Early Morning Report: July 22, 2013

IMGP1137Benji Ditchman (S. Flemmi) left off last Friday telling us that he is about the lowest form of life that existed on this earth. Whenever you get mad at the FBI or the cops in general think of what the alternative would be. They are not perfect but they are what protect us from guys like Benji and his ilk.

I’m told a man whose job it is to spend time with the worst of the worse recently spent some time in the presence of Benji. He described him as being “Pure Evil.”  That’s not to say Whitey is much better.

But I ask you this, suppose you had a strictly criminal relationship with another person, or if you are not a criminal had a business relationship with another person, which relationship brought you what you most wanted in life. If you were like Whitey or Benji it would be a reputation for being capable, power, money and women.

Suppose also you loved someone. Keep in mind Benji testified he loved the woman, Debbie, but was not in love with her. He didn’t have to tell us that. We know that he was never in love with anyone except himself. Remember, Pure Evil.

Suppose you to loved a woman, let’s call her Debbie. And the person in your relationship calls you and tells you that you have to murder her. The reason given is that perhaps someday down the road Debbie might do something to disclose your criminal or business relationship which might cause it harm. It’s all conjecture for she’s never threatened to do this.

What would you do? Benji said he dutifully obeyed and had Debbie murdered. It is the most absurd of all situations. Is there anyone who would be so subservient to another as to lure the one he loved to her death because another told him to based on some future contingency that may not happen? Have you ever heard of it such a thing ever occurring before in the history of mankind? If not, why would our government present Benji to tell us such a farfetched tale?

Don’t you think if you are capable of conspiring to bring about the murder of your loved one at the hands of your partner, you are equally capable of snuffing out her life by yourself? It’s worse than outrageous to suggest “I stood by and did nothing” while watching my partner strangle the woman I love and by doing that suggest that your partner is worse than you. Benji’s testimony is offensive with regard to this. The prosecutor should not have let him lie so blatantly just because he made a deal with him to save him the death penalty and put him in special prison conditions where the persons in custody are treated well.

There is no reason for Benji to have been afforded any leniency by the government. He is truly worse than any  person presently confined in ADX, Florence, Colorado.  Just before Benji got on the stand the Judge Denise Casper said to the prosecutor, “call your next witness.” The prosecutor upstanded and said: “The United States calls Steven Flemmi.” Then Pure Evil in the form of Benji Ditchman came in on behalf of all of us. How do you feel that this person is speaking on behalf of you. Just the thought of it makes me want to go and take a long shower and scrub well.

Today we will hear more from this man. He will tell us how he missed out on murdering Brian Halloran and Michael Donohue but succeeded in being involved in the murders of Arthur “Bucky” Barrett and John McIntyre at the murder house at 799 East Third Street, South Boston. Perhaps he will tell us how much he enjoyed extracting their teeth after he extracted their lives.

After that he will again tell us about murdering another woman, Deborah Hussey, his step-daughter. I wonder if he will tell us how his sadistic intrusion onto her as a young girl threw the young woman into a state of total confusion, as it would any young woman being repeatedly sexually abuse by the father in the home. Will he take the blame for her succumbing to a life of using illegal drugs, some of those drugs sold under his and Whitey’s auspices to consenting adults; how without any foundation seeking to survive she slid into stripping, then prostitution, and then into bringing customers to her mother’s home where Benji sometimes visited. Will he tell us how her mother seeking to find out how her daughter’s life fell into such disrepair learned it was Benji who took her daughter while a youth into his evil clutches and tore her innocence away. Don’t hold your breath.

We’ll hear another fairy tale. Whitey told him to bring Deborah to the murder house because he was afraid she found out about their involvement with the FBI’s John Connolly, so he dutifully obeyed the wishes of his partner. We’ve already heard how Fortnight Weeks, like the others who always seem to be stepping outside for a cigarette or going to the bathroom when the murder takes place and come back to suddenly discover the murder going on, heard the thump and saw Whitey strangling her on the floor. Benji will tell us he walked her into the house and Whitey leaped on her and did that. He’ll tell us again he did nothing. I wonder if he’ll tell us he loved his step daughter too.

There must be a level below which the government should be forbidden to sink in putting witnesses on the stand. One comes away from listening to Benji asking where has decency fled to.

8 thoughts on “Early Morning Report: July 22, 2013

  1. Flemmi and Bulger would never have existed without the so called good guys own evil hearts.

  2. You have a way with words my friend. Excellent post Matt and the courtroom tweets are priceless today! The Pat Née story with the gun jamming is amazing. I feel bad in some ways being entertained by all of these horrible stories but I am, and I know other people are too- I can imagine Matt is being that he has spent so much time and effort on this blog. Just thanking you and be well.

    1. sjm:
      thanks for your participation – now we are listening to Benji identify the guns in different pictures – he is saying yes – but I’m not sure what he is saying yes to .

      1. Matt Patty boy has an awful time with gun mishaps, He claims he beat a armored truck robbery charge because his machine gun was missing the firing pin??? and did 8 instead of 30. Well Pat, I am thinking you are a rat, along with a serial killer and you walk the streets like you are something other than pure shit, You make a mockery of the Irish heritage patty cakes and you will have to pay the piper eventually!

        1. Doubting:

          Pat is certainly the type of Irish that we wish never left Ireland. He soiled his welcom to America with his criminal life.

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