Did Weeks Commit Perjury Saying He Did Not Know Who Killed Halloran and Donohue With Whitey Bulger?

Here’s what we knew from the Connolly trial and from the books the Kevin Weeks has written.  Weeks was the lookout for Whitey when they drove down to the waterfront in South Boston on May 11, 1982  to murder Brian Halloran and Michael Donahue.  Whitey was driving what he called the tow truck which was a souped up car with some James Bond gadgets that went 150 mph if need be. In the back seat of the car was a man who would participate with Whitey in spraying bullets at Halloran and Donohue. This man waved at Weeks at one point but Weeks did not know him because the man was wearing a ski mask. Afterwards, Weeks never learned or bothered to inquire who his co-felon in the murder was, a person that could send him to prison for life.

Weeks testimony in effect is that he went down to murder two guys with two other guys and he never knew or inquired as to the identity of one of the two  guys who he knew. It’s not a very plausible story. The prosecutors apparently had no trouble with believing it, though. I’d have thought that if they were making a deal with Weeks for his testimony they would want to know who was Whitey’s partner in murdering two people and would not let Weeks pass off the ski mask story. But apparently not, they believed him or else they would not have let him testify.

Now it turns out his story is a lie. He does know who the other guy in the car was. It’s just that he doesn’t want to tell us. He wants to protect this person who murdered two people. The prosecutor seems indifferent to this. How do I know that he’s lying? It seems his quite improbable story has become totally improbable because a new witness has surfaced. I shouldn’t say he’s a new witness because he was interviewed by the FBI and other police agencies at the time of the murder of Halloran and Donohue. He’s new in the sense that what he has told them has not been in the public realm for had it been the prosecutors would not have let Weeks testify like he did.

This newly discovered witness was interviewed by a CBS reporter for WBZ TV.  I recommend you watch the interview to get a feel for the chicanery that has been going on in these matters. The major thing he brings to light from my point of view is that he could see the man in the back seat’s hair, he had black hair. He obviously had no ski mask. He gave this information to the FBI back in 1982. The FBI knew, and must have hid from the prosecutors, that Weeks had to have made up the ski mask story. They then let him go into court to perjure himself.

You see they had to know because when you debrief a person about crimes he is offering to testify to you go back through the prior reports of the incident and check out what the evidence is back then. When Weeks came up with the ski mask story, they would have seen he was lying because a witness, at least one, said he could see the man in the back seat’s hair. Not only that, he was given a photo line-up to try to identify him because the FBI  must have believed he saw his face.

Now it seems to me the prosecutor is on the horns of a dilemma. If Weeks lied, as seems obvious, he committed perjury at Connolly’s trial.  The prosecutor would want to charge him with this since Weeks testified if he didn’t tell the truth he would be prosecuted for perjury. I don’t suppose it will look too good for the prosecutor indicting one of its main witnesses against Whitey just before his trial. The prosecutor is also faced with the problem of putting Weeks on the stand knowing that he lied the last time he used him. It shouldn’t be permissible to put on the stand a known liar who has already lied about material facts.

There’s more to it than that.  The person who was in the back seat firing at Halloran and Donohue has committed two murders. He should be prosecuted for them. I do not understand how the government can decide to withhold the identity of such a person and let this murderer roam the streets.

I have speculated on who that person is.  It’s pretty clear from Weeks’ book that he is trying to keep Pat Nee, Whitey’s partner, out of the picture. When John McIntyre was killed Weeks said an “other guy” drove him to the house; when Halloran was killed Weeks said the guy in the ski mask was there.  Pat Nee wrote a book.  He admits being the  “other guy” who drove McIntyre to the house. Putting Weeks’ and Nee’s story on the McIntyre murder together, one would think Nee would have been charged with the murder having brought him to the house and buried him. But he wasn’t. One also would have thought that if he is the “ski mask” guy he would have been charged with the murders of Halloroan and Donohue.

Which brings me down to this interesting question. If Pat Nee is the guy who has been let slip on the McIntyre murder, and if he has been let slip as the guy in the ski mask, and seeing that he only served less than four years for his role in running the guns to Ireland (half the time of Catherine Greig) are we looking at someone who is being protected as a top echelon informant?  I hope J.W. Carney files a motion to find out whether Pat Nee is a federal informant. Or, I’d hope the FBI will come out and say that he’s not a top echelon informant. This is too important to let pass.

Wouldn’t it be something if Pat Nee were a top echelon informant being protected by the FBI and he is running the rackets in South Boston which would mean we learned nothing from the Whitey years and John Connolly is in prison for doing what the FBI is doing today.  This is a very interesting development in this case brought about by a witness who has been hidden for thirty years. No wonder the government wants to rush to trial.


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  1. Old column I know, but what did you make of the reality show Nee and his crew did? Makes no sense how he could do this, out himself as leader of Southie OC unless he’s protected.

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    1. I am limited to the one area involving the matters around Whitey Bulger. This has taken a great deal of my time. Others like you have come to me with problems that I have had to turn away because I work by myself. I wish there were a way I could assist you but with my limited time I believe anything I would do would be unhelpful. I wish you luck in moving forward on your case. Thank you for writing.

  3. just reread your followup comment. now that i think about it you are 100 percent right. no one who holds elected office ever critizes the fbi. if i held office i would not do it either. you might as well put a bullseye on your back. perhaps we could see something moreabout jerimiah sullivan the top man at doj in boston for so many years. i think people are not as aware of his role as they should be. as always thanks a lot the info is always thoughtprovoking

    1. Jeremiah O’Sullivan was the head of the Organized Crime Strike Force during the days when most of these things were happening. FBI Agent Fitzpatrick who was just about drummed out of the FBI – he was an ASAC in Boston and then just a brick agent in Providence – had nothing but bad things to say about O’Sullivan. In O’Sullivan’s defense, Fitzpatrick’s book was very informative in one sense, but in another it was full of less than candid writings so what he says has to be taken with a grain of salt.
      I dealt with O’Sullivan off and on over the years. I thought he was a good tough prosecutor and a stand up guy until he got involved in the Naimovich case and there he did things I did not understand, they just did not seem to be things I thought he should have done, not least was he told me things during a call I had with him which turned out to be less than true and he knew I was using a certain investigative technique and he pretended that the trooper he was after had no authority to do what I told him he could do.
      What most surprised me about O’Sullivan was his testimony before Congress where he said he was afraid of crossing the FBI because if he did they would have his job. Thanks for writing.

  4. it seems as if the 2 globe writers who wrote black mass were not in disbelief back in 1988 when they wrote of whiteys special relationship with the fbi in the globe in 1988. lynch should be aware of this and pat nee being a top informant is almost beyond words. do these issues ever come up with elizabeth warren and scott brown? liz warren seems to old and scott to nice to get involved with these issues. the idea of john kerry being sec of state after having been a senator as mass was flooded with illegal drugs from cocaine to pills you name it sickens me.the go along to get mentality that has been going on for decades sure seems to play a part in it. i have not read your book yet , i will have to get more info

    1. The two Globe writers had information from two FBI agents, John Morris and Robert Fitzpatrick, who told them Whitey was an informant. Morris revealed this to them hoping to get him killed so he could cover his having taken money from Whitey for tipping him off; Fitzpatrick was angry at the FBI because he had been drummed out of it. The Globe for some reason settled on the term “special relationship” which I missed as did most other people. I don’t know why the Globe used those words rather than coming out and saying he was an informant.
      I’m not sure Pat Nee is a top informant; all I’m saying it that there is every indication that he is one.
      Lynch has dropped the ball. He knew last year the FBI had Mark Rossetti, a top Mafia figure, as a top echelon informant. The FBI allegedly is investigating whether that is true or not. It has been well over a year since it started the investigation. What does Lynch do? Nothing except pass on FBI excuses why it is still investigating something as simple as why Rossetti was an informant.
      I don’t expect US Senators to be involved in these things but your suggestion that they should have some interest is the matter makes sense. Why should they not be concerned that the FBI is letting hoodlums run wild? They should, but the bottom line is, no one wants to take on the FBI if they are in politics.
      Just keep your mind open as you go along. Don’t accept anything that doesn’t pass the smell test, if it doesn’t sound right then maybe it isn’t right. You’ve done that with me questioning my relationship with Billy Bulger. That’s how you should do things. Push for answers when you are uncertain. Don’t be reluctant to question things. Don’t get discouraged, educate your friends. It took us a long time to get to this point and it will take us a long time to recover. Everyone and every step that brings us to a more responsible society the better off we will make this country. Thanks for your interest.

  5. a former mass gov ran for president in 1988. a current mass gov may run in 2016 the same question remains if you have no knowledge or capability on bringing serios criminals to justice in your small state, how can we trust you on big, national issues? massachusetts has to be lived to be believed when it comes to all of these insider relationships .

    1. You know the governor is responsible for state matters. He is usually not held responsible for law enforcement happenings. The problem is that the FBI has the power it suggests to authorize people who become its informants to commit crimes and protect them. We saw what happened when the did that with Whitey. We don’t know what is happening with their informants now. The governor, even if he were interested in doing something about these matters, would be blocked by the FBI who are not responsible to the governor.

  6. where is senator kerry and senator brown in all of this ? from billy bulger to martha coakly why is it that elected officials with top jobs NEVER get involved with the criminals who do top crimes? personal relationships and not rocking the boat matter most in massachusetts , they always have and they always will. i enjoy your posts but no doubt you have had some sort of relationship with billy bulger. a job of a united states senator is to make life better for the residents of their district. john kerry has knowledge about pakistan but not SOUTH BOSTON? hard to understand. everyone defers to the fbi what i read about does not sound much better than mexico.

    1. My book points out in full detail my relationship with Billy. It is all arms length. Never contributed to him or attended his fund raisers. I lived in Old Harbor Village where he lived but never knew him. I represented the School Committee of the City of Boston during the busing case and didn’t meet him. I first met him as a prosecutor on a small felony case. The interchange was formal, no reference to our backgrounds. I met him at socials at our kids school. Nothing more than things like that. I always like the guy, just as I always liked Sal Dimasi and most other pols I’ve met but had very little to do with them. I’m trying to look at Billy as with others not from the viewpoint of the what the press tells us about him but from what I can see as the evidence against him. He’s condemned for not knowing Whitey was a murderer when he was Senate president but the evidence is some may have suspected it but no one knew until Martorano flipped in 1998. Too many people write from today’s perspective as if the things we know now we knew back then.
      You ask a good question where are our senators or congressmen. They don’t get involved in crimes because it is not their jobs to do so but they should be involved in what is happening with the federal government, especially the FBI. Lynch from Southie has all this happening under his nose but seems too busy doing other things. Southie suffered under Whitey’s FBI pass for up to 20 years. We were all in disbelief when we learned Whitey was a FBI informant. Now here we are a dozen or so years later and it looks like other gangsters in Southie may be FBI informants who are doing the same thing that Whitey did. That’s why I hope Carney forces the FBI to disclose if any of the witnesses against Whitey are now FBI informants. An earlier post today told me that the family of Michael Donohue wanted Martorano to disclose the identity of the person in the back seat of Whitey’s car who killed Michael Donohue. The prosecutor objected to that. Does that past the smell test. That guy murdered two people and the feds don’t want us to know who it is. I can’t explain how they get away with that. Thanks for writing.


    January 13, 1990: Pat Nee arrested for Armed Robbery, serves 10 years.

    Early 1995: John Martorano arrested for RICO serves 12 years.

    November 17, 1999: Kevin Weeks arrested for Kidnapping/RICO serves 5 yrs.

    This timeline shows, the three central percipient witnesses against John Connolly had not been able to meet or speak in person or in private since 1989 because each was incarcerate. However, each one of them somehow knew not to implicate the other on the stand and they in turn would not be implicated in any crimes. For example, Kevin Weeks lied on the stand to exclude/obfuscate Pat Nee’s involvement in the waterfront shooting. Similarly, Pat Nee provides no information in his book or publicly to implicate Weeks for any crime for which the statute wasn’t blown. Amazingly, Martorano’s cooperation agreement excludes him from providing info on Pat Nee and Howie Winter. The only possible way each of these three mobsters could have known the other two would protect him (by perjury if necessary) is if this was arranged by someone in federal law enforcement. The USA apparently worked the “prisoners’ dilemma” in reverse and allowed the cons to straighten out their stories in exchange for giving him what he really wanted, Connolly and Bulger. The USA behind this clearly didn’t even care if the evidence against Connolly and Bulger was credible. He just wanted to buy evidence at any price. Apparently he got what he paid for!

    NOTE: At Martorano’s sentencing, Wyshak vehemently objected to the Donohue family’s motion to compel Martorano to disclose the identity of the backseat shooter on the waterfront. Judge Wolf sided with Wyshak!?

    1. It’s time a lot of this becomes more widely known. Why would Wyshak object to Martorano disclosing the backseat shooter’s identity? That means that the identity is known to Wyshak which is another indication that he knew Weeks was lying on the stand. How is it that Wyshak can protect the identity of a person who murdered two other people. Again, it becomes clear why the government is rushing this trial. I hope Carney is picking up on some of this stuff. He has to call Wyshak as a witness. What was Wolf’s reason to side with Wyshak. How will Carney make out before Stearns when Stearns (Assistant U.S. attorney, District of Massachusetts, 1982-1990) and the FBI Director Mueller (In 1982, Mr. Mueller transferred to the U.S. Attorney’s office in Boston, Massachusetts, as Chief of the Criminal Division. For the next 6 years, he prosecuted narcotics, public corruption, and espionage cases, among others.) are friendly, they worked together in Boston at the US Attorney’s office.
      Doesn’t the Donohue family have a right to know who killed Michael?
      Your time line has to be considered in light of Connolly becoming in 1997 when Flemmi first made the allegation that he had been given the okay to do any criminal act he wanted short of murdering someone. The federal bureau of prisons prison locator says Patrick Joseph Nee was released on April 25, 2000; Martorano was in federal custody and had agreed to testify prior to that time; (I have to check the dates); Kevin Weeks started talking to the feds in 2000 and said in his book he got arrested on November 17, 1999 and got out on February 2, 2005. Martorano as you may know served his time at Camp Easy in Florida. In 2000 Nee was out, in 2005 Weeks was out, in 2007 Martorano was out. (By the way neither Weeks, nor Martorano are listed as having been federal custody in the federal prison locator, which they should be, and Flemmi and Bulger are listed as not in BOP custody.). Weeks and Nee wrote their books in 2006 independently of each other. Nee being out in 2000 would have been able to contact Weeks through his brother (who carried messages for him) or some other means. I don’t see where Martorano had much idea of what was going on at all since he was not in the area from 1979 to 1995 and then was brought back only to end up in the can. His information would have come from Flemmi but that would all be second hand but as you know that makes no difference in federal court.
      I don’t think the feds let the prisoners straighten out their stories. The feds only wanted to hear so much, that is, only stuff that would incriminate Connolly and Whitey (and Flemmi before he flipped). To get that, they sold their souls to the devil by allowing these guys to dictate the terms of their testimony. This all points out why Carney need time to investigate all this and explains why the feds want to rush it.

  8. Additional public facts:
    -In 1983, McIntyre was a crewman on Pat Nee’s Valhalla gun shipment to Ireland.

    -McIntyre was then arrested by Quincy, PD for an unrelated charge, but he turned informant against Nee for the Valhalla.

    -In 1984, Nee picked McIntyre up from a bar and delivered him to Pat’s brother’s house in South Boston where Nee knew Bulger, Flemmi and Weeks were waiting to “discuss” something with McIntyre.

    -At that time, the Nees’ cellar was used to store a large cache of illegal weapons, silencers etc. Pat was the armorer due to his background. [(Many years later (1996), Stevie’s stepson William St. Croix(he legally changed his name), recruited Stevie’s brother Mike to help him remove Pat Nee’s entire weapons cache from that cellar. Unfortunately for Mike, St. Croix was an FBI informant and promptly informed on Mike and handed the weapons cache over to the FBI. That’s another story of FBI entrapment.]

    – Also at that time Pat Nee delivered McIntyre to his brother’s cellar, the Nee cellar already contained the buried remains of Arthur “Bucky” Barrett.

    -Weeks testified that Barrett was killed the year before (1983) and interred in the Nees’ cellar.

    -Weeks further testified that an unidentified “other guy” (besides Stevie and Whitey) was present in Nee’s cellar and participated in the murder and subsequent interment of Bucky Barrett in the Nees’ cellar.

    -Weeks did not identify this “other guy” at trial because he was not asked. Had he been asked, perhaps Weeks would have used the old ski mask.

    -clearly the “other guy” is equally criminally responsible in the murder of Barrett.

    -One year after the interment of Mr. Barrett in the Nees’ cellar, Nee goes and retrieves Mr. McIntyre and delivers him to the same cellar.

    -Nee writes that he is innocent of McIntyre’s murder because he did not know bring McIntyre to this cellar would result in his death.

    -Nee also writes that he is innocent of McIntyre’s murder because he left McIntyre in his cellar with Bulger, Flemmi and Weeks and went out (for a pizza or something?).

    -Nee writes he returned to find McIntyre ‘unexpectedly’ tortured and murdered.

    -Nee then dug the grave in the cellar and put McIntyre next to Barrett’s remains.

    -Years later, Nee and Weeks return to the Nees’ cellar and exhume the bodies of McIntyre, Barrett and Hussey. They drive the bodies in a station wagon to the shore of the Neponset river and rebury them.

    -Who had the most incentive to murder McIntyre?
    -Who was the last person seen with McIntyre?
    -Where was McIntyre brought?
    -What was known about that secret location?
    -Who controlled the location?
    -Whom did Whitey entrust to exhume and move the bodies?
    -Whom would Whitey trust to sit behind him in a car with a loaded carbine?

    Today, Pat Nee runs the rackets in South Boston. His muscle is a former Golden Gloves boxer named Charlie LoGrasso. They often conduct business at Mirasola’s restaurant on L Street in Southie (especially on Friday nights). They also sit down regularly with other wise guys, including the Martorano brothers at The Winery in Dorchester and Strega in the North End. Nee, LoGrasso and Mirasola also walk/strut around Castle Island regularly in the late afternoon. Sound familiar?

    1. Patty: As always interesting material that you post. It makes sense. I hope to go back and do another analysis like you have done and post what these guys have written in their books – use their own words. Your first question is good. Who had the most incentive to murder McIntyre. I know he was talking to the Quincy police. Dick Bergeron once told me that. He was talking about Whitey but you point out Whitey would have had a limited role in what McIntyre was doing (I have to find out more about this) – it’s was Nee’s escapade. I don’t know if McIntyre ever met Whitey before the day he was killed. For all we know only two people put themselves at Nee’s brothers house (I’m not sure about Flemmi), they are Nee and Weeks. Maybe Whitey had nothing to do with the murder since McIntyre had nothing to offer against him. He sure could have buried Nee. The rest of the questions seem to point to one answer which is the guy who was Whitey’s partner in Southie, Nee.
      You’ve brought up some great points which help me analyze these things from another view. I would probably not have thought that Nee may be a top echelon informant until you suggested it may be a fact. Do the people of South Boston never get any relief from the feds protecting the gangsters who run that section of town. Is this a federal plot to keep Southie wrapped up in drugs and crime. Are there any leaders from Southie who can demand and answer of the feds to this question: Are Nee, LoGrasso, Mirasol, the Martoranos top echelon informants?
      Flemmi was protected for 25 years, Whitey for over 15. and everyone was appalled. Are the feds back doing the same thing? I think the people of Southie have a right to know if their district is being used a federal dumping ground for criminals. Carney better broaden his motion and ask for information on whether any of the witnesses against Whitey are protected federal informants who are still violating Southie.

  9. Another thought provoking post. Yesterday’s post was also thought provoking; it was a grand parody, a great satire. To prove how easily I’m taken in by a good story, I thought the story of the Southie Souvenir Shop was true until I came to the name “O’Shea O’Connolly” which rang a bell. I then went back and recognized all the familiar names. But you drove home the point: What won’t the FBI and DOJ stoop to? Durham put known perjurers on the stand in Boston—Wyshak warned Durham before trial not to use the known perjurer Salemme; Salemme was subsequently convicted for his perjuries during the trial; Weeks now appears to be a perjurer; and we know Flemmi admitted he perjured himself in Boston in 1998, but Wyshak had no compunction about using him, a known perjurer in Miami. Weeks and Martorano also testified in Miami. Martorano’s stories change from year to year. What a fiasco! What a mess! What a travesty! What will the federal judges and federal prosecutors do about this?

    1. You set forth a question that you’ve pretty much been asking for a while. It’s a good question. I wish I had an answer since it seems pretty clear that the federal prosecutors routinely use people who have been serial liars in the past. They get on the stand and say. like Morris said, “yes, I lied all my life but now I’m telling the truth.” How can anyone know that is the case. They say they have to tell the truth because the prosecutor will indict them for perjury if they lie. That in itself is a lie. The prosecutor will never do that because he or she would jeopardize their case.
      If effect the jury is asked to do what only a divine being could do, look into the soul of a liar and see if he’s telling the truth. FBI agent Rico said that’s how the system works. In other words, the feds have no way of telling whether this type of person is telling the truth. They say so what, we’ll let the jury decide. If it gets it wrong and convicts the guy so much the better. I don’t think that is what a system of justice is supposed to be about, namely: a guessing game. Thanks for writing and I’m surprised you didn’t recognize Gindy Polska Canatta.

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