Election Day 2016 Updatez

3:15 pm  – early exit polling shows Hillary Clinton is expected to win in a landslide type of victory. This will be the new coalition in America: women and minorities flocking to the Democratic candidate in record numbers. If prediction come true the Clinton will have a huge mandate to govern. It is believed if these predictions are right the Senate will go Democratic and the House is teetering on the edge. It will be the Hillary decade.

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  1. Dan,

    If the fix was for the outcome that we got, then…..

    Thank God and God Bless America.

    1. I’d be careful about dragging God into this, especially since it’s at least as likely that the Supreme Being sent us Trump as a punishment.

      1. Dan:

        A worthy comment although I find that the ‘G’ word was pretty much absent during the campaign. It is a term that many are uncomfortable with, sort of like the N word. Neither candidate appeared to want to go near it.

    1. Dan:

      That was another reason why the man should never have been elected. But I do suggest there will be a lot of buyer’s remorse. How long do you think before he tells all his crimson colored napes that he did not really mean what he said?

    1. Ed:

      I’m not sure what part of the past we are supposed to remember; it seems to me there is no precedent for a Trump-type presidency.

  2. Rather ,

    I called him PRESIDENT ELECT TRUMP yestiddy’ . You then bade ” Crooked Hillary ” goodbye, thus demonstrating the Loyalty we rather expected .
    I just watched President Elect Trump lead his Family in file up and along the stage for his Victory speech. I saw a band of brothers and sisters stepping beautifully, proudly, gracefully and with the nervous expectant energy of racehorses at the Kentucky Derby as they process to the starting gate.

    They are a vibrant bunch. They are a Strong Family. There is no need for Matt to either concede or eat crow. He will not Embarass The Family . There will always be a Place Of Honor at the table for him. WE LIKE MATT! 🙂

    1. John,
      I was up watching until past 3am. I could not believe my eyes,…as much as I wanted it to, I had really believed the last few weeks that it would not happen.
      Talk about a renewed sense of hope.

      Matt, my crow comment was not meant to be mean-spirited…..

      Trump grew up in a 2500sq ft Tudor in Queens. His father was an everyday contractor until he hit it big in the 50’s-60’s residential construction boom. Deep down he is not an elitist 1% billionaire, but one of us.

      His demeanor last night was encouraging. He’s already dialing it down.

      Trump has the potential to be the greatest and most influential President this country has ever had….

      A new era has begun.

      1. Rather, This is a sea change for damn certain! I agree that he is capable of adjusting his temper to his new station. I listened to about one minute of Lady Mac BeatOnWhitey before changing the channel. I have had her autocratic Wellesley College whine dinning in my ears for years now. Oh Sweet Clemency! 🙂

      2. Rather:

        No offense taken, rather I thought it was appropriate since I had no doubt Trump had no chance. I do though think you have misread your candidate suggesting he has great potential. His reduce taxes on the rich, build the military and infrastructure, re-do trade agreements are all recipes for disaster. There is nothing about the 70 year old man that makes one associate the term “great” with other than fraud.

    2. John:

      Thanks – I admit I was totally wrong. Perhaps I am in a much smaller group than I thought reading the Washington Post and NY Times both of which are as far out of mainstream America as a national news media can be as demonstrated by their constant bombarding of everything Trump which had no effect.

      I won’t miss Hillary; I do think Trump will be a disaster.

  3. Disappointed that you are doubling down on a losing proposition. However. You are not ” Deplorable. ” I repeat Sir. You are not ” Deplorable” for so doing.


    1. The People have Spoken.

      Matt, we will be anxiously awaiting your concession post.

      Bye Bye Crooked Hillary.

      Somebody,……pinch me.

  4. I am not a fan of either candidate, but, if Clinton wins, don’t be surprised if she will be the next president [small “p”] who may be impeached for her previous transgressions. She cannot be charged as a sitting president, I believe, only the impeachment process. What a smug individual! Now, on the other hand, if Trump wins, we will have serious problems everywhere, because he has NO F—–G FILTER. The only good thing is that the USA is very resilient and will survive any personal and professional indiscretions on the part of either individual. Just my personal thoughts.

    1. With all due respect Sir,

      Maybe too much “filter” has been the problem.

      Every Clinton and Obama word has been measured twice before it leaves their mouths.

      Trump “speaks plainly” and is beholden to no one.
      Now we know most Americans are ready for the change……..as scary as it may be to some.

  5. Hi Matt, Early exit polls can be misleading. Better to wait. (But yes, I think Clinton will win in the end.)

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