Daily Wrap: Wednesday July 17, 2013

IMG_3093I keep scratching my head at the government’s approach to this case. I guess it is because I marvel at J. W. Carney’s ability to have it chasing its tail. Today a former customs officer was testifying about his involvement with John McIntyre, allegedly one of Nee’s  Whitey’s victims. McIntyre gave a 50 page statement to the customs officers telling of all the dirty deeds he had done and none of it related to Whitey, but a lot was about Pat Nee and Joe Murray. I didn’t see him helping the government’s case.

But in his statement McIntyre said he heard Joe Murray owned a liquor store on the South Shore and he asked if it that was the liquor store in South Boston owned by the Southie guys. Everyone concedes pretty much that Whitey was one of the owners of a liquor store in Southie. Weeks testified to it. He was not questioned on it.

Carney gets up in cross-examination and says something to the effect, “isn’t it true you never said the Southie guys owned the store.”  I’m thinking who cares what he said we already know they do. The customs guy says he thought he said it. Carney then brings out a transcript and he and the customs guy do a dance over this non-issue for five or so minutes.

When Carney finishes and sits down the prosecutor gets up. He then returns to that issue in order to correct the witness’s memory. He wants to prove that the witness did say that. No one cares or little remembers whether he did or not.

It is happenings like that which makes me wonder whether the prosecutors have a sense of the case. If it’s a non issue, let it go. Carney’s just making them run in circles. Nothing in this case depends upon whether McIntyre did or did not say the Southie guys own the store.

Then the next witness who comes in court is probably the most despicable witness I’ve ever seen – David “Dirty Dave” Lindholm. Here’s a guy who seems to be a professional prosecution witness. A few years back he’s doing 8 years for marijuana conspiracy and tax evasion and happens to get put together with the guy in Plymouth House of Corrections named Al Trenkler. Trenkler who has kept his mouth shut through thick and thin allegedly and conveniently makes a jail house confession to Lindholm a guy he doesn’t know.

Dirty Dave runs to the cops with it. He testified, I’m told, that he had no promises, inducements or rewards for his testimony. He just was being a good citizen.Then after Trenkler is convicted, Lindholm is let out prison with time served. Such Luck!

Next thing we know he’s making many millions dealing marijuana and hanging around with Jimmy Martorano and Joey Yerardi. They bring him to the Marconi Club. Jimmy drops him off, sort of like he dropped off Bucky Barrett at 799 East Third Street just before he was killed. It’s like Mafia guy Jimmy Martorano is a taxi service for Whitey. He brings people to be killed or extorted and conveniently leaves the scene just before Whitey puts on his act.

Anyway he’s brought into a room and Whitey does the “your life or your money” routine, the same one used by the bandits on the king’s highways that we read about in 19th Century English novels. Dirty Dave says he wasn’t worried, he had 4 million near by he could have put his hands on but he wasn’t going to give that up. He figured the way Whitey was asking him questions that Whitey didn’t know he had that much money. He was absolutely convinced when Whitey asked for a measly million but he figured he’d bargain Whitey down to $250,000.

Whitey agreed, told him he’d cut off his head if he told anyone, then he shook his hand and said he did a good job. After that the other three guys with Whitey got up, they invited Jimmy and Joey Y back into the room, the seven of them linked arms together and swayed to the melody of their voices singing Kumbaya. Well what I said in the last sentence didn’t happen but it would have fit in well with the rest of this guys testimony.

Not only is he a professional witness, he’s an accomplished liar. I could only wonder what the government is giving him for this bit of foolishness. Does he get to keep the millions he made in drug dealing? He said he has his own business, I wonder what it is. This guy is ripe for the picking on cross-examination. As I tweeted earlier I’m sure the jury has nothing but disdain for him.

I can only think the government feels it has to use sleaze bag witnesses because it had made deals with them. If their case wasn’t as strong as it is, Whitey could very well be walking out the door.

12 thoughts on “Daily Wrap: Wednesday July 17, 2013

  1. I wonder if the jury sees the amount of redundant criminal witnesses as more of a reflection of the prosecutions zeal than the defendant’s guilt? Amplified by the fact that the specific charges were not even being challenged.

    1. Another:

      By now the jury is of the mind to get this over with. They see the 19 elephant murder charges walking around in front of them unchallenged. There seems to be little doubt left that nothing can save Whitey from dying in prison.

      1. The all-black outfit could be symbolic. Maybe the guy named Whitey with the black soul is mentally throwing in the towel, or planning on vaulting the witness box and throttling Benji for saying he killed the two women. Should be interesting.

        1. Rather:

          I’m surprised Whitey has not acted up more. He’s probably been told that if he did he’d be kept in chains and shackles and held in a 6’x 6′ holding cell where he could view things via a video feed. You have to keep in mind that much of this has nothing to do with Whitey who realy has no defense.

          1. Maybe he’s a “bad” bad guy today. I’m betting that Benjis testimony will bother him more than Weeks’ did. You are right Matt, it seems like the outcome of this trial is a foregone conclusion, I’m just hoping Whitey spices up the proceedings with some antics when Benji gets up there. It may be all he has left.

            1. Rather:
              Fortnight Weeks testified because he was on the street and didn’t want the federals coming after him. Your question begs the big question, why is Benji testifying at all. Whitey did nothing to him. Benji is a gangster. He’s got to be getting something (like early out) by going along with Wyshak’s program.

              That’s another thing that I’ve wondered about, why is Whitey going out like lamb?

          2. The plot thickens……Stippo found dead. Was he next on the stand? Matt, what is the reaction in the courtroom?

            1. Rather:

              I’d say among the press everyone was curious – they were talking about it long before it went public – Stippo was not going to testify as you know – it produced a little buzz but because the information was so vague and unsourced most were taking a wait and see attitude. i think one reason was also there was talk going around that it was a suicide. I’m sort of amazed at how the media guys pick up things; like Whitey, they must have a lot of cops on the payroll.

  2. Matt, one thing I can tell you for sure is that it certainly appears that Lindholm was allowed to continue is marijuana dealing with impunity under the protection of The Patron Saint of Drug dealers and murderers, Freddy the Kind

    Back in the late 90’s (maybe early 2000’s), Lindholm was setting up a multi ton marijuana deal with one of his former fellow inmates.this case was taken after

    being short said nobody knew off or had any case is currently open on Lindholm. when word got back to the Strikeforce linda home was in fact the target of an investigation the investigation was ordered to halt.

    Why, it was asked? Lindholm had been cleared as a target..in fact, Fred and cfew denied knowing him. “Because he’s working with us” they were told. “Who is your informant?” They demanded.

    Luckily, another AUSA with integrity stood up to Saint Freddy and said “you must know…he’s obviously reported this to you, right?”

    But we all know he hadn’t, don’t we? Apparently nothing was learned..just an early instance of Freddy protecting his informants, instead of letting him get arrested and going back to prison. So that deal was squashed, but I’ve often wondered what happened to the multi ton marijuana shipment he was selling..the answer to that MAY be the answer to what Mr Lindholm got for his cooperation…maybe a stern admonishment to be careful who he sold it to next time?

    Does this scenario sound familiar to anyone? Seems like nothing has changed, doesn’t it?

  3. Matt- Wasn’t Lindolm’s first name William? Pat Nee has to get called he is involved way too many of these horror tales. Matt if Carney calls him he has no choice right?

  4. Matt, isnt that the weirdo firebug that helped a Boston cops son plant a bomb under his Dads car. Thomas Shay from Hyde Park.? I remember it was all over the news at the time.

    1. Rather:

      Al Trenkler was a buddy of Thomas Shay who had it planted under his father’s car because his father neglected him as a kid and was going to collect big bucks in case. Trenkler denied doing it but was convicted after Dirty Dave testified.

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