Defaming Robert Kennedy; Trump’s Hitman’s Lies

Marilyn Monroe died on August 5, 1962.  J. Edgar Hoover was born on January 1, 1895. John F. Kennedy died on November 22, 1963.

Marilyn was born on June 1, 1926. She was 36-years-old when she died. J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI director was 67 years old when Marilyn died. He was 68-years-old when JFK died.

On May 8, 1964, Lyndon Johnson, then the president, said of Hoover:  “Edgar Hoover has been my close personal friend for almost 30 years, and he was my close neighbor for 19 years, . .  “ LBJ made those remarks as he announced that he was signing the legislation that gave Hoover an exemption from the federal law which required people to retire at age 70. Hoover would continue to serve as FBI director until 1972.

Hoover was not worried about staying as director when he was 67 or 68 years old. He was immensely popular. Had Kennedy been president at the time when he turned 70 he knew he had the power to be appointed.

The truth of all this is ignored by a vile Boston columnist, a friend and hitman of President Trump, who has tried to throw cold water on the tributes being accorded to RFK on the occasion of his tragic death fifty years ago this coming Wednesday. In the world of Trump only he can be praised.

He wrote about Marilyn: “She had a diary, a drug problem and few prospects. There were rumors of a pregnancy. It was a very big mess. Bobby was in California the night Marilyn died. Many, including the former mayor of L.A., said that RFK was in L.A. that night. Sam Yorty was videotaped for an ABC News special that was supposed to be broadcast in 1985. There were so many loose ends — the LAPD knew what had happened, and so the cop in charge of the investigation soon became director of security for the NFL. J. Edgar Hoover knew what had happened, so that Monday, in Seattle, RFK announced that the director’s job was safe, even after he reached the mandatory retirement age of 70.”

We are supposed to believe that RFK got Marilyn pregnant and murdered her which Hoover knew so RFK bribed him by protecting his job. The whole scenario is an out-and-out lie. RFK had no involvement in Marilyn’s death. Carr based on nothing but a desire to destroy a good man’s reputation lies to defame him. Nothing is lower. It’s a gangster trick to lie about people who are dead.

Not content with scurrilous lies about RFK’s involvement in Marilyn’s death, Carr  goes on, “Bobby was indisputably a homophobe and an anti-Semite. From Roy Cohn to Bayard Rustin to J. Edgar Hoover, he really despised gays.”

He offers no evidence that RFK was a homophobe. There is no evidence that Hoover was gay. That’s another gangster/Trump talking point. Carr came up with a gangster imagined scenario where an FBI Agent named Paul Rico wanted some gangster murdered because he said Hoover was gay. He also passed on gangster stories that Rico was one of Hoover’s gay partners.

Carr ends: “And now you know the rest of the story you won’t be hearing from Bill Clinton or anybody else this week.”

Obviously you won’t. Others like to stick to the truth.

22 thoughts on “Defaming Robert Kennedy; Trump’s Hitman’s Lies

  1. The linking of our President, Donald J. Trump, with Howie Carr in a post on Carr’s article about RFK is the sort of baseless innuendo that is seemingly being deplored therein. America’s President, Donald J. Trump, has nothing to do with Carr’s opinion of RFK and any relationship he may or may not have had with the tragic Hollywood Glamour Girl Marilyn Monroe.

    My opinion of Robert Kennedy’s politics after his brother’s death is negative. The same can be said for the sexual excesses of all three Kennedy brothers and their father. But RFK had some serious insights that merit admiration. Like his father and elder brother he understood the conflict between Zionism and Americanism and was wary of intertwining our interests with that of an expansionist, Racist state in the Middle East. He did not take the easy path in view of the bias of the MSM.

    Similarly on a personal level Robert Kennedy displayed exemplary loyalty. Despite massive media assaults on the character and factual exposure of communist penetration of the United States government by Senator Joseph McCarthy, he stuck with him. It took courage to oppose the owners of the three networks, the New York Times, the Washington Post, et cetera. Any man who admired and stuck by Tail Gunner Joe, who was proven to be right in the 1990s when the Venona records were opened, gets a tip of the hat from this lifelong partisan Republican.

    1. “Like his father and elder brother he understood the conflict between Zionism and Americanism and was wary of intertwining our interests with that of an expansionist, Racist state in the Middle East.”

      You wouldn’t want two expansionist, racist states getting together. What a racist.

  2. Remember, with Howie Carr you are dealing with man who befriended serial killers and wrote down their every word as if it were gospel.
    Carr wrote a book, “The Brothers Bulger: How they terrorized Boston” and didn’t point out one misdemeanor that senate president Bill Bulger committed and was cited/convicted of, and Carr failed to tell his readers that Whitey’s FIEFDOM extended from Castle Island to parts of Andrew Square . . . .and Boston wasn’t “terrified.”

    Carr’s the worst form of tabloid journalist as NC points out he came to Boston in his 30s settled in Wellesley and never met half the men he writes about . . . he’s a phony, pussy, two faced, whose entire life has been to serve his own wallet and to do so by defaming as many good men and good women as possible

    For his books on killers, someone should investigate whether he has committed a misprision of a felony, felony murder, by perpetuating the false stories of Johnny Martorano and others. Whey aren’t cops looking into the slopping work the deputized State Cops and Fred Wyshak did in cutting a deal with Martorano? It looks like they simply believed every word he and Howie Carr said as if they were gospel.

    A lot of questions remain about the abuse of State Power, Federal Prosecutorial Power, and Journalistic Power, especially by the malevolent character assassin Howie Carr

    1. “Carr’s the worst form of tabloid journalist as NC points out he came to Boston in his 30s settled in Wellesley and never met half the men he writes about . . . he’s a phony, pussy, two faced, whose entire life has been to serve his own wallet and to do so by defaming as many good men and good women as possible.”

      Stop holding your emotions in.

      I might say that your opinion that he is two-faced is a stretch. He appears to be one-faced and that face isn’t pretty. Or even cute.

  3. If Carr wrote it, fiction is too kind a description. Look at the latest example, the leaps he makes. He gets away with it because his readership is too lazy to analyze it.
    An example of his method might go like this:

    Buckley hates Vidal; Mailer hates Vidal; Buckley and Mailer must be in cahoots. We all know what soul-mates Mailer and Buckley were.

  4. “Carr-a stellar example of the depths to which the reading public has sunk.”

    Is the book Black Mass fiction?

      1. And both falsely quoted from CIVIL TRIALS were FBI agents were not represented . . .not represented by either plaintiffs or defendants, in fact both plaintiffs and defendants were throwing FBI agents (unrepresented) under the bus . . .and apparently Lehr and O’Neil did not understand that you cannot use these findings in a CIVIL CASE as evidence against someone who is not represented . . . .put it this way . . .in America, you should not assume something has been “proven” against someone who was not represented at trial

        Secondly, a major error of BLACK MASS is they totally misrepresent the jury verdicts in Boston and Florida against John Connolly . . .they use big words “convicted of Obstruction of Justice” and fail to tell the readers that in boston John Connolly was convicted of ONE CRIME during his 20-plus years as a highly decorated FBI agent . . .and that crime was? According to his corrupt boss, John Morris, John Connolly handed him a case of wine with an envelope inside with $1,000 inside the envelope . . .Read my book, Three Billboards outside Boston, and you’ll see how phony corrupt FBI agent John Morris’s story was . . .Morris also was, by the way, and attempted murderer who leaked names of Top Echelon Informants hoping they’d be killed and he wouldn’t be implicated in accepting bribes . . .Morris is the type of character the power abusing Federal Prosecutor Fred Wyshak used against John Connolly in an evil attempt to get John’s older neighbor Senate President and U.Mass. President Bill Bulger . . .THAT’S RIGHT FOLKS, IT WAS A 21ST CENTURY POLITICAL LYNCHING . . .A RIGGED TRIAL . .BY POWER ABUSING FEDS . .

      2. “Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill wrote BLACK MASS.”

        Thank you, Mister Steinbeck. Or Ms. I know they wrote it. I have heard from many people that from 25% to 75% of the book is bullshit. I’m just sayin’.

        Some people don’t know anything about the whole affair beyond what they read. (We all know people that spout facts and do so with authority because they read those facts in a book.) Some of the folks I met and became friends with when I was working on D Street in the winter/spring of 74-75 refer to that book as fiction. I’m curious as to the feelings of this august group concerning its content.

  5. Would that the response to the writer of the piece were: “Howie who?”

    Carr-a stellar example of the depths to which the reading public has sunk.

  6. “He offers no evidence that RFK was a homophobe. There is no evidence that Hoover was gay. ”

    Some things that are well known, or taken as fact, or near-fact, require no evidence every time they are mentioned. Carr is not making the case, he is just pointing it out.

    RFK’s biographer, Evan Thomas, provides evidence.

    1. All Matt wrote was He (Carr) offers no evidence” . . .he doesn’t
      Many biographies have been written about RFK . . .this year Chris Matthews did , , ,and last year my friend Larry of the Noontime Nuts Running Club did and appeared on PBS talking for an hour about it

      It’s too easy to take a few instances and conclude someone’s a bigot or homophobe . . .Matt correctly pointed how the former Red Sox owner was and is falsey accused . . .Even Dr. Mudd (Civil War, his name is Mudd; he helped patch up Lincoln’s assassin booth) was a known, admitted racist, but while in Prison treated medically all men, black and white, with good care and kindness . . . .So, to say RFK was a strong Irish Catholic who espoused traditional Catholic/Conservative Christian teachings on sexuality is to make him a “homophobe” is to say Justice Kennedy is a homophobe because of his strong dissent and defense of traditional marriage in the Gay Marriage CAse.

      You can’t say, “RFK clashed with two or four famous homosexuals in his lifetime” and that makes him a “homophobe” . . .someone who is fearful or hateful of homosexuals . . .it really is not evidence of anything

      The bigger point: Scant is the evidence in all of Howie Carr’s books/columns and plentiful is the mindless cant, innuendoes, rumor-mongering, and baseless murdering of reputations.

      I’m sure the sleaze-man Carr, “Mr. Schadenfreude”, “Mr. Smear” would write a biography of Albert Schweitzer and emphasize and “prove” that Schweitzer frequently gawked at naked women and oftentimes even ran his hands over young women’s bodies during his physical examinations.

      1. Larry Tye wrote that other biography of RFK . . .Larry’s a good writer . . .

      2. Bill,

        If Albert Schweitzer did not,actually, …. ” frequently gawk at naked women and oftentimes even ran his hands over young women’s bodies during his physical examinations ” then you got some ‘Splainin’ to do ! Not your nemesis .

  7. Carr has zero credibility. Don’t waste your time reading him. If you look at his gangster books all you get is Martorano’s and Nee’s fake history of events. Carr never met Connors, Barret, Murphy. O’Toole, Manville or Kelly yet he claims to be an expert on the wise guys. He is a total fraud. Trump has nothing to do with Carr’s dishonesty. Carr has been that way for decades. 2. What is your take on the jobs report? 3.8 unemployment. Not bad. Lowest Black unemployment ever. Robust economic growth. Trump’s plan is working. 3. What is Europe going to do? Are they going to stick together and stay in the Iran deal or will they buckle under the threat of secondary sanctions? The Brits, French and Germans concede Iran is in compliance. Will they be independent or will they be vassal states of America? What will they do about the steel tariffs? Are the going to be men or mice? My guess is it’s time for the cheese.

  8. I think any alleged ‘homophobia’ in RFK might be connected to his dislike of Roy Cohn and his hatred of Gore Vidal, Jackie’s relation.

    Otherwise, the Kennedy’s, most of them, were and are comfortable with intragender sexual activity.

    I wonder how the media today would deal with Trump saying that, like JFK, he had to have sex once a day with a new partner or else he’d get headaches? If he really said that, of course.

    For the Kennedys and their famous gay confidante:

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    I am not surprised .

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  10. That is simply Bovine of you , Abe !

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  11. Is Carr appearing as a defendant , ,tomorrow morning , in the DiSarro murder trial .

    Thin notes from the mandolin player !


  12. During my lifetime the number 1 person in American history has been JFK. When I read about the feelings people had after JFK, MLK and RFK were shot to death it seems their shoes have never been filled. President Nixon was said to spoken often of both brothers in a way that made people feel he was constantly thinking about them years after their death. Howie Carr has not led the kind of life that is even 1 percent the life that RFK lived. What I am always amazed at is how young these men were cut down in the prime of their life. The man in the arena. Easy to poke at people, easy to write this went wrong. Much harder to try to push positive change every day. I think JFK, MLK AND RFK are great men who stood the test of time and gave their very life in search of what was right.

    1. Well said, Norwood Born and Matt. LBJ. MLK. RFK dedicated their lives serving their fellow human beings. Joe Kennedy gave his life in service to his country. Kathleen Kennedy’s British husband also was killed in World War II.
      Howie Carr served no one but his own pocketbooks. Mendacious and malevolent, he mocks murder victims, the mocks the dead, he mocks the dying, he mocks Mexican-Americans.
      In my book (Three Bridges outside Boston Mass,Prosecute the Persecutors who Abuse Federal Prosecutorial Power) i aptly call Carr “a yellow dog”, a chronic “character assasssin”, a liar, and label him “Mr. Smear” and “Mr. Schadenfreude” as he delights in the sufferings of his fellow human beings. A real misanthrope. A hollow drum. A vile man = Howie Carr. I hate to waste my breath or pen on him. Give him no time; he’s a two-faced shallow babbling buffoon, and a gutless wonder . . .

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