Did We Just Send A Nazi Officer Back To Germany? Or Were We Fooled Again?

Tuesday night somewhere in the state of West Virginia Trump announced that “The last known Nazi officer living in the United States, they’ve been trying to get him out for decades, President Obama tried, they all tried. We got him out — gone. He’s back in Germany.”

Was Jakiw Palif the man referred to by Trump a Nazi officer? Was he a Nazi?  According to Wikipedia “When it came to power in 1933, the Nazi Party had over 2 million members. In 1939, the membership total rose to 5.3 million with 81% being male and 19% being female. It continued to attract many more and by 1945 the party reached its peak of 8 million with 63% being male and 37% being female (about 10% of the German population of 80 million).”

I suppose if that is the case we cannot say all Germans were Nazis or can we? If any of those Germans helped the Nazis would they have become Nazis?

Jakiw  Palif was Polish. I believe the Nazi party did not accept Slavic people as members. I have to assume then that no one is suggesting that he joined the Nazi Party (other than Trump). When the Germany invaded his country on September 1, 1939, he was either 15 or 16 years old. It would turn out that by the time he was 18 he had been conscripted to work for the German Army as a prison guard. If one is put in that position does he become a Nazi?

During WWII tens of millions of French citizens worked for the Nazis. The Nazis had invaded France and occupied a part of it and allowed the French to set up a  government in the rest of it which became know as unoccupied France, or Vichy France. It got that name because its leaders operated out of the town of Vichy. Although unoccupied, the French had no army to defend it so it did its best to keep the Nazis happy by collaborating with them.

The Nazis set up quotas for the French workers in the unoccupied part of France to be sent to Germany to work to assist the German war effort. Some worked in the German armament factories. No one called those French people conscripted by the Nazis to work in Germany Nazis.

The Nazis did that to the people in other countries that it had occupied. It took by force young men and women back to Germany to work. One had no choice. It was work for us or die. The Nazis allowed some French to perform other tasks in France that also aided the Nazi effort. No one called them Nazis.

The basic question is does one lose his or her identity if forced by an invading power to work for it? When the United States invaded Panama or Iraq or Vietnam it had people work for it. Did they become Americans. When the Japanese during WWII invaded the Philippines did the American prisoners they forced to work at the end of a barrel of a gun become Japanese.

If not, how was it that Jakiw Palif became a Nazi? He neither joined the Nazi party or had a choice in what he would do if he wanted to stay alive.

It is said he worked as a prison guard at a Nazi concentration camp where terrible atrocities took place. Did being forced to work there turn him into a Nazi? Palif denied that he had anything to do with the horrors. There is no proof otherwise. Does the mere fact that he was a prison guard turn him into a Nazi?

The Israeli Times in speaking of Palij said: “Even if his role was only to prevent their escape, that constitutes a war crime.”  Does a man forced to do something against his will that involves no violence commit a war crime? What if he guarded bridges? What if he maintained the railroad tracks? Does it make a difference what he did  for the Nazis if he had no choice?

Chuck Shumer added his praise to Trump’s action. He tweeted: “Nazi prison guards have no place in the USA. We must stand firmly against hate, anti-Semitism and bigotry in all its forms. Good riddance to this war criminal.” Was he a war criminal? If he was, did all Germans and those French who worked for the Germans become war criminals? Or did he become one because he came to America? Unlike the French and Germans he could not go back home because the Soviets overran his country?

“Thank you ⁦@ICEgov⁩ for apprehending an ACTUAL Nazi & deporting him. This would be a good occasion for radical Democrats to reconsider their ill-advised attacks [on] brave ⁦@ICEgov⁩ officers,” tweeted Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark. How brave must those ICE officers have been to grab a 95-year-old ill guy from his home? Was he an “ACTUAL Nazi?”

Jakiw Palif had been living in the U.S. since the late 1940s. In 1993 the U.S. group set up to look for Nazis found him. The following 25 years he was chased after by the U.S. government. He first had his citizenship stripped. He then had an order of deportation signed against him. He could not be deported until another country was willing to take him. Germany had refused to take him back because he wasn’t a German citizen. Trump put pressure on it.  Finally because Trump was making it such a big deal it succumbed. He’s now back there and in a nursing home where he is a complete stranger.

I find little satisfaction in this happening. Those extolling this action as something significant depend on the ignorance of Americans to make their point. I find it strange that people so low down the line of responsibility for Nazi cruelties and atrocities are puffed up into what they were not. Sadly few now alive understand what happened in WWII to people captured by the Nazis and the Japanese. One who clearly doesn’t is Trump.




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  1. Wa -llahi! New threads, please. Maybe something about Glorious Leader, his kin, and, his kind. Are you Trumpies getting uncomfortable? Your dude is flipping. Bill, I don’t think Trump is willing to go to prison over his ideals. Disagree?

    1. Khalid: I don’t think he’ll go to prison; I don’t think he’ll be indicted; I don’t think he’ll be impeached. I think Muellar should be indicted for the BIASED TEAM he picked, and for his dealings in DC selling FBI agents out and masquerading data on 1965 Teddy Deagan, was it?, mob hit . . .you know Judge Nancy Gertner threatened him with contempt . . .

      I agree with Prof: Alan Dershowitz . . .investigate Muellar . . . .I also agree with many of your ideas, Khalid, but I’m not a socialist, I’m a small-government, non-interventionist, social-political conservative traditionalist, who also wants a strong army second to none and encourages legions of teachers, nurses, public health workers and social justice warriors to continue to improve America and the the World . . .someone wrote that when America is in a foreign country, most folks don’t worry; when America is not there, they worry: Send Peace Corps and Medics/Teachers/Doctors/Nurses etc . . . .we’re not the World’s Cop, like McCain, R.I.P and the Neocons, thought we were . . .but we can contribute to World Health and Safety, prudently, not bossily . . .

      We’ve got to purge Media, Academia, FEDS, not of liberals, but of mudslinging leftists-interventionists-imperialists-powerabusers—



      I SAY HE IS BOTH . . . .


      AGAIN, WHATEVER MUDDLED HEADED, MULISH MUELLAR WHO SURROUNDED HIMSELF WITH A HAND-PICKED BIGOTED TEAM OF DEMS—HILLARYITES . . .HILLARIANS . . .CAPITAL HILL HILLARIANS AND BILL CLINTON AND HILLARY HILLARIANS . . .nothing hillarious about that power abusing bunch / / / / whatever MUELLAR DOES is done under a long shadow of bigotry and bias and a long history of selling some folks down the drain (so-called rogue agents . . .there was only one rogue FBI agent in the 1980s, that was John Morris who admitted taking bribes from the mob and leaking his informants’ names Bulgers and Flemmi’s names hoping they’d be killed . . . .and Muellar also has a history of covering up, plastering over, concealing the errors in the 1960s of FBI agents when he was asked for records by Judge Nancy Gertner @2000s . . . .

      So Muellar’s record to conceal and to sell some down the drain to protect the integrity of the Justice Department and his record of surrounding himself with sycophantic HILLARIANS to investigate Trump and the Republicans (only) makes me dubious about anything coming out of his mouth or pen.

      Signed under the pains and penalties of perjuries, in response to Khalid’s question,

      Billy C.

  2. Just want to remind Matt the remote
    viewing session completed on Jack
    the Ripper was released on Sept 1 2018
    and can be viewed for free on youtube


    These remote viewers are availabe to Matt if he wants
    to have any of the John Connolly evidence
    remote viewed.

    Several years ago the Hawaiian Remote Viewers
    HRV remote viewed a murder case in Washington
    State. see


    in other sleuthing


    1. ” Something just went left … I don’t know, something just didn’t go as planned … something happened there.” … Remote Viewer on Jack The Ripper .

      ” Was that you ? ” …. Jack

      1. Believe it or not, I watched that video last night. Bored to tears, I guess. How do those people know what the view is? I must be missing something. Is it just the numbers on the board. I’m confused.

        When they caught him years ago my neighbor down here, that speaks fairly poor English, said, “I see dey caught dat Whitey Shark you told me about.” Seriously.

        So where’s Tadzio? Shackin’ up?

      2. That was in the documentary, Abe. Thus, the quotation marks ! … This doc was more of a disinformation effort for those who may like to discredit the Paranormal, rather than other than a psychic nonswnse

  3. Judge Nancy Gertner, in awarding @ $110 million, excoriated the FBI for witholding info in 1965-67: FAILURE TO DISCLOSE.

    Professor Alan Dershowitz (@ 2017-18)excoriated FBI head Mueller for continuing to withhold and obfuscate in early 2000s . . .eventually Mueller caved when Gertner threatened contempt . . . even so Mueller stubbornly continued to muddy the waters and offer justifications for the FBI’s initial FAILURE TO DISCLOSE.

    Who will hold Wyshak and Mueller responsible for their FAILURE TO DISCLOSE to John Connolly’s defense team in Miami (a) the FITZPATRICK MEMO and (B) Wyshak’s Appeals Court Oral Arguments (obviously transcribed) portraying Steve Flemmi as a SERIAL PERJURER AND CONFABULATionist. The serial perjurer Flemmi was Wyshak’s star witness in Miami . . . .Connolly’s lawyers could have called Wyshak himself as a witness to impugn his star witness . . .

    Flemmi testified against Connolly after saying for 8 years under oath Connolly was a good, honest Cop . . . .Flemmi’s carrot: An obscene deal from Wyshak sparing him execution in two states if he composed a tune to Wyshak’s liking . . . . .

    WHO WILL INVESTIGATE THESE FAILURES TO DISCLOSE OF the mulish muddled MUELLER (who unseemly sells some down the drain to “protect the integrity of the DOJ” and who surrounds himself with sycophantic lib Dems (Hillarians) to investigate Repubs): and the FAILURES TO DISCLOSE of the egomaniacal bully-boy, the JIHADI JAVERT, the WISEACRE WYSHAK?

    ANSWER: Very likely no one will investigate them, you see, because they are part of the liberal-leftist team!!!! Who will investigate them? Not the liberal MSM, not the liberal Mass Politicans (state or federal) nor the liberal Mass Jurists (State or Federal) nor the liberal Mass Prosecutors (State or Federal) . . . .they don’t want to rock the boat, tip over the apple cart, upset their leftist lock and hold on justice. They’ll likely do zero. LIke WBUR they’ll publish a story about Wyshak: “The Man who Brought Down the New England Mafia”. John Connolly brought down the New England Mafia. Ask Joe Pisone, a.k.a., Donny Brasco, who was most responsible for doing so. John Connolly. But within a generation, the liberal-leftist are re-writing history . . .ala “no famine in the Ukraine.”

    And the pathetic thing is that the history of these times, the temper of these times, will be recorded by the likes of Carr, Cullen, the Globe, and the power abusing zealots in the Federal Persecutorial Prosecutors’ Offices.

    Pardon the epithets. I do not hate these men. I despise their unequal, unjust administration of the law.

    Cowardly bully boys.

    1. Bill:

      Why do I always picture you with one arm flung around Admiral Farragut’s neck and the other chopping the winter blast as you roll these thunderheads down East Broadway, M to Farragut Road, and … Look …. there’s Bill up on the Statue again, sirens sirening, Bill Billing , a flock of seagulls flocking , and … He is hurling those thunderheads out to sea what they can sea … Ahab in the gale …. Grey locks flowing … Epithets streaming as he sights ….. THE GREAT WY-SHAK !!!

        1. Bill:

          ——- THE GREAT WHITEY SHARK ——-

          That is my intellectual property by the way. Any copyright infringement can and will be held against you in a court of Lawlessness . ( Also my IP, bill , you do know you get excited and a little confused at times )

      1. “I was water skiing for the first time. My muscles oiled and shining in the sun. Hair blowing in the wind. Strong and rigid against the pull of the rope as I skipped over the sea. My wife in the boat in front of me, rowing furiously.” Woody Allen, The Standup Comic

      2. Good stuff; WE, the twenty-five Noontime Nuts, ran by that statute every day for 25 years on our daily runs . . .every day of the year, summer, fall, winter, spring . . .the Noontime Nuts were a branch of the L-Street Running Club . . .

        Theater and Poetry rule

        Sophocles to West Side Story . . . .I saw Hamilton was coming to Boston . . .I wanted to go . . .cheapest seat $2,000 . . .I would’a gone maybe $100-$200 . . .whata they thynk we rebels are made of, goldn dubloons? Lynyrd Skynnyr (sp) was fuming . . .FREE BIRD 12.5 mins, Pittsburgh, PA

        Lord help me I can’t change . . .

        True story: I recently asked the top shrink in Boston, a friend, “Marty, I come I keep fighting people?” You know, writing angry letters to the editors, and such. He replied, “It’s good for you, Billy, it keeps the juices flowing.”

        So, shiver me timbers, like Billy Bud, I’ll keep punchin . . .I’m under doctors’ orders to do so . . .

        1. “How come”, I meant, but come to think of it, “I come” is better . . .I come, I see, incongruously I, the humble cabin boy in steerage, tilt my harpoon at typhoons, valiantly vying to conquer the Great White Whales . . . .the lying, power-abusing FEDs, MEDs (Media) ACADEMs (leftists), NEOCONS (Imperialistic-Interventionists), and Atheistic Antagonists who’d purge the ale-houses, wharves and waterfronts of preachers.

          1. I’m also in favor of Revivals: ala Nineteenth Century Ribald Comedies, Moby Dick’s Parlours and Dance Halls, Irish Dancers, Italian Dancers, Pole Dancers, Cookouts, Country-Western gals and Hootenannys, and Sunday Morning Services to pause and reflect, and begin anew again on Monday over toast, over coffee, at the office’s water cooler, at the rodeo, the roundup and the roast till Friday at the dance hall comes agin, hopping at the hop and hoping to meet a mate, revivals all for the spirit, on life’s merry-go-round . . . .let’s go . . .let’s rock & roll . . . let’s dance . . .feel free . . .you’re living in America . . .

    1. Squantum Quackery ( sic )…..Said Judge Mark Wolf …. realizing that the letter was on BPD stationery, scented with the salt sea air of Southie….

        1. By the way, John King McDonald. Did you ever get the book Laidlaw by William McIlvanney? I’m rereading it now. Its been a long time. I think you would like it. I just found out today that he was Hugh McIlvanney’s brother. Great writer himself. Hugh wrote some of the finest boxing essays I have read. His book The Hardest Game is superb.

          1. Abe, I knew I checked that on Amazin’ at the time. Too pricey. Just got good used copy 7.86 fs , so, good. Through the Glaswegian darkly !!!

  4. You might enjoy this thread I created

    “ remote viewing a mobius strip club “


    for more on The Russia Research on Remote Viewing


    Here is the group I helped with videotaping at their national


    Colonel David Morehouse was one of the speakers
    about 10 years ago

    TABLE OF CONTENTS – Psychic Warfare
    PDFpsychicwarfar dot com remoteviewing
    Feb 15, 2018 · Sokalov, according to David Morehouse in Sightings magazine Any. U.S. firm that is not aware of psychotronic warfare in the twentieth century will be at risk Russian research found they could …

  5. Ms. Freeh :

    Your witty and informative six word opus , THE BOOK OF THE MOUTH CLUB, has been submitted to the Pulitzer committee.

    Please await their judgement in full confidence that it can hardly eclipse your autobiography, A MAN ON A COVERT EMISSION, which is pouring off the racks at a glorious and holy pace !

    Digest !!!

  6. THE MOUTH CLUB !!! … In-Siddd-ently was the title of the chronicles of a free spirited fellatrix who would blow any trumpet she wanted any time, any place, remotely viewing regularly at a … Unprecedented scale.

    Dick Sinnot knocked me out of my chair in his English class at New Prep, eighth grade, Brattle St. because I denied THE MOUTH GIRL ( I realize that I was not free enough before in memory, but now we all know ) , but only once ; the garden was somnolent in the early May sunshine and there were no crowing cocks detected in Cambridge that day or at any other remotely viewed location.

    Dick Sinnot was a big guy. He swatted me out of my chair because I lied to him. I thought that there was not too much Mr. Sinnot, who would cast my precocious English essays at the envious with a wicked light flickering in his grey eyes, could do, that I would not just roll with the punches .

    Alright, MOUTH GIRL ; that’s what I’ve got for you right now !!!

    IN-SIDDHI-US !!!

  7. Big Mac

    Thank you for giving us your cliffs notes
    version of Readers Digest Condensed
    Book of the Mouth Club version of

    see link for full definition


    What is occult power? Also known as Sidhis, Ashvarayas, Tant Mant (tantar mantar or tantra mantra), miraculous powers, spiritual powers, supernatural powers, magical powers, psychic powers, super human powers, super sensory phenomena, extrasensory perceptions, and so on, are in fact divine powers which can be manifested by any living being who has obtained mastery over the forces of the creation or nature through special training and practice of certain substance or Mantraas.
    Sidhis or Siddhis – supernatural powers – are said to be eighteen in number. Of them, the eight are known as major and the remaining are considered minor. The eight principle Sidhis are as follows: the power to assume form as small as atom (Anima), as large as mountain (Mahimaa), as light in weight as air (Laghimaa), and as heavy in weight as the Earth (Grimaa); the power to attain anything desired (Praapati), to bring all senses under one’s control (Vasitva), to have unhampered will (Prakaamaya), and the lordliness (Isha). The minor Sidhis are namely the power to be immune from hunger and thirst (Anooram), to hear from afar (Door Sharavan), to see from afar (Door Darshan), to travel fast like thought (Manoveg), to assume any desired form (Kaamroop), to enter into another’s body (Parkaayi Parvesh), to die at one’s own will (Sai Maritayaa), to enjoy meeting with gods (Surkareeraa), the fulfillment of desires (Sankalap Sidhi), and to go anywhere unobstructed (Apratihat Gat).

    But, the mind of a Gurmukh (a truly Spiritual Being who has transcended Maya…) is beyond all this circus of the deluded mind.

    Did you ever wonder where Jesus Christ spent his
    missing years and how he got his Siddhis?

    Harvard professor Richard Alpert did an exhaustive study
    of a man who acquired siddhis who died in 1973.



    in other newes about Remote Viewing


    1. Wa-llahi! Ram Dass! Good to see his name.

      Sufis have many things in common with Hindu mystics. In Sufism (tasawuf), the chakras are known as the “inner subtleties.” Opening the inner subtleties is the objective of the spiritual exercises. Awakening them out of sequence can lead to problems.

      MS Freeh: Could you go deeper into the subject of remote viewing?

      1. I recently have been revisiting the work
        of Russian Orthodox/Sufi map maker
        named Gurdjieff whose teachings I
        was introduced to in the late 1960’s
        by Gunther Weil who has been a student
        of Gurdjieff since 1965.

        Gunther got his PhD at Harvard where he
        was mentored by Professor Richard Alpert
        and Professor Timothy Leary.

        I never fully understood Gurdjieff until
        I frequently view the secret alphabet of
        ancient dances he learned at ancient
        monasteries. To remind me of how much
        work I need to do on myself.

        I also frequently view the Sufi Zikhr dances/mantras
        that are quite mesmerizing . Most people do not understand
        that the Sufis pre date Islam by thousands of years.



        also see

        The Farsight Institute is the primary source
        for learning about remote viewing.
        The Monroe Insitute started it all
        and is used by the CIA to train remote viewers.

  8. I will Considdhi this. We are speaking of a distinction without a difference perhaps.

    Specifically, Siddhis were not equated with Remote Viewing ; Clairvoyance was. And I can already see that it is an indisputable equation.

    I do not see why you are being flippant

    Alright, just wanted to send a shout out to Elmer !

    Loaves and Fishes, Water to Wine at the Wedding at Cana and the balance of Jesus’s Seven Miracles EX-SIDDHI”D all expectations !!!

  9. I am not sure I would equate Remote Viewing
    with sidhi’s.

    It would be interesting to hear you tell us
    what sidhi’s’ Christ had and more importantly
    where he acquired those sidhi’s.

    My interest lies in figuring out how sidhi’s can
    be used to make a better criminal justice system.

    Remote viewing as practiced and taught by the
    CIA and Military Intelligence ( the program was
    never shut down) is as follows,.

    The remote viewer is given a envelope with random
    numbers in it.

    They are asked to remote view the numbers.
    This is all they are told about the project.

    see 3 of the best remote viewers tackle a project
    independent of each other with the results just
    released on September 1 2018


    in other newes


    also see


  10. Dunno, E.F. … Do not at all discount RV. As mentioned before I knew @18 that a college radio jock who couldn’t get arrested and Rathskeller denizen, Stern, H. would become “really famous someday,” but the Yogis apparently consider this among the lesser “siddhis”, or Yogic achievements : Clairvoyance. Somehow Ed Tatro, who reminds one of George Carlin’s very serious older brother, raises only the eyebrow of .…… Well, this is indeed worth considering….and Moneagle arches the brow … differently. I do not discount Stargate or Joe Moneagle, but remote viewing a …. ” Trigger mechanism in a Chinese facility ” …. is a trigger for me.

  11. Another Nazi in the news


    Alleen Brown,John Knefel
    September 1 2018, 8:00 a.m.
    Illustration: Hokyoung Kim for The Intercept
    JULIE HENRY WAS jogging when she got the call from the FBI. She didn’t recognize the number, which had a Washington

    in other newes


    More women come forward with claims of sexual assault in jail by L.A. sheriff’s deputy

    Maya Lau
    SEP 01, 2018 | 5:00 AM

    also see

    California Legislature passes major police transparency measures on internal investigations and body cameras


    California Legislature passes major police transparency measures on internal investigations and body cameras

    Liam Dillon
    AUG 31, 2018 | 11:00 PM

  12. The turning point for me accepting
    the validity of remote came while
    read JoeMac Moneagles’ book Mind Trek

    Joe was given a sealed envelope containing
    a sheet of paper wirh a small group of numbered

    He was told to remote view the site
    in the sealed envelope without opening
    the envelope.

    He remote viewed and described what he was
    seeing with words and drawings
    Probably the most powerful narrative I had read
    in any of the literature I have read about remote

    Joe MacMoneagle was sent to remote view Auschwitz.



    also see


  13. Two thoughts before coffee (I woke a bit late; college football season):

    1. I never apologize for speaking the truth as I know it, for calling a spade a spade. Hurt feelings? Don’t read. Don’t like it: Tough! Imagine stilling your voice or pen because someone’s feelings may be hurt. We’re not dealing with schoolchildren here. Writers here have falsely slurred good FBI agents claiming they have blood on their hands.

    2. 1. Beware the Jihadi Javert’s in Government, like the Sterns Gang (Sterns, Durham, Wyshak et al who falsely prosecute probation officers and motel agents and good cops and good agents and who delusionally imagine themselves Crusaders rather than the persecutorial Grand Inquisitors they are.

    2. Beware the Jihadi Javert’s in Government, like the Sterns Gang (Sterns, Durham, Wyshak et al who falsely prosecuted probation officers and motel agents and good cops and good agents and who delusionally imagine themselves Crusaders rather than the persecutorial Grand Inquisitors they are.

    3. “Discretion is the better part of valor,” sometimes.
    Not only fools rush in where wise men fear to tread, the very brave rush in, too, throwing caution to the wind . . .cast your fate to the wind . . .fear not the slings, arrows of outrageous fortune nor the slurs of outraged fortune tellers who seek to silence truth-sayers from criticizing the lofty and the loonies. .and from correcting the wrong and educating the ignorant . . . .fear not those who seek to silence rebels who pledge to fight to the death against imperious corrupt FEDs, as our Founding Fathers pledged their lives, fortunes, sacred honor, as Chester Darling pledged all to fight Censorious, Imperious, Power-Abusing State Courts, State Agencies and their fawning sycophantic groveling clerks in office and in the MSM.

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