, rushing in and breaking down an apartment door to arrest a young non-violent  cab driver at five in the morning. I figure those agents thought because he was a Muslim that was all right. Had they waited a couple of hours they could have arrested him quietly as he left his apartment or reached his cab stand. I wondered at the time don’t these agents have anything  else to do? I also wondered at the mentality of the U.S. attorneys who let these things happen.

Put yourself in the position of figuring out how to bring about the arrest of lets say a man who I will call Harold T. Martin, III. Lets suppose he lives with his second wife I’ll call Deborah Vinson in a quiet neighborhood in a small brick and vinyl-sided single family two bedroom bungalow. Assume Deborah works in a crafts store. On Sundays she sometimes gives sermons at a local church in a small commuter town in Maryland.

Your FBI: Too Many Agents Who Are Bored, Underworked, Frustrated, Yearning for the Excitement. 1 of 2

There is a right way and a wrong way to do things. My mother an astute observer of me used to remind me after one of my exploits that “the Devil makes work for idle hands.” That is absolutely the case when it comes to the FBI. It is the only thing that can account for some of its behavior. If I were an agent I would be ashamed and embarrassed if I participated in these actions but apparently many are not.

I was involved in well over a hundred investigations involving arrests of drug dealers, gangsters, and criminals who had a potential for violence. Most of these we figured out how to do so that little notice would be taken of them. Against those thought most dangerous we rarely used more than six officers or troopers. The idea was to do the job safely, quickly and efficiently. If we had to seize a lot of items we would do it quietly and bring them away from the scene and back to the base to examine. We treated those we arrested with dignity; often taking them into custody away from the location where they resided without much ado.

Time To Stop America’s Demise – A Plan To Do It — #No Red Court

salem_witchNever in my life have I seen any candidate for president undergo such a barrage of negative publicity as Donald Trump. I don’t like the guy and think he would be the worst type person to govern our country. Throw everything else aside you have to admit there is one thing clear about him and that is he is vindictive and vengeful and petty. His side battles, all which have hurt him badly, with the family of the dead Muslim Army officer and the various attacks on women criticizing their looks or conduct are deeply demeaning to him but he cannot help himself. He’s bold and brash but basically a bully and bullshitter.

All that and many other things have made it impossible for him to win. For the majority of the people of America are basically good people no matter their politics and are searching for someone who will change the direction of this country from where it is going. These people want change in a positive direction; in a way that will help those Americans who get up every morning and onto our jammed highways and crumbling infrastructure going to their jobs or those others who wish they could join them going to a job. These are the people, the core of America, the workers and believers in something more than themselves who have propelled America into its continuing leadership of the world. They will vote but they do so without the zealotry of some who seek not what is best for America but to push their agenda. We have seen their agenda ruin our communities as drugs destroy those who see no hope of a decent future.

A Sunday Story: Terry Francona and Political Correctness

() HareWas there no regret seeing Terry Francona in the dugout of the Cleveland Indians?  I don’t follow the exploits of the Red Sox that much but I do recall he managed for them.  I had no idea when he left or why. I thought it might have been because of illness but that couldn’t be for there he was managing a team beating the Red Sox. I thought I would call the biggest Red Sox fan I knew, Zeke, to find out.

It’s always good talking to Zeke. It had been a while. The one downside with doing it is he is a political correctness freak and sometimes I get confused. But I thought how could he possibly get involved in that fetish talking about the Sox.

“Zeke,” I said when he answered his cell. I didn’t have to identify myself since we’d been friends since the old days. I knew he would recognize my voice. “Have you gotten over your blues about the Red Sox losing.”

He replied, “yeah, what do you want?” in an obvious aggravated voice showing he was still sulking.