Covid Denier Dies of Covid: The Trump Science Denying Crowd and Their Helpers

I was struck by the new the other day concerning the passing of Hans Kristian Gaarder, 60, from Gran, a municipality that lies 40 miles north of Oslo, Norway. It is reported that “Gaarder was a prominent conspiracy theorist who used various social media channels to peddle false information relating to the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the US election in 2020.”  

It is reported that When the death was discovered, it became known that Gaarder had held two meetings in the barn on his farm in the days just before he died. After his death, it was determined that he was infected with the coronavirus , [9] and after autopsy, it was determined that the viral infection was the cause of death. At that time, Gran municipality, where the meeting took place, had introduced strict infection control measures which, among other things, meant that it was not allowed to hold events and meetings. In the following days, it was reported that several people who had attended the meetings had been infected and had passed the infection on to their close contacts, and infection detection was implemented in six municipalities.” 

He complained on social media as late as March 18  of the  “massive measures” aimed at preventing infection of something that will be like a cold or light flu. He wondered whether the measures really were a means of “camouflaging that the Corona virus does NOT spread from person to person.” 

“The scenic rural community of Gran in Hadeland was under a new Corona alert. . . after he’d died suddenly on Tuesday. Local officials believe the man, who was highly skeptical of the Corona crisis, had been ill for up to two weeks without seeing a doctor and may have infected others.”

The tragedy behind folk like Gaarder is that they believe the nonsense they spout. He told others that Covid – 19 was a hoax. He held those meetings during a time when he was feeling ill. Despite this he did not get tested for the virus, after all why should he, he was convinced that it was nothing to be concerned about.

Now the virus has spread to others. One of the problems the police are facing is that people who attended the meetings are reluctant to come forward and admit their participation in the event. It is reported: “Several of his party guests have since tested positive for the virus as local officials work to track down the extent of the spread and the exact number of attendees. Investigating party guests and figuring out their close contacts is proving to be difficult because the cluster is primarily made up of people who don’t believe COVID-19 is real. Few want to admit they attended an illegal gathering. “

How many who have commented on this site have spread the false information equating it to the flu or suggesting that it is a minor problem? One person posted about a doctor who pooh-poohs the numbers of Covid-19 cases the government has published who suggest about 10% of the numbers reported are accurate. There was even a suggestion that the doctors  were pushing up the numbers to get more pay.

These folks are all followers of Trump as was Hans Kristian Gaarder. They reject science – especially the idea of global warming – which they attribute to a “globalist” conspiracy. They reject the results of the 2020 presidential election. Sadly, no amount of proof will convince them otherwise. They have some strange idea of what it means to be an American as they follow the QAnon line.

Oh, one further thing,  those QAnon guys are being aided by “Russian, Chinese, Saudi and Iranian actors who were posting messages or stories that advanced QAnon beliefs about child sex trafficking rings, election fraud, vaccines and COVID-19 and related issues. . . . For much of last year, the report found, Russian actors dominated the foreign QAnon space on Facebook. But they have been overtaken in recent months by those based in China. . . . “

A person is judged by the company he keeps. I only ask those who have been supporting Trump and QAnon throughout the pandemic to keep their beliefs to themselves and not spread them where they will endanger others.



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  1. Scientists call for an end to ALL Covid restrictions as they hit out at ‘confused and contradictory directions’ and note vaccines cut deaths by 98%

    Experts say Covid-19 is being turned into a ‘mild disease’ in Britain, like the flu
    In an open letter they accuse Ministers and advisers of exaggerating the threat
    The scientists called on the Government to remove all Covid restrictions in June

    1. Henry:

      This minority group of scientists say at the end of June after lots more people are vaccinated the restrictions can be lifted. Do you remember Doctor Atlas who worked for Trump. He was against masks and other restrictions. We saw what happened after that where the US became a death zone for Covid-19.

      The big problem with scientist giving advice is if they are wrong they still have their jobs and go on to other things. They will bear no responsibility if their advice is wrong. A lesser problem is there are as many kooks among scientists as there are the general population and they attract each others.

      We have scientists who have banded together to deny global warming. Should we follow 22 of them who might sign a letter or other scientists. I would rely on the government scientists who advise government panels who advise the government leaders of the recommended path. They can be held responsible as the leader or th government surely will be if the advice is wrong.

  2. COVID19: Taking Stock

    24th April 2021

    What has happened with COVID19 has happened. All around the world Governments and their advisors have blundered about, all claiming they did absolutely the right thing. Maybe a bit slow in locking down here and there.

    However, essentially, it is very clear that the COVID narrative has been written. It has been written by those in charge, who have far too much to lose if it is found to be nonsense. So, it is not going to change.

    What was the narrative? I have never seen it formally written down, but I think it is pretty much as follows:

  3. Matt, the first half of your post was good. The second half descended into typical broad brushing, stereotypying, group thinking, and leftist propaganda.

    The person who cited that only 6% of Covid deaths were attributable to Covid alone. That was reported widely as a scientific fact, and still is completely scientifically factual. Many fail to acknowledge that Covid-death statistics include in the USA any person who dies testing positive with Covid. No doubt some percentage of these dying WITH covid did not die from it, nor did it contribute substantially as a factor. No doubt too, most deaths were in persons with co-morbidities, especially the elderly (80% of covid deaths are in the elderly, mostly with those with commorbities and even in young, under 65, the smaller percentage (approaching zero percentage in persons under 20) most die with covid also have series illnesses, like asthma, obesity, heart disease, et cetera.

    Now it would help lawyers to take a dosage of restraint and humility before pontificating on medical biological sciences. Many “experts” have not taken a high school, college or graduate school course in any science.

    Now, we come to masks. If after the Pandemic was announced in March 2020, persons rushed out and covered their faces with handkerchiefs, turtle necks, self-made masks of porous fabrics etc. many more Americans would have died from Covid. In fact, as a recent biotechnology Standford Study hpothethicized that masks were practically useless in protecting the wearer from getting infected by small viral particles.

    Of course, lawyers have read many studies, in labs and in fields, epidemiologic and case-control studies, assessing the effectiveness of various masks in real-life,, real-world circumstances.

    Remember, that nurses, doctors, medical students, technicians and therapists are “taught” how to properly wear masks, and what not to do, and how often or how long to wear them. Let’s wait for lawyers to tell us about the science of all these matters.

    Now, as far as economics; Some suggested there was an economic incentive to diagnose more cases as covid related. That’s true, in part, because a covid diagnosed patient got a few more thousand dollars from the FEDs per patient, and if Covid diagnosed patients were put on ventilators, hospitals got up to $9,000 dollars as I recall.

    So did an economic incentive exist to over diagnose covid cases? Yes, it is a fact. Did physicians, M.E.s, pathologists base their diagnoses on economic incentives. No! Did the FEDs require to list Covid as a cause of death, in deaths consistent with covid symptoms? Yes. Did some docs erroneously list a person shot to death or killed in a car crash as a covid death? Yes, sometimes erroneously.

    I recall I wrote about 13 months ago that we should await retrospective studies to splice out the difference between who died with and who died from and who died with concurrent diseases whose death was accelerated, worsened by covid infection.

    I think I posted previously something like this: 50% of elderly in Long Term Care Facilities will die within 6 months. That’s before Covid. Did Covid unleashed in LTCFs, Yes. Did more die in Old Soldiers Homes earlier due to Covid infections. Absolutely.

    Most egregioously you consider to slur, insult, sliing mud at Trump supporters, clumb them all together like Neurosurgeons Ben Carson (HUD Secretary, too) as describe them as Clueless Knee Jerk Mindless Q cultish deplorables.

    Matt and the Bidenites cannot accept the fact that their socialistic leftist ideas are simply vapid and their vile, vicious, sadistic, group-think, P-C. motivated mud-slinging, race-baiting and hate-baiting is regressive, not progressive, is leading us down a path to darknesses history has seen before, not towards truth and enlightment and understanding.

    Finally, unlike many self-identified liberal Democratic apologists, Conservatives like myself think for ourselves and do not rely on claptrap from New York-based leftist “Unthink Tanks.”

    P.S. It helps to study sciences for 50 years before pontificating. Better never for laymen.

    1. William; so you say all the statistics on Covid deaths are wrong. Aren’t they put out by government scientist? You think you know better than they?
      What makes you a scientist. Any advanced degrees?

      You said you wrote about American history? You said nothing in it about Italian or black Americans I bet. DID YOU! Why not? Don’t you think they are Americans

      1. Tony, again wrong. I support all statistics from NIH, CDC, OSHA, EPA, fields I’ve worked in. I’ve simply quoted experts’s biomedical facts, epidemiologists, like Birx and Fauci, surgeons like Adams.

        Tony, pick up two books, volume I and volume II, You can get both on line, for probably less than $30. The two together, minus appendix, indices, are only 750 pages long. A quick read. Plus about 50 pictures, maps etc.

        First look at Thomas Sowell’s book: Ethnic America, that covers Italians, Blacks, Irish, French, English, Polish, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, et alia.

        Now, in Appendix One, I list all Vietnam Combat Veterans who received the Congressional Medal of Honor. You’ll see names of very ethnic background. Now, on pages 782-83, I have a picture of Newton’s Monument dedicated to Italian-American veterans killed in WWI.

        In fact, I have listed the names of all those Italian-American men: 23 men, all Italian-Americans, all just from Newton.

        I’ve listed the names of all the men killed in Vietnam from Dorchester and South Boston. Have you visited their monuments. I’ve also listed the names of all the men killed in WWII, including my mother’s brother, Jimmy Rogers (220 names there) and another score of men killed in the Korean War.

        Why not visit those monuments Tony. Why not pay $30 dollars and get both volumes of my book: Shots Heard Round the World Americans Answer the Call to Arms.

        Pick it up, wise guy, you lost your bet.

        I added pictures of 32 men killed in Vietnam, and all of those pictures are some of the Congressional Medal of Honors winners.

        Tony, here’s the title and subtitles of my final chapterL:

        POSTCRIPT: The Triumph of Multi-Ethnic America;
        Aamerica’s many roots
        Intolerance yields to diversity of reoigious, ravcin and ethnic heritage
        A plethora of influeces
        Irish andScots-Irish Influences
        Celtic Influences
        Muti-ethnic endeavors
        African-American influences
        Italian influences
        Spanish influences
        A great diversity of peoples
        English Settlements
        English/Celtic Connection
        The French Connection: Lafayette stepped here
        Program for Performance of the Boston Pops

        The above are on pages 732 to 930, the Index begins on 931.

        As my lifelong friend Danny Ryan from Savin Hill, a selfless father of four girls, grandkids, a man who helped 10,000 people in his life, a great card player, who used to say when he won hands down:

        “Read ’em and weep.!

        Weep for this country succumbing to leftists’ censorship, enforced conformity, group think, P.C., race-baiting and anti-American policies.

        1. William:

          I heard of your book. It was all about white guys. Nothing about slavery. Nothing about Jim Crow. You said it was about American history. It was only about some wars. Nothing about Admiral Dewey or Spanish American war, the Mexican war. It was a white man’s limited history of white men with passing thought bout others who you put lists out. Then you tell me to read some other guys book or visit monuments if I want to know about what you said you wrote. I don’t get it – bottom line you didn’t write no American history.

          You say you worked in NIH, OSHA, CDC, AND EPA. I asked you what degrees you had? You don’t tell me. What was your job in them places? Or you now going to say you didn’t work there. What’s with you?

          1. Tony, again, my two volume history of America covers in a total of 900 plus pages, including pictures, of everything you mentioned, in great detail.

            Give yourself some pleasure. Bye it read it. By the two volumes of history and by Sowell’s history of Ethnic America, a great socio-political-cultural history of America.

            I think you under estimate how well researched my books are.

            Three facts include: America’s highest decorated regiment in WWI was an all-Black regiment, all-American soldiers. Their regiment, or battalion, look it up, was called: THE HARLEM HELLFIGHTERS.


            3. You can read in my book in several different chapters about the Tuskegee Airmen. An old friend of my family who flew on many B-17 bombing raids over Germany said he knew that America would win the war, when he saw outside his plane’s window the Tuskegee Air Pilots flying their P-52s, as recall they were. Look them up. I actually met a colonel in downtown Boston on Boylston Street and sent him a couple of my books. He was in uniform, bedecked with medals for his courageous service. One of the best, most decorated units in America’s Airforce.

            Now you push me against a wall, and ask me for my credentials. So hands up, Tony, here comes a few jabs and left hook:

            I. I was educated at Savin Hill’s John Lothrop Motley School, grades kindergarten through sixth, at Boston Latin School junior high, grades 7 and 8, at B.C. High grades 9 – 12; at Boston College, graduating magna cum laude, in Biology, where I was nominated as a Scholar of the College, in the college of Arts & Sciences; I studied medicine at Georgetown Medical School, from September 1967 to October 1971, where I had a fellowship in Community Psychiatry at the D.C. General Hospital for ten weeks in the summer of 1969 (Woodstock years) but did not get a medical degree, but did get a Masters in Public Health Degree, at the the Harvard School of Public Health in 1974, I got an education from 1971-1979 while I was legally married, but I also got an education working two years as a lumberjack and housepainter, from about 80-82, and previously got an education as laborer, one of two Irish laborers, in Boston’s all Italian laborers’ union, and I did get an education where I grew up, in sports, football, basketball, boxing, and in music from a neighborhood teacher at the New England Conservatory (piano, then late more lessons, then later by playing with musicians) and then . . .well not to go on too long I got a law degree, with honors, cum lauded from Suffolk University Law School.

            Work? Well I enlisted in the United States Public Health Service in about late 1974 but was not sworn in as a Commissioned Officer until about April 1975 and worked inside it, with it, under it until about June 1977. I was an Lt-O3 (that was my title) to the N.I.H. Alcohol & Drug Abuse Administration (ADAMHA) and then transferred to the CDC OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration ), then I worked in the DC area and city of Boston (Southie, South End, Downtown) in various Community Health Programs and Alcohol Treatment Facilities/Programs, and then I worked for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental for five years, about 82-87 as an Environmental Toxicologist and Program Planner, and then worked with Billy Coyne’s law firm for about 20 years as an Environmental Lawyer and First Amendment Free Speech Attorney . . . .

            but I spare you bio, which you can read about in 8 of the factual legal-historical books, and one work of fiction, Mac the Dog: How Andy, Madeline, Mac and Tiger changed the World, but another 600 page of fiction, Savillians, the Story of Celtic People, which was never published, and you can also go on Lawyers’ Weekly and read articles I co-authored with Paul Walkowski . . .Paul was always the better writer . . . .and once I drove beer truck, taxis, worked as a janitor in projects, and a cashier at Neponset’s Grocery Market and as a bagger at Fields Corner Supermarket and swept floors at Carl’s Drug Store on the corner of Savin Hill Avenue and Sydney Street . . .

            I’ll spare you the details of running into cops . . .It’s all published elsewhere . . .

            Tony, if interested, do some research . . .learn something new . . .you know when we were kids, young teenagers, we used to jump off the bridge on Morrisey Boulevard next to Malibu Beach which connected with Savin Hill beach, and when we turned sixteen we’d drive out Quincy and jump off the ridges round the Quincy Quarries . . .

            But why Quibble, and scribble, I write . . .because I like to, like I like playing keyboards and pianos . . .I recommend reading Heminghway’s short story, A Clean Well Lighted Place, or Fitzgerald’s Winter Dreams, or anything by Kafka, or watch the movies Doctor Zhivago or Casablanco or Odd Man Out, or Laura, noir films, or Columbo on Sunday nights at 8:00 P.m. on MeTV . . . .

            Anyway, I’ve gone on too long . . .sometimes I just stream . . .

            Tony, have a good day.

            1. “Anyway, I’ve gone on too long . . ”

              Now you’re talking. Nothing like accusing someone of painting with too broad a brush while declaring that, “All Liberals, All Lefties, All Democrats.” Some authority says that if everyone wore a mask more people would die of covid. And you parrot it. You fucking believe it. Amazing. Lazlo Toth lives.

            2. Why would anyone read your books. You are not a disciplined writer. You think by putting down shit loads of words – you say streaming – you are sayin some stuff. Your history of 900 words is probably just streaming. Stop streaming and answer my simple questions. I don’t what to know if you jumped off something or what you did as a kid. You had jobs here, there, and everywhere. You show me nothing about any job or education relating to history

              Answer the question> Did you discuss Jim Crow in your American History or the Italian immigration or slavery or the Spanish and Mexican War or president Wilson or McKinley? Yes or no. How many of 900 pages.

              What advanced degrees in the things related to Covid-19 do you have. I guess from all the BS it is none. Your experience is in environment stuff and drug and alcohol stuff. Nothing related to the pandemic.

              Sorry, guy, just don’t think you have anything that will be helpful to me. Word to the wise: stop running off with your BS especially about growing up. Learn to be concise. Answer questions asked. No need to respond it’s going to take me a week to climb out of all the BS you throwed at me. Won’t be coming back to this blog.

    2. Bill
      I had a chance to sit down with Texas AM
      Professor Emeritus Ron Bryan before he
      recently passed away from Cancer.
      We discussed an experiment he had just developed
      in collaboration with a German University.
      to determine if the smallest particle in the universe
      had consciousness .


      In other newes ….

      Ups and downs: Trump’s $27m-a-mile border wall being scaled with $5 ladders

      One insider says that big banks have been quietly engaging in the same behavior that precipitated the crisis of 2008.
      April 23 2021

      Iowa prisoners monitored after being OVERDOSED with up to SIX TIMES the normal amount of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine
      23 Apr, 2021

    3. I cannot tell if you agree with 6% figure or not, but the cavalier, anti-mask, anti social distancing attitude of President Trump did nothing to instill a sense of urgency concerning this plague. The funeral pyres on India were not lit by readers of the NY Times.

  4. Matt

    Friday, April 23, 2021
    Doctors 4 Covid Ethics serve all European Parliament members with Notics of Liability for Covid-19 response and the EU Vaccine Passport
    The material below was posted on the website of the Solari Report and is being widely broadcast. I am a member of Doctors4CovidEthics. The European Parliament has had a bill introduced (the Rooken bill) to reject the Vaccine Passport, which it voted to approve 2 weeks ago.

    Posted by Meryl Nass, M.D.
    Thursday, April 22, 2021
    The Covidian Cult (Part II)/ CJ Hopkins
    OFF GUARDIAN. Apr 22, 2021 CJ Hopkins

    The Covidian Cult (Part II)

    Back in October of 2020, I wrote an essay called The Covidian Cult, in which I described the so-called “New Normal” as a global totalitarian ideological movement. Developments over the last six months have borne out the accuracy of that analogy.

    A full year after the initial roll-out of the utterly horrifying and completely fictional photos of people dropping dead in the streets, the projected 3.4% death rate, and all the rest of the official propaganda, despite the absence of any actual scientific evidence of an

    In other Biological Warfaresssssss

    A cop pulled me over when I was a Catholic seminarian for driving while Black. Thank God I was with white friends.

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