Did Your Covid-19 Come From America? Is There Something That We’re Hiding?

One thing I’ve never been able to wrap my head around is why Trump and his administration, especially Pompeo, are pushing the idea that the Covid-19 virus originated in a Chinese laboratory. I thought it was pretty well settled that it came from Wuhan, China, so why not leave it there. It’s a virus from China, or as Trump used to call it the Chinese virus before he was slapped down by Chinese leader Xi for doing it.

But no, Pompeo has come out with the statement that that there is “enormous evidence” to support the idea that coronavirus originated in a laboratory in Wuhan, not in a market.  Unfortunately this enormous evidence is not shown. We are suppose to take his word for it.

That’s like the reversal by the Governor of Arizona Doug Ducey  who had unpaid experts advising him from Arizona State and the University of Arizona on opening his state up in a manner consistent with medical and scientific expertise recommendations. He is visited by Trump. What happens next? He tells the experts he is going to go with a different model.

The state will instead rely on a model from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. What is that model? Like with Pompeo no once can see it or the data that is behind it. This model has not been released to the public.

Then most recently the “enormous evidence” seems less enormous. Pompeo now says he’s a little less sure about his claims. I guess he was asked to put up or shut up so he decided to do the latter.

Of course making statements then reversing them as Trump did with the Coronavirus Task Force shut down or hiding the documents that back up their allegations is par for the course. The CDC does a report and Trump hides it. And, then there’s the desire to hide the full report of the Mueller Investigation. Haven’t we been told the Russia investigation is a fake and Trump was exonerated? Why don’t they want this out?

They are now in the Supreme Court seeking to block it being transmitted to Congress despite losing in the lower courts. How much do you want to bet they win by 5 to 4? Has there ever been a Supreme Court more in the bag for a president than the present one?

But back to the China issue. I still don’t get why they are trying to implicate a laboratory near Wuhan. I say that because it makes no sense to the people infected whether it came from the laboratory or the market place where exotic wild life is sold. Then I wonder if the idea is to get all the people saying it could not come from a laboratory but had to come from an infected animal. This would then cut off future inquiry into whether or not it did escape from a laboratory. But why would Trump want that?

I read earlier that the Covid-19 had been in the U.S. back in November. That was long before it was found in China. Then I read this article which said: “A New Jersey mayor who recently tested positive for coronavirus antibodies  believes he contracted the bug back in November — “  Also in the article is this: “Still, research from Mount Sinai Hospital in New York does point to the virus being in the US much earlier than reported after researchers found the bug first came to New York City in February.”

The article goes on: “We were overrun, from what I’m told, in November and December with people very, very sick that … tested negative for flu A, and tested negative for flu B, tested negative for strep that were going repeatedly to their doctors in November, in December,” Melham said.

“And then we’re told that they don’t have a flu, they just have bronchitis. They just have a bad cough or it’s a bad cold and I think that we just weren’t expecting it then, so therefore the doctors didn’t know what to call it or what to expect,” the mayor went on. 

“By no means [am I] saying that I’m a doctor … but it’s very, very, in my opinion, it’s extremely likely [the virus was here in November], based upon my own evidence, based upon my symptoms, based upon my timeline and based upon the hundreds of other people who also believe they were very, very ill at that time period.”

If the virus was in America before China – is it likely that it may have escaped from an American laboratory – if it did, is it likely someone brought it from the United States to China to make it look like it started in China? Is Pompeo worried they will decide the virus is laboratory created so he’s pointing the finger at China hoping no one will check up what happened here?

I don’t think so but – but you know with the Deep State and all that one has to wonder.

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  1. Bleach! Ugh, don’t go that way, bro. Get your head into some orange sunshine, the five-hundred mc barrels. Get squared away. I know you got a freak flag hidden somewhere in your closet.

  2. FDI agent Connolly was convicted of Obstruction of Justice for writing a letter to a judge investigating misconduct in law enforcement. He received a sentence which was upheld by the Court of Appeals in Boston. Two thousand former DOJ and FBI officials have written to A G Barr calling for him to resign while he is investigating misconduct in law enforcement. Based on the Court of Appeals ruling shouldn’t they be charged with Obstruction of Justice? Or is there unequal justice?

  3. Some thought Sen. Bulgers’s grand jury testimony being leaked and in the press was unlawful. Yet they demand the Mueller grand jury minutes be released. Strange. In the 80s there were useful idiots and fellow travellers of Soviet communism. Are there any idiots and travellers of the Chinese communist party in America today? 2. What is your take on the biggest political crime in American history? Obama’s staff spying on the Trump campaign, the opposing political party. After he is elected they continue their effort by running a Seven Days in May attempted coup using the FBI and the Intel guys. What penalty should those conspirators be subject to? There never was any evidence of Flynn wrongdoing or Russian Collusion. It was all fabricated by the Clinton campaign and the DNC.

    1. “The biggest crime——“. I’m glad no presidential candidates broke into opposition headquarters, planned cute little dirty tricks in the office of the AG (subsequently jailed), had so many FBI and CIA plots going that the Director’s job was a turnstile. At least we were spared all that.

  4. Oh, Matty, Matty: Such paranoid miss-speculation. Dog bites man; it must be a Trump supporting American dog, and that dog was infected, and that man in November spread Covid2 throughout the world and Trump and Pompeo are suppressing the real facts, like Florida, which is required to report all deaths on standard forms, is cheating and underreporting to protect Trump, and, and, and, like . . . .TDS.

    Rather than rely on anecdotes, especially from a politically biased Mayor, why not ask the experts.

    The experts, as I read them, and have heard extensively from them (Birx, Fauci, the heads of USPHS, NIH, CDC, top MED schools, Public Health Schools in AMerica and Western Europe) and I do have some expertise in these matters, is that CoVid-II originated in Wuhan, China; the likely source a bat virus that jumped to humans. Now whether this virus originated in the Wuhan LIve Animal Market or whether a Chinese person infected in a mountainous jungle in Western China came to Wuhan, or whether it originated inside a Laboratory (perhaps doing experiments with animals, or experiments with tissues from animals (labs do pathologic, histologic studies on living and preserved tissues and cells) or whether a scientist in that lab came back from that jungle having eaten home-cooked bat) is IRRELEVANT, to a certain extent.

    If the lab mishandled specimens, that is a concern.

    The evidence I’ve read (from numerous scientific sources) is that the Covid-19 is not human-made (genetically engineered in anyone’s lab) but that Covid-19 has come from an animal (bat) to a human being and the first identified case was in Wuhan China.

    I’ve posted previous timelines by National Geographic and a leading Economic journal and others, and as said since January, since this is my field, I’ve read numerous studies confirming these facts: Wuhan was the source; the virus originated in an animal (bat, most likely) and leapt (genetically altered) so that it was transmitted to a human being.

    The First Case in the World was detected in Wuhan, as I recall, in December 2019. At that time, Chinese Scientists were not sure exactly what it was or how infectious or how lethal or whether the elderly and those with co-morbidities would be more susceptible to this virus, or whether the young (under 30) and healthy would be more susceptible or whether children would be most susceptible as with other viruses.

    As said, when America’s top scientists first heard of it, they offered to send medical experts to China. China refused. Doctor Birx, an adviser to Trump and a world renowned authority, said when she and other experts first learned of it . . . .in January . . . they thought it might be like SARS, limited in spread and limited in fatalities.


    Why does the Administration oppose revealing all grand jury testimony? You know the answer to that question. Ever heard of priest penitent confidentiality, doctor patient confidentiality, lawyer client confidentiality, the presumption of innocence . . .you know what SLEAZES LIKE SCHUMER, SCHIFF AND PELOSI would do with un-cross-examined, hearsay statements from unwary witnesses before a grand jury convened to persecute the president based on prosecutorial and fbi misconduct. Please do not pretend you do not know.

    1. William:

      The Miami Herald and other Florida newspapers are reporting that the Florida governor is in fact under counting deaths. By the way Mueller and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee under Republican leadership found Russia in fact aided Trump’s election. By the way, you were wrong about masks since everyone in a responsible position now advocates using them.

  5. Indeed. Another puzzle is why it jumped directly to Iran so fast. Not other nations .. Iran. And to Iranian leadership.

    1. Good question: There were three loci, foci, or epicenters. Wuhan, Lombardy Italy, and New York City. Wuhan infected the world sending 11 million tourists from January 1 to January 31 throughout the world; and even after travel bans/restrictions were imposed China continued international flights out of China into the first week or two of February, although on or about Jan 23 it stopped all transportation out of Wuhan, and its province, Hubei Province. (I think that’s how they spell it.)
      Lombardy got hit hard because many Chinese tourists flocked there, and more so after the U.S. banned/restricted Chinese travelers from entering AMerica (except returning citizens who were heavily screened.)
      That NYC was an epicenter is attested to by the fact that the 100 counties in NY, NJ, Conn, that surround NYC account for more than 50% of the deaths and more than 50% of the case in the entire U.S. Subtracting those deaths and cases, the U.S. has about as many cases and deaths as Slovenia per capita, and less than Germany.

      Lombardy infected Spain, France, the Lowlands, U.K, Ireland, all with more deaths and cases, per capita than the U.S

      HOw did Italy infect Iran? Well, it is a hop, skip and a jump from Italy to Greece to Istanbul and the Black Sea and southeastward to Iran.

      Why has Ukraine had far fewer deaths and cases than Iran? This is where we begin to consider if Slavic countries have an increased immunity to the virus, as almost all the Slavic countries from Croatia, Slovenia toBelurus, the Urkaine and Russia have lower rates than Western European Countries generally.

      The Scandinavian Countries are interesting. Per Capita, Sweden which relied on herd immunity and some limited social distancing has about three times the rates of death per capita than some other Scandinavian countries and six to seven times higher than others. Look at numbers per capita for Sweden and compare with Norway, Denmark, Finland.

      But be careful, because we want to see what these Northern Countries show over the long run: Obviously the partial herd immunity approach will result in more deaths at the outset. Let’s see what happens over the long run. Time will tell. As with wearing masks, many studies show they not only don’t work in the general population, they actually cause more harm than good.

      South Korea has shown the Covid II virus has A LONG TAIL. In other words once the epidemic peaks (with all precautions of social distancing, washing hands, wearing facemasks, limiting immigration) and it looks like the virus is contained, for months afterwards cases and deaths continue. It is baffling at times.

      A friend said to me it is intuitive that masks work. He said think of bullet proof vest. I said, yes, if the bullet proof vest is worn properly, if the bullets do not hit the eyes, or if there exists very small bullets (particles) that fly right through the bullet proof vests like neutrinos fly through planet Earth.

      Earth calling. Come on down to earth. Do you read me?

      1. Good stuff but in the face of such overwhelming evidence, why the show by Pompeo and Trump. (The NYU woman referred to the “skeletons” of the virus being very telling–you probably know what she’s talking about.)

        BTW-this unreconstructed Humphrey Liberal was appalled by the questioning surrounding the fact that the White House staff was tested and protected so much compared to ordinary citizens. Of course they are! They are in daily contact with the President of the United States. They better be! What obvious bull shit. They give what you call MSW plenty cause of embarrassment for the lunch pail liberals like me.

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