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A Trump Supporter Spells Out Why We Need Trump:

Hugh Hewitt is a very big Trump supporter. He finds gold in Trump’s leadership where others would see pyrite. He writes for the Washington Post and on June 11, 2020 he wrote about Trump and why we would want to choose him come November as our leader providing that  Trump doesn’t have to walk down anymore ramps.

Here are some of the things he  tells us about Trump.

“Trump is chaos theory contained in a man,  an explosive combination of complete candor as to what he thinks and feels, a willingness to brawl, an almost animal energy for the fray.”

Is this what you want in a president who has to deal with many different problems: “a willingness to brawl.” Or is it something you’d expect to see in a barroom drunk who after tossing down a few has the “in vino veritas” moment where he tells someone his less than deep thoughts, usually far from being complimentary, and then wants to fight the other person which begins with an  animalistic assault on the other. I’ve seen enough angry and mean drunks to know I’d like the leader of our country to be devoid of these characteristics that Hewitt seems so proud Trump possesses.

The Great Opening: Following The Wisdom of Trump

Remember Covid-19?  What ever happened to it.  It’s pretty nice to be able to go outside and know we no longer need masks or keep  social distancing. Bing-bang, just like that, if we believe Trump and company it has gone away.

Of course I am exaggerating a bit. For Trump it never seemed to come. He and his lap dog Pence did not fall for the scam of the scientists and wear masks. They knew the scare tactic suggesting a pandemic had come to America was put out there by the enemy of the people in the – what does Trump call it – “the Lamestream Media” – pushing a fake narrative on the easily duped leftists in America. What Trump was trying to get across despite the narrative put out by the  scientific community was that if Covid-19 had in fact come to America it could be easily wished away?

Defund the Police. Has The Time Come?

Anachists often point out the inequities in our country. They advocate the overthrow of our present system rightfully complaining that under it most people don’t get a fair deal. It doesn’t require  being a  – well I used to say “brain surgeon” but after watching Ben Carlson I stopped saying that. Now I say – nuclear physicist to know the top one-fifth of 1% control the wealth and the country itself so they run everything for themselves to the detriment of the great majority of Americans.

The problem that anarchists have is that when you are motivated to inquire of them what do we do after we tear down the present capitalistic system and find ourselves standing there in its ruins  with the question “Now What?”the best answer any of them gives Is that they’ll figure it out once it happens. It’s an answer that appeals to few. Most people want to know what’s going to replace what is essential to them before they give it up. It’s the old story of not buying a pig in the poke,

Does Not It Bother You That Trump Is Filled With Lunatic Ideas?

Enough talk of everything other than the present state of affairs in America. Let us concentrate on the mind of the person elected to the presidency by a minority of the voters. You have seen the video I assume.

It was in Buffalo, New York. The police are walking in a line toward the protesters. A man who appears tall, slim and elderly walks up to talk to a police officer. He appears to be offering him something and then he turns to an officer to his right and has his hand out toward him. The first officer pushes him back with his baton and the other pushes him. He falls over. His fall is so hard and loud his head slamming into the sidewalk it is noticed by other police officers at the other end of the police line.

Then something that is beyond understanding occurs. The man is lying on the sidewalk. Blood is coming from his ears. The officers who shoved him and their fellow officers walk on past him. Not one. Not one went to his aid as he lied there obviously unconscious and bleeding. Is this something that you like as an American?

Do You Think These People Out Protesting On The Street Have A Reason To Be There?

In 1999 Boston Globe columnist Adrian Walker  complained about the deal that  John Martorno was offered by the federal prosecutor. He wrote: “You can commit one of the worst massacres in this city’s bloody history and pay no price at all. The lives of Smith, Dickson, and Barrett meant virtually nothing.”

I’ve written before about this. I wrote on April 26, 2016, “Did you read about that young Boston woman Elizabeth “Liz” Dixon (sic) a 19-year-old student who recently graduated from St. Joseph’s parochial high school in Roxbury? She was murdered on Saturday morning January 6, 1968. Her murder was on page 17 of the Sunday Globe and the next day on page 34. It never was mentioned again in that newspaper. It was far from national news. No one talked about how horrendous it was.” 

The murder was first mentioned the day it happened in the evening Globe on Saturday, January 6, 1968 on page one. It did not include the name of Dixon, the proper spelling of her last name being Dickson, because she had not been identified by that time. It only had that of Herbert Smith, age 47  who was identified as the assistant manager of Basin St. South.

What’s The Big Deal? Only 100,000 dead! It Could Have Been Millions.

How many died in Vietnam? I guess if you consider those named on the Vietnam War in Washington DC the official figure it is a little over 58,000.  The dates are from 1954 to 1975 although not much was happening before 1964 or 1965. I know that because I was in Japan from 1961 to 1962. I was a Marine disbursing officer assigned to MAG -7 at Naval Air Station Atsugi, Japan. One of the our squadrons was doing carrier training in the Philippines so it was my job to fly down and pay them.

I flew to Iwakuni and then on to Okinawa in a DC 3. There I changed into another plane that carried large cargo. This one had on it a crash truck something like you see in the photo above. Along with the truck there were about a dozen Marines dressed for combat with all the gear and the weapons. I was dressed in my casual dressed khaki shirt and trousers. My weapon was the briefcase I was carrying.

Thoughts of Shylock:

It’s a beautiful morning on Cape Cod. A  slight breeze, sunny, the marsh is at low tide unlike the photo to the left,  not too many birds around which is surprising. They may be sleeping late.

Walking to get my morning coffee which my wife Maria insists on making in part because she believes I use more coffee than necessary I had a thought come into my head: “Was Shakespeare’s play the Merchant of Venice anti-Semetic?” I’ll explain later why I believe the thought came to me. Immediately after thinking of it I recalled that in high school it was the only Shakespeare play that I read. I’m sure I did it because it was assigned which made me wonder why that was the only one which was  assigned, or if others were assigned, that I recall reading. For years I remembered little about it other than Shylock’s speech “If you prick us, do we not bleed?” 

I had read the play a few months ago and it was surprising to me how evil the Jewish Shylock was made to appear adamantly insisting on his pound of flesh. I wondered what people more learned than I thought. I found this which labored to say there are some who think that it is not.