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The Patriots First Big Game: A True Story To Think About When You Sit Watching Commercials While Waiting With Bated Breath For The Appearance of Number 12 Tom Brady

2015 08 12_2615Many of you will probably be seated before your televisions at some time tonight; some will have bowls of popcorn or slabs of pizza lined up in front of them. Many will have a cold beer warming in his or her hot hands. It is the night you have been yearning for since last February. It is the opening of the National Football League Season.

As you know it is an ancient tradition to have the Super Bowl Champion play in the first game of the year. That tradition began in 2004 and has remained constant since that time. This is called the Kickoff Game and it will be surrounded with all the hoopla that the NFL can produce which means you will be inundated with commercials. At one time, I am told, the NFL was going to cut down on the entertainment because of the wardrobe malfunction incident but after due consideration on its effect on the profits the owners decided to have a delayed broadcast of the big show so that any showing of skin can be covered up.

My Apple Watch:

IMG_6516The photograph on this page shows the new Apple watch I bought. As you may have heard, they are quite expensive. They range in price from $349 for the hoi polloi up to $17,000 range in gold for those guys who wear Louis Vuitton shoes. I might have said for the gals who wear the matching Gucci shoes and hand bags but I can’t see many of them interested in wearing watches the size of the Apple. They have the fondness for bracelets that look so much better than a watch which would detract from their appearance. However, a woman may opt for the kind that I am wearing.

I better be careful in this area. Although the trend has not come here yet it is proceeding apace in Europe where we are not supposed to insinuate any differences between the sexes. Some places forbid advertisements showing women  “occupied in the household with pleasure” or “of girls in pink “with dolls”” or even “females . . . depicted as “hysterical,” “stupid” or “naive” in the company of men.” Outside of sports, we are not supposed to differentiate between the sexes, or among the sexes.

Waiting For Goodell: NFL Commissioner Prepares To Apologize To Patriots

IMG_6504When billionaire Bob Kraft went to the Super Bowl earlier this year he made a surprise appearance at the team’s opening news conference. Holding off the appearance of Bill Belichick he said: “If the investigation is not able to definitely determine that our organization tampered with air pressure in the footballs, I would expect and hope the league would apologize to our whole team and in particular coach Belichick and Tom Brady for what they’ve had to endure this past week.”

We waited for Roger Goodell to respond but he said nothing. He kept in mind the good of the NFL. An investigation by hot shot lawyer Ted Wells and his team was ongoing. He would wait for the results.

When they came things looked bad for Bob. A lot of words were put out on a lot of pages but the conclusion in the Wells report was that it was more probable than not the Patriots had deflated the ball. That meant there would be no apology in the offing. Not only that, Goodell was expected to do something about the findings. When he did he came down hard: a million dollar fine, loss of draft choices, and horror of horrors, suspending the team’s winning quarterback Tom Brady for four game and suggesting that the cognomen Tommy Cheat was not inappropriate.