Do Federal Judges Appointed By Obama Need Secret Service Protection?

Trump is not sleeping well. He has judges on his mind. He’s fighting a desperate battle to keep his financial affairs hidden. He was in Tokyo a day or two ago but he was up early.

Here’s are Trump’s latest thoughts on judges:

Earlier last week Judge Amit Mehta found that Congress was in its right to subpoena financial records of Trump. In one of his impromptu talks to the media on his way to some event or another Trump said:We disagree with that ruling. It’s crazy.” . . . “We will appeal it. “It’s totally the wrong decision by, obviously, an Obama-appointed judge.”  (my emphasis)  

On the 24th Trump tweeted: “Mitch McConnell and our Republican Senators have been very solid and strong. We have accomplished a great deal together, in particular with our Courts, 107 Federal Judges….(with many more to come) and 2 Supreme Court Justices – we are getting into record territory! Thank you all and have a great Memorial Day Weekend.”  

On the 25th @realDonaldTrump sent out this tweet: “Another activist Obama appointed judge has just ruled against us on a section of the Southern Wall that is already under construction. This is a ruling against Border Security and in favor of crime, drugs and human trafficking. We are asking for an expedited appeal!” (my emphasis) The time stamp was  — “:”  That means this was posted by Trump in Tokyo at 4:35 AM. Is he all right?

Trump is obviously suggesting that Obama judges are biased and their rulings are not to be taken seriously, or as he says “crazy.” This is a major jump in rhetoric by a president attacking a ruling by referring to the appointing authority which indicates to many of his followers that the judges are not following the law but are deciding cases based upon outside factors.

Amidst these references to Obama judges he then noted his many federal judicial appointments including two on the Supreme Court. These by implication he suggests will not be like Obama judges but will be Trump judges who will decide differently. What are we to make of such statement boldly telling people that there is no objective law? Is this what we want the American people to believe that judges are mere pawns of who appoints them?

Those strong Trump supporters are being given the signal that judges appointed by Obama are standing in the way of Trump’s agenda. Sure he can appoint many as he is doing but the Obama judges will still be there to infect the judicial system. Is this his way of suggesting to his true believers they might want to do something to change the situation?

It is not far-fetched to think that Trump wants to bring the judiciary under his control. He has several cases going to the Supreme Court where he is trying to stop parties from responding to Congressional subpoenas. Is there any doubt he’d feel better with one or two more of his judges on that Court?

Trump’s rabid followers are capable of many things. “Charisma magazine, the leading media voice of Pentecostal and charismatic Christians, has run at least half a dozen articles contemplating the possibility of an imminent civil war in America.” according to this article. This  idea of violence has been encouraged by Trump who said: “I can tell you I have the support of the police, the support of the military, the support of the Bikers for Trump – I have the tough people, but they don’t play it tough — until they go to a certain point, and then it would be very bad, very bad. “

I suggest in these days where Trump is in danger of losing some significant cases that we may be at that “certain point.” It may be wise for Secret Service Agents to be assigned to guard at least the four Supreme Court justices who vote against Trump’s team. it may even be necessary to extend the protection to all those he attacks or are appointed by Obama.

That was would be something quite new in America; but a president attacking court decisions based on who appointed the judge is also something new.

6 thoughts on “Do Federal Judges Appointed By Obama Need Secret Service Protection?

  1. I guess President Bonespurs can do no wrong. Its nice to hear those clear thinking, right wing, separatist cattle, that think Bonespurs is working for them, argue rationally, and never engage in ad hominem attacks.

    And thank God for Joseph Moakley. He would be appalled at Bonespurs. Because Joe could not be hustled.

  2. And I’d like to mention the type of men who are BIKERS FOR TRUMP….. I’m sure they are just like my lifelong friend from Savin Hill, Steve Driscoll, of Sagamore Street, who did four tours in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War, and was one of those special forces Air Force machine gunners on the attack helicopters, and who was the Chapter President of the Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club of Southern California, as Steve lived with his wife in Atascadero California and I got to see him there after Hutch and I went to visit friends in California who attended our Savin Hill Cornpoppers Reunion in 2000. Fourty four guys showed up from our crew, and many of those guys served during Vietnam, and Stevey flew all the way in from California to attend, and the night his plane landed, miracle of miracles, the house where he lived on Savin Hill in the 1950s and 1960s caught fire and a picture of it was in the third page of the Boston Herald . . . .
    Steve Driscoll with the Air Force, Bob Simonin with the Army who was an electrician and moved to California and became a rancher with 500 head of cattle, are the type of men who are Americans who make up the Bikers for Trump . . . .

    No doubt, too, there are loyal Americans, Veterans and non Veterans alike, on all sides of the political spectrum, and none that I know are looking to knock off judges . . . .So, no, we don’t need the Secret Service to be concerned about loyal Americans, altho they might keep an eye on Sky who thinks all Trump appointees are crooks, liars and thieves.

  3. Trump has appointed great judges. 20% of them were law clerks for Clarence Thomas. Conservative, Originalist judges will follow the Constitution and written law. Liberal judges won’t. They just make it up. They look for emanations and pnumbras that don’t exist. Steve Bannon said that the list of 20 judges Trump would appoint to the Supreme Court won him the election. It may have. 2. At the State of the Union address Obama decried the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. Alito shook his head no for misstating it. So criticism of Courts is commonplace. 3. At the Arlington burial grounds the Memorial day speeches by VP Pence, Gen. Dunford and Sec. Shanahan were all well done.

    1. Trumps judges are all political and decided by the Center of National Policy right wingers lead by the Koch Bros and Mercer’s and Murdochs et al. There is zero humanity in the bunch. They are all control freaks who want all the land goods and money. All similar to Putin as they don’t care how they cheat rob steal to get it.

      1. Funny how leftists can not argue rationally, but only engage in ad hominem attacks. Matt sees scary stuff from Trump who he likens to Hitler and Stalin. Matt fears the BIKERS FOR TRUMP will rise up and do what, a barroom brawl?
        Sky of course hits the nail on the head by noting all TRUMP’S judges are like PUTIN

        From Sky and Matt, the Sky is Falling and the dirty rotten Ruskies are taken over America under President Trump.

        And we are to believe there is no such thing as Liberal jurists who ignore the plain meaning of the US Constitution . . .you boys must revisit the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade Case, where the only judge in Massachusetts who got THE LAW, THE US CONSTITUTION, correct on the FIRST AMENDMENT’S FREEDOM OF SPEECH was the erudite conservative Joseph R. Nolan, a practicing devout Roman Catholic, who also just happened to be the co editor of BLACK’S LAW DICTIONARY.

        Conservative jurists know how to preserve, defend, protect, conserve and correctly interpret and apply THE LAW.

        too many LEFTISTS, LIBERALS< THINK that the Constitution's and Statutes' words are infinitely malleable, like NC said, they see penumbras and emanations, clouds, ghosts and shadows rising from the plain language of the Constitution and Statute.

        And if you don't think there is a difference between Conservative Jurists and Liberal Jurists you are deluding yourself . . .it is how they view the law , , , ,one looks at the language, the other looks around him at how the politically correct want him to rule, i.e., as the Massachusetts judges said, a St. Patrick's Day Parade lacks a cohesive message, and therefore cannot claim First Amendment protection, Why, because the Boston Globe's leftists told him to make up that asinine idiocy and shove that liberal leftist garbage down the AMerican citizens throat for the purpose of advancing the judges' and the Boston Globe's social liberal quackery on the AMerican People.

        1. As a proud veteran of the United States Public Health Service, paid grade Lt-03, Navy Uniforms, who served at the National Institutes on Drug Abuse, and elsewhere and who got into the Service after a meeting with Congressman Joseph Moakley, who joined the Navy during World War II at the age of sixteen, and who boxed there and at Miami, where he graduated . . . .Joe had me come meet him and I sat in a chair for an hour while he talked with Congressman Dan Flood, Pennsylvania, I believe, who was the chairman of Armed Services or something, and they talked out of earshot, and then I heard I was accepted into the USPHS which is made up mostly of doctors, nurses, public health folks, and I received VETERANS BENEFITS which helped me pay for law school nights at Suffolk, and I mostly just sat at a desk and read and wrote stuff, and I was lucky then, it was just after Vietnam, I was in college and med school during Vietnam and got a high draft number, 303, as I was born on Mick Jagger’s birthday . . .

          And the reason I bring this up is to say I liked the Memorial Day comments and every Memorial Day weekend I try to go over to South Boston to see the Monuments to the Veterans and pass by the square on Broadway named for my uncle Jimmy Rogers who was killed in WWII and to see the bust of my cousin Billy Rogers outside the L Street Bathhouse who was killed on the streets of Boston and to see the benches dedicated to my friends Jim Kaine, the former Jesuit priest, and Father Saunders and Doctor Crosskerry’s Memorial . . .all my friends and many more who are remembered there on the walls in photos done by Joe Parrish who was the chief graphic artist at the Boston Globe . . .Joe was a WWII Veteranand lost his brother in that war, and Father Saunders brother got the Silver Star and was killed on Saipan in WWII and Doctor Crosskerry was chief physician at the Veterans Hospital in Jamaica Plain and was a surgeon in WWII, Korea and during two tours in Vietnam . . . .

          And so we remember all our family members who fought and served overseas and on the home front, and all those who died in service to our country

          And it is in the small towns and in the neighborhoods like Savin Hill and South Boston that they are remembered and that the bright lights of the AMerican dream, of Freedom, are kept burning . . . .as was promised, LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, nad the freedom of expression, even if it is somewhat rambling , , , ,FEEL FREE, ROCK ON, YOU DON’T HAVE TO AGREE , , , ,

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