Don’t Dare Cross the Clintons: FBI Director Comey Dances to the Clinton Tune

lady-justiceAbove the doorway of the United States Supreme Court are these words engraved in giant letters “EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW”. 

We have seen portrayals of Lady Justice. One  stands on a pedestal outside the Supreme Court  blindfolded while the scales she holds are equally balanced. Wikipedia says: “Since the 15th century, Lady Justice has often been depicted wearing a  blindfold. The blindfold represents objectivity, in that justice is or  should be meted out objectively, without fear or favour, regardless of  identity, money, power, or weakness; blind justice and impartiality.”

I’ve highlighted cases in the past: one a  male probation officer who was asked by and FBI agent if he used his iPhone to show a woman probationer some obscene photographs. He, as you would expect, denied doing it. He was charged with lying to an FBI agent.

The other was the Muslim cab driver living in Quincy Khairullozhon Matanov. He was charged with three times making false statements to the FBI. Neither man’s lies were really significant nor did they interfere with any investigation. These are a couple of blokes who along with others get chewed up by the federal system over minor matters..

Then we have friends of Hillary who were investigated by the FBI in the emailgate matter in which the director of the FBI James Comey cleared Hillary. I’ve never said Director Comey was corrupt but I did say he knew which was the strongest winds were blowing.

He was really afraid. Can’t blame him ’cause he knew about double “D” and  double “C” : Don’t Dare Cross the Clintons, It was with trepidation he began the investigation of  emailgate (why didn’t the press label it as such or is “gate” reserved for Republicans). He knew to survive he had to give her and her friends a clean bill of health.

Comey gave the Denver based tech Paul Combetta an immunity deal. While cooperating with the agents he lied saying he did not know the emails he deleted were ordered to be preserved. He later he admitted he did know. Then he refused to say what it was he discussed about deleting them with Clinton’s former aides. He got immunity to cooperate, lied during the cooperation, and refused to cooperate.  Comedy did nothing to him saying he was “a low-level guy.”

It was also shown that Clinton staffer Cheryl Mills lied to FBI agents. She said she had no idea Hillary had a private email server. Nothing happened to her. She kept her immunity deal. Comey said the FBI looked “ very hard” but couldn’t make an obstruction case “against any of the subjects we looked at.”

The Justice Department prosecutors had no problem with any of this. They too have their fingers in the air and are aware it is a Clinton wind. The simplest soul knows you cannot alienate blacks and Latinos and expect to be elected president.

These are shades of what to come after Hillary is elected. The FBI has already been compromised and is dancing to the Clinton tune. The department of justice thinks it is Lady American Public who is blindfolded and cannot see their dirty deeds.

Then there was Langston Hughes who wrote in 1923: “That Justice is a blind goddess/Is a thing to which we black are wise, Her bandage hides two festering sores/ That once perhaps were eyes.” 

Hughes as a black man knew justice was unequal at that time. Those were the days after the Plessy decision that said it was all right for whites and blacks to be accommodated separately by state governments even though many thought the Fourteenth Amendment said otherwise. He suggested the eyes of Lady Justice was so repulsed by the injustice in America that her eyes had fallen out.

The Justice Department and the FBI have become politicized. No longer will there be equal justice. More likely it will be junk yard dog justice..After Hillary gets into office she and Bil will be siccing the department on people who have crossed them.

Not all Lady Justices are blindfolded. There is a lady of justice in the federal courthouse in the Virgin Islands, shown above. She is a young black woman fully alert with eyes wide open watching to see what is  going on around her. We must become like her. Dire days lie ahead which requires an alert and open-eyed citizenry.


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    1. Ed:

      Thanks for the reference. Those answers alone are remarkably telling. Reading them made me sick to think she is going to be president. We are going to have the most lawyer-upped administration in the history of mankind.

  1. Let me restate that nonsensical grammar:

    If you fluently speak Clintonese, the appropriate response is either “I do not recall”, or “No” because you did not think that the photographs met your personal definition of what “obscene” is.

  2. “I’ve highlighted cases in the past: one a male probation officer who was asked by and FBI agent if he used his iPhone to show a woman probationer some obscene photographs. He, as you would expect, denied doing it. He was charged with lying to an FBI agent.”

    If you fluently speak Clintonese, the appropriate response is either “I do not recall”, or “No” because you did not think that the photographs did not meet your personal definition of what “obscene” is.

    1. Ed, a Klintonite just added a new one: “I don’t recognize that”

      That was in the context of an email that she wrote. She doesn’t recognize it, and even better, she “won’t comment” on her own email that was “stolen.”

      Unbelievable – these people are even worse than the sovoks.

    2. Ed:

      He did respond “no.” Yet, he was convicted. Bad Lawyer? You should have represented him. I’ll have to see exactly what the question was since I just paraphrased it but if it was as I said you are right.

  3. Matt – spot on, excellent.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but immunity deals have a condition – you have to tell the truth. If you don’t, your immunity is revoked.

    Also – we are supposed to be a nation of laws, not men. Up until now, we were a nation of laws, not men.

    Now, the Klinton Krime Family has eliminated the FBI and the DOJ – which eliminates checks and balances, the foundation of our government.

    To put it differently, no matter what idiot has inhabited the White House, checks and balances have been there to even things out.

    Now we have a nomenklatura and are rapidly proceeding to a Politburo.

    1. Elmer:

      Any other person who lied would have his immunity revoked although Kevin Weeks lied and they let him keep it but he followed the script after this; with Comey the guy lied and then told him to take a walk. There was no way that ever happened other than in connection with the Clintons. There’s little doubt because of the media sex blitz on Trump he is now toast; so we will have a Clinton administration that has already scared off the FBI so you can imaging that when it gets into office, as the old song said, “Anything Goes.”

  4. “Comedy did nothing to him saying he was ‘a low-level guy.'” Is that a typo or a wry comment? Love it either way.

    1. Tadzio:

      A mistype — had I thought of Comedy that would have put me in the Bob Dylan category of brilliance. Good for you to notice.

    1. Bill:

      Good article. The bottom line he is compromised and that gives the Clintons an open field to run on without any fear from him. That is the worst of it; they know they have scared him off. J. Edgar would have at least got something back and not done it so openly.

  5. Matt:

    You said it better than anyone yet. Rank and file FBI agents are furious that their “leader” sold America out.

    America has bowed down to a criminal Congress, a criminal justice system and a criminal FBI, all paid for by lower and middle class taxpayers who stand by, do nothing and watch as their children and their grandchildren’s futures and America goes down the drain.

    The “alert and open-eyed citizenry” you speak about is too afraid of these bullies. It only proves that one or two people in the wrong job can do permanent damage to hundreds of millions of Americans.

    Donald Trump’s worst may be America’s best.

    1. Doug:

      A side tragedy is that all the FBI agents who objected did nothing openly to back up their objections. That has always been the problem with the FBI that it follows its leader; the only ones who ever bucked the Director were those who could not bear the stench and got out. We are in for some tough times in America if you are anything but a wild progressive.

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