FBI Culture Endangers America

April 2011 001I wrote yesterday about agents gone wild. This is because no one is able to verify what that agency is doing and the president and Congress which is supposed to oversee the Bureau are intimidated by it. The Hoover era continues even as we see a switch between directors with the new director coming from the same problem area as the old director the Department of Justice.

It’s not so harmful that it set up top echelon informant programs that empowers murderers and causes the demise of individual Americans, it becomes extremely dangerous, if not an outright threat to thousands of Americans when its culture, which finds embarrassment the thing most to guard against, let terrorists slip through the gap.

We have been warned that the FBI is not the agency to handle the terrorism threat. We’ve seen that is just the case with the Marathon Terrorist Attack in Boston where for all we know Tamerlan Tsarnaev was an FBI informant. I’m not alone in my opinion here.

William Odum a brilliant thinker and great American was a retired U.S. Army 3-star general, and former Director of the NSA under President Ronald Reagan, which culminated a 31-year career in military intelligence. He went on to work closely with Zbigniew Brzezinski at  Center for Strategic and International Studies.

He wrote an opinion piece on June 29, 2005 in the Washington Post entitled: “Why the FBI Can’t Be Reformed.” said:

The problem is systemic. No one can turn a law enforcement agency into an effective intelligence agency. Police work and intelligence work don’t mix. The skills and organizational incentives for each are antithetical. One might just as well expect baseball’s Washington Nationals to win football’s Super Bowl as believe the FBI can become competent at intelligence work. . . . The only hope for improvement is the creation of a separate agency, equal to the CIA and under the new director of national intelligence. Sometimes called the “MI-5 solution,” after the British example, it has been dismissed by members of Congress who say that the American public will not tolerate a “domestic spy agency.” This is simply untrue. They have tolerated such an agency for decades — the FBI — and it is not known for respecting Americans’ civil rights.”

Jack Cloonan, a twenty-five-year veteran of the FBI, was as special agent for the Bureau’s Osama bin Laden unit from 1996 to 2002.  He told author Peter Lance on May 4, 2006:

“If you want to do something serious about counterterrorism, if you have any influence in Congress, tell them to take it away from the FBI. Bottom Line. Because the culture is such we don’t do it well. Yes, we’ve enjoyed some successes in the criminal process, but we were horrible at predictive analysis. The director, I suppose, and others are trying to recast the Bureau as a domestic intelligence agency. [But] there is just a problem with leadership, and there has been for years.” (Triple Cross, Peter Lance, p.467, Regan Books)

I don’t suppose anything will be done about it. When as I noted yesterday that Congress is unable to find out why the most recent terrorist attack happened under the FBI’s nose. I guess we’ll have to continue to lose American lives since fighting the terrorists is not like fighting the Mafia, which the FBI was fairly good at. The terrorists are too often likely to do what the top echelon informants did, use the FBI against itself. If you don’t think so, read about Ali Mohamed the FBI informant who trained the 9/11 terrorists. (Triple Cross has the full story of his dealings.)

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  1. “When as I noted yesterday that Congress is unable to find out why the most recent terrorist attack happened under the FBI’s nose.” That would be because they are in collusion. We no longer have three branches of federal government with checks and balances; we have one rogue government. Ask the US Congress how the House HLS Committee managed to draft a Bill on 4/12/2013 that would address information sharing by the feds to to local authorities in anti-terrorism efforts and why the premise of that Bill continued to be the focus of “show” hearings that followed the bombings.
    http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/113/hr1542 Ask Rep Keating why the so called “scathing” letter he wrote to Director Comey never made it in the Congressional record. Ask Keating why there is no summary of his trip to Russia with a group of other Reps in the Congressional record. http://ftpcontent3.worldnow.com/wfxt/pdf/keating-letter-to-fbi-director.pdf Ask the US Congress why they have not acknowledged that the FBI was the actual crowd at Blast Site 2 and not this young Defendant in spite of being provided this information with material evidence. https://twitter.com/rebelready/status/365581301174116352/photo/1 Watch the FBI in action at Blast site 2 where they acted as pretend rescue, fake bloodied victims and moulage artist for the future propaganda pictures. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJn6kz-nDhA

    Our government is in whole a sham and these tax supported public servants are running a racketeering scheme; in Boston “bombing” matter they are colluding with the corrupt Massachusetts State government, the staff of the USDC of Massachusetts, and multiple private sector entities.

    The criminal case in the USDC is simulated. The entire record is a fraudulent mess. The orders never make it to the court’s recent order dokcet which is the record of all the days orders by all sitting judges. The staff of this court engaged in the identity theft of a US District Judge to unseal a few documents that should have never been sealed to begin with in an attempt to humor the public; the order never came from Judge O’Toole and he is probably not even aware the case is on his docket. Don’t let his name being present in the properties of the PDF with the order fool you; this is a court staff computer PDF. No defense attorney has made the required notice of appearance in the case. The transcript from the arraignment lacks the court stamp. Documents supposedly by Judy Clarke who lives in California have come from the fed public defender office; Clarke is not a government employee! The defendant cannot be found in federal custody with an inmate search; using known names and register number, the continual result since his transfer from BI has been NO INMATE FOUND.

    Surely if all the events as told by the FBI really occurred we would not be playing pretend court!!

    1. Public:

      There are some problems in our government. One of them is not having gotten the right terrorist who set off the bombs during the Marathon Terrorist Attack. Joke Tsarnaev was rightfully arrested and rightfully indicted. He’ll have his day in court but had I been in charge he would have gone right down to Guantanamo. I’m not looking forward to the circus his trial will bring about in Boston.

      1. Let me try to get into your brain one more time!! The court proceedings are fake. Not one order makes it to the master docket where all orders of the day go. The defense attorneys have not made an appearance in the case. The entire thing is a sham!!

        1. Public:

          I was in court the day he was arraigned. Was that someone else who appeared. Who were those people who represented themselves as attorneys?

          1. The transcript of the arraignment has no court stamp. The attorneys, AGAIN, have made no required notice of appearance in the case. The orders have all been fraudulent and not entered into the court’s master record of all the day’s orders. What you are seeing is to make you believe this is real. You are being defrauded. You can continue to state the illusions they are providing you or you can look at material evidence that proves these are purposeful illusions to, in fact, defraud you. This is hard to see and a bit fuzzy but the proof is there showing the order by the US District judge is fraudulent. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BSitCj6CMAAdiv2.jpg:large

            If you are happy with a system that has no checks and balances where collusion occurs between the three branches of government to screw the American people there is not much more I can do for you. If you think this is unacceptable and that your tax contributions are not made to support fraud by the government, I will be happy to guide you to further evidence!! Search federal inmate data base- you will not find the defendant!!

            1. Public:

              Here’s the case number: 1.13-cr-10200 – There are 91 entries on the docket. You can join the PACER court system and follow along the case if you wish.

              I’m afraid we agree that you can’t do much more for me.

          2. I hope you are not an attorney because your critical thinking and comprehension are seriously lacking. If I am telling you I am following the case and have copied all the master daily recent orders on a daily basis and that not any of the orders in this case are making to the court’s daily recent orders docket, why would you suggest I follow the case in PACER. How do you think I am getting the criminal dockets, the orders, the opinion docket, the activity docket, the court’s all recent orders docket and the motions filed by defense counsel and the AUSA? Magic!

            Correct – you are not capable of helped because you are either among the corrupt or an incompetent attorney who is not able to see the aberrations of process that point to corruption or possibly are suffering from profound cognitive dissonance.

            1. Public:

              The thinking and comprehension are seriously lacking because I have no idea what you are talking about. I am corrupt and incompetent and am suffering from profound cognitive dissonance. And as Pee Herman would say: “I know you are but what am I?”

      2. Matt?
        Can you explain?
        It’s okay if you can’t, but honestly……
        I don’t know how to file this.

          1. I don’t know anything about this:
            One of them is not having gotten the right terrorist who set off the bombs during the Marathon Terrorist Attack.

  2. I read an article about the FBI director retiring. The article quoted Mr Margolis. The question I have is , when is Mr Margolis going to retire? Perhaps you, Howie Carr or Kevin Cullen could write a book about Mr Margolis and his life and the FBI during his many decades of work there. It would make for very interesting reading. regards,

    1. Norwood:

      Margolis will retire in the same manner J. Edgar Hoover stepped down. I’d be loath to read a book by Carr or Cullen since I’m not into modern day novels.

  3. Matt,

    Here is an example of something I saw a while ago without the commentary on this one:


    It was this officer’s opinion that the younger Tsarnaev’s throat was cut.
    I didn’t find the plain interview I saw, but that would be the one I would like to keep in a timeline.
    I noted the reactions of the other officers, and I don’t know what to make of it. I just remember it and would want it saved on the date the interview occurred.

    I think the officer speculated it could have come from shrapnel or a knife. Something about the edges of the wound.

    1. Firefly:

      That is interesting especially seeing the reaction of the guys behind the speaker. Didn’t the doctor who treated Joker spell out his injuries. I’m going to have to go back to see what he said.

  4. Matt: And a good Saturday Morning to you. Things are fairly quiet
    at the whisper stream here on Flying Pond. I notice you quote Peter Lance.
    see http://www.nytimes.com/2013/06/30/nyregion/the-mob-and-angela-clemente.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

    About 8 years ago I contacted a few friends here in Maine to raise a couple of hundred dollars to send down to Angela Clemente who was having a hard time paying her bills. Angela is a single mom of a special needs child and is also charged with being the principal caregiver for her 46 year old autistic brother. Angela, as you may remember was the P.I. who uncovered the evidence that led to the murder indictment of FBI agent Lyndley DeVecchio in New York City. Long story short, FBI agents continue to smash her car windows and slash her tires, did I mention how they arranged for her to get a vicious beating a couple of years back?
    Angela tells me on the phone that Peter Lance ripped off quite a bit of her research in his book that you just read . see http://www.americanmafia.com/Feature_Articles_354.html

    I did want to give you a heads up on a new book detailing the evidence for J Edgar Hoover and other named parties assassinating President Kennedy. Of course it is written by a German. It reminds me of the
    story that Robert Kennedy went to the French Secret Service shortly after the assassination of his brother President Kennedy and asked them to find out who wacked his brother. The result was the book FAREWELL AMERICA see review of book by FBI agent William Turner http://www.jfk-online.com/farewellturner.html

    Here is an interview with the German author: http://iranian.com/posts/view/post/19648

    1. MS:

      Lance did attribute some of his information to Clemente in his book. If you have an article you wish people to read it’d be best if you put in the source of the information rather than the information then people can read from the source. I will edit your comment and put in the source I found: http://iranian.com/posts/view/post/19648

  5. I’ve read a very balanced, thorough report on the Internet that said the elder of the Boston Terrorist Mass Killers was attempting to incite others in Mosques to adopt his radical views and his more radical actions: Targeting Americans. The author of the article speculated that the FBI was currying the Mass Killer to discover and finger other local Jihadists; the author speculated that the Boston Marathon Attacks were a FED sting operation gone bad, sour, rogue. It is not implausible that the FEDs are using Jihadists to oust other Jihadists; it is a known fact, just as the FEDs-FBI used KIllers/DrugPUshers to capture other Killers or Drug Pushers. The FEDs-FBIs surveillance programs have gotten out of hand, and we all know it, and apparently no one has the guts or will to do anything to reign-in the FEDs. The FEDs are out of control. It’s a dangerous, deplorable situation we Americans are in, and I can’t fathom why we tolerate these continuing affronts and travesties perpetrated by the FEDs or perpetrated with the acquiescence or consent of the incompetent FEDs; the un-American FEDs’ fingerprints are all over a lot of sordid practices. It’s pathetic!!! Purge the Federal Government of the black-booted bully boys, spy-meisters!

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