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Trump’s Tragic Alliance With Putin and Netanyahu Against Long Term Allies. The Descent into Darkness

netanyahu and putinI suggest that you can take judicial notice that never in our history has a president-elect caused such turmoil during his transition from election to being sworn into office.  Judicial notice means that the truth of that fact is so notorious or well-known, or so authoritatively attested, that it cannot reasonably be doubted. Is there anyone out there of reasonable intelligence who has been awake during that time who could possibly disagree with that statement?

What then do you make of it? Is it a good thing that so many unsettling things have occurred even before the man is sworn in? Are you comforted knowing that so much has been thrown into doubt since he was elected that the world as you thought you knew it before his election is not that of the world today and he has yet to be sworn in?

You can take judicial notice that for over 70 years not one country in Europe allied with America has invaded another. You can take judicial notice that only Russia has seized land from other countries in Europe and kept those lands. In other words only Russia has flaunted the peace in Europe through the use of force. You also must recognize Russia is run by one party under the control of Putin and is not a democracy.

Sunset in America: Listen To The Eerie Words of Trump.

Woman cryingI had a dispute with another whether Trump is woefully ignorant or a devious malign force deigning to destroy the America that we know.

Exhibit One is the transcript of the interview Trump gave within a week of his assuming the office to an English and German newspaper. Make your own judgment

Speaks in unintelligible gibberish.

“This is serious Germany, right? Like this isn’t any question — this is serious Germany.”

“I just looked at Afghanistan and you look at the Taliban – and you take a look at every, every year its more, more, more, you know they have the different colours – and you say, you know – what’s going on?”

“The White House is very special, there’s so much work to be done, I’m not gonna be leaving much — I mean a lot of work to be done — I’m gonna be in there working, doing what I’m supposed to be doing — but who wants to leave the White House?”

Has all the attributes of dictator.

“But I do, I like order and I like strength.”

Knows No Other People He Admires Other Than Father and Himself

Is This What The Trump Supporters Will Bring Us?

(`) Liberty CriesI have some people I know who are big Trump supporters. On occasion, they send me emails that they circulate among themselves. I assume they do it because they believe me to be a liberal and perhaps think they are throwing a friendly jab at me every once in a while. I don’t mind since mostly they are innocuous comments on Democrats.

These are also the people who have fallen in love with the philosophy of the Russian atheist  Ayn Rand whose family lost its business in Russia to the communists so they fled to America and were die-hard enemies of communism as practiced back in their homeland. Rand looked at the world through narrow lenses dividing it into the “good people”, the wealthy, usually railroad, mine and factory owners and the rest who she considered some type of moochers because they thought they should be paid a living wage. These individuals identify themselves with the “good people” and look down upon the other Americans.

Who Knows What Evil Lurks in The Heart of Trump? The Russian Blackmailers Know

putin-smirkWe might be unable to learn from The Trump’s tax returns about his investments and dealings with the Russian oligarchs and Putin himself but there is one party that has all that information and that is Putin.  The Russians are well aware of Trump’s history with them and they know with the littlest of effort they can prove him to be an outright liar and cheat.

Trump knows that too. He knows that a simple word from Putin shows that his whole act has been one big lie and that he has partnered with and gained help from Russian sources throughout his campaign. It is now time to pay the piper to hold the secrets from the public. It is a classic case of being blackmailed. Trump now has to do what the Russians want him to do or they will destroy him and his financial empire.

Truly there is no other way to explain what is happening with Trump. Is there any way a man not being blackmailed would take on the American intelligence agencies and prefer the word of Julian Assange a man who is probably secretly indicted in America (that’s why he is holed up in the embassy in London not wanting to be returned to Sweden who he expects will turn him over to the Americans) on many life in prison felonies.

Happy 2017 and A Goodbye to All That Daily Blogging:

() HareThanks to all who have been with me on this mostly daily ride over many subjects that began with Whitey and ended up with a person not too dissimilar to him in the person of the upcoming president.

I’m going to cut back on daily blogging for a bit. I appreciate all those who have been with me over the years especially those who have offered their comments. I won’t go away but you will be hearing less from me.

I want to get into some things in more depth. I have things sitting on my plate that have to be finished which cannot be done wailing about Trump and the demise of the country. I have some interesting stuff on the Gardner Museum that might appeal to some; I have to try to do what I can to extricate John Connolly the former FBI agent from his unjust perpetual imprisonment; I have to spend more time delving into how it was that J. Edgar Hoover came to create the abominable top echelon informant program that created monsters like Stevie Flemmi and his associates which has caused me to delve into the history of our country in a much greater manner than I hoped.

Isaac “Ike” Perlmutter: Reclusive Friend of The Trump Appears: A Cause for Worry

perlmutterIke Perlmutter is the reclusive billionaire who is the second highest owner of Disney stock and is also the guy in charge of Marvel Films. He is a notorious cheapskate. A guy who worked for him tells how he got a letter from a friend and attached to the letter with a paper clip was the friend’s business card. He took the card off the letter after reading it and tossed the letter into the waste basket. Ike came into his office and looked at his waste basket and saw the paper clip attached to it. He took it off and told the guy that he should save it because if he didn’t Ike would have to buy another one for him if he needed it.

Another story tells of how Ike would take a piece of paper that had writing on only one side of it and tear it into eight pieces so he could use the blank sides as memos. On and on the stories go about him being a tight wad which doesn’t bother me in the least. I was brought up with the idea supposedly put our by Ben Franklin. “waste not want not.” I guess I also like to pinch the silver dollar until the eagle screams.

Retired FBI Agent John Connolly’s Dilemma: Let’s Work To Stop Him From Dying in Prison

2009 11 19_1002I wrote earlier today about the injustice of John Connolly being in prison. After doing that I had a conversation with an associate who read the blog and I recognized that my post was a little confusing. Let me cut to the chase: what makes the Florida Appeals Court decision so wrong is that if Martorano was unarmed and had poisoned Callahan while sitting outside a McDonald’s or if he strangled him while both were sitting in their bathing suits on a Fort Lauderdale beach then Connolly could still have been convicted of murder by gun.  Does that make sense? The decision is really an abomination of the law. It is so grossly and inconceivably wrong running up against everything the Florida legislature intended by enacting the murder by gun statute which was to take guns away from the scenes of crimes.

For those unfamiliar with the facts John Martorano admitted he was hired by John Callahan to murder Roger Wheeler in Oklahoma which he did by shooting him in the head and then when he learned Callahan was being looked at by the FBI he invited Callahan to Florida and shot him in the head in the airport parking lot. He implicated Connolly by saying that Steve Flemmi told him that John Connolly told him they would all go to prison unless Callahan was taken out or something to that effect.

Pondering the American System of Justice: The Question of the Day

Woman cryingI suppose I could start off with the case of Retired FBI Agent John Connolly. He has been in prison for fifteen years and will probably die there. He never shot anyone. He was alleged to be a bad FBI agent but very little was shown that was the case. He was instrumental in bringing down the Boston Mafia but it was the Mafia leaders who ended up being cheered as heroes and awarded 25 million dollars by the federal court in Boston which seems to have some type of affinity for those gangsters – sort of like a Soprano-idolization that so many Americans have as witnessed by the popularity of that show. Somehow, the federal judges got it in their minds Connolly was bad and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men could not change it so they leaped at all sorts of lame conclusions to show that and each one commented on how wise were the other judges who agreed with him. None seem to have delved deeply into the matter (I know they tell us they are very busy) to understand the great injustice perpetrated against him.