D.Trump Will Make Us Safe? Who Will Keep Him Safe?

kim jong-unAside from continually paraphrasing the Wicked Queen in Snow White whenever he has a chance to speak by shouting “people, people, listen all, I’m the greatest president of all,”  D.Trump tells us he will keep us absolutely safe.

We know this does not relate to the many killings by guns – did that dude who gunned down the Indian man in a bar after telling him to get out of his country need to be carrying? – since D.Trump is for more people having more guns.

Nor does he intend to save us from auto accidents, contaminated food, water or medicine as he crushes regulations having anything to do with interfering with the free market. Nor has he said anything about the desperate and ever-increasing opiate deaths among mostly white youth suffering from their lack of education and hope. And we can wonder about how safe people will be after the new health insurance plan will be put forth.

Strange isn’t it? He seeks to do nothing about these ongoing tragedies occurring daily in our country. How does America get great ignoring the things that drag it down? So what is he making us totally safe from?

It is something that rarely occurs. It is the attack by a person or persons from foreign Muslim countries who may come here and commit such an attack. Think how far down the list of deaths of Americans by foreign terrorists believing in a form of Islam unrecognizable to almost all others stands.

Maybe all you who think we are under a great threat would like to consider that. Outside of 9/11 over a 20 year period beginning in 1995 there have been 250 fatalities due to terrorist attacks in the U.S. or about 12 1/2 deaths a year.

Now get this. The number of American deaths by dog bites each year are more than double the terrorist attacks. Four times as many Americans die from lightning strikes. Yet under D.Trump many are convinced by the big lie we are in great danger from terrorist attacks on our soil. Perhaps rather than doing “extreme vetting” of foreigners, which is another word for barring just like enhanced interrogation was another word for torture, we should be doing extreme vetting on dogs.

All of this points to the nonsense that got him elected and the silliness of those thinking by keeping Muslims out of the country we will be safer. Had D.Trump not pursued his anti-Muslim crusade I’d suggest we would have all been safer.

Which brings me to my greater point. The events over the last few days have caused great consternation among those seeking to keep D.Trump safe. No one wants to talk about it publicly especially the Secret Service. Yet it now knows D.Trump is suddenly at great risk. This was the message that Kim Jong-un just telegraphed to D.Trump:  “All your Secret Service agents and body guards cannot keep you safe any longer.”

That, of course, was the reason behind the denial of the visa by the U.S. to North Korean foreign ministry envoy Choe Son Hui and his party who were scheduled to come to New York. It all goes back to the shock felt by the murder of Kim Jong-nam at the Kuala Lumpur airport. He died by having VX nerve agent put on his face. Immediately the intelligence community recognized that North Korea has possession of one of the deadliest chemicals ever created by man but even worse it has created a means to transport it safely from its manufacturing point to its victim.

Any person carrying this cannot be detected through present day security methods. This means that anyone who can get close to D.Trump who is carrying it will be able to do so without hindrance. Stopping the North Korean envoy from coming here prevents him bringing VX, if that was his intent, to pass on to his agents here. But the Secret Service has to act as if sooner or later it will arrive on America’s mainland and its likely target will be D.Trump.

Anyone from a waiter or other worker at Mar-a-Largo to a visitor at the White House or a worker at a plant or a person in a crowd carrying VX who can get close to the president can bring about his sudden demise. There is nothing that can be done to save him especially considering his age and weight. He now stands in great peril.

A newspaper pointed out: “Trump suggested last year he could eat a hamburger with Kim Jong-un and sort things out face to face.” I can promise you one thing now. Trump is no longer planning to eat a hamburger with him.


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  1. Ms. Freeh :

    Sixty million of your fellow Americans ; those Nazified White Patriarchy nabobs of illegitimate power and negativity, those bland, colorless , anachronistic haters of the great colorful disobedient Thunderbird of enlightened and enlightening rebellion, those sixty million souls so tragically outside the embrace of the Million Marchers Love Platform of Truth, Justice, Equality , Freedom and a multimillionaire’s anguished imploring of the masses to blow up the White House and pray the President is in it … YOU GO GIRL! … LOVE RULES! … think that you are … QUITE FULL OF SHETTERLY! 🙂

  2. Ms. Freeh :

    Are you soliloquizing in the third person now ? This Bob Shetterly character has never been seen in a separate room from you. Good Alpha Bob and his Omega Dark Agent, Ms. Freeh. What a marriage! Kudos to the kid in any event. 🙂

  3. Matt

    Thought you might like this recent essay by Maine artist
    Robert Shetterly.
    He is the artist who has painted over 150 portraits in a
    series called Americans Who Tell the Truth .
    Each portrait has a quotation written on the canvas
    from the person he paints.

    His daughter in law Margot Shetterly was nominated for a Oscar for best
    picture last night.

    ‘Hidden Figures’ nominated for 3 Oscars, including Best Picture

    Here is his recent essay on Donald Trump and the march you
    participated in.

    The Million Women’s March January 21, 2017
    Submitted by robert shetterly on 7 February 2017 – 12:00am

    What happened?
    This was not a protest. It was a clarification. A realignment.
    It was not an aggrieved victim struggling to have her lonely voice heard as she implores power to hear truth.
    It was power speaking to power. Legitimate power speaking to illegitimate power.
    It was a global, universal tweet speaking to an arrogant twit.
    The phoenix shaking off the ashes.
    It was liberation speaking to domination. Diversity speaking to white patriarchy.
    The heart of freedom speaking to the heel of oppression. Right to wrong.
    When I watched footage of the hundreds of marches in cities and towns all across America and then discovered that there were masses of people in the streets in other countries, it was clear something significant was happening. The deadly gloom of despair was lifted by the joy of millions of colorful, exuberant, powerful people. The point was tipping. This was not like the massive protests against the lies of the Bush administration in 2003 which propelled us into the Iraq invasion. Consciousness wasn’t raised then in enough people. People now realize an arrogant demagogue surrounded by a covey of ego-bloated generals, billionaire bankers and smug CEOs full of fear-mongering and racism, sexism and war-profiteering, science denial and nature destruction is not the way forward. This was a clarification. A re-set. Howard Zinn said our problem is not civil disobedience, it’s civil obedience. This was the exhilarating freedom of disobedience.
    Obedience is uniformity; disobedience is a declaration of new identity. This was the people of the world speaking not so much to power as to each other. We’re in charge. We can shape the future we want, not be prey to what they want. Let’s practice respect. Let’s try love. Let’s embrace peace. Let’s insist on justice. Let’s honor the reality of our place in nature. Let’s build an economy of decency rather than disaster. Let’s base diplomacy on the common good.
    As Trump was pathetically obsessed with the size of his inauguration crowd, the world passed him by. On his first day in office, the world passed him by! He’s already an anachronism. Dangerous, but an anachronism. The power has shifted.
    Trump is the rock in the river from which we can leap to the other side.
    Thank you women

  4. Fortune plays a role in the lives of all men. The assassination rate for our Presidents hovers around 10 %. Those who aspire to the greasy poll’s pinnacle have decided that Paris is worth a Mass, even a Funeral Mass. Trump made his choice. Nonetheless your sincere, tender concern for the President’s safety is duly noted.

  5. “We know this does not relate to the many killings by guns – did that dude who gunned down the Indian man in a bar after telling him to get out of his country need to be carrying? – since D.Trump is for more people having more guns.”

    No one “needs to be carrying”, including police officers, until they do. Police officers primarily carry weapons for their own protection, not yours. Since you or I cannot predict what will happen, either short term or long term, it is up to each of us (including police officers) to take responsibility for the safety of ourselves and for those to whom we owe responsibility for their safety to the best of our ability.

    I really do not expect that there will be a fire wherever I am, but I do appreciate that there are fire extinguishers nearby. I appreciate that firefighters will respond as promptly as possible, but I have received training in use of fire extinguishers to use if practical until the firefighters arrive.

    Boy Scouts are taught to “Be Prepared”. Be a Boy Scout.

  6. If one in a thousand Muslims is a supporter of ISIS or Al Qaeda that is still more than one million adherents. If a complete ban is required to keep America safe then so be it. Extreme vetting is required. Many thousands have been killed in the Middle East by the jihadists just with car bombs. The underwear bomber, the shoe bomber and the Times Sq. bomber failed in theri attempts to kill hundreds of innocents. We don’t want that here. Don’t minimize the danger. 2. Will the North Koreans try to use vx on a target in a western country? If they use special weapons on a country that also has them then the retaliation ends N. Korea’s existence. 2. Is the press the enemy of the people? Was the Globe the enemy of the people in Charlestown, Dorchester and Southie during the busing crisis? Were they the enemy during the St Pats parade case? Were they relentlessly hostile to Catholics? Were they the enemy of the unborn children? The culture of death and their ally the press are the enemy of the people. Trump is just telling the truth.

  7. Matt:

    First, your facts are wrong. You write: “Nor has he said anything about the desperate and ever-increasing opiate deaths . . .”

    Trump has delivered extensive speeches and policy papers on such things as the opiate crisis in America. He’s specifically emphasized the need to tackle heroin, oxycontins, fentanyl, physician-overprescribing, diversion from the pharmaceutical industry etc.; he’s repeatedly highlighted the multi-faceted problem in New Hampshire. He’s lauded Governor Mike Pence’s efforts in enforcement and treatment.

    For one concrete example, here’s an excerpt from Trump’s October 2016 speech:
    “When I won the New Hampshire primary, I promised the people of New Hampshire that I would stop drugs from pouring into your communities. I am now doubling-down on that promise, and can guarantee you – we will not only stop the drugs from pouring in, but we will help all of those people so seriously addicted get the assistance they need to unchain themselves. New Hampshire has one of the highest drug overdose death rates in the country. We have to solve this crisis. I have to give credit to my running mate, Mike Pence, on this issue. Mike increased the mandatory minimum sentences for the most serious drug offenders, while expanding access to treatment and prevention options for those struggling with addiction. WE MUST MAKE SIMILAR EFFORTS A PRIORITY FOR THIS NATION. (Stories of overdoses) of prescription drugs, heroin, wait times for treatment, and missed opportunity in the court system are a tragic reminder of why we need a plan to end the opioid epidemic.”

    Secondly, Trump will cut out EXCESSIVE regulations; not regulations that PROTECT health and safety. Don’t worry, Matt: We’ll still have clean air, clean water, good food, and occupational standards! We’re just eliminating the useless bureaucratic red tape. You sound a little bit like Maxine Waters or Queen Cong. Nancy Pelosi who said about Justice Gorsuch, “if you breathe air, drink water, eat food” you should be terrified. And people complain about Trump’s hyperboles!

    Third, on 9-11, the terrorists planned to kill over 50,000 people in one day. (That’s how many people were in the Twin Towers and Pentagon). The terrorists did kill @3000 and injured @6000. Two brothers killed 3 and wounded @ 200 in Boston one day, 16 people lost a limb. 49 people killed in one night in Orlando. Yes, we should take extraordinary means to guard against these low risk, but terrifying eventualities.

    You confuse natural anticipated deaths (sickness, accidents, dog bites) with terrorist intentional killings. You downplay the terrorists’ intent to commit mass murder.

    Fourth, imagine terrorists in America with VK poison! Imagine one terrorist with a suitcase nuke! That’s what we’re trying to keep out of America.

  8. Wa-llahi! No interest in the military situation in Iraq/Syria? Try, and, take your eyes off Glorious Leader for a minute. There’s a battle raging in Mosul. If the proxies don’t prevail, US Soldiers and Marines will have to take over the attack. There’s a lot riding on the Mosul offensive. Failure could mean a quarter million US troops in Syria/Iraq for the next ten years. Trump has been silent regarding the fight. Strange, being President, you’d think he’d show some interest in something, besides, himself.

    1. Eastern Mosul was brought under control by the same Iraqi Special Forces unit’s with American support in the wings as Obama finished out. Your preoccupation with events in Western Mosul and implied haranguing of Trump seems to be hypocritical. Your silence during one op and breast beating during another speaks for itself. At least you have the good sense not to indulge in the passive wish fulfillment fantasies of assassinating a sitting US President and revealing just how sick the fantasists who desire this sort of electoral nullification, and “whacky ” Matty is one among a rabid dog pack, truly are. Rabies shots are in order. The Dems are no longer in contact with your continually invoked ” Reality. ” Insanity and its poor and deranged relations are, obviously at this point and with such a post as today’s, its own ” Reality. ” And we are starting to get a clear and emerging view of it .

  9. Assassination? Probably, not. Glorious Leader is more likely to choke on too big a mouthful of food. Pence would be cheering Trump on, maybe, even, hand feeding him the deadly morsel.

  10. I once asked Rashid Amad, “Why do the Feds hold the Shaykh incommunicado in SHU. Rashid smiled, and, said, “Because, if Shaykh were in general population, he would convert the whole prison to Islam.”

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