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On March 24, 2020, there were 49,126  cases of Covid-19 in US. Tonight at 10:00 pm there are 142,106. Almost tripling in five days.

On March 24, 2020, there were 674 deaths associated with Covid-19 in U.S. Tonight at 10:00 pm there are 2,479. Almost quadrupling in five days.

If the rate of Covid-19 deaths continue within two day we  will exceed the number of deaths that occurred in China. 

On February 7, 2020 the State Department under the Direction of Secretary Pompeo issued the following press statement: “the State Department has facilitated the transportation of nearly 17.8 tons of donated medical supplies to the Chinese people, including masks, gowns, gauze, respirators, and other vital materials.”   Cases of Covid-19 had already been discovered in America by that time, people were being brought back from Wuhan, China, and America knew it was coming here but was in denial. Trump said on February 10 –  “Looks like by April, you know, in theory, when it gets a little warmer, it miraculously goes away.”

Doctor Anthony F. Fauci predicted between 100,000 and 200,000 US deaths over the weekend but indicated the 200,000 figure was the worst case scenario. “In the Rose Garden on Sunday, Trump compared those numbers favorably with the more than 2 million deaths forecast as a worst-case scenario had the nation not taken strict measures to respond to the virus. If coronavirus-related deaths remained under 200,000, he said, “we all together have done a very good job.”

Are you going to be happy if over 100,000 Americans dies but the figure does not exceed 200,000?  I guess Trump considers that some kind of a victory which make me think he has  a pretty good idea that there may be well over 100,000 deaths.

What do all those folk who tell us about flu deaths or deaths from automobiles say about that?  Where are the folks who said we were overreacting to the virus? Sadly they were all so used to pooh-poohing global warming that it was just natural that they found it easy to follow along the same line and suggest the Covid-19 worries were a Deep State plot to undermine trump. As I’ve often said, wouldn’t it be nice to have the Deep State now in this time of crisis rather than having a bunch of amateurs telling us its a win when we lose only 200,000 Americans.

Time for bed. Have a good night sleep. Hopefully when we wake up it’ll all be a bad dream.


Personal note:  My mother’s birthday is today.  I wonder what she would have thought about this mess were she still living.


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  1. https://in.mashable.com/culture/12677/chennai-cop-wearing-coronavirus-helmet-is-scaring-people-into-staying-in-during-the-lockdown

    Chennai Cop Wearing ‘Coronavirus Helmet’ Is Scaring People Into Staying In During the Lockdow


    Metro cop, security guard arrested after Vosloorus man killed in lockdown shooting

    Johannesburg – A metro police officer and security officers have been arrested for killing an “innocent” bystander and shooting four children during an alleged lockdown rampage on Sunda

  2. Try watching some uplifting videos….

    Frederick Wiseman’s “Titicut Follies” was filmed in 1966 at the State Hospital for the Criminally Insane at Bridgewater, Mass. It was shown at the 1967 New York Film Festival, had two limited runs in New York and — aside from a few screenings before film societies — has had no other distribution. This is its first commercial booking outside New York.
    It is not hard to understand why this is the case. “Titicut Follies” is one of the most despairing documentaries I have ever seen; more immediate than fiction because these people are real; more savage than satire because it seems to be neutral.

    We are literally taken into a madhouse. Inmates of varying degrees of mental illness are treated with the same casual inhumanity. There is an old man named Jim who is constantly taunted by the guards, whose uniforms are disturbingly similar to a policeman’s. While he is being shaved with fast, painful strokes by the barber, the guards needle him: “Why’s your room so filthy, Jim? What’s that you said, Jim?” They are bullies who have their victim pinned and helpless.
    When Jim is returned to his room, it is an absolutely empty cell. And Jim is naked. It appears that the inmates are deprived of clothing much of the time because that is cheaper and makes security easier. It is not explained how naked confinement in a barren cell cures mental illness and indeed this hospital seems to come from the Middle Ages.
    Massachusetts legislators have tried for two years to suppress Wiseman’s film. They say it invades the privacy


    The Passwords He Carried
    I had to get my father’s affairs in order. You do too.

    Read some uplifting books….


    Mr. New Orleans: The Life of a Big Easy Underworld Legend

    Wiseguys called him “the Keith Richards of the American Mafia,” and JFK hero Jim Garrison denounced him as, “one of the most notorious vice operators in the history of New Orleans” … but you can just call Frenchy Brouillette MR. NEW ORLEANS. MR. NEW ORLEANS tells the incredible story of Cajun country boy Frenchy Brouillette’s 50-year sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll bender as the New Orleans Mafia’s political fixer and sex racket chief. Frenchy enjoyed a glamorous, debauched life in New Orleans’ French Quarter, during the Mafia’s golden age. MR. NEW ORLEANS is the first book to break the code of secrecy in the New Orleans Mafia Family, sharing the shocking true story of America’s oldest and most mysterious crime family … and revealing their potential involvement in the Kennedy Assassination.

    1. You can buy a copy of the film. It is a great documentary.

      AS far as uplifting books to read, A Problem From Hell, The Rape Of Nan King and anything by Flannery O’Connor will cheer a soul up.

  3. I, too, mourn every death and send my condolences to family (cousins) and friends who’ve recently lost loved ones.
    John Donne wrote:”no man is an island, If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less . . .. Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”
    I think of Robert Kennedy Jr.’s profound, deeply moving elegy to his niece, a Boston College student who died last August of an accidental drug overdose.
    I think of Edna St. Vincent Millay’s poem: “Dirge Without Music.”: More precious was the light in your eyes, than all the roses in the world. Down, down into the darkness of the grave they go; gently they go; the beautiful, the tender, the kind; quietly they go, the intelligent, the brave. I know. But I do not approve. And I am not resigned.”
    I think of Dylan Thomas’s great poem, “Do Not Go Gentle into that good night, old age should burn and rave at close of day; rage, rage against the dying of the light.”
    I think, too, of my little sister’s comment, last fall, when we were wondering which one us, six siblings, would pass first, and she said, “Whoever it is, we’ll miss them.”

  4. Happy Birthday Alice, say hello to Matt, Honey and Jim or maybe even sit down at the piano and play us “Southie is my Home Town”. Rest In Peace! Slainte

  5. How many Americans died in the Spanish Flu (650,000); how many died in the 1950s Asian Flu (100,000); how many died from the Swine Flu (12,000-plus) how many died in the 2017-18 flu season (81,000); how many died from drug overdoses last year and the year before (70,000); how many die annually in the United States from all causes(more than 3,000,000). A few days ago I posted a Washington epidemiologists estimate that there would be 80,000 deaths from Covid-19. I also posted “worst case” scenarios from the CDC and John Hopkins of two million deaths.
    Which we would you prefer?

    Death is a part of life. The Medical/Public Health Experts do their best to save as many lives possible. How many die from medical malpractice every, JAMA says 200,000 from medical malpractice and medical mistakes. How many lives to doctors and other medical professionals save every year? Countless millions from Obstetrics to Geriatrics. How may lives do health professionals make better every year. Think of the 30 million annual hospitalizations, now add in the many millions more of doctor/clinic visits.

    Be thankful you live in America in this day and age, with its great medical schools, public health schools, and biological scientists, and health care administrators. And be thankful our government is doing all it can to address this crisis.

    When the Trump Administration gave aid to China in early February, everyone applauded. We had a handful of cases in this country.

    Thank God for the efforts of the Trump Administration, its CDC, NIH, Army Corps of Engineer, and other advisers, and the extraordinary efforts of the health care professionals, especially those on the front lines, and also the extraordinary efforts of the business community, colleges and universities, governors and mayor as we all pitch in to care.

    Of course, we denounce politicians, left and right, who pack a Coronavirus Relief Package with Pork, as we denounce hoarders, and anyone who seeks to profit financially or politically from this crisis.

    Peace to all, and to all a good night, and may the Holy Spirit shine upon us, one and all.

  6. As more people are tested, more positive test results will be observed. Many people who have exhibited symptoms have not yet been tested and some will never be tested. The availability of test kits and the delay between sample collection, sample processing and test completion has also lowered the numbers. Anecdotal evidence shows that some people have had their tests submitted 11 days ago with no results yet returned.

    China’s numbers? Would you trust them, ever?

    “Are you going to be happy if over 100,000 Americans dies but the figure does not exceed 200,000?”
    I mourn that there has been a death. No non-zero number makes happy.

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