FBI Agent John Connolly’s Inexplicable Actions: How To Figure Them Out? 4/5

There was another thing. This one is the thing that first got me interested in this case. It is the FBI investigation and Federal prosecution of MA State trooper John Naimovich. The FBI investigation was done by the group in the Boston FBI office where Connolly was assigned. It was headed by a supervisor James Ring. He was nicknamed “The Pipe” by Whitey and his buddies. Ring was alleged to have received expensive gifts from Whitey.

Naimovich, the State Police Special Services Unit under the command of Sergeant Bob Haley, and I had been doing wiretap interception of bookie offices in Norfolk County during the spring into fall of 1987. We were following our traditional approach. We started at a lower level and moved up to bigger and bigger bookie offices. This operation was showing itself to be particularly successful because we had already made a couple of raids gathering evidence against people. We were calling people into the grand jury. I would ask them if they knew certain people. They would take the Fifth but go out and tell others who I was inquiring about. Meanwhile we were still up on the intercepts listening in gathering in the intelligence.

One of the persons in the latest raid and one who we brought before the grand jury was Jimmy “the Sniff” Katz who was one of the best bookies in the state. He was operating in a Boston office and when we hit his office he went out the window and down the fire escape leaving behind his shoes and other items. It was the second time that I had grabbed Katz, the other being some years earlier. Katz would testify against Whitey in his trial.

Aside from Katz we took down more than a dozen bookie offices. Names that would later be identified as part of Whitey’s  organization like Joey Yerardi or Michael Desotell were among those involved. In a sense our actions here would help the subsequent investigations by Fred Wyshak and his team.

Many of the bookies we were hitting were paying tribute to Whitey and Flemmi to operate. The quid pro quo for that was that Whitey would pick up their legal expenses if they were hit. Without us knowing, we were hitting Whitey and Flemmi hard in the pocketbook. As Frankie Salemme said of both: “they only love women and money and not necessarily in that order.” They could not have been happy with the rising cost of doing business.

Also without us knowing it the FBI was sticking its nose into our operation. Were they doing it at the behest of and to protect Whitey and Flemmi? In the summer of 1987 the Ma State Police decided to consolidate Naimovich’s unit with a unit that had worked closely with the FBI under a state police captain. The new unit joined us in our ongoing wiretap. It was then able to feed back to the FBI what information we were gaining over the wires. With this information Connolly’s unit in the FBI knew better than we did that we were hot on the track of Whitey and Flemmi. From what we learned about them there is little doubt Whitey and Flemmi were complaining to Connolly about the costs. The FBI agents came up with a plan to bring our operation to a halt. It would involve using Naimovich’s fellow state troopers to investigate him.

A trooper working with the FBI was called into its office in Boston. He was confronted with the FBI agents telling him they had a leak of information out of their office. As best the agents could determine, this trooper was the only one outside the FBI who had the information. In other words Agent Ring and another were accusing the trooper of leaking secret information.


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  1. Matt and Janet I am away from my laptop computer so I have to rely on my phone to respond. I will be responding tomorrow in the evening as I have to attend a funeral in the morning. Until then have a great evening good night

    1. That’s obviously what you have chosen to do, Janet…without regard to facts.
      Even worse than falling for this bullshit, you have chosen to position yourself as an expert, an feel the need to post rumor and innuendo with no basis in reality. Is it all to sell your “book”? If so, even more shameful. If it’s only due to your naivety, it’s just sad. Either way, you’re wrong.

  2. I have read all the emails that Matt has produced and I have found them lately to be inaccurate and troubling. As for you, Janet, you are suffering from the effects of “Stockholm Syndrome.” You do not have a clue about what has gone one with John Connolly. You have been manipulated by James “Whitey” Bulger, period! First, James Bulger told the FBI at the time of his arrest that he never paid John Connolly a dime; it was Morris who he paid; Second, your comments alleging that John received money from the “guys” to pay for his rent and living expenses were totally incorrect; John Connolly paid for everything from his rental income and his salary. Of note: the IRS at the request of Wyshak and Company, conducted not one, but two net worth audits on John Connolly and the found no irregularities, whatsoever, to support the allegations that he took money. Everything that he purchased: homes, condo, boats, cars, etc. are supported by loans and mortgages and rental income. Everything John engaged in has been documented. So, go back to Whitey, your love interest, and get the facts straight. Of course, you will not do that because you do not want to discredit the biased facts in your “book.” And, remember, Whitey is pissed off at John Connolly. Need I say more? I could go on, but I care not to at this moment. No, I think I will make a few more observations that have been blown out of proportion: Top Echelon Informants, and the protection of Bulger and Flemmi. Well, first of all, John J. Connolly, Jr. never had the power to protect any of his TE’s. The USA’S office and the DOJ [Department of Justice in WDC] had the power to protect Bulger and Flemmi, NOT JOHN CONNOLLY. John Connolly was tasked by the FBI and the DOJ to target and develop people who could provide information on a regular basis. After the target was identified, a memorandum was prepared detailing the areas of criminal activities that this target could furnish information on. This memo would be transmitted to the USA’s office where the merits of the target being developed would be discussed. Once it was agreed that the target should be brought on board, a second memorandum would be crafted requesting the confirmation [blessing – my word] of the DOJ. Once DOJ agreed that the target met the criteria for inclusion into the TE Program, the DOJ would confirm in memorandum form. The target [TE] would then be instructed on what he/she could and could not do relative to his/her criminal activities; at no time would a TE be allowed to commit ANY HOMICIDES. Basically, the TE was allowed to continue with his criminal activities. The DOJ AND THE USA protected the TE as in Bulger and Flemmi’s case. Not John Connolly. Of note, an FBI SA can only protect his informant’s identity; he has no control over other law enforcement agencies, both FED or Local, from bringing charges against his TE, none! OK, that is it for the moment.

    1. DB:

      Innacurate and troubling? Point out where I am innacurate and troubling. You set out all the procedures and they all sound nice but that is not how it happened. You do remember that Vinny “Jimmy the Bear” Flemmi who wanted to be the top hit man in New England and was known to have committed five murders was let into the FBI’s top echelon program.

      Of course John Connolly protected Whitey. He said it himself that that was hiss job was to protect Whitey. Didn’t he say to Morris that if Morris had any information on Whitey he had to tell him. Wasn’t the CJIS sytem set up so that any inquiry into Whitey went to the attention of Connolly. Then you do recall the agent handling Rossetti TEI said it was his job to keep him safe. What is all that supposed to mean?

      Now deal with what I have raised. Why is Connolly helping Flemmi after he has left the FBI to subvert a federal investigation into Flemmi and other gangstesrs by providing them with information, writing a phony letter, and cooperating with Flemmi’s lawyer. Simple question.

      1. Matt, have you read none of why extensive comments or NC’s comments on John Connolly’s miniscule interactions with Flemmi via Weeks (the always incredulous Weeks who concocts stories about secret whisperings of non-confidential info inside closed walk-in freezers>)

        And, there is no incongruity in DB’s explanation of who becomes a TEI, how they are handled, and the FBI agents in the field using the word “protect” loosely to mean they would say to a TEI “keep away from X . .he’s a stoolie . . .or keep away from Y, he’s wearing a wire in bookie case>” . . . .of course the FBI/DOJ did not want their TEIs arrested for petty offenses when they were trying to take down the entire New England Mafia . . .that’s all they’d need is for a local cop to arrest and imprison Flemmi for selling grass, when Flemmi was about to frame top Mafia guys

        John Connolly’s messages to Flemmi via Weeks were largely this . . .”Tell Flemmi to tell the truth; I was an honest agent; you were told you would be terminated as a TEI if you engaged in violence.” That’s a fact.

        Now, you say, Weeks said John gave Flemmi’s attorneys some info that John in 1996-97 (six or seven years retired from the FBI) somehow got access to and it was “confidential” . . .well that’s news to me . . .

        How does a six-year retired guy get inside info?

        Says who?

        It reminds me of why I quit the law . . .I said so in my 2006 book: The Fix: The Corruption of Massachusetts Courts and Agencies” . . . .”after this case is finished (I was frustratingly appealing an environmental case) I’m quitting the practice of law. I can’t handle the corrupt way it’s practiced in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.”

        This was after the parade case, and many other examples of Judges cited precedents correctly then doing the exact opposite of what the precedents required and examples of lawyers agreeing to “Stipulations” then bringing in experts at trial to argue against the Stipulations, the FACTS, they’d already agreed to in writing.

        Well in one environmental case, due for trial on the Tuesday after July 4th Monday Holiday, the opposing lawyer representing the state, introduced on Thursday, via mail to me and filing in Court, new evidence, new graphics, new charts, etc., and Friday I was before the Judge saying, “Judge, my experts are all on vacation . . .we’ve had no notice of this . . .this is new evidence, introduced at the last moment, no one, neither me nor my experts have every seen it before, you cannnot allow the State to introduce this at trial>”

        Motion denied, The Judge was a friend of and had worked in the State Attorney General’s Office with the State Attorney I opposed and she allowed in all the last minute “evidence” and moreover ignored all the “stipulations of facts” as did the Appeals and Supreme Judicial Court in Massachusetts . . .they dediced massive overflows of sewage (hundreds of thousands of gallons of raw sewage) from the State’s Correctional FAcilities into my clients drinkiing water supplies, contaminating their wells, was “not a nuisance” and two months later these same Appeals Courts and SJC decided that hitting golf balls in the vicinity of someone’s property was an actionable nuisance.

        The point is Matt, at the last moment, has introduced stuff John Connolly has never been charged with even by Javert, the overly zealous Wyshak and the FEDs, and asked us to give credence to facts apparently facts found on the lips of the erudite font of irrefutable logic and wisdom, Kevin Weeks.

        Even Kevin Weeks can cite only a few times John Connolly communicated with Flemmi in prison via Weeks or with Flemmi’s lawyers in mid-1990s (around 1995-98) when no one, not even Matt or any DA or Cop in Massachusetts knew the murders Flemmi had committed while a TEI.

        2. Here’s how Matt further blurs the field . . . .He says the FEDs recruited TEI’s who were “murderers” . . .should they have recruited Boy Scouts?
        As DB correctly notes if a TEI were known to commit an act of violence while a TEI he was terminated . . .investigated, prosecuted . . .And also, the FEDs did not prevent Matt , any other DA, or any local cop from conducting their own investigations . . .although, as said, they may have warned TEIs to steer clear of a joint if they knew it was being tapped for a bookie investigation

        What would Matt prefer? The entire New England Mafia be taken down or he imprison Whitey/Flemmi for violating State Gambling Laws?

      2. Matt..ancient history..Jimmy Flemmi was brought on board before the TEI program ever existed, and John was spending his nights in the BC bars along Comm ave…are you now going to try to tar John with that broad brush?

        If not, why are you posting it response to your being called out on being wrong about John? You’re better than that

    2. DB: Great Comments . . .please continue to supply accurate inside info, as we who have not worked inside the FBI or DOJ, but have worked inside other arms of federal and state government, do not have the expertise you do.
      Thanks for the corrections.

  3. Matt
    Excellent analysis. At the conclusion will you be attempting to piece things together so things FINALLY make sense. Because we are talking criminal acts and high level criminals it is very hard to seperate the wheat from the chafe. I could be way off base but I think there were other major law enforcement officials besides Connolly that enables Flemmi and Bulger. They had a run for too long and had their hands in so many different pots.
    Flemmi testifying at Salemme trial was very interesting to say the least.

    1. Jerome:

      Thanks. I hope to come to some sort of conclusion. It may disappoint lots of people but I’m not a grand conspiracy type guy. I worked in the system on both sides of the fence. The Whitey story is not that complicated. If the FBI is protecting you and it has the capabilty to know what other people are doing in their investigations it doesn’t take much to protect people. Remember the FBI is a club – like the Mafia or the Catholic clergy – it protects its own.

  4. Following Connolly’s divorce the rent for his “bachelor pad”was paid (where he cozied up with a certain Globe journalist), his bills were paid, expensive gifts given, car and boat paid for, trips, and, yes, a great deal of cash. The case of wine–each bottle was $500.00….

    1. Who paid his rent, Janet? And where have you come up with this ridiculous accusation? Was it the same person that paid for his car and boat? You should be ashamed of yourself.

      1. Oh, Declan McManus! You know who paid his rent, paid for his car, paid for his boat….
        Certainly not ashamed of myself! But Connolly is shamed…

        “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it…the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie…” (Joseph Goebbels)

        The Truth Be Damned, by Janet Uhlar

    2. Janet, your facts are so backwards they need no refutation.

      John was divorced as a relatively young man, as was I. I was separated at age 31 and formally divorced by about 34. John was re-married at around age 50. During those years I was single again, without children, without alimony, like John I acquired on a modest salary brand new cars and a cottage down the Cape, initially brought with my brother, then owned on my own. I never bought a modest 26 foot boat like all my friends owned, but every year for ten plus years I”d set several thousand dollars aside and travel all over America (and sometimes to Europe) and I”d tour America and Canada for two weeks at a time spending several thousand dollars, while I owned my cottage down the Cape.

      Now, John was making a bit more money than I (a humble 03 contracted employee in the State’s Environmental Agency while I paid my tuition for four years going to Law School Nights (Veterans Benefits helped a bit), so with all these things going on I lived comfortably.

      During my new bachelorhood, late 1970s-early 1980s, I ran into other single and divorced friends in the Quincy Market Area at barroooms and clubs (I was sober then by ’79, but still frequented clubs to meet young women) and lo and behold there were other young men in their thirties and forties so inclined, and one of them was my friend of many years . . .not a close friend, but an older man (five years older) I knew from the neighborhoods and BC football games and boxing matches downtown and social events . . . .and that man was John Connolly . . .

      He led the same lifestyle we all led . . .

      He had a good salary . . . .he had a little extra income because he was smart and got a duplex and rental income . . .like many of my lifelong friends, I’ll mention two, Kevin Glynn married children, David Costello, married with children, who owned a house, and a cottage down the Cape, and nice boat . . .I went out on Kevin’s and David’s 20 foot boats . . .we all lived comfortably and we all worked hard . . .

      Now, John Connolly had about the same income as Kevin and David, I’d say, and more than me (always just a humble researcher and writer, always in the background; never a front man), but John was single until he was about 50 . . .then he got married . . .but before he got married, it may be news to you Janet, he was engaged to a young woman who had her own income and was single herself until her early thirties as I recall

      So, John and his fiance/then wife wisely pooled their resources and brought some nice things like all hard working married couples in the Boston area did . . .

      And you Janet, have the unmitigated gall to imply John Connolly and his fiance/wife got money from other than their hard work, legal efforts, legitimate jobs, legitimate income

      You’ve got a lot of nerve, Janet . . .and your grotesquely biased bloomers are showing now for all the world to see . . .

      How dare you cast aspersions on a man’s character on such flimsy, sleazy “evidence”!

      1. Bill, How did Molly Bloom get into this?

        Portrait Of The Bill As A Young Man

        No hits below the belt, Rocky !!!


      2. Thanks for posting that Bill..Beautiful job of showing the fallacy of Janet Uhlar’s despicable rumor mongering. This self-appointed expert is nothing more than a screeching mud slinger.

        I notice she didn’t respond when confronted with facts; she’s only an “expert when there is no one in the room with the actual knowledge necessary to refute her baseless aspersions. I would add that in addition to what you stated, John also benefited, as we all did, from a massive pay raise during the time when he was single. Boston was one of the beneficiaries of a 20+ percent locality pay increase, which was figured with the inclusion of the 25% bump of administratively uncontrollable overtime, which was now included in all agents pay. I would conservatively estimate that John received a pay raise of approximately $30,000.00 OVER NIGHT. I wonder if Janet thinks that might help a single guy afford to purchase a 26 foot boat?

        No..it sounds better to post “you know who paid for it”, wishbone all the nefarious implications. You’re right Janet..I do know who paid for it, and unlike you, I’m willing to state it. John paid for ALL of these things, with his salary and rental income. Those are the facts.

  5. One general criticism> You mention Agent Ring was “alleged” to have done something illegal . . .when you print “allegations” you should also make clear either that the person was never charged with doing that or if charged was acquitted

    Several times you’ve mentioned “Money” as a motive for John Connolly doing stuff . . .you should simultaneously mention that John was charged in Boston with some receiving some petty cash (Morris, I think said John got about a grand in a case of wine, like himself) and then remember to state the Boston Federal Jury acquitted John Connolly of that. In other words, preface your remarks about John Connolly by saying the Boston Federal Jury acquitted him of taking any money or anything of value from the gangsters, and neither in Boston nor in Miami was he ever charged with taking large sums of money from the gangsters. So, Money? That has been excluded as a motive. John Connolly was an honest cop who never took a dime.

    Secondly, it must be stressed that no experts have ever come close to proving John Connolly lived beyond the incomes (salaries, rental income) of he and his fiancee/wife.

    Thirdly, it’s one thing to mention “allegations”but not when a man has been acquitted and not when for 20 years the FEDs have been persecuting a man and charging him with everything their malicious minds could conceive, and the man has never been found guilty of taking a dime.

    So, too, with Ring. The Sterns Gang (Sterns, Durham, Wyshak and their successors) had a bit of the apple, had a chance to charge and prosecute Ring . . .and they failed to do so. Jim Ring has never been convicted of taking a dime, either.

    So enough of the unfounded, unproven “allegations” which only serve to smear and only come from the likes of despicable characters like Morris, and conscienceless or conscience-challenged men with huge holes, lacunae, in their moral consciences like Martorano, Flemmi, Salemme, Weeks and Wyshak who uses known perjurors and sociopathic serial killers . . . .conscienceless, conscience-challenged men without moral fiber or moral backgrounds, who’d kill, steal, rape and lie at the drop of a hat . . .as witnesses.

    Federal Prosecutors are not psychopaths and some would say they’re not sociopaths, but in my book they’re worse, as they coldly, calculatingly cut obscenely lenient deals with the worst human beings to prosecute and persecute innocent folks like Aaron Swartz and John Connolly . .

    2. How the Aaron Swartz and John Connolly cases are similar . . .the FEDs offered Swartz leniency if he would confess to a felony . . .he refused, as he the young man, a non-lawyer, but with high moral character, knew that his downloading of publicly available files was not a major crime . . .so, the FEDs pressured, bullied, threatened him and forced him to the brink of despair and suicide

    With John Connolly, Wyshak offered John in Miami (as I recall reading it) a five year sentence in prison (this was in 2006) if John would plead guilty to a felony of receiving money from the Mobsters . . .John, a man of conscience, rightfully insisted he never took a dime, committed no crime, and would not confess to something he didn’t do. Wyshak continued unmercifully and relentlessly the persecution and staging the sham show trials.

    Why does Wyshak continue to stage sham show trials, Stalinistic type show trials? To fill the Federal Record with his point of view, to cleanse his own reputation. You see, during the Whitey trial, Wyshak himself and Whitey’s defense attorney Jay Carney, threw a ton of mud on FBI agents and John Connolly in particular . . .you see, since about 1998, the Sterns Gang (Sterns, Durham, Wyshak, their successors in Boston and their bosses in DC, like Mueller, who greenlighted everything) agreed to single out a handful of honest FBI agents and portray them as ROGUES.

    Why? To avoid and/or minimize the Civil Litigation Costs/Awards that were coming when it was revealed TEIs had continued to murder, and also, as always with these FEDS, to “protect the integrity of the FBI, DOJ, FEDs”, in other words sacrifice a few agents, so folks will think we the FEDs are swell. This was done via Wyshak before Wolfe, via the criminal prosecutions of Connolly and others, and via the Civil Suits, where both the Plaintiffs Counsel (suing the FEDs for negligence) and the Defense Counsel (ADAs, FEDs like Wyshak who were supposed to be defending federal officials) were both throwing mud, and throwing down the drain pseudo-Rogue agents who were being framed, innocent FBI agents. “To protect the integrity of the system” . . .a corrupt system.

    And this is what Janet witnessed as a juror during Whitey’s Trial . .both sides slinging mud at so-called Rogue FBI agents like John Connolly . .

    And this all ties into what Matt is writing about today, how the FEDs sit around a table and conspire and plot and plan to sell innocent men down the drain . . .to protect the integrity of the FEDS, their image . . .

    P.S. There is a legitimate motive the FEDs had to interfere with wiretaps that would get TEIs arrested for relatively minor “gambling” offenses, when the FEDs were using these TEIs to take down the entire murderous New England Mafia.

    1. Bill:

      Too much to respond to. I’m plesed though that you admit that the Feds were protecting its TEIs since some people in the FBI suggest that was never the case. See db comment. But you do understand in the Naimovich case the matter went a step or two further. Ring, according to the trooper, told the state police to continue an investigation into him after the FBI discovered he was not the one who was the leak. Why is Ring doing that?

      1. good question, Matt, . . .why did Ring continue investigating . . . .and why did the FEDs (prosecutors, mainly) persecute so many people in Boston: John Connolly, Aaron Swartz, Kenny Conley the Boston Cop they persecuted for 10 years then settled for nearly one million dollars for “wrongful prosecution” the Caswell Motel owner they persecuted for a decade, before admitting they were wrong, or no, having the case thrown out, the Probation Officers and unindicted Legislatures they wrongfully persecuted, the City Councilman they set up and imprisoned over a $200 “preachers’ handshake” they turned into a Federal Offense and PUnished with 3 years in Prison . .a 70 years old man with a clean record . . .and did you know the Probation Office they persecuted, O’Brien’s, just happened to have Bill Bulger’s son, Chris, working there, whom they tried to persecute . . .and did you know the Lynnfield Bookie they singled out for persecution and got some snitch to pitch was John Connolly’s brother in law, and the 50 year old Nurse they persecuted with the clean record was John Connolly’s sister in law . . .and why did they single out the 70 year old City Councilman with the Clean Record? Because he was close to the Southie City Council President Jimmy Kelly who they hoped to persecute or persecute some in his office to get dirt on their real target the Honorable William Bulger . . .and why when Wyshak deputized Five State Cops did he tell them the two enemies in Massachusetts were (1) Whitey and the Gangsters and (2) Senate President Bill Bulger and the State House? Well, that’s what Colonel Foley said they were told or they intuited the two enemies of the FEDs were because Colonel Foley spoke those very words in Somerville at an open meeting in 2013 recorded on Youtube . . .

        And you ask WHY they persecuted Naimovitch, an innocent man . . . .because what the FEDs have become accustomed to doing in Boston and in Washington DC and I suspect throughout the NATION at least these past several decades . . .and that’s why I want to spread to alarm and others should join me in spreading the alarm to every village and town in Massachusetts and throughout America that the FEDs, especially Federal Prosecutors are ABUSING FEDERAL PROSECUTORIAL POWER AND ABUSING FEDERAL INVESTIGATORY POWER . . .AND IT IS RAMPANT AND IT IS AS DANGEROUS AS THE IMPERIOUS BRITISH EMPIRE THAT TRIED TO SHOVE THEIR POWER DOWN OUR THROATS IN 1775 . . .WE STOOD AGAINST IT THEN . . . .AND WE SHOULD SHOUT IT FROM EVERY ROOFTOP AND SHOUT IT ON EVERY STREET CORNER IN BOSTON AND BEYONE . . . .WE AIN’T GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE . . .


        THE FEDS HAVE USURPED POWER . . .AND TURNED FEDERAL PROSECUTORIAL POWER, FEDERAL INVESTIGATORIAL POWER AGAINST WE THE PEOPLE . . . .AND AS FEDERAL POWER was turned against the people in the Forced Busing Cases, and as State Power was turned against the people in the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade Case for over three years running until the US Supreme Court settled the abuse of power with a 9-0 decision, so we continue to witness the abuse of State and Federal Power today.

        Let’s end the Tyranny of FEDs abusing Federal Power.

        Then, we’ll focus on States, who do so.

        Why? Because we are a free people who should never fear our federal or state governments, but our good and honorable public servants in federal and state office should always fear We the People and always respect our Constitution, our laws and traditions. And those who abuse power, as we’ve demonstrated many have, should be fully prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law without exception . . .and I’m happy to see that in New York and California the citizens are starting to focus on Federal Prosecutorial Abuse.

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