Detective Sprague’s Big Decision. Finding the Body of Hannah Heartless

The Hanlet police department first heard of the disappearance of 18-year-old Hanna Heartless when her mother and father came to the station and reported her missing. They did not pay much attention to it. Hanna had often spent a day or two doing what she called “travelling.” As time went on and she did not show up along with the parents constantly asking them about the progress they were making Detective Brian Sprague was assigned to the matter.

He put out information over the CJIS system describing her seeking the aid of other police departments. He circulated within the area recent photographs of her to other local police departments and local media. He visited her home, interviewed the family, and talked to the neighbors and at the end of it knew very little more than when he began.

A week or so after her name was circulated and some of the media picked it up Timmy O’Toole a young man in his twenties showed up at the detective bureau  asking for Detective Sprague. He was out on the road so he was called back in. He took Timmy to a small conference room and sat down with him. Timmy said he heard about Hannah’s disappearance on television. He then took a dirty wallet out of a brown paper bag he had with him. He handed it to Detective Sprague who immediately saw that the license in it showed that it  belonged to Hannah.

Timmy explained that the day before he was walking around Spyglass Pond when he noticed off to the right some stuff. He went over to it, saw the wallet, picked it up, looked in it and recognized the name.

He took Sprague and other officers to the site. A  cursory search showed her I-phone and some other personal belongings. Two things became immediately obvious to Detective Sprague: Hannah was probably no longer among the living; and, Timmy may have something to do with her disappearance. He became a suspect. The more he denied being involved the less they believed him. Various theories were tossed back and forth among the police in which they offered ideas about how to implicate him.

Timmy rued the day he ever picked up the wallet. It was  true he had something to do with the disappearance. He found the wallet. That was it. But he would be followed off and on by the police, his mail was searched, and his neighbors and friends were interrogated. Despite their efforts nothing more could be discovered to implicate Timmy. There was a thought among three or four of the police that if they arrested him and charged him with the murder he would confess. They never went beyond that step to figure out what they would do if he did not confess.

Time passed and the case lost its currency. Timmy got a job out of state. Detective Sprague and his fellow officers went on to other things. The only change that was made was in the files of the police. Hannah’s case was changed from missing to possible homicide. Not much could be done without the body. Even less without a suspect.

In August Detective Sprague had returned from vacation having spent it with his family up at Newfound Lake in New Hampshire. It was the time of year when nothing much seems to be happening – the dog days. The front desk told him he had a visitor. He told them to send the person up.

In walked a women carrying a briefcase. She introduced herself as Attorney Susan Spanagio. Sprague recognized her as being a trial attorney from the nearby city who was often involved in handling prominent criminal cases.

She said to him. “I have a client who has told me where he buried the body of Hannah Heartless after he murdered her. He is willing to show you the location and tell you how he murdered her. I’m sure you would like to recover the body and close out the case.  My question to you is what deal will you make with my client to do this?”

Put yourself in Sprague’s shoes. What do you offer Attorney Spanagio?


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  1. With the death penalty off the table, I’d offer him life with the possibity of parole after 20 years. There’s so much we don’t know. Does the killer have other serious crimes of violence on his record? How does the family feel? But if you assume this crime
    cannot be solved without the cooperation of the killer, then you’ve got to make a deal that contains an incentive to confess.

  2. Merrick…… I’m thinking your Jewish but you could be Christian
    so I will remind you of the words of Christ who pushed for the
    Evolution of the human species and tried to move us towards
    forgiveness not retribution, restorative justice not punitive justice.

    Maybe Buddha ? Maybe Krishna ? How about Mohammed and his Sufis ?

    Don’t waste your time reading Ian Stevenson instead focus on how
    you would feel if someone wacked you .
    Would you be angry ? Would you want revenge? Would you wack
    the perp if you had the chance ?
    Would any of your relatives want to wack the person who murdered

    Would you want to still wack the perp if you discovered you had
    killed the perp in a previous life?

    Dr Ian Stevenson studied over 2000 children who remember
    their previous lives. Most of them remember how they died.
    His work continues today at the University of Virginia Medical
    School Dept of Child Psychiatry.

    Yep Christ believed in reincarnation. So did Buddha, Vishnu and
    Mohammed and his Sufis.
    I am not sure about Tammy and Jim Baker.

    So Brian tell me about your work with children and reincarnation.

    Also remind Matt that we are just walking each other home
    and I may have to use links to assist in that process .

    In other news…..

    Ed Tatro sent me this story on the JFK assassination

    The Last Laugh
    June 20, 2020 by W Tracy Parnell

    Antonio Veciana has the last laugh, at least for the time being. The former anti-Castro activist died last Thursday at the age of 91 and his hometown paper, the Miami Herald, provided him with exactly the sort of obituary he would have wanted.

    Herald reporter Sarah Moreno wrote that Veciana was “trained by the CIA” to carry out military actions. “Veciana worked for the CIA in Bolivia” Moreno’s article continues, “until he fell out with the agent who was running him, David Atlee Phillips.” According to Moreno, at a meeting with Phillips, whose code-name was Maurice Bishop, Veciana observed his handler talking with Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassin of President Kennedy. Fearing for his life and the safety of his family, Veciana did not mention the incident during congressional hearings on the assassination, according to Moreno who was quoting Veciana’s daughter Ana Veciana-Suarez

    1. “Dr Ian Stevenson studied over 2000 children who remember
      their previous lives. Most of them remember how they died.
      His work continues today at the University of Virginia Medical
      School Dept of Child Psychiatry.“

      Where the hell does someone find 2000 children with memories of previous lives? I would think that if they remembered how they died they would remember their most recent births as well.

      I have had four close friends murdered. My first cousin Johnny McCabe of Tewksbury was murdered in September of 1969. He was last seen alive thumbing home one Saturday night from a high school dance. His body was found in a vacant lot in Lowell the next morning, my birthday. It remained an unsolved but not a cold case for just over forty years due to the daily visits and calls to the police by my uncle. Then one day a man walked into the police station and said, “I killed Johnny McCabe.” He made a deal where he was free if he turned in the two other people that were in on the killing. You can Google and find out how it ended.

      Since that time three more friends have been murdered. I guess the rule here is do not befriend Honest Abe. Can’t argue with that.

      I have gone from; Find the bastard and let me slit his throat, all the way to; I don’t care if you let him go. Nothing will bring back my friend. Yes, from savage revenge to outright release. I can create life. Does that mean I can destroy life?

      If giving the victim and her family closure is the most important thing in this tragedy then I would bargain with the killer for life behind bars first and work from there. See how far he is wanting to go. As of right now I would just take his admission of murder in the first degree tell him to go forth and multiply, but not in those words. I believe in dust to dust wherever the body might be. I don’t visit graves. I have my memories. The murderer’s punishment is more important to me than finding the decomposed body of a loved one. But of course, tomorrow I might feel differently.

    2. By the way. These 2000 children of the corn that have seen themselves in a previous life. Do they volunteer this information or is it the power of suggestion that brings out the memories? I can’t imagine some kid is chasing a hoop down a cobblestone path and all of a sudden he has a vision of being hit by a trolley on Washington Street 100 years ago.

      “According to Moreno, at a meeting with Phillips, whose code-name was Maurice Bishop, Veciana observed his handler talking with Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassin of President Kennedy. Fearing for his life and the safety of his family….”

      I once read that Lurleen Wallace was reincarnated as Rosy Greer’s jockey shorts. Boxers I can see, but jockeys? Seriously? No wonder he was fearing for his life. Ya never know.

    3. People of Planet Earth, and you, too, MSFREEH:

      All hands on deck: Folks,this is my HOWL! My Rage Against the Dying of the LIght. (Kudo’s to Dylan Thomas, especially his HUNCHBACK IN THE PARK, as I self identify as just another Savin Hill Billy, the Old Gate Guard at B.C.)

      HOWL, HOWL, HOW TO HOWL in this day and age (with kudos to Alan Ginsburg’s Howl)

      Folks who identify as Christians have many variations on the theme; for example, Christian Scientists, Mormons, Baptists and Congregationalists share some religious/ethical views, but are widely apart on fundamentals. Evangelicals share identical essential core beliefs with Roman Catholics and Greek Orthodox: for example, they believe (and I do, too) in The Trinity; one God in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit; Muslims revere Jesus but not as The Son of God; some who follow Jesus see us all as sons and daughters of god, men, women, babes, fetuses (flesh and blood, scientifically, one and all) infused with IMMORTAL SOULS. In other words, even many non-Christians, believe that man is a physical, psychological/emotional and spiritual being: body, mind and soul.

      Native-Americans, Lakota, for example believe in the Great Spirit, and Mormons believe Jesus visited Native-Americans, as all Christians believe visited Jews after his crucifixion. Western Civilization is built on Judaeo-Christian beliefs, traditions, Scripture.

      None of the major Christian denominations, Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox believe in REINCARNATION . . .none! It is religiously and scientifically rejected, as is Astrology. Just at there are two biologic sexes, male and female, XY and XX, there are two kingdoms: This life and the afterlife. Sometime, at the moment of conception or thereafter, each human being is INFUSED with an IMMORTAL SOUL. When he dies, when the body dies, when the mind dies, the immortal soul goes to the AFTERWORLD. TO HEAVEN. I believe as Camus did that the only souls that spend eternity in HELL, are those who deliberately choose HELL. Was it Camus or Sartre who wrote that play about three individuals talking with each other in the Afterlife. I’ve seen Boston College do two versions of it; excellent. I’ve read it in college, as I’ve read when young Sartre’s The Stranger, Kafka’s The Trial, his poem The Hunger Artist, and recently read Camus’ the Plague. I’ve read parts of the Divine Comedy, but I like best right now as I recall it, Milton’s On His Blindness:
      When I consider how my life is spent
      In this dark world and wide
      And that one talent which is death to hide
      Lodged in my useless, although my soul more willing to serve,
      Lest HE returning chide

      Does God exact day labor, light denied
      I fondly asked
      And PATIENCE, to prevent that murmur, soon replied:
      God doth need Man nor his own works
      HIS kingdom is stately
      Thousands at His bidding speed and post over land and sea with haste
      They also serve who only stand and wait

      Something like that, goes John Milton’s poem, but the point is: WE DO NOT KNOW THE MIND OF GOD, we pray to follow HIS WILL, which we believe is to live a good life, fear no man, forgive yourself seventy times seventy times, don’t get stuck in a rut, don’t wallow in the muck, keep on getting up and at em, stick up for the underdog, right the wrong, stand up to bullies and mud-slingers, speak truth to power abusers, be honest, and strive and try and persevere in this life, and be happy with HIM, the higher power, God Almighty, the Holy Spirit, the Son Jesus, and God the Father, in THE NEXT LIFE.

      No such thing as reincarnation. Biologically, we share genes with our ancestors, all the way back to Adam and Even. We share genes with all Mammals, with all life, that operates on the DNA, RNA engines. We have a conscience and a consciousness. Like the Internet, there is a COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS, or at least, a social-global consciousness we humans share. We see it at work when at the exact same moment two scientists in different parts of the world get the same idea, the same insight, as if two musicians in different parts of the world came up with a new expression: Jazz, Atonality, Rock and Roll, the Blues, Ballet, Riverdance . . . .I am conscious there is a group consciousness, a world consciousness, humanity rises from Gregorian Chant to the Ninth Symphony to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Free Bird. As if there is something in the air. And some scientists say not just in Earth’s varied atmosphere but throughout the universe, since Day One, there has been a COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS, the spiritual dimension of matter, the spiritual dimension of life itself, the spiritual dimension human being’s conscious mind, body, souls. It all beats as one. One World. One Life. One God. One trip we are all on and it goes forward, not backwards. Quantum Entanglements? Everything is entangled.

      So, proceed. Know the past, live in the present, proceed toward the future. Don’t go back. DO NOT GET STUCK IN THE MUCK OF THE PAST. the universe and our very lives are spinning fast forward . . .build a good present, so our children will have a good future place to dwell and do well.

      RFK, Jr, too believes conspirators may have been behind the killings of JFK and RFK. I believe the BOOK IS CLOSED. We waste our precious minds rehashing. All we should learn is that there MAY BE unknown co-conspirators, BUT, we know for certain THE ATMOSPHERE, political, intellectual, social atmospheres, were POISONED then, as the are now by malefactors. The Kennedys were hated in some circles, because they were Catholics and/or because they were from the Boston area or graduates of Harvard, or because the were PROGRESSIVES.

      We should not live in the past, but learn from it. What we know is that even today there are those in ACADEMIA, the MEDIA, and in THE FEDS who spew falsehoods and hatreds, who incite hatred towards others (today, towards Conservatives, Traditionalists, or any who oppose the socialistic-pseudo-progressive, deconstructionist (literary, historical, and artistic deconstruction)-revisionist CANT and BULLY-BOY tactics of today’s LEFTISTS.

      THE MOB HAS NO MIND. Whether it is a lynch-mob of yesteryear, KKK racists or the murderous Bolshevik mobs of Trotsky, Lenin, et alia, or today’s radical leftists like Antifa, young, uneducated or with warped, narrow-minded views instilled by leftist academics, Modern American Marxists, historical revisionists, today’s deconstructionistic mob of leftists.

      Today, the corruption is bold-faced and blatant. We see it in (1)the Main Stream Media (See “Left Turn”, the book exposing leftist rot in journalism), (2)a majority of Academia (see John Ellis’s books exposing leftist faculties’ rot), and (3) a big chunk of FEDS (reflect upon the federal power abusers, Comey, Muellar’s gang, the Russian Collusion Hoaxsters, and the epitome of corrupt federal power abusers, Boston federal prosecutor Fred Wyshak and his cohorts in that den of iniquity, the Boston Federal Courthouse. Wyshak, sad to say, is truly a modern day reincarnation of a mad, obsessive, power abusing government official, a veritable Jihadi Javert, the most corrupt power abusing lawyer I have read about in American history, and someone asked me whether he cruelly, sadistically beats his dog, and I said, “I don’t know. It’s irrelevant. I’m not talking about what he does in his personal life; I’m talking about his and his cohorts corrupt official acts and corrupt words (example: telling deputized state cops that they had two enemies: murderous gangsters and innocent political leaders; yes, it was an attempted purge of innocent State House Leaders, mainly conservatives and moderates). These are corrupt, wrongful actions while IN OFFICE; ABUSE OF POWER. And so, Federal Abuse of Power (and we see it on the State and Local Level) combined with ACADEMIC disinformation poisoning the hearts and minds of students, combined with and working fist in glove with the corrupt leftist MAIN STREAM MEDIA’s biased reporting, abandonment of objectivity and adherence to radical leftist political correctness, create today’s POISONED ATMOSPHERE.

      It is a TOXIC ENVIRONMENT, where the mindless mob, the amoralists and moral relativists, the value-phobics, the agnostic, atheistic-antagonists, hostile to religion and religious expression, and the radical-right who are the Internationalistic-Interventionists. The latter are personified by the not so smart but cocksure John Bolton, who claims to have written a 500 page book of FACTS when all it is is a book of opinions, gut reactions, petty “feelings”, small-minded, picayune quibbles, and we thank God men like him were never elected to office. What a buffoon. Has he ever taken a course in logic? Does not he know the difference between facts and opinions? John Bolton: I’ve got news for you: Words have meanings.

      And the fact that words have meanings brings us to another malefactor in today’s America: ACTIVIST JURISTS, who believe that words mean whatever they the judges say they mean. It is a Lewis Carroll nightmare.

      Today’s battlefields and today’s war: THE WAR OF THE WORLD’S WORDS: leftist-liberals who believe words are infinitely malleable and history irrelevant or infinitely risable, infinitely deconstuctable, and infinitely revisable, or that history is simply a TOOL to suit today’s Leftist Zeitgeist; REVISIONISM of history of science (e.g. embryology, neurology, virology) to suit some preconceived leftist notions of life, sluggish schizophrenia, or micro-phobia, for the purpose of REFORMING AND RESTRUCTURING SOCIETY to conform to the Leftist Utopian Socialist Vision of BIG-GOVERNMENT versus THE CONSERVATIVES who believe in the sacredness of life and personal freedoms, and that words have meaning, history is to be preserved, traditions are to be respected, and progress will only occur in a society that values the Freedom of Religion, the Freedom of Speech, the Freedom of Expressions (political, artistic, musical, poetic, dramatic) the Freedom of Individual Conscience, the Freedom of each person to step to his own drummer, to dance, to twist, to shout, to wave his arms, stopping short, of course, at another’s nose, the FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION, and the Freedom to purse one’s own happiness, without being censored or cowed or bullied or cowered by the LEFTISTS MINDLESS MOB and the MOB’S accessories: The leftists,

      We know who the enemy is: The M.A.F.I.I.A.A.A. (or MAFIA, for short) The leftist MEDIA, leftist ACADEMIA, power-abusing FEDS who forget they are public servants and think they rule (power-usurpers like Comey) the INTERNATIALISTIC-INTERVENTIONISTS who think America is the World’s Cop, and the Agnostic-Atheistic-ANTAGONISTS who seek to suppress religious expression and drive religion from the public square. Note: not all atheists are hostile to religion; many, in fact, simple do not believe in a spiritual dimension to life, or in a higher power. that is their right in America. No one has the right to stifle, ban, punish another’s religious preferences, religious beliefs, religious association, religious expressions. Neither ban religious expression nor artistic expression nor political expression from the public square. ONLY, as the law schools and courts have taught us, REASONABLE TIME, PLACE AND MANNER restrictions may be placed on the freedom of expression. You cannot falsely shout fire in a crowded theater; you cannot seize and occupy the property of another to toot your own horn; you cannot seize and prolongedly occupy the public square, monopolizing it for your expression only. A free society allows protest, too, but does not allow one group to bar others’ expressive freedoms. That pubic park is OURS, not ANTIFA’S. Those streets are OURS, not Antifas. Antifa can reasonably use them for a time, a while, a short while, to protest, as WE ALL CAN, but ANTIFA cannot seize, hold and monopolize OUR, ALL AMERICANS’, PUBLIC SQUARE.

      Up the republic of these UNITED STATES: live in the present, know the past and don’t rewrite it. We see today that the Moronic Mob, the doom and gloom crowd, the mindless mob, mindless of history, is simply repeating the mistakes of the past: acting like Lynch Mobs, Bolsheviks, Book Burners, Bigots, Purgers, Propagandists, Jingoists, War Mongers, et cetera . . .their minds are made up because their minds are closed; they are the unenlightened, intolerant of opposing views. STUCK IN THE PAST, STUCK IN A RUT of pseudo-righteous leftist jargon and cant, thinking that the might of the mob, their group-think, their shallow selfish lawlessness, their juvenile theatrical displays of property destruction, their disrespect of the property rights and expressive rights of others , disrespectful might of the mob makes right.

      You, see. The game is afoot. The game, the struggle for civilization, the struggle between state power and individual freedom, the battle for freedom on the streets, on the relatively bloodless plains of “fearless expression”, the battle against the MINDLESS MOB, the FREE SPEECH ENEMIES (the politically correct crowd who ban words, boycott speakers, tear down statutes and artwork, who stifle expression on campuses, who punish speakers/writers/artists with contrarian views, who are INTOLERANT of all opposing views, who want to redefine words to suit their socialistic-politically leftist-generally agnostic-know-nothing mentalities, their pseudo-intellectual, pseudo-progressive, truly totalitarian-power-abusing-fascist-leftist ideologies, their warped world view, their . . .YOU CAN FILL IN THE REST WITH YOUR OWN VIEWS . . .

      And remember, James Joyce’s Stream of Consciousness is not the shrink’s Looseness of Association, one of the four signs of Schizophrenia, and remember too how many have been misdiagnoses, as the Commie Shrinks in Stalin’s Russia came up with the diagnoses Sluggish Schizophrenia to send political dissidents to Siberia, and remember how in Kafka’s The Trial, the skunk-like shrink-like lawyers and judges could tell if a man were guilty by THE SHAPE OF HIS LIPS just like the Boston FEDs can tell if your guilty if you are of Irish descent or Italian descent and live in South Boston or Dorchester or have roots in the North End or East Boston and you are a moderate of conservative Catholic politician, policeman or city-state employee and you do not kowtow to leftist liberalism or corrupt power abusing FEDs.

  3. Truth is stranger than fiction….Hard work by Rick Nagle…no deals!

    Ruth Masters , a young schoolteacher who was brutally murdered 22 years ago in Plymouth, Mass. At the time, the Plymouth police chief was Dick Nagle – Rick’s father. Even before he became a police officer, Rick was fascinated with the case, which has never been solved. He has been trying to piece it together for his entire career. Now, he finally may have a lead. He is able to link a convict named Eric Anderson, now in prison for assault, to the crime. With the new evidence, a grand jury decides to indict Anderson. Ruth Masters’ husband Wayne and her daughter Pam, now 29, are happy: their ordeal may be a little closer to ending.

    Man guilty in 1977 murder
    Closure for kin of woman killed

    By John Ellement, Globe Staff, 11/11/2003

    BROCKTON — Pamela Masters was just 9 the last time she saw her mother, Ruth, on a spring afternoon more than 26 years ago. Yesterday, she stood 10 feet from the man convicted of murdering her mother in a Plymouth forest and spoke of the loss that shaped her life.

    Delivering a victim impact statement in Plymouth Superior Court, where 74-year-old Eric H. Anderson Jr. had just been convicted of first-degree murder for killing Ruth Masters, the murder victim’s only child said she long feared that her father would also die violently, leaving her alone. She worried that she, too, would be murdered.

  4. Hello Matt, hope you had a rewarding Fathers Day. In regards to your case of unsolved murder I think the detective has an obligation to contact the family of this victim and adhere to their wishes! Personally, if this happened in my family, I would want my sister , niece , recovered and given the dignity of a proper burial with family and friends in attendance. I would also want the identity of the person responsible unvailed and then learn the why’s of that evening! The perpetrator seems to be showing remorse after all these years, maybe he’s heading to the “Happy Hunting Grounds” , hopefully, and is wanting forgiveness! Namaste!

  5. If you use the formula that the corrupt Feds employed in the Martorano case the deal would be six months in jail for each murder solved.. But that would be a gross injustice. Tell her he has to consult with the DA and his superiors. Stall for time and try to determine which one of the lawyers clients is the culprit. Maybe he confessed to one of his friends. Would the friend talk? Tell the lawyer that the Feds are looking at this case and they have the death penalty but if he co operates they won’t seek ist degree murder. They will either charge him with 2nd degree or Manslaughter. 2. Remember in the Fr. Geoghan case they called his Psychiatrist to testify against the defendant. A total violation of the Psychiatrist Patient privilege. Under that rationale the lawyer could be compelled to testify against the killer. 3. Get a search warrant for the lawyer’s office. Inspect her files. If they can get a warrant for the President’s lawyer’s office they can get one for the killer’s. No justice. No peace.

  6. Not being a criminal lawyer, I’d offer the following: If the murder were a crime of passion, extenuating mitigating circumstances et cetera but nevertheless intentional, I’d offer Life In Prison with possibility of parole in 20 years. If the murder were planned, cold blooded, brutal, that sort of thing: LIfe in Prison with possibility of parole in 40 years. If the murder were accidental, negligent, unintentional (covered her mouth during assault, didn’t intend to kill, just assault/rape) I’d offer 20 years no possibility of parole. And all three, only if he fully confessed, all details, et cetera, and his confession was confirmed by autopsy.

  7. The last few years has seem my thinking transition
    from a punitive CJ system (criminal) model
    to a model based on mental health and restorative justice.

    I am impressed by the work of Professor Alex Vitale and
    Professor Justin Piche.

    I have also fully embraced the concept of reincarnation and
    how it factors into people who murder. Read Ian Stevenson’s
    book Where Biology and Reincarnation Intersect


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    1. In the absence of comments to the contrary, I will assume I’m the only reader of this blog annoyed by the vast majority of posts emanating from the keyboard of “msfreeh.”

      Two things are desirable here:
      1. A link to any blog operated by “msfreeh”
      2. A way to block any posts by “msfreeh”

      1. Probably none. It is not a natural thing to do. Natural instinct is an oxymoron. It is all based on things you have learned, in my opinion. A glass rolls off a table. Do you instinctively grab it to keep it from breaking? Not in my world. You just grab it. Is the glass half full or half empty? The glass is twice as big as it needs to be.

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