Clintons “This Is Spinal Tap” Moment: The Curtain Comes Down

It is not unexpected that the Clintons would think there are lots of people who are interested in paying good money to sit down for several hours listening to two people who want to talk about themselves. That’s what the over-the-hill Spinal Tap rock band believed when it began its American tour. The Clintons should know by now that every dog has his day and that they have had theirs.

Vaudeville had a way of handling such people. When someone was bombing on stage a long pole with a hook would come out from the side. It would wrap around the performer’s waste and then drag the person off the stage. The audience loved it. From the reports that hook should have been available to pull the Clintons into the pit during their first stop on their tour in Toronto.,Canada.

Perhaps that wasn’t the place to start. After all the abuse it has received from Trump, Canadians do not  have a particularly warm feeling toward the United States. When Canada issued minor criticism of Saudi Arabia’s  human rights record even before the murder of Khashoggi the Saudi Arabian government boycotted it and withdrew all its students from its school. The U.S. remained silent fearing to add its voice of support for our northern neighbor. But the Clintons are so involved in themselves that had no way of penetrating their psyches that the citizens of Canada were not about to embrace them.

The locale for spending the evening with them was the Scotiabank Arena, the home of the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team. The attendance was called sparse. Tickets were being discounted. There were two for one special offers. Huge curtains were continually being moved to hide the empty seats.

Maureen Down of the N.Y. Times attended. She wrote after seeing the empty seats “I’m feeling sorry for the Clintons.” She goes on to say she is also mystified trying to figure out why they are having the tour.

I read her column after writing the initial part here, Dowd wrote: “I can’t fathom why the Clintons would make like aging rock stars.” We both came to the same conclusion that they don’t know their day has passed.

Dowd tells us not surprisingly that the Clintons are pocketing all the profits, if any, from the tour. She wonders why. They have already built up their bankrolls beyond their wildest dreams. One person suggests it is pure greed. I agree recalling how she should have known that Hillary has an  insatiable desire for money as a person caught in the claws of alcoholism has for booze. This has been shown by the many hundreds of thousand dollars she drank in for talks to Goldman Sachs and other banks.

Talk about severe and serious deficiency of judgment! She had the Democratic nomination in her purse; she has more money than some banks; and she had the big city and liberal women vote pretty much tied up. She could have spent twelve or more month traveling through blue color America and mixing with the people who vote. You know, those basked full of people she considered as deplorable. She doesn’t. She grubs for money on Wall Street.  Did she think we wouldn’t notice?

Dowd tells us it isn’t greed. She thinks it is Hillary’s kick off tour for her 2020 presidential run. She reminds us, not that we needed reminding, “Bill was radioactive in the midterms and Hillary was the Ghost of Christmas Past. Her approval rating is at a record low of 36 percent. The only American who seems truly interested in her these days is President Trump, who can’t stop tweeting about her. She’s still money in his book.”

She pretty much sums up my feeling at the end of her column: “Their pathological need to be relevant in America is belied by a Canadian arena, where stretches of empty seats bear witness to the passing of their relevance.” She ended saying “it’s a pity.”

I agree. The Clintons presence is detrimental to the Democratic Party.  If Hillary runs and hangs around a bit it can kiss its chances for a 2020 victory goodbye. Trump doesn’t pray often but when he does he starts off his first prayer with the words: “Our Father who art in heaven please let Hillary run, our victory will come . . . ”


13 thoughts on “Clintons “This Is Spinal Tap” Moment: The Curtain Comes Down

  1. I wonder if Glorious Leader’s departure will require militant action. I guess that will depend on how many of his beetle-browed brown-shirt supporters will take up arms to defend Trump, and, his family, against prosecution. The prospect of Americans shooting at each other over the disposition of his fate, probably, thrills Trump. What would a coup de etat look like in today’s strange political atmosphere? Would conservative America break off, and, go its’ own way? Could the split degenerate into civil conflagration? No one in Columbia foresaw the decade long “La Violencia (1948-1958).” After the assassination of Galvan, Columbian Liberals, and, Conservatives, just, pointed their weapons at the opposing side, and, opened fire. Neighbors killed neighbors. The bloodletting was epic. Who thinks we’re too good for that? Please comment. I look forward to all your replies. Especially, yours, Bill, and, NC.

    1. A race war and political atrocities have been a part of this country’s climate for a couple hundred years. Have you heard of hate crimes? They happen daily. Lynching still goes on. Take all the horrific violence that happens every day in America and put it on one stage and Hieronymus Bosch couldn’t do it justice.

  2. She ain’t going anywhere, unfortunately . Saudi $$$$$ is …..Very interesting money . It packs a punch .

  3. Glorious Leader is “shoot’in the moon.” We’re on the brink of catastrophe. Things will start to come apart fast, now. It’s gonna be a brave new world.

  4. As with 2017, I’ve been thankful that Trump is President, especially because it means that Hillary’s NOT! It’s like a regular, well-paying dividend. I love it!

    Clintons – exit stage left. Don’t come back.

  5. A Hillary candidacy is just what America needs. When New Englanders and Mid Westerners stop going to Florida for the winter global warming may be convincing. Why was it snowing last year in London, Paris and Rome? Why was it 80 below zero in Siberia ? Why was the coldest temperature ever recorded on earth noted last year near the South Pole? 140 degrees below zero. Why has satellite data shown no temperature increase in the last 20 years? Global warming is the same bogus concept as Jimmy Carter’s claim of an energy crisis where he asserts based on an MIT report that the world will run out of oil in 20 years. He was only off by two centuries.. The world is awash in oil. The same people who fell for Jimma’s energy crisis are falling for the global warming hoax. 2. Trump to pull our forces out of Syria. Great news. Trump the peacemaker reverses Obama’s and Bush’s war making adventures.

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