Comey’s Corrupt Correspondence Clearly Compromised Clinton’s Chances

BlackbirdLet’s agree on some things to start with: the action by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director James Comey eleven days before the presidential election did have the potential to interfere with that election; notifying Congress that he had opened or restarted an investigation into emails discovered in the FBI investigation of Anthony Weiner would not benefit Hillary Clinton; and Comey knew that would be the result.

Do we agree on that. If so, then the column by Andrew Rosenthal in the NY Times on November 2, 2016, spells out the consequences of that being one of two things: Comey “set out to interfere in the campaign on behalf of the Republican Party, or, “he acted out of what you might charitably call a sense of moral rectitude.” Rosenthal described that as “self-righteousness.”  

Rosenthal calls that: “a dangerous current in modern right-wing politics that . . . aimed to make politics a choice between good values (the right’s) and bad values (the left’s) rather than a competition of ideas.” 

I don’t particularly care what his motivation was; what I do care is that he openly intruded the FBI into an election for an American president with no need to do this making the FBI a political arm of one party. This is against the policy and tradition of the FBI even though it has always been known to be a conservative organization.

Some have suggested that is not breaking tradition pointing to Special Prosecutor (Independent Counsel) Lawrence Edward Walsh who returned indictments against Reagan’s Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger within days prior to the Bush/Clinton election. He was not controlled by the DOJ or the FBI. He, and Ken Starr, are the reasons the independent counsel programs was stopped.

However, I was struck by what was said about Walsh that is equally pertinent to Comey, “Yet there was, as there had been before, something discomforting in Walsh’s manner. Was it a hint of self-righteousness. A slightly Old Testament tone of retribution. Watching it, one couldn’t escape the feeling that Walsh perceived himself as the last virtuous man.” 

Comey is quoted as saying in other investigations that might impact the election close to its time that it would be impolitic to publicly notify anyone of them. Some point to former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover having tried to influence presidential elections but that was done behind closed doors rather than openly.

Whether Hoover did anything with respect to American elections is not relevant to today. His alleged interference was with the Truman/Dewey election over 60 years ago. J. Edgar has been dead almost 45 years.

The New York Times has a piece telling us that Comey confronted various options all of which were awful. It says when the FBI agents discovered emails on Weiner’s computer that may be relevant to Clinton’s email investigation Comey had 3 options. (1) Get a warrant to search them and say nothing; (2) delay the search until after election day, (3) tell Congress and then search.

In theory that is so but realistically he had one option: That was the obligation not to interfere with the election. That meant to tell his agents to hold off on doing anything about the emails which they had been sitting on for weeks until after the election.

The NY Times article said of that option he would have avoided interfering with the election but will have  been criticized as doing a favor for Hillary. It concludes that was too risky for his and the FBI’s reputation.As for Comey being criticized for doing a favor for Hillary he was also sitting on investigations of Trump he was not disclosing. Even more, he had the answer which was that tradition demanded not to disclose anything like that immediately prior to the election.

The NY Times said the letter to Congress was good because it kept Congress informed and avoided Republican accusations of partisanship; but breaks guidelines and invited Democratic accusations of partisanship; and concludes that is the best option. 

What nonsense: the letter breaks tradition and helps the Republicans. Holding off on the investigation for two weeks keeps tradition and helps neither contestant since he does not know what is in the emails .

There was no need to open the investigation into those emails at that point since there is no urgency in the Weiner case. Remember Todashev the guy killed by the FBI agent in Florida and how it took more than a year for it to complete that simple investigation. Comey’s writing the letter to Congress, his breaking of tradition, the lack of the need to rush (other than trying to interfere with the election) points to only one thing in my eyes.

Comey interfered with the presidential election and should be removed from office.


6 thoughts on “Comey’s Corrupt Correspondence Clearly Compromised Clinton’s Chances

  1. FBI agents allow another terrorist event to happen

    Security Guard Wounded In ISIS Attack: “FBI Responsible”
    November 3, 2016 10:08 PM

    GARLAND (CBSDFW) – The security guard who survived last year’s ISIS terrorist attack on the Culwell Center in Garland said not only are the terrorists responsible but so is the FBI for his injuries and the attack itself.

    “I feel like they are not coming clean,” said Bruce Joiner about the FBI.

    Joiner, 59, was the Garland school district security officer, shot in the leg by Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi. The two ISIS recruits drove to the Culwell Center and started firing before they were killed by Garland Police. Joiner managed to help them stop Simpson and Soofi before they ever got close to the ballroom with about 200 people at a contest for cartoons of the Muslim prophet Muhammad. Joiner was treated at a hospital and released hours after suffering a lower leg wound.

    But Joiner said there’s more to what happened that day. He has now claimed that three officers told him an undercover FBI agent was following terrorists in another vehicle.

    “I know that there was a third person. I know he had his life saved by claiming he was an FBI agent,” said Joiner.

    Joiner said Garland officers had guns pointed at the man dressed in Middle Eastern attire and quickly taken away by federal agents.

    “He was detained put in the back of a squad car,” said Joiner. “They put a bag over his head and took him away to another location.”

    But both the FBI and Garland Police have refused to confirm or deny that account.

    Still Joiner is using that information as the basis for a possible lawsuit, accusing the FBI of allowing the violent plot to go forward.

    “I think they allowed it to go too far,” said Joiner.

    “They are responsible… they have an intentional tort on their hands,” said Trent Roberts, Joiner’s attorney.

    Roberts said the government has stonewalled him about its undercover activities before the attack.

    The FBI arrest affidavit stated that an undercover agent was tracking the terrorists for weeks even sending a text urging them to quote “tear up Texas.”

    FBI Director James Comey said Garland was sent a bulletin three hours before the attack warning that someone could be on their way.

    Joiner believes and may soon try to prove in court that the FBI could have stopped it but chose not to.

    “I don’t know of any undercover agent that can allow their fellow officers and citizens to be fired upon in the course of an investigation you have to stop that before that happens,” said Joiner.

    Joiner said were it not for the quick thinking of Garland SWAT officers he bel

  2. Failure to promptly inform Congress would render Comey’s previous testimony perjury. It appears the newly minted tradition requires criminality to uphold it. Some traditions ask too much. If Comey’s honorable act warrants dismissal it needs to be done immediately, before the election. Of course it will not be done because that would blow up in Hillary’s face.

    Who is to fire Comey? AG Lynch? Obama? The President has kept the Attorney General in the cabinet after her shocking, corrupt powwow with the Cigar Boy could not be kept secret. An attempt to keep the conspiracy from the public was made and it was only a single alert reporter’s cell phone camera let the public in on the fix.

    Let those who are without sin cast the first stone. Of the trio Comey smells most like a summer rose. No comment on the odor emanating from the other two.

    Much is made of Comey being a Republican. No evidence has reached me that he has ever been a partisan engaged in campaigning either in person or by checkbook. Could be he voted for a friend in a primary thirty years ago, has never changed his registration and that in 2016 his heart was with Deadbeat Dad Sanders.

  3. I agree, Matt. Comey will have to go if Clinton is elected. He’s made impossible for them to work together.

    1. LOL – wow.

      Seriously please research things for yourselves. This is NOT true (the NY Times) and it is legal b/c the NYPD put the pressure (along with other agents from cases worked for months to years) – to show CHILD PORN and other CLEAR LIES – which would not allow Clinton to be in her seat, even being in the election. But instead of swapping candidates – or choosing Sanders like the people chose – you all sit and agree about Clinton without any real research of your own (OBJECTIVE, not just reading w/e site says it is fact). You need sources, you need to find out what grounds the citations are even made upon.

      The only illegal part of this, is the ethics (which project veritas shows that Dems clearly did not care about that), which was made from agreements after the scandals in Vietnam. It was to deter swaying elections, but once again, we have CLEAR, SICK crimes that the NYPD said :”If you dont reopen the investigation – we will just show the public the photos”. And Comey had no choice. Now we have the DOJ HEADS, THREATENING to STOP the investigation – WITH CHILD PORN AND THE MISSING EMAILS – PLUS WAY MORE. So… please – read up a little, and check these considerations out. They have been cited and sourced throughout the web, and they display that this is not illegal, it may be unethical, but to compare to CHILD PORN, and sex trafficking… I think we can compare ethics at a later date. Unless THATS what you want representing you to the world.

      People, it is saddening to see this. Do some independent research. This stuff was WELL KNOWN and documented WAY before Comey, and this whole mess. The Child porn I mean. And now – we had to have an internal war in our government, between those upholding THE LAWS, and those who are trying to scam and hurt the people. OTHERWISE, if they COULDNT DO IT, they WOULDNT do it. But, if you read on your own, and knew exactly WHY, you would not be commenting and reading excerpts of this “info” as if it were sourced and debated to show its validity – not just its one-sided voice.

      You can choose to ignore it – but people dont want that kind of garbage. We already have more proof than just Wikileaks that the NY Times has people ON PAYROLL FROM the CLINTONS. Insiders who have come out, even showing their payments and how others “coincidentally died” when they began talking. Like one of the NYPD, mysteriously and suddenly JUST committed “suicide and murder”, THEN ALSO set his house on fire. If you are thinking of killing yourself, and someone else, you are going overboard with a MASSIVE blaze (destroying evidence, not just to ensure completion of the death) as well as headwounds. I mean, you need to use a little common sense – but to even use that, you need to have REAL info first. Not just the opinions of one person who does not encourage you to look up the things they are saying. Not someone who tells you this is MY opinion. On the contrary, this outlet constantly just states things as if they were factual, just b/c of WHO THEY ARE. If thats how you form your beliefs in life, then you will have a difficult road ahead.

      We cant even have FLASHES around this women – b/c of seizures. Leaked BY SECRET SERVICE. And also – leaked through the Comcast web of workers – Hillary ALSO ensures ALL cell phones are taken away if she is around, while commonly playing a different role in public than in private (corroborated with her own staff emails and the like), showing that there is TONS of questionable (to say the least) evidence which NEEDS to be brought to peoples’ attention before making a critical decision.

      If you want to choose her after being INFORMED, by your own self-education objectively (meaning to ensure the sources ARE what they claim – and looking at ALL angles, not just a biased one), and then you want to choose her – be my guest. But as a former person who would have supported – I went out to prove someone else wrong, only to find that Clinton was seriously into TONS of terrible incidents and events. And now to be linked to having STAFF and possibly herself (from what the claims are – we wont know unless the NYPD comes out fully) being involved in ANY way with child porn stuff – it is really just sick and the public needs to know this stuff. Dont vote based on detaching issues from people, then voting on the popularity contest. You separate issues and people to check

      1) if the people have kept their word or shown examples in the past – to give you a better idea of what would happen

      2) if the people even follow their own words w/ their actions – something we havent seen in presidents in a long time

      3) if the IDEALS are agreeable – meaning do you like the choices or ideals that the person is saying theyll do, and in worst case 0 the ideals that they are likely to do if your research leads you to thinking that they wont follow their own plan.

      Obama came in and lied – breaking nearly EVERY promise in the first MONTH in office. So, we cannot talk about comparing someone to Obama (who even blindly denies election fraud when its hit EVERY SINGLE STATE NOW – VERIFIED)… and having them being credible in the least. IF youre hanging out w/ liars and manipulators constantly thats the types of people that rub off on you. Regardless of which way you slice it, Clinton is a terrible candidate, and an even worse person. Def not a figure worthy of the honored seat. Stein would actually have integrity, while being a first women president, but no – people hate Trump b/c what they read from a handful of biased sites or mainstream media outlets, and then without any citations or sources confirmed, they go out and make an alliance to CLINTON, b/c they hate Trump. That makes no sense. B/c if people banded together instead of falling for the clear influence and essentially control/manipulation… they could see that they would be able to get more people on board for a NEUTRAL candidate, than one who is extreme to either side.

      But then again, we have such intelligent media out there – why would we ever consider all this crap failing around us, is anything but the predecessors’s faults, and that the new president is gonna change things, when they do EVERYTHING THE SAME. That is supposed to be the defiition of insanity right? Doing something over and over and expecting a different result. It is just hilarious and saddening at the same time to see people taken advantage of so badly, while the ACTUAL people (looking in rally support, forums and other REALITY) are just doing the same (being saddened and laughing). B/c their fellow human beings are being taken for SUCH a ride, by playing on ppls hate. Not by giving THEM the option to decide – or promoting REAL objective fact checking. No, they rather argue about Trump making comments over a decades ago – while Madonna offers blowjobs for Clinton votes. I mean, how is this even ASSOCIATED if she is “empowering women”? I got SO tired of hearing the Trump clip, but I realized that THAT IS THE WAY MANY PEOPLE ACT AROUND STARS TODAY BC OF THIS IGNORANT SOCIETY WE KEEP PROMOTING. Trump literally made a very off-colored remark, but is it really anything but TRUE? We all know that there are MANY, MANY women who simply throw themselves at stars, and yet if we talk about it – it becomes a big hush hush thing – and we are now somehow detached from even considering that it is the damn truth. Sadly. Very sadly. But instead of FIXING it, we will have people like Madonna go prostitute themselves (even jokingly – b/c that is MUCH worse than what Trump said), saying it TO all the men in the audience – with their wives. Yeah, that is SO empowering. Empowering to make what Trump said – be true even moreso as people fall for Clinton’s obvious lies.

      You can push aside that the FBI AGENTS and CITIZENS who are police, FORCED this investigation b/c of CHILD PORN and MANY other FELONIES. So please, do some research when you are just agreeing with someone who claims fact but does not even encourage you to go look for yourselves. To not be left in a situation where you have no idea what is true, false, or even believable.

      And better yet – we have Podesta hanging nude children, written and confirms by the Wash Post, that have allowed people to see the sick painting of Podesta’s. Or the emails that talk about very clear (and linked) child porn talk. Have some integrity, or at very least some diginity for the children harmed in ALL this nonsense.

      If you still dont want to believe, watch the movie on YouTube or elsewhere called :Conspiracy of Silence. It was made BY Discovery Channel, but pulled from air LAST min, and was a HUGE case that was covered up by some sick ppl in the gov’s highest levels. It shows the children, their words, their faces, and you see the validity to what they say – and while yo ujust nod and agree to w/e you hear – they are sitting in JAIL for up to 30 yrs each, for simply going forward after PROVING they were raped repeatedly. Weve had male strippers come out and give PROOF of this type of things among the top. And the worst of all, we see the same blackmail scheme happening that we do now – where somebody speaks out about these ppl – and they are either killed or they are threatened and their lives are made into living hells. Or think about the Haitians, who are dying after this women robbed AMERICANS and the world, who she BEGGED, to donate to CHARITY. Charity in which she ROBBED, and left a NATION for dead. She also allowed UN-latrines to be constructed OVER the Haitian water supplies). Watch SOME videos of these people, and learn what she has already done with STOLEN, AMERICAN, MONEY. Not Tax money – CHARITY money. And you think she wont do it to ppl in the states? Some of the child trafficking charges have been rumored to even include Haitian children in the child porn rings as well. And I only mention this rumor, b/c it is from a person with CREDIBILITY, and has been proven right over and over. Plus from police (veterans and senior active duty), and military, and many other sources who would actually know. Not some guy on a computer who gets their news from the NY Times – who has also reduced the number of reporters they actually have on the street, while also reporting great fiscal reports when they have been failing terribly bc they keep lying and being caught pandering Clintons messages.

      But by all means – if you want a dictator. Choose away. B/c you have 3 other candidates who will NOT be anything near as bad as Clinton has proven to be – not just assumed or taken as biased opinion – unless you think the stuff listed is not bad.

      And yes, I encourage you to check the things mentioned. But do it with objectivity and making sure the stories are credible. Not just listening to who or where they were posted. Find out where the story’s writer’s sources had gotten THEIR info. Its not very hard to find a source, unless there is none. Many times in the NY Times- they cite OTHER publications under the SAME OWNERSHIP though. And that is utterly, not-credible. Just like using foreign money in the USA elections is ILLEGAL. But yes, lets forget what Clinton is doing, and focus on Comey for his forced action that he had no choice in. Would you rather than the child porn and info came out to the public straight? W/o having the FBI look into it? But yes – THIS is the important story. Not anything else. lol. Wow.

  4. 1. The leftist Rosenthal’s opinion is worthless (5 days before the election): “Andrew Rosenthal, . . . New York Times editorial page editor since 2007, is leaving the position in late April (2016) . . . Over his term, Rosenthal repeatedly revealed himself to be a charmless and classless critic of conservatives. Rosenthal’s many lowlights are featured on the paper’s Taking Note editorial blog, and he drove the Sunday Review section sharply to the left during his tenure.”
    The above quote is from “ – – – rosenthal leaving.”
    2. Comey promised Congress to keep them informed of new developments. He did so. 3. You say he did not “know” what was in the emails. It depends on what the meaning of “know” is. A reasonable conclusion is the headings themselves (To:, From:, Re:,) raised concerns. A hypothetical: “To: HRC, Fr: Huma; Re: Bleachbrite & Congress Subpoena”. Now, If FBI agents found such headings, Comey may have wrote to Congress that it “seemed pertinent”, choosing to understate the matter.
    4. If he failed to tell Congress, he would have been crucified after the election for favoring Hillary.
    5. It wasn’t “self-righteous.” It was simply deciding to do the right thing: Inform Congress of a new development, as promised.
    6. If after the election it is confirmed that all the emails concerned Yoga and Chelsea’s Wedding, then you can fire Comey and all the FBI agents who encouraged Comey to act.
    7. Wait and see! Time will tell.
    P.S. It’s funny that no one invoked “the tradition” when Comey exonerated Hillary in July.

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