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Is Russia no longer the “evil empire?” Time for Evangelists to Get a Check-Up Part two of two

Buchanon writes how the World Congress of Families (WCF) was planning to meet in Moscow (it was cancelled). That groupopposes same-sex marriage, pornography, and abortion, while supporting a society built on “the voluntary union of a man and a woman in a lifelong covenant of marriage.”  Here’s an article that gives a supportive view to Buchanon’s on the Evangelist/Trump/Russian troika.

Its sort of ironic how Evangelicals close their eyes to Russian aggressions and the manner in which it is actually operating to believe, like Buchanon, the words of the ultimate deceiver the former KGB Putin.  Buchanon extols Russia for its ban on abortion advertising and abortions after 12 weeks yet the facts are Russia has the highest number of abortions in the world and the fourth highest abortion rate.  While the so-called corrupt states of Western Europe have the least abortions (12 per 1,000 women) Russia is among the nations with the most (43 per 1,000).

WCF supports a life long covenant of marriage between a man and a woman and backs a president in his third marriage; Buchanon rails against easy divorce and promiscuity although Moscow is high on the list of the most promiscuous cities. Pornography is worldwide addiction with American companies, cable providers, and hotel chains doing well financially providng it.

Is Russia no longer the “evil empire?” Time for Evangelists to Get a Check-Up. Part one of two

Do you remember the time the Evangelist Christians were wary of Russia?. No, really, they were. I know it is hard to believe especially since one of the leading Evangelists Franklin Graham posted on his Facebook last year before the meeting between Trump and Putin: “The media and enemies of President Trump have tried to drive a wedge between Russia and the United States,. Our country needs Russia as an ally in the fight against Islamic terrorism. Join me in praying for President Trump and President Vladimir Putin as they have this very strategic meeting.”

Well, you do know that Trump has modestly stated in an interview with the Wall Street Journal “I know more about wedges than any human being that’s ever lived, . . .” I suppose because of that we need not do much praying about any wedges between the USA and Russia. We must assume Trump can handle them without divine intervention.

The Strange Case of Worcester Assistant DA John O’Leary and the Massachusetts State Police: Part 2 of 2

I wrote about the case involving Assistant District Attorney John A. O’Leary the other day. He is a prosecutor who got arrested for OUI while driving his daughter to a dance class. It happened on a national holiday, Martin Luther King Day, which gave O’Leary time away from the office. Apparently during that time he may have had a little too much to drink. As you know drink not only impairs one’s ability to drive but also impairs one’s judgment. If it was the case then his driving in that condition, a condition that caused a motorist to be concerned about his operation of his car so as to call the state police and which caused a state police officer to observe his operation and decide to pull him over, he did put his daughter in a perilous position.

O’Leary now has to face the charges and the adverse publicity. His children will face the embarrassment of their father’s arrest. As I indicated since no one was hurt and I assume he has never been charged with this before he will get off with minimum punishment. Even though he is now suspended without pay I suggest that he will be allowed to resume his position in the district attorney’s office. I expect the District Attorney Early will recognize this incident does not rise to the level which requires the guy lose his job.

What’s Up With Pope Francis? Caught in a Bind, He Lashes Out1

Time was running out. It seemed he had made his way past all his opponents and he was on the verge of going into the end zone when he fumbled the ball. It was picked up by the opposing side who ran it back for their own touchdown. Final Score: Francis 0; Ill-wishers 7.

Pope Francis was on the last day of his visit in Chile where he had arrived three days earlier when he was asked by a reporter concerned about his no tolerance policy for sexual abuse and Bishop Juan de la Cruz  Barros Madrid. The Pope had named bishop of a small diocese in the Chilean city of Osorno in 2015.  At the time of his installation as bishop there were “teeming protesters, shouting matches, and popping balloons. . . . The service was cut short, and Barros was escorted by police through a side door. Chile’s cardinals, along with most of its bishops, were not in attendance. Familiar with recent history, they knew it was going to be an ugly scene.”

The Strange Case of Worcester Assistant DA John O’Leary and the Massachusetts State Police: Part 1 of 2

Hard to know whether to feel sorry for forty-six year old Worcester County Assistant District Attorney John A. O’Leary who has been with that District Attorney’s office for over ten years or not. He has been suspended without pay until he clears up the mess he finds himself in. All I know about his family situation is that he has a 13-year-old daughter and owns an Audi A6. I assume losing his salary for a short period of time will not send him to the poor house. If he loses his job permanently, as some seem to hope, well that may be another story . They suggest after all he is an attorney and can continue practicing in his chosen field of law to earn a living.

That is not something easy to do after being a state prosecutor for a period of time. I had trouble.  I had been a criminal defense attorney for about 10 years before becoming a prosecutor. I handled whoever walked in the door telling me of his problems and his close friendship with Mr. Green who rarely showed up at the appointed time.  I then became a prosecutor for more than 20 years.

The American Immigrant Experience. And A Question of Immigrants

I find myself reflecting on my background and beliefs more and more as I witness the changes in my nation America. Yes, my nation even though none of my grandparents were born here. Sure the nation existed before they came and for sure there are those who can claim their heritage back to the earliest settlers but I’ve never doubted this nation belonged to me as much as it belonged to any other even though I’m descended from recent immigrants.

The first ten years of my life I lived in government owned housing. In other words my life style was subsidized in part by the government something we often forget in our diatribes against the government helping others. My father held government jobs all his life from teacher to police officer to probation officer. My mother worked as a public school  teacher prior to being forced to give up her job because she was expecting a child. In her days women were not allowed to teach if they were married so she hid her marriage from the school authorities until she could no longer do it.

The Most Dangerous and Incompetent Presidential Administration Ever: Part Two of Two

Before I get to the huge failing of this president which seemed to has passed by unnoticed by most I want to follow-up on Trump’s attitude toward immigrants by noting.that he wrote on the 14th that he wants “people coming through a system based on MERIT”; on the 12th he wrote a typical nativist statement: “Wall was not properly funded, Chain and Lottery were made worse and USA would be forced to take numbers of people from high crime countries which are doing badly. I want a merit based system of immigration and people who will help take our country to the next level.”  

The twenty-five countries with the highest homicide rates are

Central America: Belize (3), El Salvador (4), Guatemala (5), Mexico (20), Panama (25);

Africa: Lesotho (7), Swaziland (8), South Africa (10), Democratic Republic of the Congo (14), Rwanda (17), Nigeria (22), Equatorial Guinea (23), Botswana (24);

Caribbean:  Jamaica (6), Saint Kitts and Nevis (9), The Bahamas (12) , Trinidad and Tobago (13), St. Vincent and the Grenadines (15), Dominican Republic (18), St. Lucia (19), Dominica (21);

South America: Honduras(1), Venezuela (2), Colombia (11), Brazil (16).

The Most Dangerous and Incompetent Presidential Administration Ever: Part One of Two

I cannot let last week pass without noting how the Trump administration has become the most dangerous and incompetent administration in the history of America. It is shocking that it reacted in the manner that it did after what happened. Yes, shocking.

The news of last week mainly seemed to focus on whether he called African countries, Haiti and another one or two a sh*t hole, or as it seems some suggest a sh*t house, as if that is different. It’s not the swearing that is so awful; it’s the man’s attitude toward other people. How come Africa is on the sh*t list? Have we forgotten in our early days we had no problem bringing in people from that continent? Doing so made many very wealthy but not those who were brought here.

At one time I’m sure in America it was said that the Irish, Italian, German, Jewish, Baltic, Eastern Europeans, and Asian people came from those types of places. Of course, those who stated that share the same mentality exhibited by President Trump wondering why these countries are sending, as a young Jewish woman appropriately named Lazarus wrote late in the 19th century, their: “tired, . . .  poor, . . .  huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of [their] teeming shore.”