Early Morning Report – July 19, 2013 – Benji Ditchman Flows On

P1010010Ah, yes, the morning will begin listening to a swine schpeeling his swill into the public. Remember this is a guy to whom lying is second nature so nothing he says can be believed. Any guy who would kill a young woman who he has abused since her teens and then kill another young woman who he drove into drugs and prostitution by defiling her should not be seen in public, preferably would have been executed and I’m not big on the death penalty but if any case called for it his does. It insults our court system and our society that such a pig is allowed to take an oath. I’ve argued before that some people, very few, should be locked in the deepest pit of a prison we have and left to linger on bread and water.

He has pleaded guilty to murdering ten people but he has murdered many more. He was one of the Mafia’s hired guns who tried to murder a lawyer who represented a cooperating witness; who gunned down a man going to his brother’s trial waiting at a bus stop; who murdered a friend who fled from Boston with him to keep him company after he was indicted for murder and tried to bury him in the desert sands outside Las Vegas. His depravity knows no limit. And to think he is a witness for the United States.

So he’ll lie and lie. He testified before Judge Wolf over ten years ago and lied then. Asked who was his connection in the state police who leaked him information, he didn’t refuse to answer or tell the name of his true source, Richard Schneiderhan, his boyhood friend; he used the name of a state trooper who he and his FBI buddies tried to sent to prison, John Naimovich, and whose untimely death they ultimately caused.

He’s already lied in the ten or so minutes he was on the stand yesterday. He had been indicted for blowing up Attorney John Fitzgerald’s automobile and for McLaughlin’s murder while operating under the protection of the FBI. He fled and was charged with being a fugitive from justice. He went to the West Coast and then returned to New York City before going on to live in Montreal. During this time he maintained contact with the FBI. In May 1974  he returned to do duty for the FBI in exchange for the charges against him being dismissed.

He testified that he became an informant in late ’74 or early ’75 when Whitey brought him to a meeting with John Connolly and Dennis Condon. He seems to have forgotten the deal he made with Condon that if he came back and worked with the FBI they’d get the charges against him dismissed. But we see what is going on from this alone. This vile man under the government’s umbrella, which he has always been under, knows that to justify his existence, for he should have been fried in Texas or Oklahoma, or both places if that is possible, he’s got to be some sort of underling to Whitey.

Was Whitey more overbearing and forceful than you?” Wyshak shamefully asked him. “Yes,” he replied. It’s makes one skin crawl with the government trying to downplay its witness’s evilness. A true disciple of Satan sitting in front of everyone is pointing his blood stained finger at another and telling us he was forced to be vile and rotten because of another. But he didn’t know Whitey when he was gunning down people in the Irish gang war or working as a hired hitman for the Mafia.

This is one thing that has always bothered me about this case. Murderman, Benji, Fortnight, and Weepy John may be necessary to have as witnesses, but don’t pretend they are other than what they are. I never understood these agents of the government becoming buddies with them and laughing at their jokes as if their lives of filth never happened. Use them as witnesses if you must, but don’t treat them other than as the worst people in society.

One big question remains, why is Benji Ditchman testifying against Whitey?  I know what he said, it’s to avoid the death penalty. But that’s no longer on the board, Oklahoma and Texas have sentenced him to life in prison and there is no way they can turn around and make it death. Look at Benji’s friend Billy Kelly who is on the Florida death row. He’s been there 15 years so even if they could vacate the life sentence and try to get the death sentence imposed he’d be dead before they could kill him.

He could very well have said to the prosecutor before he got on the stand I won’t testify. Nothing can be done to punish him further, except perhaps put him in a more cruel environment – by the way if we really believed in our Bill of Rights and looked at the Eighth Amendment I’d suggest prisons like ADX, Florence, Colorado, which a former warden described as the closest thing on earth to hell, would fit nicely into the definition of cruel and unusual punishment – not that some of these people don’t deserve that — but we are supposed to be guided by the Constitution.

Why he refused to refuse to testify is something that makes me uneasy. I can’t help feeling there’s a side deal here. That someday this man may be let back out. Nothing we can know about that now.

But what we can know is that nothing Benji says should be believed. The sirens of the four car caravan which makes its daily run from Plymouth to Boston carrying Whitey and an assortment of others should shortly fill the air. It’s time for me to go into the courthouse and stand in line to watch evil expound.

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  1. as a teenager, my first run-in with the law had me nervous. i went before the judge and the prosecution said “on behalf of the people”, the da is supposed to represent “the Commonwealth, or its people, or in a fed case the maj of the citizens, hence why a jury of our peers is picked, but i doubt in any case, the people would let 25 murders off to get one guy, more of this circle the wagons and shun the bulgers, its crazy, was whyshak a ghostwriter for black mass? and what makes the presecutions view right? they should be ashamed of themselves!im not sayting wb is innocent, im saying they let theese guys lie to make wb look like satan, when they themselves are worse! i know whyshak, was dreaming of this day since 1995, but really how does he sleep at night? and how is the scale of justice weighing this one , uneven at best!

  2. Is there anything more pathetic than hearing Jimmy’s lawyers whine like little girls. The once proud gangster is simply a frail afraid man.

    1. These “whiney” defense attorneys aren’t responsible for as many reprehensible murderers being on the street as the federal prosecutor. Ironic, isn’t it Mr/Ms “anonymous”?

    2. Anonymous, that’s all you have?
      Matt, anyone on here van be anonymous. Like me. I suggest the old way was better. Make them work for five sec.

      One more thing Anonymous. If you had witty or incisive, or something beyond second grade retort I am sure u would be more than welcome.
      Sorry dude, you r our of your league here. This ain’t no Howie Carr show.

      1. Well said Ernie…although the comments are so infantile and inane they do make one wonder if in fact “anonymous” could be the rotund, balding, bloviating philanderer from the radio!

        Either that or Wyshaks personal secretary, Shelley the queen of fiction!

  3. Diogenes just spotted sprinting by the Moakley Courthouse with his lamp tucked up under his arm like Jim Brown and his down in shame

  4. Hasn’t Flemmi already undercut his claim that WB was the boss? He said most of the conversations by WB and Connolly were about the Mafia. WB knew little to nothing about that subject while Flemmi’s knowledge was extensive. 2. Was the Rakes death drug related? On the Globe site yesterday below the news on Rakes was a story of increased heroin deaths in Brocton, Stoughton and elsewhere. The heroin trade is a multi billion dollar business. Did the Mafia orchestrate the entire campaign against WB using it’s friends in the media and law enforcement to drive WB out of Southie and thus open it up for the trade in heroin? 3.The extortion of Rakes may have been as big a fabrication as Limone and Tameleo being framed. 4. The biggest lie is that Halloran was killed because of a leak.

  5. Of all the things I have learned from following this trial, I find this the most shocking. The witnesses are only lying if the prosecutor they cut the deal with thinks they are lying. If Wyshak thinks the sky is green and grass is blue, then that is the truth. I understand the technicality of the judge/DOJ role in this but let’s cut to the quick; from a pragmatic standpoint, the prosecutor who brokered the deal determines if it is truthful.

    I am not sure if the term “conflict of interest” even begins to cover just how inappropriate this is. These witness are paid and well paid at that with currency in the form of freedom. Flemmi can make as many statements as he likes today that are not factual and he will never be a liar as long as Wyshak agrees with the statements.

    Call me naive if you must but I find this to be shocking. I would never have guessed that this is how the “cooperating witness” system works.

    1. Matt of Texas: It is shocking; my lifelong friend just told said to me at the Emmylou Harris concert —listen to her “Spanish Dancer” . . . that the whole system is broke if the government can pay witnesses. It’s what Fox News Judge Andrew Napolitano calls “legalized extortion.” I was not a criminal lawyer, but I’ve talked to some who’ve explained how corrupt that system can be and has been. I call it an abuse of power, when “Paid” witnesses tell the prosecutor what He wants to hear. Flemmi sang two entirely different stories in 1999-2000 and then in 2003 and then again in 2006-2008 he amplified his 2003 newly remembered falsehoods with more detail, all while in FEDERAL CUSTODY.

  6. Stevie will be on the street by christmas with at least $2million courtesy of the government.
    The pleas deals in fl and Okla allow the government to change it from a murder 1 admission to an admission to murder2 or manslaughter. He can do this after he testifies. Then he no longer has life sentences in those states. Time served. Or perhaps there would be statute of limitations issue. Either way Stevie walks.

    1. Ernie:

      I hope you are wrong. If it happens forget ever believing there is justice in America in the federal courts.

      1. Matt, I believe that recent history shows in more than a few, statistically random cases and circumstances, there is frequently an absence of justice in the DOJ, its courts, administrative offices, and prosecutor’s office. Not in the majority of cases, but in a growing minority. It’s a very disturbing trend: Prosecutors, Investigators, Adminstrators, Judges ignoring the law and making decisions based on how they “feel” about a person, community, or case, or how they “feel” is the best way to “protect the government” or as Judge Nancy Gertner has averred: How she feels about “a pea of justice” in her mattress. It’s funny but it’s not funny. It’s scary! A judicial/prosecutorial/investigative system out of whack and out of control—-in America!!!!

  7. What is your point, anonymous? I don’t think Matt is trying to say that Jimmy is any different. Other than the fact that you won’t see Wyshak chuckling at Whiteys witticisms or vouching for his credibility. It’s heinous.

    1. Declan:

      That’s one of the problems with anonymous comments. I think I might shut them off. They’ve added little to the discussion.

      1. here is one unsolicited vote for “please do”. I would event present that even though all our names are technically anonymous not having a consistent identity not only adds little to the discussion but even takes away from the flow.

      2. Matt- I agree with you fully in eliminating the anonymous, it is being used to stir up trouble. They are neither useful nor ornamental.

    1. Anon: Perhaps he never was his pal! He wasn’t, turns out; men like Steve Flemmi don’t have pals and don’t make friends. Who’d ever turn his back on him? At best he was a vile version of some Little Caesar’s back-stabbing Brutus, a Satanic version of Brutus. Remember Caesar’s Shakespeare, “Et tu, Brutus.” Who hasn’t this evil man betrayed? Some men, Literature tells us and Living tells us, seem to have sold their souls to the Devil. I don’t judge the fate of his immortal soul. Someone way above my pay grade makes that decision, I believe. I pray for God’s mercy on all of us. Perhaps he’s repented in prison; I see no signs of it and he continues to lie on the witness stand, and fiendishly feign on the witness stand, and he seemingly goes along with Fed Wyshak’s script. But as human beings we “experience, understand and judge” right from wrong. good from bad. I judge Flemmi’s conduct here on planet Earth as being evil, consumed by an Evil which knew few if any bounds. Perhaps he was good to his family and close relatives. He did serve in the Army during the Korean War. Lee Harvey Oswald was a Marine. Timothy Leary taught at Harvard, while fostering and foisting dangerous LSD on America. Timothy McVeigh served in the U.S. Military. Ghenghis Khan led an army of Khazak-Mongols who slaughtered maybe millions. He’s still revered in some place. Salem folks burned witches. It’s wrong to burn witches. We must judge right from wrong, good from bad, the saintly ways of Saint Francis, Sisters Wendy, Mother Theresa, Albert Schweitzer, Mary Baker Eddy, and the simple good ways of our neighbor butchers, bakers, doctors, lawyers, Indian chiefs and most American soldiers and sailors who put their lives on the line for the good of all of us. So, we judge the Satanic ways of others, greater and lesser historical bad guys, to greater and lesser degrees. Steve Flemmi was a bad man, as were his cohorts. They intentionally hurt people for venal purposes: mostly power, money or drugs.

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