Explain This To Me! Why Did Trump Knowingly Lead People to Death?

I heard a comment the other day that struck me as quite true. I suggest it pertained to that Doctor Atlas who used to preach the benefits of dying from Covid-19. He was not the only doctor who stuck his head in the sand but he stood out from the others because he had the ear of Trump.  The comment was to the effect that Trump hired people to deal with Covid-19 and other issues in his office by going onto the internet and finding the worst people in the world. Or as another person noted: “The administration’s now hired this Stanford guy who has no background at all just because he agrees with their crackpot theories,” 

Here’s an April Atlas quote: “We can allow a lot of people to get infected. Those who are not at risk to die or have a serious hospital-requiring illness, we should be fine with letting them get infected, generating immunity on their own, and the more immunity in the community, the better we can eradicate the threat of the virus. “ Great idea doctor but those who got infected who would not die did interact or live with those that did. Too bad you did not consider that little tidbit.

Atlas arrived at the White House in August and left on the first of December. The result of his ideas – masks and social distancing are “creating a generation of neurotic children” and “the lockdowns will go down as an epic failure of public policy” which are killing people and his going on Russia Television to propagate his ideas – afterward saying he was “was unaware they are a registered foreign agent” ended up with America seeing within a month and a half after he left death totals climb rapidly to reach 4,000 a day.

Herd immunity certainly worked but at a huge cost in lives. Fortunately, things changed and the ideas of masks and social distancing have now been pushed by the new administration as well as the increased distribution of vaccine allowing us to bring our deaths down to the one thousand level which is still too high but hopefully as the vaccine becomes available it will continue to fall.

But here is something I will never really be able to get my mind around. Aside from the evil inherent in the idea that it is fine if the strong (the youthful)  survive and the weak (the oldsters) die, I just cannot understand why Trump willfully led people to their deaths. America has had more deaths than any other nation as you well know a fact to be embarrassed about. But what is worse is Trump wanted that to happen. He hid the dangers of the virus pretending that it was not as bad as was said. He wanted to be macho man – the ever tough guy standing up against the sissy others.

Here’s how evil he is.  When he was first stricken with the virus he was in really tough shape. His oxygen levels were far below what they should have been, he  had lung infiltrates, which can be a sign of severe illness in Covid-19, and it was touch and go when it came to putting him on a ventilator.  Yet when he came out he pretended there was nothing to catching the disease. If he had told the truth about what he went through and how dangerous it was and advised people to wear masks and social distance imagine how many lives he would not have led to their deaths.

To top it off, in January he secretly got  the vaccine. Why did he not announce that at the time two months ago. Had he others might have followed him. Had he we would not have only 25% of Republicans planning on getting the vaccine.

Two simple acts of truthfulness could have saved thousands. Trump could not take those easy steps. The blood of thousands of folks who looked to him for guidance are on his hands.



4 thoughts on “Explain This To Me! Why Did Trump Knowingly Lead People to Death?

  1. Many of the hard core Republicans I know in the DC area have stopped supporting Bonespurs. A little late, I say. And all of them refer to his massive ego as the reason. Again, a little late. How did this trait not inspire these Right Wingers to move away from this egocentric creodont earlier? These are smart people. Many of the people I know that were strong supporters of the man are extremely bright. My oldest brother voted for Boinespurs twice. He has all but left the Republican party over the events of January 6th.

    If you heard any of the speech Spurs made at CPAC you would have noticed that nothing has changed. A solid wall of absolute lies came flowing out of his most yackity orifice. The hard accent was on the theft of his landslide victory in November. And a string of insults aimed at anyone that showed a shred of opposition to any of his statements flooded the arena. I hate the expression The Founding Fathers because almost everyone that relies on it to back up their beliefs has absolutely no idea who or what it represents. But, I will use it here. If The Founding Fathers beliefs still influenced the decisions of the courts, Spurs would have been sent to the gallows.

    1. Honest:

      Could not agree more. Bonespurs is a great tragedy who continues to insult everyone’s intelligence except those of his dwindling number of followers whose intelligence many question. Not that there aren’t many “smart” people who support Trump but even such folk have blind spots. As for the Founding Fathers – who I now call the Founders for fear of offending the Founding Mothers – if they ever foresaw the advent of Trump and the modern Republican Party they may have thrown in their lot with King George III.

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