Dersh Ball – Threatening A Young Abused Mother

(`) hyenaAlan Dershowitz, aka Dersh,  is back in the news. My secret correspondents and others have called my attention to this NY Times article here which seems to have been written and edited by Dersh himself.

Dersh earned his place in this blog because of his continuing foul, unfounded, and  vile attacks against Whitey’s brother Billy. He had a lot to say back in July 2011 in the Boston Magazine blog .

Given that we now know much more of Dersh’s secret life I thought I would go back to that article to show how outrageously he twists facts. His disregard for the truth is astounding. How can we believe him today when he so cavalierly played with the truth in the past?   “Falsus in unum, falsus in omnibus”

I will cover that next Thursday. Over the next few weeks I will use Thursday to play Dersh Ball. But today I want to talk about his treatment of a young woman.

I mentioned before how Dersh’s ego was pricked and his reputation sullied by an accusation by Virginia Roberts that he had sexual relations with her six times. Imagine the poor girl in her early teens being set upon by such a guy as Dersh in his seventies if that is true. That would certainly be a moment to remember.

At that time Dersh was hanging around with one of America’s biggest perverts Jeffrey Epstein. Virginia was one of Epstein’s paid sex slaves. Epstein still has the young girls around him as shown in photographs taken the other day when he was leaving for the Virgin Islands as shown here.

Epstein who by the way contributed millions to Harvard and apparently controls who is allowed to speak there was the closest of close friends of Dersh.  In an interview Dersh said: The only person outside of my immediate family that I send drafts [of his books] to is Jeffrey.”

Now according to the NY Times article Dersh laments his involvement in  the case. “I think I do regret having taken the case in light of everything that has happened since. . . . If I could give back the money I made in this case and have this episode of my life erased, I’d do it.” 

Dersh’s wish is similar to the wish of most criminals: “if I had known I’d be caught I never would have done it.”  

Dersh would become the lead lawyer in defending scumbag Epstein after his evil was outed. The NY Times article rightly noted he “led a scorched-earth attack on the young girls.” Private investigators were sent after them. They would be depicted as drug dealers and prostitutes by the people who introduced them to drugs and made them into prostitutes. Their face book pages were scrutinized and publicized.

Dersh continued to use his scorched-earth tactics against his accuser Virginia Roberts. He is in late 70s. When he was asked about the young girl who was turned into a sex slave by friend Epstein he called her a prostitute, the reporter, apparently take aback, asked him:

Do you have any concern calling her a prostitute when she was victimized at such an early age by a wealthy man?” Norman asked.

“She was not victimized … she made her own decisions in life,” said Dershowitz.

“But at the age of 15 some would say … she was taken advantage of,” said Norman.

“I’m talking about the age of 19,” said Dershowitz.

“But it started when she was 15,” said Norman.

“I am not involved in that,” he said. “I have no knowledge of that. That’s between her, and the federal government and the people who victimized her. All I know is she has victimized me.”

Not involved? He conducted the scorched-earth attack on the women. The people who victimized her was his client and his friends.

Then he plays Dersh Ball. He attempts to frighten her using a tactic only one devoid of all scruple would do. He made the suggestion that if she continued he was  going to go after her children. According to the article he, “questioned whether she is now, at the age of 31, a fit mother for her three children.”

That is how low he will operate; telling a woman who has been victimized by his friend and client that he’s looking at whether her children can be taken away. It does not get lower and dershier than that.

Keep in mind that even though he has loudly professed his innocence he has not told us why of all the people who abused Virginia she picked him. Maybe she alleges it because of the extreme horror of having to deal with him that it has been seared in her memory.

Dershowitz admits being at Epstein’s mansion, he admits seeing Epstein with young girls, he admits getting a massage at the mansion (one, an older woman, wearing his underwear), but apparently he never saw all the sex toys prominently displayed throughout the place, talked about what was happening, or saw the under aged girls being abused.

His story is starting to unravel. The Palm Beach Daily News reported he has suffered a set back in his defense.

Stay Tuned!

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  1. The title of today’s post in Matts personal web log clearly indicates what the topic will be. This little hint provides those with better things to do the ability to make a choice When a topic doesn’t interest me, I have developed a crazy method to deal with it, which I’m reluctantly going to share….ready? I don’t read it!! Or comment multiple times on why I chose not to read it!! Amazing how much time it frees up for all the other things I have to do! You’re welcome.

    1. By the way…this is not one of those times. Matt, you can’t write enough of these exposes on that cantankerous little puke. Bravo.

      1. Declan:

        These things get stranger. Dersch Ball now has former FBI director Freeh as one of his lawyers. I don’t suppose Freeh is in the case for his trail ablities. I’d rather guess it is that he has access to FBI files that he can make come out the right way. It is amazing what money can do but it is delightful to see Dersh Ball getting back some of the grief that he so cavalierly threw at others.

    2. Declan:

      You are a wise man – that is why posts have titles so that the discerning reader can pick and choose. I know since you are aware of my expertise on NFL matters that you only follow those posts. 🙂

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    EXCLUSIVE: Brooklyn judge says former FBI agent aided in mob hits

    Thursday, January 7, 2016, 4:00 AM

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    Federal Judge Edward Korman slammed ex-FBI agent Lindley DeVecchio in a 2012 case for mobster Gregory Scarpa Jr.

    In a stunning burst of candor, a Brooklyn federal judge said he has long believed that a former FBI agent who beat a murder rap was a rogue G-man, the Daily News has learned.

    Judge Edward Korman’s damning words were buried in a transcript of a 2012 court case for mob informant Gregory Scarpa Jr.

    Scarpa was seeking a reduction of his racketeering sentence as a reward for helping the feds find explosives hidden in the home of Oklahoma City bomber Terry Nichols.

    Korman suggested that the government opposed the motion because the FBI might still have a grudge against Scarpa for his willingness to testify against former agent Lindley DeVeccchio

    We brought FBI agent William Turner to speak
    at the Univsity of Maine in Farmington Maine
    Read his books about the FBI assassination of Robert Kennedy

    William Turner, Bay Area FBI agent who criticized J. Edgar Hoover, dies at 88

    The Marin Independent Journal
    Posted: 01/06/2016 11:25:06 AM PST

    01/06/2016 11:25:59 AM PST
    William Weyand Turner of San Rafael, a former FBI agent who wrote books critical of J. Edgar Hoover, died Dec. 26 after a long struggle with Parkinson s
    William Weyand Turner of San Rafael, a former FBI agent who wrote books critical of J. Edgar Hoover, died Dec. 26 after a long struggle with Parkinson s disease. Marin IJ archive photo

    William Weyand Turner of San Rafael, a former FBI agent who wrote books critical of J. Edgar Hoover and became a senior editor of the “New Left” literary and political magazine Ramparts, died Dec. 26 after a long struggle with Parkinson’s disease. He was 88.

    Mr. Turner worked as an FBI special agent for 10 years until Hoover fired him in 1961 for testifying before Congress, calling for an investigation into the bureau’s extensive wiretapping.

    As an agent, he testified, he made hundreds of wiretaps on telephones and frequently broke into homes and businesses to plant hidden microphones in what were called “black bag” operations.

    In his 1970 book “Hoover’s FBI,” Mr. Turner alleged that the FBI under Hoover had a misplaced focus on the so-called communist menace and was reluctant to prosecute organized crime.

    “For nearly four decades, he (Hoover) stuck his head in the sand while the crime syndicates waxed fat,” he wrote.

    After leaving the FBI, Mr. Turner worked as a freelance journalist, writing investigative pieces on the JFK assassination. That led to him becoming a part of the controversial assassination investigation led by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison.

    In 1968, while living in Mill Valley, Mr. Turner ran

  3. Doubting T :

    I know Billy’s brother, Jimmy, quite well. Senate President Bulger is in a sense impervious to smears by Alan Dershowitz or anyone else. Like the Abbé whose ” Face shone ever after his encounter with GOD ” Billy Bulger’s countenance tells you all you need to know about the man.

    A stout defense is appreciated by him I am sure where the history of Alan Dershowitz’s calumnies is concerned. However it embarrasses us all when that defense is so overbearingly vitriolic . An innate Classiness and sense of fair play are Billy’s hallmarks of UNASSAILABLE CHARACTER . Paradoxically to many perhaps his brother Jim possesses the self-same qualities of Character. I am not one given to overkill. We get it about Dershowitz. Read the post ; it is pure malevolence in the guise of some species of rational analysis. I believe Matt’s refrain is ” Dershball ” consistently, not simply ” Dersh. ” I have better things to do than roll around in the mud with this particular topic, and so, no doubt 🙂 do you. So I leave it there .

  4. Great article. Accurate portrayal of the predations of aged degenerates. The officials conducts is the most troubling. The DOJ, FBI and others tried to sweep under the rug this child sex abuse ring. Torture is a completely repulsive person and the lawyers suing him deserve great credit. Hope justice is finally done but it’s hard to be optimistic about anything in the Florida courts. What do they put in the water in NYC? Epstein, Weiner, Torture and Spitzer. They make Studs and Frank look normal.

    1. NC:

      Well said. The Epsteinization of our culture. I wonder if Weiner and Spitzer have been Epsteined. He has said he likes to buy people and in his world nothing is beyond the pale. Your friend Trump is wanting to expose how Slick Willy has been Epsteined but since he too has been similarly affected he’s walking a tight rope.

  5. @ tadzio :

    We suspect you meant … ” discreetly” rather than …. ” discretely .” Certainly a person of your erudition understands the difference. This is all I will have to say to you. Like Matt, when he writes in a calm and lucid manner, you also can turn a phrase quite nicely. So, let’s skip the blog porn and the smearing of Dershowitz that is quantums greater than any smearing Dershowitz is responsible for. As an interesting intellectual exercise just substitute the name … PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON … wherever you see the epithet ” DIRTBALL ” in Matt’s post regarding Jeffrey Epstein’s Island. Good Luck tadzio 🙂

    1. Being in my 70s too I am much chagrined at my schoolboy’s homophonic error. I thank you for catching it.

  6. tadzio :

    Nice quotation … you are a latecomer to this blog. A Friend discourages these forays into the … SMUTTY. We expect better from an august counselor in his seventies .

    1. JKM- Why would you not want the facts and details in this case? Bill Cosby thrived for decades with that line of thinking!! Being a pervert is not quite the term i would use for these allegations associated with DERSH!!!

  7. E.G. … ” Imagine a girl in her early teens being set upon by a guy like Dersh in his seventies if that is true. That would certainly be a moment to remember. ” … YIKES … NOT HERE 🙂 … GET BACK ON TRACK . COUNSELLED 🙂

  8. Matt :

    You are a study that does come off in many ways: yet lascivious details in your depictions of the rape of underaged girls is a type of Blog Porn that does you a serious ” Dersh-Service” if you will.


    There Matt , it had to be said. You are the king of the castle in all matters ” Dershball ” as has now been well, er , maybe a little too well established now. But Professor Alan Detshowitz’s alleged proclivities shall not be allowed to make anyone suspect you are buying a carnival ticket to ride the curious attraction you impute is his favorite.

    So, Matt, spare us the vibrant wealth of details. We get it … PERVERT … id what you consider the Professor !!! But let not the noble aims of this Blog be perverted in an attempt to settle ancient enmities and a personal score. WITH ALL DUE RESPECT 🙂 FRIEND

    1. Come on. You must have been schooled in an age more puritanical than Queen Victoria’s when “a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking” to think that the indirect depiction of the tragic childhood of the young mother qualifies as a shunting towards pornography. The facts could not have been handled more discretely by our blogger. Would a pious lament that she met a “fate worse than death” have been more soothing to your delicate taste? Sermons delivered by prudish parsons contain more graphic material than the above blog entry.

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