Does Not It Bother You That Trump Is Filled With Lunatic Ideas?

Enough talk of everything other than the present state of affairs in America. Let us concentrate on the mind of the person elected to the presidency by a minority of the voters. You have seen the video I assume.

It was in Buffalo, New York. The police are walking in a line toward the protesters. A man who appears tall, slim and elderly walks up to talk to a police officer. He appears to be offering him something and then he turns to an officer to his right and has his hand out toward him. The first officer pushes him back with his baton and the other pushes him. He falls over. His fall is so hard and loud his head slamming into the sidewalk it is noticed by other police officers at the other end of the police line.

Then something that is beyond understanding occurs. The man is lying on the sidewalk. Blood is coming from his ears. The officers who shoved him and their fellow officers walk on past him. Not one. Not one went to his aid as he lied there obviously unconscious and bleeding. Is this something that you like as an American?

Apparently the Trump does. He tweeted about the incident. Don’t think he was concerned in one way about the police violence on an 75-year-old man or their willingness to walk past him as he lied injured. Rather quite the opposite. He decides to come up with a cockamamie – no it’s far beyond that it’s rather in the realm of lunacy – idea with this tweet. “Buffalo protester shoved by Police could be an ANTIFA provocateur. 75 year old Martin Gugino was pushed away after appearing to scan police communications in order to black out the equipment. @OANN I watched, he fell harder than was pushed. Was aiming scanner. Could be a set up?” 

Every time I post those words the cuckoo clock behind me sounds out. Because what the Trump is suggesting with “fell harder than was pushed” is that the 75-year-older deliberately slammed himself back into the ground and was part of a set up. You know, someone in ANTIFA or perhaps the Deep State said: “Hey, Martin, go out and get pushed and then make sure you land so hard on your back that your head get smashed up and your ears bleed. Then lie there.” 

Reverand James Martin, SJ knows Martin Gugino. Here’s what he says about the man who the Trump says “could be an ANTIFA provocateur”:

#MartinGugino is a peace activist and volunteer with the Catholic Worker movement. Why spread rumors about someone who embodies the Beatitudes? In case you’ve forgotten what’s in the Bible you were carrying, Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers,” not the rumormongers.”

Gugino’s attorney stated: “Martin is out of ICU but still hospitalized and truly needs to rest. Martin has always been a PEACEFUL protestor because he cares about today’s society.  He is also a typical Western New Yorker who loves his family.  No one from law enforcement has even suggested anything otherwise so we are at a loss to understand why the President of the United States would make such dark, dangerous, and untrue accusations against him.”

The Trump tweets out the most unfounded lies which are demonstrably false and his followers will accept them. A guy working for peace is supposedly connected to ANTIFA – he was “appearing to scan police communications” – he was  doing this “to black out the equipment” and “was aiming a scanner” which means this “could be a set up.” 

I’d expect someone from the backwoods of the Ozarks to write such nonsense. But for someone who is the president to do this leaves one lost for works other than lunatic.








10 thoughts on “Does Not It Bother You That Trump Is Filled With Lunatic Ideas?

  1. I just love this accusation of “name-calling”:

    “You are an imbecile. That is fucking name-calling, you Pseudo Mick.”

    Good thing there was no name-calling in this comment. If there are to be imbecile awards, I hereby nominate Honest Abe and Khalid. Wallah. power to the diabetics.

    1. I used those word because Bill always calls me to the floor for name calling when I do not. I remember Dave Cowens being called for a bunch of tiny touch fouls during a game and he was being treated most unfairly by one ref in particular. On the verge of fouling out he took his forearm and sent Kaufmann through the air like a rocket, falling on his ass and looking up at Cowens like, “What the hell?”

      Cowens walked by the ref after getting his sixth of the game and yelled, “THAT IS A FUCKING FOUL!!!!” That is what I was doing to Billy, from Savin Hilly. Get with the program, JPC! You excellent person and great human being!

  2. Matt. Is there anyway I can block Bill’s posts? If not I’ll just never read another one.

    1. I think Bill has a different approach to the world. He definitely bends over backwards defending anything the Trump says or does. His posts give an insight into the thinking of those who follow Trump and will no matter what he does.

      I’m able to see how they mindlessly parrot all the GOP propaganda often surprising me at how quickly it spreads among the Trumpers. Things I think they would reject out of hand the fervently embrace.

      I suggest you were not the least bit reluctant to show how you felt about what he responded to today – how he even bit on Trump’s ‘agent provocateur’ comment.

      I don’t like banning people. By now most people know what to expect from him. Whether they read him or not is up to them.

      1. I’ve settled down since replying. I know Bill has some pretty thick skin but I have no problem apologizing for being rough, especially to the many people on here that don’t appreciate my language and insinuations. Bonespurs turned the old guy into a villain. How gutless. How quickly do you think Bonespurs would give up the ghost if someone had him face down with a knee on the back of his neck? He is destroying America the world over. I have friends on every continent. I keep in touch with them all. They do not see anything positive from the US. It is heartbreaking. From South Africa to Queensland to Quito to Helsinki I hear one question all the time. “What the hell is happening to America?” And people like Bill, arm in arm with this pathetic thing in the White House, are marching us off a cliff. He had a TV show. He learned to solo in a Piper Cub and now he is flying the whole country across the Atlantic in a 747. WHAT? A friend in Mass that is a huge fan of Bonespurs says he will be remembered kindly in the history books. I agree. The Chinese and Russian history books.

  3. Those pushes looked rather mild. The 75 year old did stumble back, but lost his balance. If he had fallen on his bum, this would not be a story.
    At first an officer went towards him, but his supervisor told his men to march on. Someone shouted, “He needs a medic” and with 10 seconds a soldier or cop dressed in military khaki was kneeling by his side. Within a few more moments an ambulance was on the scene, administering to him.

    The police who pushed him aside rather mildly reacted appropriately as he had rushed at the police and was standing in their way, gesticulating. Voices were raised. Obviously the group were under marching orders to confront protesters. . .were not they out after curfew. Within seconds of the old man being pushed, a protester with a sign was indeed arrested.

    You cannot ban police officers from pushing people . . .it is sometimes necessary to maintain order to push folks aside.

    2. Trump’s comments do seem insensitive, and I do not know it this 75 year old man was an agent provocatuer, or was just out of order in getting in the face of police, obviously trying to stop them, deter them, or dissuade them in the performance of their duties.

    3. Of course the leftist media turns an unfortunate accident into a cause celebre to tear down American police departments and continue to throw stones at President Trump.

    1. You are an imbecile. That is fucking name calling, you pseudo Mick. You are a liar, a right-wing apologist and a moron. More name calling. Its a Leftist, Antifa thing. I can’t help it. All we commies do is name call. Unlike the thousands of people in your neighborhood that still use the word nigger. Oh, that’s right. You like Cassius Clay AND Muhammad Ali. You are hear by exonerated from all bigoted guilt.

      “If he had fallen on his bum, this would not be a story.”

      Lets hear the way you bail out the hundreds of Catholic priests by quoting statistics about percentages of pedophiles among priests and the general public ignoring the fact that these social lepers ruined the lives of thousands of people.

      “The police who pushed him aside rather mildly reacted appropriately as he had rushed at the police and was standing in their way….”

      He rushed the police? What a fucktard. They reacted appropriately? Within 30 seconds there was a pool of blood under his head the size of a tea saucer. He wasn’t moving. Citizens tried to get to him and the police prevented them from administering first aid. The pool of blood got larger. They marched around an unconscious, elderly man who showed no life signs and was bleeding from a head wound. The blood was supposedly coming from his ear which usually indicates a fractured skull. Serve and protect! Now come back and tell me about all the different races of women you banged.

      So Bonespurs piles on the guy and you are right behind the draft dodging coward, catching his droppings. How’s it feel to be a puppet?

  4. Don’t knock the Ozarks! This fantasy came to us from New York City via D.C. Now, if this was a 23-year-old guy living in his parents’ basement, I’d be the first to shout “ANTIFA!,” especially since the black masks they wear is a dead giveaway. Poor Trump. If it’s not the Deep State, it’s ANTIFA. What’s next? Zombies? Lefties from outer space? Stay tuned.

    1. Amen. When I was a drinker I had the best moonshine on the planet made in those hills. God’s Country!

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