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Trump’s Korean Blunder: Unaware – The Stable Genius Takes Credit for It.The Stable Genius Takes Credit for It. Part 3 of 3

On December 15 less than a month ago Secretary of State Tillerson announced at the United Nations, three days after he said the US would talk to North Korea “without precondition” that “A sustained cessation of North Korea’s threatening behavior must occur before talks can begin.” Tillerson echoed Trump’s position “North Korea must earn its way back to the table. The pressure campaign must and will continue until denuclearization is achieved.” 

On December 18 National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster stated: “The President has made very clear that on North Korea for example, now is not the time to talk. And what he means is, there can’t be negotiations under these current conditions … The problem is now that their programs have advanced so far we don’t have time to do that again and so we can’t repeat the failed pattern of the past.”

It was clear then. Trump’s position is that North Korea must give up its nukes before we will talk to them. Trump although still keeping his threats alive is pining his hope on the new boycott of North Korea that neither Russia nor China are abiding by.  The idea that North Korea must give up its nukes before talks begin is a position everyone knows is a non starter.  It is just not going to happen.

Trump’s Korean Blunder: Unaware – The Stable Genius Takes Credit for It. Part 2 of 3

Trump began this year like he did last threatening North Korea with nuclear weapons by telling how he has a bigger and more powerful nuclear button than Kim Jong-Un.  No president in our history has openly threatened another nation in such a manner. We are truly dealing with a situation unprecedented far outside what is normal.

I don’t know about you but I like consistency which has made our country into what it has become. A constant thread has run through all our dealings whether the president was Democrat or Republican especially since the end of World War II. No prior president railed at the past (never mind trying to have his opponent charged with crimes) and none thought he was beginning our history anew. Each built upon his predecessor making small changes as reflect his philosophy.

We went from two extremes when Ronald Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter. Their beliefs differed greatly. Yet Reagan never attacked Carter. He did not try to undermine what he had done. He went forward with his own beliefs and ideals in a smooth transition of power building upon some of Carter’s programs and instituting his own.

Trump’s Korean Blunder: Unaware – The Stable Genius Takes Credit for It. Part 1 of 3

Let us go back a little to look at  the interactions between Trump and North Korea. A bit over a year ago on January 2, 2017, Trump tweeted: “North Korea just stated that it is in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the U.S. It won’t happen!” 

As you know it did happen. Trump’s threat turned out to be empty. On November 29, 2017, after successfully launching an ICBM Kim Jong-Un stated  his country had “finally realized the great historic cause of completing the state nuclear force.” The same article noted “US Defense Secretary James Mattis said earlier the missile launched demonstrated North Korea had the ability to hit “everywhere in the world””

Trump did nothing about this. He did however demonstrate with respect to North Korea’s leader that he is the master of puerile insults. Over a period of time he has called Kim Jong-un “rocket man”, “little rocket man. “bad dude,” “madman,” “sick puppy.” and “short and fat.” Aside from uttering words that are not commonly used by presidents and getting into a childish insult match with Kim Jong-Un, for some strange reason having done so, it apparently made him think that these junior high school schoolyard taunts had accomplished something.  They had. But it was not something in the best interests of the United States.

A Plea to The Democratic Party: Rid Yourself of the Socialists and Anarchists

The Democratic Party’s National Committee is chaired by Tom Perez. The Deputy Chair is Keith Ellison. It is Ellison tweet on January 3, 2018: ” At   and I just found the book that strike fear in the heart of .”  that prompts this article because it makes me despair.

He posted a photograph of himself, shown here, holding a book: “Antifa, Anti-Fascist Handbook,” by  Mark Gray. I’ve not read the book but have read reviews. I am though familiar with Antifa. They are the people who dress in black, cover their faces with masks, and commit violence against those whose speeches or protests they do not like.  It has been reported that “US Security officials have classified the left-wing group Antifa as “domestic terrorists.” Yet here we have the second in command of the Democratic Party’s base operation and a member of Congress endorsing that group.

Trump’s Either Conning You or Deluding Himself

I hope his act is just one big con. I hope he’s the world’s biggest con artist. I’d rather that than to think he believes what he says and writes. There’s no other choice truly. You are being conned; or he really believes what he is saying and what he is saying is plainly wrong.

It’s a cold wintry day and a blizzard is deciding whether to come to visit me. So I wait patiently unable to do anything about it other than sit wrapped up in a fairly comfortable room and watch out the window sipping my morning tea.

You must have seen Trump’s tweet on January 2: “Since taking office I have been very strict on Commercial Aviation. Good news. It was just reported that there were Zero deaths in 2017, the best and safest year on record.”

Did you believe it? Do you think Trump believes it? It is a lie. We have been fortunate in the US to have had several years immediately prior to 2017 where there were “Zero deaths” from commercial aviation. The year 2017 followed a trend that has been going on for a while.

Christmas Thoughts on Christmas Day

Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays, Greetings of the Season.

I don’t suppose there is a greater time of year for children than those who celebrate Christmas and believe in Santa Claus

Looking back it was a magical time for me. When we lived in a two bedroom townhouse in Old Harbor Village, a family that would eventually reach eight persons, we never put up a Christmas tree before Christmas.

After the children went off to bed, my mother and father would drag in the tree that they had hidden outside and set it up, put all the lights and decorations on it, and place the presents under the tree. It was magical coming down into the living room in the morning when it was still dark outside seeing the amazing transformation. A bare room was turned into a room of wonder and delight with the colorful lights and bulbs on the tree and the gaily wrapped presents under the tree.

My youth was a happy and peaceful existence. It did have its childhood sicknesses and traumas like every childhood. But I always managed to sleep soundly after being put to bed except for one night. I could not sleep Christmas Eve no matter how hard I tried. The night was the longest one of the year filled with anticipation and lying awake wondering if Santa had come yet.

Christmas Thoughts on the Day Before Christmas:

I suppose you’ve all heard of  “How The Grinch Stole Christmas.”  It was a Dr. Seuss book published in 1957 and made into an animated movie in 1966. I guess from that time forward a great search went on to find out where he put it. Not sure if the FBI got involved in that situation; it appears that it might have but it did not have any better luck with solving that case than it did with the Gardner Art theft. Perhaps that is why Trump and the Republican Congress people are attacking it.

As I understand what happened is that it wasn’t until this year that Christmas was found. President Trump gets the credit probably by not using the government intelligence agencies which he doesn’t trust or the FBI. He may have used Black Water’s Eric Prince’s secret agents. But inside information is he got some help from the FSB of which he is so fond. If the latter then the Grinch had taken Christmas to the Soviet Union, Russia’s former name, and hid it in the Kremlin vaults. No wonder Trump is so fond of Putin for having given us Christmas back.

Will Bernard Cardinal Law Go to Heaven?

Image result for cardinal law and billy bulgerIs Bernard Cardinal Law who just shed his earthly bonds in Heaven? I’m not sure you recall that when Cardinal Law arrived in Boston in March 1984 he was 53 years old. After arriving he : “After Boston there is only Heaven.”

Cardinal Law would be chased out of Boston after 18 years. He fled because of a steady stream of vitriol from the media and the prospect of facing endless days tied up in court or in depositions which have destroyed his ability to act in his  role as Archbishop of Boston. He ended up in Rome where he stayed until his death.

If you listen to Howie Carr and Alan Dershowitz you’d believe he had no chance of Heaven. The latter wrote on the flap of Carr’s book:  “Carr brilliantly shows how the real villains in this tale of mass murder and massive corruption are the “good” people who knowingly facilitated the bad brothers – the . . . Cardinal Laws, …”  Both men are noted character assassins and good buddies of the president working diligently to support him.