Explaining the Triumphant Trump Through The MBTA Incident:

She wrote to him that he must do a survey to: “determine whether all options that would eliminate or mitigate disparate impacts have been implemented.” (my emphasis) The survey is demanded by this representative of the federal government to determine if the cancellation of the MBTA extended late night service on weekends between 12:30 am and 2:00 am will have a disparate effect on low income and minority populations who ride the MBTA during that time.

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  1. ugh!

    Every time the FBI investigates itself, it discovers it’s innocent – War in Context

    Jun 19, 2013 – Every time the FBI investigates itself, it discovers it’s innocent … “The F.B.I. takes very seriously any shooting incidents involving our agents, and …

    Why the FBI Shouldn’t Be Trusted to Investigate the Death of Ibragim Todashev – The Atlantic

    Jun 20, 2013 – Almost a month ago, the FBI shot and killed a 27-year-old man, Ibragim … about impartiality, to doubt the FBI’s ability to investigate itself.

    The F.B.I. Deemed Agents Faultless in 150 Shootings – The New York Times

    Jun 18, 2013 – F.B.I. Shooting Incident Reviews, 1993-2011 JUNE 18, 2013 …. the bureau’s image goes down the toilet if it doesn’t investigate itself properly.”.

    in other news


  2. Where are those fabled Ms. Freeh ‘ Cooping ‘ skills, Ms.Freeh ? … Fly back to the Bureau Rooftop Ms. Freeh … Ms. Freeh …. 🙂

  3. Matt
    Do you ever plan to develop
    a lexicon index of FBI Speak?

    FBI – ease like plausible denial

    You would give examples like
    Lee Harvey Oswald,Sirhan Sirhan,James Earl Ray

    FBI – ease like behaviour modification
    using a intermittent re-enforcement
    schedule of terror to force passage of the
    Patriot Act

    FBI – ease like neutralization
    If Boston Marathon bomber
    was a FBI informant why kill him?
    If LaVoy Finicum was a FBI informant
    why kill him?

    If Harvard psychologist B F Skinner could
    train pigeons to play ping pong using
    a positive re- enforcement schedule

    What could FBI agents train humans to
    do using the negative re- enforcement
    schedule of fear?

    in other news

    don’t feed the pigeons
    Operant conditioning – YouTube
    Video for pigeons b f skinner youtube


    SKinner interview showing operant conditioning with pigeons. … B.F. Skinner – It Is Possible to …

  4. ” Well, put your laser right on my forehead then and shoot straight ” RIP Robert Lavoy Finicum in drivers seat before peeling out to be subsuquently killed further up road. This from just released video implicating FBI Special Squad in ” irregularities ” in the shooting.

    Lavoy Finicum was an ornery character certainly. In the heat of events he easily elected Agents in facilitating his death wish; a perfect storm of autocratic personalities on a collision course.

    So Lavoy lost his cool. Easily said if not there, but basically Agents are held to higher standard in regard to keeping theirs .

    Jury still out so we will see. Very impressive that the Bureau is being very transparent as they say these dayat coes about investigating possible violations of established and extremely strict protocols for handling the hotheaded Lavoy Finicums. Lavoy was not just wearing the cowboy hat for show .

  5. Finicum committed suicide by cop. If a person goes on TV and threatens the FBI with gun violence, they are courting destruction. There’s a lot of on-line criticism of the FBI top echelon snitch program. As an organization, they deserve the heat, but, it must be remembered that agents risk their lives to protect the public. Would anyone have been happy if it was an FBI agent killed? The protesters bunkered down in the Mahleur were armed, and, dangerous. They, particularly Finicum, were making threats to open up on agents, and, local police. It’s a tragedy that a protester was killed, but, that individual through his words, and, actions, caused his own death.

  6. read as : disparate=distinct …It’s just another cloyingly tedious episode in the legalistic soap opera AS THE ‘ WORD ‘ TURNS !!! … Come Back To The Court On Time … Marvin Belli … Marvin Belli …

  7. Nobody is biting Matt.

    in other news

    Match 8 2015

    FBI Agents Under Investigation for Coverup in Shooting Death of LaVoy Finicum as New Video is Released from Inside Vehicle (Updated II)


    A new video recorded from inside the car driven by Robert “LaVoy” Finicum was released today, capturing the harrowing moments before, during and after he was shot to death in Oregon last January.

    The United States Department of Justice also announced it is investigating a group of “elite” FBI agents for partaking in a coverup of the shooting, according to the Oregonian.

    It turns out, one FBI agent shot his gun twice, but claimed he never fired his gun.

    The USDOJ said those bullets did not strike the Arizona rancher, who had been part of a group of activists occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge throughout January.

    Finicum, instead, was shot three times in the back by Oregon state police officers, including one bullet that pierced his heart.

    The shooting death was ruled justified because the officers said they were in fear for their lives.

    One of the bullets shot by the FBI agent struck his vehicle at a different angle than the other shots, which is what led investigators to determine he had lied.

    UPDATE: Oregon Governor Kate Brown and state representative Greg Walden issued statements that they are troubled and concerned over the apparent lies concocted by this elite band of FBI agents.

    According to KTVZ:

    Oregon Gov. Kate Brown released the following statement Tuesday regarding the Robert Finicum officer-involved shooting investigation conducted by the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office:

    “Any loss of life is regrettable, and I appreciate that the independent investigation into the actions of Oregon State Police was completed swiftly and thoroughly,”Brown said.

    “Additional questions the investigation raised about the actions of federal agents who were also involved are troubling and properly the subject of an ongoing investigation.”

    Rep. Greg Walden (R-Hood River) issued the following statement regarding the independent investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of LaVoy Finicum:

    “This independent investigation gives us some answers to what happened, but leaves me disturbed and bewildered by the role of the FBI agents who are now under federal investigation themselves. Meanwhile, I will continue working with local officials to get results on the Steens Mountain fencing issue, federal reimbursement for the local policing costs, and to stop the monument designation in Malheur County, among other resource-related issues.”

    UPDATE II: The Oregonian published an article contrasting the claims made by Tinicum’s supporters that he was murdered to the claims made by investigators.

    One of the claims made by his supporters is that he had been shot on his left side, which is why he reached down towards his waistband.

    But investigatorsm

  8. ★ Muhammad always pronounced his name MOHAMMED… Perhaps he is G-O-D. 🙂

  9. Rather,

    Nope … did just watch ’73 Cavett on Decade with Mohammed Ali and Smokin Joe … They were a riot …2 weeks before rematch after Champ’s loss w/broken jaw and rare knockdown from the estimable Frazier. …Also a Great fighter !!!

    ” Yeah, I was talkin’ and he got me with the left hook and that’s how it got broke ” explains Ali … ” Yeah, he told me he was God ” interjects Joe to Cavett … The two of them spring into action on carpet and with Ali throwing out leisurely bullwhip jabs Frazier pantomimes … ” He says to me … Don’t you know I’m God ? ” showing the Ali jabbing feints … And then, reverting to his own choppy close deadly compact style says … closing the distance ” Well I told him … ‘ WELL GOD IS GOING TO GET HIS ASS WHUPPED TONIGHT !!! ‘ ” Good Stuff … The BEST. 🙂

  10. Did anyone else see the trailer for the new movie “The Young Messiah?”……

    Had a literal laughing-out-loud moment while watching when and the narrator comes on in the deep, dramatic “In a world where……” voice, they say “Cardinal O’Malley says…..and show his movie review quote on the screen” like he was Siskel or Ebert.

    Thought it was ironic.

    Catholic church is now going Hollywood?

    What the….?

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