Do You Think These People Out Protesting On The Street Have A Reason To Be There?

In 1999 Boston Globe columnist Adrian Walker  complained about the deal that  John Martorno was offered by the federal prosecutor. He wrote: “You can commit one of the worst massacres in this city’s bloody history and pay no price at all. The lives of Smith, Dickson, and Barrett meant virtually nothing.”

I’ve written before about this. I wrote on April 26, 2016, “Did you read about that young Boston woman Elizabeth “Liz” Dixon (sic) a 19-year-old student who recently graduated from St. Joseph’s parochial high school in Roxbury? She was murdered on Saturday morning January 6, 1968. Her murder was on page 17 of the Sunday Globe and the next day on page 34. It never was mentioned again in that newspaper. It was far from national news. No one talked about how horrendous it was.” 

The murder was first mentioned the day it happened in the evening Globe on Saturday, January 6, 1968 on page one. It did not include the name of Dixon, the proper spelling of her last name being Dickson, because she had not been identified by that time. It only had that of Herbert Smith, age 47  who was identified as the assistant manager of Basin St. South.

Her name would be mentioned in two other articles. On Sunday, January 7, 1968, on page 17 where it said police were “baffled as to the reason for this vicious murder.”  Then it identified the other two victims, Dickson, 19, and Douglas Barrett, 17. It noted then the young woman “was dressed in a purple knit “go-go outfit,” while not mentioning how the men were dressed.

Monday, January 8, 1968, was the last time it was mentioned. It was on page 34 where it spelled Dickson’s name as Dixon. I guess it was not important enough to keep it straight. It said the police were hunting in vain for clues.

Martorano had made arrangements to meet with Smith He was driven there and walked to the car. He got into the back seat. Smith was behind the steering wheel, the young woman next to him in the passenger seat, and the 17-year-old youngster in the back seat next to him as he climbed in. He quickly shot them obviously knowing two of them were very young.

Actually there were clues here, there and everywhere. Somehow they eluded the police. It had been snowing that night. A trail of blood led away from the car for a block. The car was found at 5:30 a.m. and a cigarette was still smoldering in Dickson’s hand. The guy who did it, John Martorno, walked away at 3:30 a.m. and put the gun under some trash lying in the snow; he went down to the main street and hailed a cab, he had the cab stop at a pay phone, he then went to his buddies house in the cab. All the police had to do was locate the cab driver and the case would be wrapped up.

There was more than that. Smith and Martorano were seen at the same time around 1:15 a.m. by a vice police officer at Basin Street. The FBI knew from an informant that Steve Flemmi, Martorano’s friend,  had been beaten up at Basin Street around that time by a black bartender which was Smith. Yet as far as one can tell from the media, unlike stories involving other murders never mind triple murders, the investigation went no where. It was not until Martorano got his sweetheart deal from federal prosecutors of 12 years in prison for 20 murders did he tell how he murdered them and it was obvious how many clues there were that could have been pursued had anyone cared just a little bit.

It was mentioned in only three articles and then it disappeared until it was mentioned 31 years later. Neither the police commissioner, the mayor, the governor nor any state elected official expressed any concern over the murders of two teenagers and a forty-seven year old man. No one came out to offer their condolences to the families or vowed to press on until the killers could be found. It was like, “oh well, another auto incident, let’s get a cup of coffee.”

Don’t you think it is all so strange that so little was made of this triple murder? It was never solved nor did anyone really inquire about it after a day or two. How could it have been given such short shrift?

Did I mention that the victims were African-Americans?


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  1. How have the liberal Democrat Mayors done during the riot and pandemic? Can anyone defend them? All have failed.

  2. I’m blinded by the reflective light emanating from the blazing halos of the Righteous Right. Aren’t we lucky to be in the presence of such nobility. Ugh.

    1. The light from the Right is far more illuminating and true, than the pallor from the politically-correct, pro-abort, pro-euthanasia, anti-traditions, anti-flag, anti-family, anti-American, Big Government, Subservient, Big Taxes, Welfare State-ism, ill liberal, knee-jerk, mob-mentality, mind-numbing, radical leftist Left, which has sold its soul for march in lockstep with atheistic antagonists and to march against God, Country, Life, Motherhood, and Traditional American Values.

      Give me ten men, who are stout hearted men, who will fight for the right they adore; start me with ten stout hearted men and I’ll soon give you ten thousand more; shoulder to shoulder and bolder and bolder they march to the fore; when stout hearted men who are proudly Pro-American, Pro-Flag, Pro-Country, Pro-Life and Pro-Traditional Values, and against the Leftists Bolshevik Mind-Numbing Mentality, against the Orwellian Oppressive Big State, Big Brother who squelches all dissent, who squelches all reason, to impose NEW THINK, on us . . . .it is the stout hearted men and women on the Right who will Fight for the Rights and Values we cherish as free men and free women in the greatest country and the greatest system of government the world has ever seen . . .it is the men and women on the Right who will save America from the radical Leftists’ agenda, as personified by pro-aborts Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and the leftists Dems who have taken over and radicalized the Democratic Party and its apparatchiks, its tools, in the leftist Main Stream Media,

      You have correctly defined the battleground: it is Right versus Left; it is not a class struggle, nor a racial/ethnic struggle; it is a struggle for the heart and soul of America, the heart and soul of Mankind, between CONSERVATIVES on the Right and LIBERALS on the Left.

      I once was a liberal until Presidential candidate Ronald Reagan, writer/philosophers like Thomas Sowell, Pat Buchanan, Bill Buckley, SHINED THE LIGHT on me and opened my eyes. Milton Friedman enlightened, too, with his pro-capitalistic economics. Today, Thomas Sowell’s thoughtful apostles, men like Shelby Steele and the Morton Center (both were on Mark Levin’s last night) have continued to shine the light on the value of the American System, of private enterprise, of limited government, and since Reagan’s Presidency, I have been convinced that the CONSERVATIVE socio-political approach to government and to values and to character development is far superior to the liberal pablum espoused by the likes of Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, the corrupt New York Times, the corrupt Washington Boston, the corrupt CNN and MSNBC which editorializes that the American Flag is meaningless . . .the corruption is on the Left . . . .Trump-Pence in 2020: the RIGHT VISION FOR AMERICA; Pro-life; Pro-Individual; against the Orwellian Nightmare of Big Brother and the Bolshevik’s Crushing Conceptualization: BIG GOVERNMENT

      Free the people: support CONSERVATIVISM; less taxes, less regulation, less oppressive, intrusive government; Power to the American People, a free people unshackled to the Welfare State. Free Speech, free expression, free association, but the first freedom articulated in the First Amendment to the US Constitution: FREEDOM OF RELIGION>

      1. CORRECTION: Bob Woodson, founder of the Woodson Center . . .not the Morton Center.
        The Woodson Center was founded 38 years ago; it assists families in poverty who are achieving against the odds; it is a grass roots movement with 2,500 volunteers/workers in 38 states; it is “the antithesis of the poverty programs” according to Bob Woodson, and it is against the Welfare State Mentality . . . .it encourages and abets individual initiative, and seeks to spread the success stories throughout the poorest communities in America . . .it supports those who strive for excellence under the toughest of circumstances . . .it is for school choice . . .it empowers low income people . . . .Bob Woodson said last night that 70% of the money from the Poverty Programs went to the bureaucrats who were supposedly “serving” the poor, and only 30% went to the poor. Bob Woodson saw that government policies, the Welfare State, kept people in poverty and actually broke up families, demeaned Christian Faith, so that from about 1960 when 85% of black marriages were intact, with a father and mother raising children, until today when 75% of black families are a single mother raising children. The Big Brother, Big Government Welfare State helped disintegrate, destroy minority families and helped sever the tie between minority families and local churches, and instead tied minority families to THE STATE, to BIG GOVERNMENT, to Orwell’s Nightmare, BIG BROTHER overriding and riding roughshod over traditional families and diminishing individual initiative in favor of dependency on Big Government.
        this is what LIBERALISM brought us . . . .broken families, enhanced poverty, entrenched poverty, worsening public education, worsening public health as Big Brother futilely tried to replace the Family and the Individual, as the Big Bolshevik State tried to replace PERSONAL FREEDOM with governmental control . . . .

      2. “The light from the Right is far more illuminating and true, than the pallor from the politically-correct, pro-abort, pro-euthanasia, anti-traditions, anti-flag, anti-family, anti-American, Big Government, Subservient, Big Taxes, Welfare State-ism, ill liberal, knee-jerk, mob-mentality, mind-numbing, radical leftist Left, which has sold its soul for march in lockstep with atheistic antagonists and to march against God, Country, Life, Motherhood, and Traditional American Values.”

        So these aren’t the words of a bigot? Feeking pathetic. I’m out. Good bye, boys and girls.

  3. wa-llahi! You (pl.) say bugaloo, we say Ceausecu. Let’s call the whole thing off.

  4. wa-llahi, Bill, please respect my right to make fun of you when you write goofy things.

    1. Khalid, you mistakenly operate under the assumption that your right to free speech, somehow stifles others’ right to free expression . . .you “feel” irrationally, that you can make fun of me, and I am not supposed to rebut your joviality, that I must remain silent while you throw stones and mud . . .it is the obverse of the heckler’s veto . . . .because you don’t like what I write, has zero bearing on what I write or how I express myself . . .

      Of course, it is typical Leftist thinking, that their views are SACROSANCT and beyond refutation, and anyone who disagrees with a LEFTIST must be a Bigot, Racist, Sexist, Homophobe or Deplorable or other type of DEFECTIVE or INFERIOR whatever else reflexive EPITHETS liberals casually hurl at folks who don’t like them, who don’t subscribe to Leftist, Communist, Bolshevik, Big Brother, Big Government Ideologies.


      1. wa-llahi! More of your pompous screed? The flag’s just a rag, man. Back in the day, I’d proudly display Ol’Gory on the seat of my jeans. It makes a good patch and is excellent starter fuel for the barbecue, and, not much else. Go overseas sometime. To many in the world, the American flag is a symbol of domination.

  5. Maine artist Robert Shetterly graduated from Harvard University
    about the same time I was working in East Cambridge for harpsichord
    builder William Dowd. Dowd was also a Harvard graduate.
    Back then it was called Lechmere Square, a site comprised of
    block long 19th century industrial factories.

    Shetterly’s Harvard degree was in English. Rob would go on to
    paint over 200 portraits in a series called Americans Who Tell
    The Truth which can be viewed at his website of the same name.
    I have always admired Rob Shetterly’s word slinging, his essays
    that love to scrape the bones of your uncommon sense.

    If you google his name with the word common dreams you will
    be able to read his essays.

    This is his latest essay published this week

    The Murder of George Floyd: The Longest Running Play in America

    Submitted by editor on 01 June 2020 – 01:40pm
    “The great evil of American slavery was not involuntary servitude, but rather the narrative of racial differences we created to legitimize slavery. Because we never dealt with that evil, I don’t think slavery ended in 1865, it just evolved.” – Bryan Stevenson

    In other newes……..

    ‘Surreal’ PHOTOS of FBI employees kneeling amid protests in DC spark confusion & calls for ‘disciplinary action’
    6 Jun, 2020 02:46 /

  6. All you can do is try to be fair, honest, and just in your own heart. Of course it takes some self-reflection. The worst bigots I’ve met in my life are leftist-liberals, the radical left.

    Some liberals think that unless you think like them there’s something wrong with you: usually the terms the leftist-liberals throw around are racist, sexist, homophobe . . .the terms are most often used to stifle or silence opposing views .. . .

    Leftist-liberals can tolerate anything except opposing views; Leftist-liberals claim adherence to “diversity” but for the most part they cannot abide diversity of opinion.

    I’ll repeat: the worst bigots and racists I’ve encountered in my life are those who point the finger of racism or sexism or homophobia at others.

    1. You see, what plagues the Main Stream Media today is a lack of objectivity; the MSM truly has become an arm of leftist Democrats; the MSM believes their leftist views make them morally superior and intellectually superior to the hoi polloi, les miserables, the deplorables, ordinary folks. Today’s MSM, leftist Dems and leftists Academic delusionally believe themselves to be morally and intellectually superior to the moderates and conservatives in America.
      If only we poor folks could be as enlightened as the pseudo-intellectual leftists who reign over Academia, the Media and the FEDs (Deep State) then all would be well in America and the World.
      Thank God, rational folks with traditional all-American values (Faith, Family, Community, Country) do not fall for the leftists’ agitprop.

      We’ve seen these Leftists before: Commies, 1917 Russian Revolutionaries, all power to their Deep State, their Dictatorship of the Proletariat, anti-religion, anti-God, anti-individual, anti-individual; pro-subservience to leftist ideologies. George Orwell wrote about them in 1984 and Animal Farm . . . .BOLSHEVIKS writ large today as radical LEFTIST-LIBERALS. Identity politics, character assassinations, mud-slingers, GROUP-THINK . . .the mob . . . .the mindless mob . . . .the leftists who hate their parents, their traditions, the faiths of their forebears, who hate America; the LEFTISTS who want to rewrite and revise American History and portray Americans as oppressors . . . .we know who the LEFTISTS are and their singing the same Marxist-Leninist songs of YESTERYEAR


    2. “The worst bigots I’ve met in my life are leftist-liberals, the radical left.”

      The worst bigots I have ever met are the old 10th Generation, Brahmin Bostonians I met while living on an estate on Milton Hill for nine years. Republicans all. Blacks were niggers, Irish were Apes, Jews were kikes. Basically they only like themselves. Their own families and their WASP neighbors that they have cocktails with every day at four. And the worst person on earth was Joe Kennedy. I really pissed them off on a regular schedule by claiming that they hated him because he made more money in one generation than they did in ten. I don’t know if it was true but it really got them hot.

      Then in 74-75 when I was guarding the lot at Stop & Shop headquarters down on D Street I met the next most bigoted people in my life. (Yes, that longhair standing next to the street in a cop uniform from 3 to 6 with the Stalin moustache was me) I made a lot of friends in Southie those days. Some of the best people I have ever met. And some of the most racist bigots this side of Milton Hill. They did not hide it nor were they ashamed of it.

      You paint with way to broad a brush, Savin Hill Billy. I’m a bigot and I know and admit it. You are a bigot and are in denial. It isn’t a crime, Bill. It a fact of life. Face yourself.

      1. I deny your allegation. I do not have a bigoted bone in my body. Any biases I picked up by some misguided folks in school or in the neighborhood, were eradicated early on in life.

        I knew some sociopaths and some haters in my neighborhood, but they were few and far between. The vast majority of men and women, boys and girls, I met growing up . . .in Southie, Savie (Dorchester) in public grammar school (the Motley) seventh and eighth grade at Boston Latin, high school at B.C.HIgh and college at Boston College and nine years of graduate school, and having played a ton sports (MVP on BC High’s football team (1962), One of Six YMCA City of Boston Basketball Champions from Savin Hill (1960), in CYO basketball, on park league basketball teams into my early-mid twenties . . .we played sports against kids of every race, religion and ethnic group . . .I danced and dated girls of every race, religion and ethnic group . . .through blood and marriage, I am relate persons of every race, religion, ethnic group and sexual orientation in America ; I am also related to and have lifelong friends of every political persuasion and musical proclivity in America; we had a rock & roll band playing down the Cape (100 would show up at our Marshfield Cottage on Friday and Saturday nights, the summer of 1965) . . . .and YES, I WALKED ON THE WILD SIDE, AND yes we played “wild thing” by the Trogs in 1966 and danced to Mustang Sally in 1967, and yes, myself along with my lifelong friends from Savin Hill, were in over 100 scraps, scuffles, brawls, fist fights . . .it was part of growing up in Southie, Savie, Dorchester, Brighton-Allston . . .As Danny Ryan said, “We won some; we lost some; and some were rained out.” But we were scrappy and two-fisted . . .we were never bullies . . . .

        And As i started to say ; ; ; ;I was not and am not a bigot, prejudiced, biased . . . I DENY YOUR ACCUSATION . . .AS THE KINGFISH SAID, “I DENY THE ALLEGATION AND I DENY THE ALLEGATOR”

        The problem with many liberals . . . .they have a guilt complex . . . .they think since they were or are biased . . .they are effete intellectual snobs with superiority complexes and deep abiding guilt (most of them) . . . .they think because they themselves are bigots and are insufferable snobbish boors, that every other human being must be a bigot and boor, and that’s why most liberals love to point the finger of bigotry (the guilty finger) at others . . .

        the fact is, Jack, that the vast, vast majority of Americans are fair-minded, honest and strive to be just

        The fact is there is good and bad in all individuals.

        The fact is some people like Howie Carr delight in throwing stones, demeaning, slinging mud, and are CHARACTER ASSASSINS.

        Government Enhanced Poverty, the Welfare State, and LIBERALISM itself are DISEASES, de-humanizing diseases.

        So, too, do the mudslingers and character assassins knowingly cause stress in others, and knowing that stress impairs the immune system which thereby is more susceptible to disease, THEREFORE, the mud-slingers, the character assassins themselves knowingly and intentionally are VECTORS OF DISEASE, as surely as if they were pathogenic viruses.

        LIBERALISM, especially the leftist variant of liberalism practiced by today’s Main Stream Media and today’s Democrats (by and large) is a DISEASE in and of itself, as it predisposes to diseases, dehumanizes, impairs the immune system, and leads to disease and rot in communities as well as in individuals.

        We must do everything within our power to peacefully eradicate LIBERALISM’s sway, its mind-numbing, mind-controlling, mob mentality, group-think, Big-Government-Kow-Towing, de-humanizing sway.

        Squash Liberalism, isolate and eradicate it, as if it were an infectious disease, which it it.

        1. A well constructed first half of your reply which I have read on this blog before. The second half of your reply is classic bigotry. I’m not calling you a racist, Bill. I know you are not. A racist believes that one race is superior OR inferior to another BY NATURE. Get it. Racism is a word like ironically. It is in the top ten misused words in the English language.

          Calling someone a bigot is like calling someone ignorant. It is a fact, not a crime. Your attitude towards liberals is totally bigoted.

          “We must do everything within our power to peacefully eradicate LIBERALISM’s sway, its mind-numbing, mind-controlling, mob mentality, group-think, Big-Government-Kow-Towing, de-humanizing sway.”

          Here is a classic bigoted statement. And it is false. Your prejudice is wrong. You are painting with a ten inch wide brush. A person recently said to me that anyone that asks to not have an obituary in a newspaper is a selfish, arrogant jerk. That is bigoted and he is totally ignorant. He feels differently. So be it. Are you getting the point, Bill? Everything you typed after your KIngfish reference is bullshit. You say there is good and bad in all individuals and then you rip apart millions of Americans without a single bit of room for them to breath.

  7. Reading replies posted here I realize we are never going to eradicate racism in this country.

  8. How come we do not see videos of white guys being chased down the street and shot for forgery or non-support? Does the MSM bury those stories?

    Anyway, I would like to see the protesters show some discipline in the ranks and end their demonstration and leave the field at a specific time-before nightfall. Then those remaining will not have the cover of the crowd and the peaceful protesters. The thugs and opportunists and those with murder and mayhem in their heart would be exposed for what they are and be dealt with accordingly.

  9. 52 years ago a horrible crime. Then the media and police failed. Today the police are assaulted, knifed, shot and murdered by these so called protesters. These rioters should be subdued but the liberal DAs and Mayors won’t act. Total neglect to protect the Police and the public. The Police are not racists and the criminal justice system isn’t either. The claim is a malicious lie. In over thirty years working in the Boston Courts I never encountered Racist cops, judges, prosecutors, probation officers or lawyers. Were there any racist cops in the State Police or the Quincy Police? If so could you name them. 2. Larry Elder says that there are 10 million arrests every year. Police killings of Blacks have gone down 80% over the last 40 years. There were 19 killings by police of unarmed Whites and only 10 of unarmed Blacks. Most of those were in self defense and only two cops were charged. Media and Democrat propaganda have misled some naive young people.. Some dumb adults thought there was Russian Collusion and Flynn committed a crime. Both of those were obvious hoaxes. 3. The liberal Democrat Mayors have done a pathetic job on covid 19, protecting the health of the citizens and protecting the property and safety of their residents by ignoring the destruction of the looters and arsonists. As Ross Perot said there will be a giant sucking sound ( he was referring to NAFTA and the loss of jobs to Mexico) but it will be the law abiding fleeing the big cities. Those protesting or rioting have no proper reason for doing so. And as the AG in Minnesota said this will be tough case to prove.

    1. I agree. I view these protests as being part and parcel of the upcoming presidential contest. These are the liberals, as were the pussymarchers, marching in lockstep with the leftist Main Stream Media, creating a false narrative of widespread systemic racism in America. Kneeling on a man’s neck for nine minutes was horribly wrong, an INSTANCE of police brutality, causing or contributing to George’s death. I’ve experienced police brutality. There are bad cops, but it is not systemic. There are bad doctors, bad lawyers, bad judges, but the bad apples do not characterize, do not typify the system. They are the exceptions. We, our society, should strive to weed out the bad apples.

      But we don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

      The leftists hate America, American traditions, America’s proud history. An actress wrote an op-ed in NBC’s THINK, Christine Baranski I think is her name, and her opinion was that the American Flag had no meaning, or if anything, it symbolized a corrupt, systemically racist, unjust, oppressive society.

      Of course, she is one of the pampered elites, who has benefited immensely and profited much from the American System . . .an award winning actress, she typifies leftists in her hatred of President Trump and her enlistment in the RESISTANCE.





      MANY LEFTISTS FAVOR THE VIEW THAT MINORITIES ARE victims, WHEN IN FACT IN AMERICA minorities and women are the beneficiaries of the greatest experiment in human history of establishing a system of justice for all: The United States of America.

      I, an Irish-American, black Irish with Spanish blood coursing in his veins, a Irish-American whose grandparents came from Galway, Mayo-Roscommon border and Kilkenny, and Irish-American related by blood and marriage to just about every ethnic, racial and religious group in America, was raised to believe and do believe that all human beings are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights to LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, and I believe the United States of America has striven throughout its history to live up to that ideal: Equality, equal justice under the law . . . .not equality of outcomes . . . .but equality of opportunity.

      Yes, it is a continuing effort, and yes, the USA is the best system in history to achieve the dream . . .and yes, we will continue to fight the good fight against leftist-liberals who seek to undermine our vaunted, esteemed, systems of governance . . . a free people, Americans . . .give me liberty or give me death, said Patrick Henry, and please stop giving us the leftist-liberal pablum . . .

      The problem in America, today, in my humble opinion is SYSTEMIC LIBERALISM, which has infected the MSM, some in the judiciary, and some in Federal, State and Local Governments, and some in the private sector, especially Academia. A secondary problem is SYSTEMIC INTERVENTIONISM, personified by the NEOCONS.

      to be continued:

      1. Wa-llahi! Humble? Glorious Leader should draft you. Your Goebels shtick would be more effective blasting out of a loudspeaker mounted on the roof of the Whitehouse. Give your fingers a rest. Make an audio tape for Trump. Who knows, maybe, there’s a cabinet position available. Glorious Leader loves propaganda. Also, use more capital letters in your posts, it tips the reader off that you are serious fellow.

  10. If America is a bastion of racism, how is it that we had an African-American president for eight years, elected twice? How is it that African-Americans have recently occupied and/or now occupy every lofty position there is: president, governor, mayor, senator, congressman, university president, plus all the secretaries of state, defense, etc, , and attorneys general?

    1. wa-llahi! The prisons are full of African Americans, too. Bourgeois Blacks are crueler toward their social lessors than any white man could be. Class struggle within the African American community can be intense. Paul Robeson was a Communist. Dr. King ran with the commies, as, well. Foreman had a party card. BLM continues the tradition.

    2. Right on, JPC. America is the land of opportunity. The leftists falsely portray America. The only real systemic problem in America is systemic leftist-liberals. The radical left is a rot in America. Not all liberals are leftists. Many liberals still revere God, Faith, Family, Freedom, Traditions and the American Flag.

      Unlike that leftist op-ed writer for NBC who wrote that the American Flag has no meaning. A leftist ignoramus. To think she penned that op-ed on the week of D-Day and within a week or so of Flag Day.

  11. Brooklyn Sociology Professor Alex Vitale Is doing some
    good work around policing.

    The End of Policing Hardcover –
    by Alex S. Vitale (Author)

    How the police endanger us and why we need to find an alternative
    Recent years have seen an explosion of protest against police brutality and repression—most dramatically in Ferguson, Missouri, where longheld grievances erupted in violent demonstrations following the police killing of Michael Brown. Among activists, journalists, and politicians, the conversation about how to respond and improve policing has focused on accountability, diversity, training, and community relations. Unfortunately, these reforms will not produce results, either alone or in combination. The core of the problem must be addressed: the nature of modern policing itself. “Broken windows” practices, the militarization of law enforcement, and the dramatic expansion of the police’s role over the last forty years have created a mandate for officers that must be rolled back.

    This book attempts to spark public discussion by revealing the tainted origins of modern policing as a tool of social control. It shows how the expansion of police authority is inconsistent with community empowerment, social justice—even public safety. Drawing on groundbreaking research from across the world, and covering virtually every area in the increasingly broad range of police work, Alex Vitale demonstrates how law enforcement has come to exacerbate the very problems it is supposed to solve.

    In other newes….

    The Plot to Kill Martin Luther King Jr
    attorney William Pepper

    King Was Still Alive

    In one of the shocking bits of information revealed in his 2017 book, Pepper says King actually survived the shot and was still alive when he arrived at St. Joseph’s Hospital and that he was killed by a doctor.

    The hospital story was told to Pepper by a man names Johnton Shelby, whose mother, Lula Mae Shelby, had been a surgical aide at St. Joseph’s that night. Shelby told Pepper the story of how his mother came home the morning after the shooting and shared this story with the family:

    She described Chief of surgery Dr. Breen Bland entering the emergency room with two men in suits. Seeing doctors working on King, Bland commanded, “Stop working on the [N-word] and let him die! Now all of you get out of here, right now. Everybody get out.”

    Johnton Shelby says his mother described hearing the sound of the three men sucking up saliva into their mouths and then spitting. Lula Mae said she looked back over her shoulder as she was leaving the room and saw that the breathing tube had been removed from King and that Bland was holding a pillow over his head.

    Ron Adkins helped confirm this story. Ron, who was 16 at the time of the murder, remembered hearing Breen Bland say to his father, “If he’s not killed by the shot, just make sure he gets to St. Joseph Hospital, and we’ll make sure he doesn’t leave

    1. wa-llahi! Bill, get serious. Dr. King took a mortal wound from a 30.06 round. It plowed right through him. There was no point in putting a pillow over his face. He wasn’t breathing. Have you ever seen what a 30.06 slug does to the human body?

  12. The issue is that some deaths are deemed less “aweful” by the powers that be: the liberal media slighted the killings of this young woman, her young friend and the 47 year old man. Why? Because they were African-Americans? Perhaps. Because they were relatively obscure, poor, or at least from humble background. Much more likely. Famous people or rich people who get murdered get wall to wall coverage.
    The murder of ordinary folks is of less interest to the liberal media (Boston Globe, included). The drug overdose deaths of 70,000 Americans a year hardly gets a yawn from the leftist media.
    It is not a racial thing. Think of the men murdered in my neighborhood, Savin Hill: Tony Veranis, Jimmy O’Toole, Eddie Connors, Billy O’Sullivan, and others shot and killed by Martorano and Martorano’s associates. How hard did the Police and Press push to solve those murders.
    Think of the twenty or so young men from Savin Hill who died from drug overdoses in the late sixties to seventies? How hard did the police and press push to solve those deaths?

    It is not systemic racism that explains the killings; of course, there are individual racists, in every field, and among every race. There are some Blacks and Asians and Browns and Native-Americans who hate Whites. There are some Whites who hate minorities. The haters are few and far between. Less than one percent I’d say.

    There are race-baiters, who attribute every wrong to skin color or ethnicity. The race-baiters do not embrace Martin Luther King’s vision of a color blind society, where men and women are judged by the content of their character.

    It is not systemic racism that befouls today’s America, it is systemic liberalism, as Wall Street Columnist Henniger (Hennigan) opined yesterday. Systemic Liberalism through its identity politics and its devisiveness and its welfare system and its race baiting and reverse racism that tells minorities whites are oppressing them, that sells minorities a false picture of whites as less than human haters; it is Systemic Liberalism that befouls America today and that wrongfully portrays America.

    Systemic Racism was ended with the passage of Civil Rights Legislation and its amendments and with the enforcement of that Legislation and with education programs that battled ignorance and uplifted all Americans’ understanding that we are truly all created equal and endowed with inalienable rights.

    The vast majority of police, lawyers, prosecutors, judges, juries strive to treat all people equally and fairly today.

    As said, the race-haters and race-baiters are few and far between. It is the leftist MSM that seeks to falsely portray the majority of Americans, the majority of police as hostile to minority rights. It is the leftist MSM that hates America and seeks to constantly trash this great country and to constantly assail the character of the American People.

    1. “As said, the race-haters and race-baiters are few and far between. It is the leftist MSM that seeks to falsely portray the majority of Americans, the majority of police as hostile to minority rights. It is the leftist MSM that hates America and seeks to constantly trash this great country and to constantly assail the character of the American People.”

      As a conservative person, this paragraph is amusing/insulting/pathetic and a few other things I will pass on typing out of respect for Matt. I respect your right to say this, Bill, but the content is 24 carat pure…….

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