FBI Lies: The “National Security” Ruse

Evita PeronThe other day I wrote about the FBI’s  dark hole into which everything it gets involves with disappears until sometime much later when it may tell its own version of  what happened. The worst words you will hear if you are interested in learning something about an event that just happened is that“the FBI is investigating” or “the FBI is involved.”

A Globe article on Friday gets  right to the heart of this matter.  The headline of the story is: Officials weigh national security with public’s right to know in terrorism cases.”

The story relates to Alexander Coccolo the young man with the garbled mind who apparently has been mentally ill since he was a young boy.  He was living in Adams, MA, far over the edge of poverty, and as mentally ill people do had found disfavor in the society around him, ranted about it, and told how he supported such evil terrorist groups as ISIS even though he could hardly support himself.

As far as I can see despite his mental illness he has never committed acts of violence but his writings and statements were such that the FBI sicced one of its informants on him after being tipped off to his erratic behavior by his father. With the help of the informant and under the watchful eye of the FBI Cicollo advanced his plan to help terrorism. On a Thursday he bought a pressure cooker which he planned to use at a bar or a college to murder innocent people. On the next day, Friday, July 4, he was handed four guns by the FBI informant which he could never have purchased himself. He was immediately arrested.

One thing is clear from all we know: Cicollo was a sick guy who may have been dangerous once he had the means to do so. He was a lone wolf, as most poor disturbed people are. He lived mostly in his own warped world; with no connection to any terrorist groups.

The article is written by Milton J. Valencia who covers the federal court for the Globe. This means he has to deal with FBI agents so he has to play along with their game and the Globe’s long standing policy of currying favor with the FBI and the local U.S. Attorney’s office.

The situation that caused the article to be written was the concern of the people living in the neighborhood that they witnessed that a “swarm of law enforcement officers, some in hazmat suits, had converged on the rundown apartment on Murray Street.”  They “feared the worst” . . . “There was so many rumors,”. . . “A lot of people were very upset. . . . It makes me scared because you don’t expect it.” But they could get no information for nine days.

Why?  The article says the “authorities,” which in this case I believe is the cognomen for the FBI, say they kept the arrest and other information secret for national security reasons.” The lie, as expected, was rubber stamped by Carmen Ortiz’s office which noted the FBI hid the information because it: “wanted to avoid jeopardizing the investigation by unnecessarily publicizing it.”  How do you jeopardize an investigation that is over?

We are being fed total lies. Nothing, absolutely nothing involving Cicollo related to our national security.  The FBI knew his every step for months — he was a sick kid with a sick idea with no connection to sick terrorists. That in no way implicates national security.

The article goes on to talk about the imagined balance the FBI and courts have to make in weighing national security against the public’s right to know.

As far as there being a tug or war between the courts and the FBI, when a federal prosecutor sought to have Cicollo’s documents unsealed two days after the arrest, the court (probably with some back door input from the FBI) kept it sealed another week. The courts will routinely bend over backwards to please the FBI when the words: “national security”  are tossed into the pot.

Do you see where this can lead! Will people be picked up and held for “national security” reasons. Think Argentina. Seriously. Are we heading in that direction where your relative can disappear and if you inquire about what happened you will  we will be told the “national security” lie?  If you press further, you will be advised you are interfering or hindering an FBI agent in the course of his duties and may be charged yourself.

Dire days are ahead.  FBI Director Comey is demagoguing the matter taking a page out of J. Edgar Hoover’s scrap-book with the almost daily warnings about ISIS. It happened before. Think of the Red Scare, the Palmer Raids, the Red Ark.  Fear is being used here. We have to be alert to that and the lies if we are to remain free.

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  2. Comey says a series of arrests by the FBI likely thwarted a July 4 terror attack. You have to wonder whether he was counting
    Cicollo. I would like some details on the arrests Comey is talking about.

    1. Dan:

      Don’t hold your breath waiting for those details because there aren’t any. He said over 10 arrests but refused to state who they were. Comey is becoming a fear monger – watch how he will be tossing bombs over the next few weeks.

  3. Matt:

    I forgot to add that any reasonable person, especially lawyers operating under Rule 3:07 and the “doctrine of unclean hands” would have some fear about angering a federal judge for egregious violations of the HIPAA law. Instead, the AG’s office has asked for immunity?


  4. Matt:

    Based on my direct reporting to the Boston FBI office, senior officials working together with the Department of Justice have covered up frame ups, well planned discrimination promotion fixing, rigged investigations, egregious retaliation and more, resulting in fraud, waste and abuse exceeding a trillion taxpayer dollars. Those practices continue.

    Additionally, Medicare fraud reported to the Boston FBI in about 2013? by Dr. Bharani has been ignored, which allows the fraud to continue. For absolute and unequivocal evidence to support claims Dr. Bharani made to the FBI, under pains and penalties of perjury, see Dr. Bharani’s website at: cambridgefraudcase.com.

    In retaliation for his reporting, several months ago the attorney general’s office sent two “investigators” to Dr. Bharani’s home to seize his records and computer. Dr. Bharani was not at home, but his two elderly parents were – a frightful event.

    The attorney general’s “invasion of privacy under HIPAA”, resulted in the AG’s office filed a pleading with Judge William G. Young asking for “immunity.”

    Despite the fact that the AG’s office knows or should know that a patient has the right to talk with his/her doctor without anyone else finding out what they have said, that confidentiality was violated.

    That the top law enforcement office in Massachusetts can admit to egregious lawful violations and then ask the court for immunity demonstrates that something is very wrong with the delivery of justice in Massachusetts.

    Dr. Bharani has yet to find a lawyer willing to stand up for the law. Is there a lawyer interested?


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