“Dem Were Da Days” The World’s Dumbest Crook: Frank Salemme

The United States Government presented as a witness in the trial of a retired FBI agent John Connolly for corruption one Francis X. Salemme, also known as Frank Salemme. The federal prosecutors used him as a witness against the Agent Connolly even though they knew he had been arrested by the agent in New York City and held several grudges against him.

They used him, a man skilled in murder and other crimes, knowing he had been the head of the New England Crime family, the Boston/Rhode Island area branch of the Mafia. They defended his testimony even though during the trial he perjured himself about his participation in a murder which they had reason to believe he was involved in. His testimony was crucial to the conviction of Agent Connolly on important counts.

When the agent appealed his conviction because of that perjury, and that Frankie bragged that he lied at Connolly’s trial and made up things the prosecutors hoped he would say, the Federal appeals court in Boston passed it off as inconsequential and upheld the refusal to give Connolly a new trial.

Frankie, like most gangsters, had a nickname. His was “Cadillac.” He was “Cadillac Frank.” He was half Italian and half Irish. That was the reason he was not a member of the Mafia earlier in his career back in the 1960s. The Italian half of him didn’t trust the Irish half nor did the Italians trust anyone with a drop of Irish blood.

The 1960s was that time in the Mafia he was ruefully talking about when he said: “Dem were Da Days.” For him, that’s when the Mafia was strong. No one dared cross it. “Dem days men were men.” Those where the days when he though America was great. He yearned for those days during his testimony.

Frankie liked to hang with the wise guys in Boston’s South End and Roxbury. Because being half Italian he could also pal around with Mafia guys like Larry Bione who was the right hand man of the Boston under boss Gerry Angiulo. He pulled off a couple of killings that made the king, Raymond L.S. Patriarca, take a liking to him. LS, as Frankie called him, operated out of Federal Hill in Providence, Rhode Island. Sometimes Frankie would visit him, or at least that is what he said.

LS didn’t like a Boston lawyer who represented Joe “the Animal.” LS thought the lawyer knew too much. Frankie and others, one being Stephen Flemmi, set a bomb in the lawyer’s car that seriously maimed him when it exploded. A case was built against them so Frankie and Stephen fled the Boston area. Both ended up in New York City. At some point out of the blue Stephen told Frank he wanted to go to Montreal. Shortly after he left Frankie was arrested by the FBI Agent Connolly.

Frankie couldn’t figure out that Stephen had dimed him out. He was brought back to Massachusetts and got a 16 year bit  at Walpole. After Frankie went away Stephen came back. His indictments for the bombing and other crimes were thrown out. Still Frankie couldn’t figure out Stephen had sold him out.

While Frankie rotted in prison, Stephen because of his good deed in turning in Frankie was running around killing people unmolested. While Frankie served time, Stephen got rich, LS died and his son Junior took over. When Frankie got out Junior made him his “king’s man” and inducted him into the Mafia. Frankie was quite proud of this. Frankie began hanging around with Stephen again.

Frankie then got shot outside a pancake place when a war broke out between two Mafia groups. Frankie learned the FBI knew he was going to get gunned down. He thought its agents should have protected him. He again had further reasons to hate Agent Connolly. He never thought Stephen had anything to do with it.

Junior turned out to be a lousy leader. He held a Mafia induction ceremony which was recorded by the FBI thanks to Agent Connolly. Junior and others at the seance got convicted and imprisoned. Frankie should have figured out that the FBI knew about the ceremony because he told Stephen about it.

Frankie skipped the meeting. He said it was because he was shot. Some thought Frankie tipped off the FBI. When the smoke cleared Frankie was named head of the mob by the NY Commission in the absence of having many others to choose from.

Shortly after that Frankie, Stephen and others were indicted. They were all together in the Plymouth jail. While there Stephen told Frankie he was a long time FBI informant. Frankie still didn’t figure out that was why he was grabbed in NY City.

Frankie made a deal with the prosecutors who are now prosecuting him to testify against Connolly. He did this to get a sentence he was serving reduced. Stephen also made a deal to tell about his life of crime and again to squeal on Frankie.

Frankie’s deal allowed him to go into the Witness Protection Program which is now called something else. While there on the people’s dime and being protected by law enforcement, Stephen implicated him again. Frankie, now 84, was back in the slammer.

Frankie’s trial will start this month. Much ado will be made about two murderers in their mid-eighties facing each other in court. It’s all a waste of time. Both men should have been put away years ago and forgotten about.

Come to think of it, Stephen was put away in 2003 but for some reason no one knows whether he is living in the prosecutor’s house, living large on a dude ranch in Colorado, or sunning himself on Marco Island. Although sentenced to life in prison, he has not yet put a foot in the federal prison system. Not a bad deal after murdering his girl friend, daughter, and many others.

Frankie still thinks Stevie is his friend.

PS: My book, Don’t Embarrass the Family,  got its title from something Frankie said during his testimony. If you seek to understand the background of all this you could not do better than to read about the Connolly trial which the book is about.  

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  1. Continue to probe, Folks. Probe along many fronts, against the Power Abusing Persecutorial Federal Prosecutors like Wyshak et al in Boston Federal Office . . .read my book Three Billboards outside Boston, Mass, when published . . .want a copy? write me, I’ll send the pre-publication final version to you
    Also continue to pursue every effort to question, probe, push back against the war-mongering Deep State which sadly has become imbedded in our country, the good old USA. NATO is much more Imperialistic . . .Brits and French are the original Imperialists of modern times, siince 18th Century . . .you gotta go back to Roman Empire Times or Mongul Times or early Chinese (was it Chin?) dynastic Imperialistic States to see/mimic what we got today with USA/NATO/Brits/French who in whole or part gave us Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq, AFghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen . . etc, etc

    Fight the Power Abusing Feds in their unquenchable unjust lust for power as they trample on America’s Founding Father’s visions and our Constitutional and God-given rights.

    Finally, imagine any judge or prosecutor trusting the words of serial killers Mafia-linked career mobsters who killed young women who raped/drugged young women who perjured themselves before trial whose testimony prior juries rejected every word of . . . .imagine the conscience of a Prosecutor who would cut deals with such conscienceless killers and put them on the witness stand to take an oath to “Swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.” Imagine that and you can imagine what Wyshak, Durham, Sterns and their successors in Boston have been up to for 20-plus years.

    1. They have no conscience . They do as they please for their gainand no one stops them. Judges in Boston fed court are a joke.

  2. Relevant to the Post: A news show captured Wyshak telling John Connolly that he told Durham not to use Salemme as a witness…presumably because Wyshak knew Salemme would lie. Any ethical obligation there?

    Relevant to Post:
    Flemmi previously testified that he and Salemme killed Thomas Timmons at Salemme’s house, just as they killed Disarro. Only they buried Timmons near Salemme’s house, not in Providence. Flemmi told Wyshak exactly where he buried Timmons, but the Wyshak has no interest in digging up that body. It would only hurt his case and would help John Connolly.
    How does Wyshak tiptoe around the Timmons murder in Salemme’s trial? Salemme also ordered Flemmi to murder their friend in Nevada, Flemmi did so, making both men guilty of murder. Nobody has ever been charged in that homicide. How do they get around that at trial?

    Not relevant to Post:
    Kevin Cullen…heh, heh.

  3. Sad to hear that Barbara Bush just died. In my opinion a woman of pure class.

    Rest in peace, Dear Lady.

    1. I bet she would look good in a burka!

      Its like that old comic in Playboy. Two guys sitting on a bench in a nudist colony. A beautiful woman walks by and one says, “Boy, I’d love to see that in a pair of pants.”

  4. OK-let us assume that the attack was a hoax. Are you arguing that the attack did not happen, or that the other guys did it?

    When wars occur, what are the “rules”? How is trying to discredit a regime by killing innocents any different than dropping bombs on cities, presumably inhabited by some “innocents”. Did you expect the Marines on Iwo Jima to take prisoners? People die-the innocents along with the guilty. People cannot get it into their head that deaths are the way score is kept. If people want to assuage their conscience by presuming some kind honorable set of agreed upon rules are at play, let them go to bed blissfully content that God is on their side.

  5. I agree with you on My Lai

    You must read the MIT professor’s exhaustive study of the alleged “chemical” attack that took place right after Trump got elected. . . .the bomb was planted by hand in the middle of a street and detonated . . .the type of “sarin”-gas used was not the type formerly stored and destroyed by the Syrian Army . . .this was a serious study debunking America’s claim that Syria’s forces used chemicals

    This latest claim involves “chlorine” which can be found in cannisters around any swimming pool . .. or used to be . . .and chlorine is widely used in industrial applications . . .anyone can place a cannister or gallon or sixty-gallon drum of it in the middle of a street or drop it from a plane/chopper/kite and detonate it

    Moreover, I’ve read both the Red Cross and Red Cresent tested and found no chemicals there.

    Finally, even a fork can be weaponized . . .sleeping pills can be weaponized and dropped in someone’s cocktail . . .chemistry majors can cook up all sorts of toxic chemicals and deliver them with lethal effect

    I suspect what happened in Syria is anti-Assad, anti-Syrian forces (CIA-types) planted or dropped cannisters or bombs filled with chlorine gas . . .for one purpose . . .to fool gullible Americans and perpetuate the DEEP-STATE’s Military-Industrial Complexes Endless Wars abroad.

    1. ” . . .sleeping pills can be weaponized and dropped in someone’s cocktail . . .”

      How about in some Jello?

  6. Why did the US not prosecute the Brigade Commander who witnessed Mai Lai from his LOH? Why did they slap the wrist of a Captain (Medina) and sentence the Platoon Leader (Calley) to a couple of months of house arrest. Why didn’t they decorate the two soldiers who threatened to shoot their own if they did not cease the madness?

    You are saying there was no chemical attack, that it fell off a truck or something? You think that weaponized chemicals can just “go-off”?

    1. Colin Powell? Good job, Hutch. The VN War was a slaughter. Mai Lai happened every day. Artillery, and, air-support, would wipe out whole villages. What horrified the public was that the massacre in My Lai was up front, and, personal. The grunts went so berserk, the guys in the chopper thought they were going to have to open fire on them to get them off the villagers. The brass had to let Calley, and, Medina, off, because, atrocities were occurring everywhere, everyday. They had to protect the up and coming officer cadres from the legal consequences of their actions, if there were to be a new crop of generals. That’s why Colin Powell participated in the cover-up.

  7. My Lai was a horrific event in Vietnam . . 120 mostly women and children massacred

    Did China and Russia launch missiles at the United States because of it

    Even if some lunatic in the Syrian army dropped a canister of chlorine from a helicopter, why attack Syria . . .find the lunatic and prosecute, punish him.

    You see, however, . . . .There was no chlorine attack . . .Red Cross Red Crescent plus Russian and Syrian scientists find zero evidence of any chemicals being used







    what’s worse Syria using US-Brit made Cluster Bombs on Children/Civilians in Yemen

    make medicines, not war

  8. Matt
    How does Flemmi know so much about the DiSarro murder? Is it highly likely he helped to murder him? Are you going to attend the trial? Perhaps Cadillac Frank is “innocent” of this murder so he had nothing to confess to back during his confession deal. I mean why else would he leave ANYTHING out that could come back to haunt him. Unless of course he didnt want to implicate his son.

    1. Matt
      Are you no longer responding to comments made by readers ? There was a time when you responded to various comments by readers. Perhaps add a footnote somewhere on the blog that you won’t be responding. Its frustrating asking you questions etc only to have them unanswered

      1. Jerome:

        I usually do try to answer questions when I come upon them. I missed your last and I’ll try to track it down. As you know other things have taken me away from posting too often but hopefully I’ll try to get back on a more regular schedule.

    2. Jerome:

      Found it. Flemmi told the story that he showed up at the Salemme house just as the murder was being completed (strange how Flemmi seems to arrive in time to give evidence against others but not to implicate himself in the matter) and left upon seeing what was happened. Rather than being highly likely that he killed him a better description would be almost certainly he helped Frankie – remember Flemmi liked to murder people – he was the one that liked to extract the teeth from the person they just killed.

      I’ve been doing a lot of travelling and have been out of state for a bit so I will not attend the trial. Had circumstances been otherwise I would have done it.

      Cadillac made a special deal with Wyshak. He was not required to tell all his murders or anything relating to his dealings with the Mafia. He was given a deal as long as he would testify against Connolly. So he had no way to clear the ledger as a Mafia king pin because he would have to testify against others in the Mafia which he did not want to do. He lied during Connolly’s trial in Boston, he was not used in the Florida case since Flemmi had flipped by that time. Flemmi had not turned state’s evidence by the Connolly trial.

      As for his son, I believe he had died by the time he was dealing.

      1. Matt
        Appreciate the response. I am curious as to WHY Salemme was targeted for this murder after all he did for Whyshak. Its just crazy to me after all that went down with Bulger, Flemmi, and Salemme in the US vs Salemme case that exposed Bulger and Flemmi as informants

  9. poets, so many but I’d add Robert Frost to Dylan Thomas, W.B. Yeats, Leonard Cohen and her: “I never saw a moor, I never saw the sea, yet know I what a heather’s like and what a wave must be; I never spoke with God, nor visited in Heaven, yet certain am I of the spot, as if the chart were given.

  10. Flannery O’Connor is one of my favorite authors, alongside Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Steinbeck, and Herman Hesse . . .the poets Dylan Thomas, William Butler Yeats, Leonard Cohen, to name a few

    A good man is hard to find, the short, is brilliant. As are all her short stories and novels . . I’ve read many of them.

    We are blessed with such writers and never forget To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and some civil war soldier, an officer, working the frontier (New Mexico) named Lew Wallace, I recall, graced us with Ben Hur. Where do we get such people . . .writers, artists . . .gifts from God . . .inspired . . .from out of the blue William Somersett Maughn or Graham Greene shows up on the other side of the Atlantic and grace us with Lisa of Lambeth or the Power and the Glory

    By the way, my favorite short story is F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Winter Dreams, about the lovely, rich, wild Judith Jones, whom all the men at the country club adore even when she’s a very young prim, proper, pompous teen beauty queen, and even more so when she grows up into a very comely mature young college woman and more so thereafter . . .and the men who dote upon her she entertains for her own amusement, or disdains, dismisses, ignores, uses, but she’s not a bad person, she’s just aloof, spoiled, self-centered, it seems . . .and the plot thickens as the young golf caddie who at first encounter bucked her haughtiness’s orders then years later succumbed to her irresistible beauty and charms . . .and then the story really begins to get going . . . .F. Scott Fitzgerald . . .where did he come from . . .The Great Gatsby

  11. Since this has kind of ground to a halt, I must ask: Is Flannery O’Connor great or what?

    Years ago I read A Good Man Is Hard To Find. That was the only thing I read of hers. I recently found her complete stories for a buck in a thrift shop. I think she really was a great writer. Anyone else here ever read her stuff? What did you think?

  12. One cop gets 170 thousand dollars in payoffs from a bookie. His partner takes no money. The media blames the innocent cop and some naive types fall for it. It was the Democrats. Hillary and Bill and the Podestas who took $170 million from the Russians not the Trumps. The Republicans are innocent of these false charges. 2. Rand Paul was on a morning network talk show where he was asked about Russian interference in the election. He explained that in Eastern Kentucky which is coal mining territory seventy percent of the voters went for Trump. It was because of Hillary’s and Obama’s promise to shut the coal mines that alienated the electorate and had nothing to do with Russia. The Democrats are always desperate for an excuse as to why they lost. The Russian collusion story is just the manufactured reason for their defeat. 3. Is it true that Rosenstein’s wife is a lawyer in a DC law firm that represented Hillary, Obama and Mueller? How could he appoint his wife’s client as special prosecutor? Any conflict of interest? More Deep State treachery. Drain the swamp.


    The real story: The Press reports today. Someone in Russia (its GRU, Intelligence Service) hacked into the computers of Illinois Board of Elections. There are 7.9 million registered voters on that computer. The hacker “may have” looked at “the information” of “76,000 Illinois voters . . .14, 121 being Galesburg residents.”

    “No evidence any vote was changed, Officials said” AND “the hackers were not trying to target Galesburg (codes just matched)” AND “staff became aware of the breach and immediately took efforts to stop the intrusion.”

    Now, those are the facts, Madam.

    Now, here’s how the FBI characterized it and what it concluded (without evidence.)

    FBI calls it: “A very grave threat.”

    “The FBI considered this a very grave threat,” Bill Priestap, assistant director of the FBI’s counterintelligence division, told the Senate Intelligence Committee last year about the cyberattack.
    “The scale and aggressiveness of the effort, in my opinion, made this one different,” he testified. “It allowed Russia to do things that in the past they were not able to do.” Such as? He doesn’t say. The facts say they didn’t do anything but look.

    He continued and here’s where he Takes the Cake: “The primary goal in my mind was to sow discord and to try and delegitimize our free and fair election process. I also think that another of their goals, which the entire United States intelligence community stands behind, was to denigrate [former Secretary of State Hillary] Clinton and to try to help current President Trump.”

    Now get this: From the mere looking at 79,000 voter records, our vaunted unbiased FBI concludes and “the entire United States intelligence community stands behind (this conclusion)” that the brief intrusion that didn’t try to change one vote was designed to “denigrate Hillary Clinton and to try to help current President Trump.”

    And you trust these boyos in Washington D.C. to give you the straight dope about anything?

    In D.C., the Justice Departments, including the FBI, and the CIA and the Deep State communities have become so politicized that no honest American citizen can believe them any more.

    With that logic you just read, you could frame a hot-dog . . .and with that type of logic they militarily intervene overseas and take us to war and “the entire U.S. Intelligence Community will stand behind them.”


  14. The first phony “chemical attack” in Syria occurred with days of Obama saying if the Syrians use chemical weapons that will be a trigger for all out American attack. The rebels —backed by Saudis, other Gulf States, Israel, Turks, etc . . .fired from cannon or planted chem weapons. . .Obama sought Congress OK for War . . .BRIT PM did same . .wisely legislators on both sides of Atlantic saw THE RUSE

    The second phony “chemical attack” in Syria occurred just after Trump was elected . . .his daughter, Ivanka, cried that children were killed by chemicals . . .”special place in Hell for those who hurt children” . . .Trump attacked air base in Syria . . .M.I.T. professor exhaustively examines the matter and proves the chem weapon was planted by rebels . . . he’s got photos . . .

    Now, today we read about another “chemical attack” right after Trump announces he wants all American forces removed within six months.

    Will Ivanka cry again? Does she cry for the children killed by Isis, Rebels, Turks, pro-Saudi Yemenis, or only by pro-Assad Syrians.

    Ask yourselves (keeping in mind “Remember the Maine”, the Gulf of Tonkin, Weapons of Mass Destruction, etc, etc) WHO BENEFITS FROM DROPPING/FIRING/PLANTING CHEMICAL WEAPONS????

    Not the Syrian Government under Assad.

    Then why would Assad or any one under his command do it?

    Who benefits are the War Mongering Deep State and its Rebel Allies . . .the CIA and ultra-Secret wings of the CIA’s Regime Changing, War Mongering, Perpetually Interventionistic Neo-Cons. That’s who benefits . . .That’s whom we have to reign in, curtail, stop. That’s whom We The People should be opposing . . .the war mongers!!!!

  15. Right on first two paragraphs; wrong on the third.
    Obama sucked up to dictators (Saudis e.g., Turks) who unlawfully waged war in Yemen, Syria etc, murdering many.
    Trump is tougher on Putin/Russia than Obama.
    We should make peace with Russia, and make Putin an ally.
    These recent alleged “poisonings” are falsely put at Putin’s footsteps. One American professor said anyone of his college biochemistry students could manufacture in a home lab that poison. It wasn’t the Russians or Syrians that dropped toxic bombs in Syria . . .it was the rebels who shot/planted toxic explosives. . .MIT professor confirms
    Finally, I like Russia and Putin and like Russian Telivision and RT Internet and I love Russian literature, ballet, classical music, popular music, and the Russian people and the Russian Orthodox Religion and Russian culture . . .
    American politicians and deep state CIA types since Vietnam’s Diem at least have been murdering and starting wars resulting in far more deaths/murders than Russia.

    Set the Record Straight: It is up to us the American People to stop falliing for America’s Deep State War Mongering Propaganda . . . . Even the Boston Globe I applaud for last week’s Op-Ed by Columbian Professor urging Americans to end their world-wide jihad (troops in 100 countries) and to STOP AMERICAN WAR-MAKING IN SYRIA, LIBYA, IRAQ, AFHGANISTAN and elsewhere and to Make Sure Trump does not listen to those beating the war drums for war with Iran.

    I agree with the Boston Globe’s Op-Ed: Pull all our forces out of Syria and the MIddle East;

    Make Love Not War

    Stop spreading American-jingoistic propaganda

    1. Again, the knee-jerk retrenchment to “Hillary did it. Bill did it. Even educated fleas did it”. No chastisement for the school yard bully.

      1. Precisely who is the “school yard bully” and what bullying tactics has he deployed? If you mean, Trump, the worst he has done is say bad things about people on twitter and during debates . . .he’s called people names . . .a bully beats up, intimidates, uses force to harrass, physically threaten or physically assault persons usually weaker than him . . .I condemn Trump’s mouth, his Tweets . . .some of them . . .while approving the vast majority of his decisions . . .

        Want a Bully? Madeline Albright was asked if she still supported her Iraqi boycott that resulted in the DEATHS of 650,000 Iraqi Children . . lack of food, medicines, etc, direct result of her boycott .. . . She said, “It was worth it.” THAT’S THE TYPE OF AMERICAN VICIOUS BRUTE CHILD KILLING POLICIES THAT WE ALL SHOULD BE APPALLED AT . . . and when we drop bombs, children die . . .In Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and they die both directly from the bombs and indirectly from injury, disease, dislocation and deprivation due to our own country’s BULLYING . . .and nothing Trump has done in his first year compares to what Johnson, Clinton and Obama did in terms of killing and bullying . . .
        Yes, we compare because there’s no comparison. And God help America if we continue these policies of the Neo-Cons, Liberals, and Deep State . . . talk about thougthless Imperialism . . .we’ve been living with it since Vietnam, and before I’m sad to say . . . .
        Men like Doctor Tom Dooley and before him Albert Schweitzer who espoused philosophies of reverence for life, medical men who cared about human life, human beings, and wanted to avert,lessen human suffering . . .listen to men like them, NOT MADELINE ALBRIGHT, NOT THE NEOCONS, NOT THE DEEP STATE ANTI-RUSSIAN PARANOICS BEATING THE WAR DRUMS




  16. If we are a government of laws, not men, why is it so easily flouted by the sacred officers of the court–judges, defense attorneys, and prosecutors? A glaring example is the automatic year in jail for possessing a gun during the commission of a crime, passed by the legislature and observed more in the breach than the application.

    How can ordinary citizens hold any respect for the law when everything becomes a deal? A man commits twenty plus murders and goes back to the community flaunting his status getting in the face of law-abiding, hardworking citizens.

    This erosion of the public trust reaches its zenith when the President of the United States sucks up to a murdering, thieving, despot, to ensure that his family can do some deals.

  17. FYI and to whom it may concern (like some folks concerned about Orwellian Big Gov Snooping/Spying on us):

    Here’s a copy of Today’s Public Records Request (like FED FOIA) sent to Mass State Police and Mass Attorney Generals’s Office:

    Michael Halpin, Primary RAO, Massachusetts State Police
    Title: General Counsel
    Business address: 470 Worcester Road, Framingham, MA 01702

    Re: Massachusetts Public Records Request

    Dear Mr. Michael Halpin, Custodian of Records, Massachusetts State Police:

    This is a request under the Massachusetts Public Records Law (M. G. L. Chapter 66, Section 10). I am requesting that I be provided a copy of the following records:

    Any records relating to the Massachusetts State Police and Attorney General’s Office visiting my Linked-In Page on or about March 14, 2018. Linked-In, a professional business association site, informs its subscribers who “visits” their individual pages.

    I am concerned this “visit” had something to do with my recent First Amendment, Free Speech letter-writing, blogging campaign initiated December 16, 2017 to “Prosecute the Prosecutors” which culminated in the publication of my latest book (of eight) “Three Billboards outside Boston, Massachusetts: Prosecute the Persecutors who Abuse Federal Prosecutorial Power” (Xlibris 2018; now at the publishers). The book, in part, was highly critical of Massachusetts State Police Officers deputized as Federal Agents by Federal Prosecutor Fred Wyshak and also highly critical of certain political, academic and media types well known in Massachusetts.

    I recognize that you may charge reasonable costs for copies, as well as for personnel time needed to comply with this request.

    The Public Records Law requires you to provide me with a written response within 10 business days. If you cannot comply with my request, you are statutorily required to provide an explanation in writing.

    Signed, Billy C., just another Savin Hill Billy

    (full name and I.D. stuff, of course, included in originals)

    (cc: Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office RAO)

  18. Interesting post. What does it say about the judges on the Court of Appeals? Totally dishonest. Any decent judge would order a new trial if the main witness were shown to be falsely testifying. There is no doubt that the Feds partnered with the Mafia to frame Connolly and Rico. Stern, Dershowitz and Wyshak engineered this vendetta. How much exculpatory evidence was denied Connolly and every other defendant Wyshak prosecuted? 2. How many months have passed since we found out Wyshak withheld the Fitzpatrick exculpatory evidence in Connolly’s Florida trial? Why has there been no action? By now Trump must have appointed at least one Federal judge in Florida. That judge may be honest unlike all the crooked jurists Connolly has encountered in his ordeal. Connolly must file a pro se petition with that new judge. His Constitutional Rights have been comprehensively violated and any fair judge will see that. He should reference your four excellent, compelling articles in February

  19. In my mind who was come out smelling most foul in all this are two groups: (1) Federal prosecutors who got in bed with perjurious serial killers, in part to target political foes, like Bill Bulger, and (2) judges a.k.a., the judicial system, trial and appellate, federal in Boston and state in Miami.

  20. Old history . The upcoming trial with its star witness, Flemmi, is paradigmatic of other federal trials where perjured testimony has been bought and brought , wittingly or no , by the feds .

    You have a good grasp of history . Larry Baione was Illario Zannino in his Communion suit by the way . What is unfortunate is a derisively sour tone you take in describing individuals that you seem to have had some imaginary hurt inflicted on you by . Yeah , we get it , Seniors is older than dirt . Well , so are the Romans . So is murder . So what else is new that you think you bring some bubblegum poppin’ wisecrackin’ worldly wise wisdom to it by getting into a embroidery of insults of a notorious and actively committed to his creed mafia chief ?

    Just the facts ma’am , Just the facts !

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