FBI Spin: Unnecessarily Adds To The Confusion

Former FBI  Agent 1989–1994; member of the Former FBI  Agents Society, Begins the Spins
Former FBI Agent 1989–1994; member of the Former FBI Agents Society, Begins the Spins

When the FBI said on Saturday it wasn’t going to comment anymore, I expressed my chagrin noting all the questions that were up in the air.  I stated I wasn’t suggesting the FBI did anything wrong, but I thought that we deserved some answers. The 9/11 Commission had been critical of the FBI and I wondered if it had changed at all.

The tragedy in the FBI not being responsive is that it seems it is hiding something. This is so especially when last Sunday — two days after the Big Chase and Shelter In — House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) pictured above jumped up to defend the FBI’s handling of the Marathon Terrorist Attack especially the manner in which it handled the matter involving deceased Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

I don’t suppose that Mike Rogers was a former FBI agent had anything to do with him hurrying out with his opinion. My reaction was great concern that a man in his position is imbued with the FBI’s culture of “not embarrassing the family.” I asked myself is he interested in our nation’s best interest or protecting the FBI.

Mike Rogers was out there spinning. I suggest, and I’ll explain this more tomorrow, this was unnecessary. I’d guess that someone in the FBI figured out after the weekend that it’d be best not to hide what it had done. It has begun to set out what it did, although through “people not authorized to speak” and if what is coming out is true, then the FBI did all it should have done.

Here is what we heard from Rogers about the FBI: “I don’t think they missed anything – you can’t ask them to do something with nothing, I think they were very prudent and very thorough, by my review. . . . They had information from a foreign intelligence service that they were concerned about his possible radicalization. And so they went from there. The F.B.I. did their due diligence and did a very thorough job about trying to run that to ground. And then asks some more help from that intelligence service to try to get further clarification. And unfortunately, that intelligence service stopped cooperating. So what happens is that case gets closed down.”

After hearing that I’m supposed to think it’s the Russians fault. The Russians told the FBI Tamerlan was a terrorist. The FBI did a “very through job” but we are not told what it did. At some point the FBI asked for more information from the Russians. We’re told nothing about the request. Did it ask once, twice or more times. Who asked? An lowly agent or a someone highly placed in DC. Then  we’re told the Russian’s stopped cooperating? What does it mean the Russians “stopped cooperating,” did they say they weren’t going to do anything or was it one message to the Russians wasn’t answered and the file was closed?

My reaction is, “Come on Congressman, be specific. Facts not conclusions. We’ve been attacked by terrorists. “Due diligence” doesn’t cut it. What exactly did the FBI do and what did the Russians do”.

How does a case against a terror suspect get closed down just because the Russians don’t cooperate? Is that FBI policy? We have a person suspected of being a terrorist in our midst, in America, and we don’t pursue it because the Russians don’t respond to our request for more information. That also doesn’t pass the believability test. If that’s what really happened how can you say they “were prudent and thorough?” 

I’m saying to myself “all we are asking Congressman Rogers is not to tell us things are all right and that our eyes and minds are lying to us. Let us see the records. Let us know what was given to the FBI, what it did with the information, and how it missed the biggest terrorist attack since 9/11.”

Congressman Rogers went on to say it was likely Tamerlan was radicalized during that six month stay. “He, we believe, may have actually traveled on an alias to get back to his home country. In that seven months, six and a half months or so, becomes extremely important. So you know he had some radicalization before he left. You know that he didn’t probably travel on his own name or some variation of his own name. And when he comes back, he has a renewed interest in that radicalization belief process.”

Do we know any of this or is this something Rogers is throwing out as a smoke screen? Is this the new line the FBI is trying to spin out that there was confusion about what he did when he went back home because he changed his name? Does that mean they were still following him in 2012? How does it make sense that a foreign national is able to leave the US using some other name and return with that alias? If I leave my middle initial out of some form when I travel abroad I’m immediately stopped.

Rogers rushed in to help it the FBI but he made matters worse. We now had more questions than we had before. I’m sure someone inside the FBI saw the spin was hurting it.  Other members of Congress were demanding answers. The public wasn’t buying it. Finally someone realized it had to change its approach.

She came up with a novel idea. Let’s stop hiding. Let’s tell what really happened. And from what I’ve read over the last few hours that’s what the FBI seems to have done.

44 thoughts on “FBI Spin: Unnecessarily Adds To The Confusion

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  2. Kid Thursday:

    More likely, they caught him up on a dope beef. I’m going to look at the Waltham press on the crime, and, any public records available. I have my doubts the FBI would countenance a grisly slaughter of that sort.

  3. Ah, the Chief, God love him, he’s screwing up the whole Quinn-Martin Production. According to him, Tamerlan fired over two hundred rounds, and, was taking the fight to the cops. Where did Tamerlan pick up the advance-and-fire drill? Move, set, shoot, move set shoot…all the while closing the distance to the target. You can’t teach yourself that from the Internet. It requires hands-on instruction. Lot’s of drill. A body-memory must be established to make the behavior automatic even under the stress of combat. If he really managed to expend several clips of ammunition, before they brought him down, I suspect he might have received some infantry training during his visit to Dagestan.
    He’ll have left a trail of expended shells that will track his movements during the fire-fight. The chief also said his officers had replied with a like number of rounds. That’s a lot of lead zinging around the neighborhood. There must be plenty of bullet damage. I wonder if that gentleman’s boat was bouyancy compromised?

    1. Khalid:
      Who fired what and when and with what is still up in the air. Hopefully some day we will get the answer. Right now most is lost in a fog with people speaking just for the sake of getting their names in the paper. No one knows whether anyone is claiming “move set shoot” – whatever that is. It seems to me if you have a machine gun you just have to pull the trigger and a lot of rounds go off. You don’t need much training to pull a trigger. To hit something you might require a little. The idea behind having so many rounds is that you can be widely inaccurate and poorly trained and you may hit something. Let’s wait until the smoke settles and we get some type of official report.
      By the way, I did see some young guy in his twenties interviewed who was in an apartment when the shoot out with Tamerlan took place; he said that he had several bullet holes in the wall of his apartment so it seems there was a significant shoot out. But we’ll have to be patient and understand the police exhilaration in the aftermath of this event might cause much blarney to be expended.

    2. Khalid,

      A young woman who witnessed the Watertown shoot out called WEEI radio and gave a version of events that I have to think is clouded by the fog of war. She said Tamerlan made a suicidal advance in the open towards the police line. She couldn’t see a gun in his hand. Then she saw a police SUV run him down. While Tamerlan was on the ground, she saw the police shoot him repeatedly. In her opinion, he had to have died on that spot and could not have made it to the hospital.
      I add her depiction of events here not to say she is correct, but to emphasize there is so much evidence that must be sorted out to know what actually occurred. The physical evidence, spent casings, explosive devices, even photographs are the most helpful and objective evidence. The stories told by the eyewitnesses and even the participants, on the other hand, are very subjective. Testimony of multiple eyewitnesses to the same event typically varies widely, even under calm circumstances. Under the duress of a shoot out, the mind processes things very differently. The variances in viewpoints under duress, therefore, digress even more than usual.
      After the physical evidence is phtographed, diagramed and paired with a timeline, we might have a good idea of what occurred…if such evidence is ever released.

  4. Matt: New York Post had several picturs (guy in white hat standing next to guy in blue (not green: colors change as photos are tinted) jacket is the guy I saw in Starbucks (99% certitude: if you boxed a guy with headgear on and mouthpiece in, all you’d see is the full portion of the half-face (nose, cheeks,eyes,brown, lowere forehead) that I saw. That’s him, I’d testify. One to five percent: I’d say 99%,, 96% confidence level I’m right. THE MSM and FBI says, “They’re just teenagers” So was the 19 year old bomber. The guy in blue says, “I am not a bomber” Well, what about the guy in grey? Simple question: Did he know Theresa Russell Tsar? Was he in Starbucks on Fri, Sat & Sun. How often does he walk Boylston Street: Does he have twin brothers or brothers who frequent Starbucks. Do they know the TSAR BROS? Where are they from? What High Schools (Brookline,Cambridge, Boston) do they attend? What’s their immigration status? ARe they involved in drugs? I’ve got lots of questions for these two jokers! I hope the FBI/CIA/DIA/DEA has thoroughly vetted them. Now they’ve alll got American lawyers (Paid How?) defendig them. They say, “Im not a bomber/” I ask “Did you know the bombers, did you aid and abet them in anyway directly or indirectly” As for the indignation of their parents: “Go jump in a lake” We are investigating the murder of American children!

    1. Bill:
      I’m not sure how the guys who re not suspected of anything have lawyers. If so, they’re not being paid by us but are guys looking for a little publicity. Obama’s big mistake is having this guy indicted. It’ll turn into a circus. Just wait until you see the “Free Joker” parades. The way things sometimes go those people who will be marching on the streets to protest the persecution of the Joker will be demonizing the victims for being in the way of the shrapnel. Do you remember when NY City planned to try one of the terrorists; the police commissioner said it would cost millions of dollars in overtime and the lower part of Manhattan would have to be shut down. Can you imagine what it’ll be like in Boston if Joker goes to trial? The guys a terrorist and he belongs in Guantanamo. How can we droneliminate some American citizens who only preach against America but give the guy who actually murders Americans a trial. It send a confusing message and the only thing that terrorist understand is a clear message.

  5. I am really shocked the cops, staties and feds can’t keep their lies straight. The suspect had no gun, and did not try to commit suicide.

    Now we know why the Watertown boat owner didn’t get his head blown off when he looked into the boat:


    “Officials claim Boston bombing suspect was NOT armed in boat showdown – despite police account of firefight and him ‘shooting himself’
    Officials now claim that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was unarmed as he hid in boat in Watertown
    Contradicts Boston Police Commissioner’s account of hour-long firefight with Tsarnaev

    New York Times said M4 rifle had been found on boat

    Police sources suggested Tsarnaev shot himself onboard”

    1. Please publish this corrected version of previous comment

      I am really shocked the cops, staties and feds can’t keep their lies straight. The suspect had no gun, and did not try to commit suicide.

      Now we know why the Watertown boat owner didn’t get his head blown off when he looked into the boat:


      “Officials claim Boston bombing suspect was NOT armed in boat showdown – despite police account of firefight and him ‘shooting himself’

      Officials now claim that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was unarmed as he hid in boat in Watertown

      Contradicts Boston Police Commissioner’s account of hour-long firefight with Tsarnaev

      New York Times said M4 rifle had been found on boat

      Police sources suggested Tsarnaev shot himself onboard”

      1. Henry:
        I read your original quote and understood what you said. I’ve edited it to correct it. I’m also posting this because you make good points.

    2. Henry:
      Hopefully the truth will come out. The last I heard Joker was not armed yet the boat had more holes in it than Swiss cheese. So there very well could have been an hour-long fight but it was only going one way. We really need an independent commission to get to the bottom of this but the feds having indicted Joker have made that impossible. The indictment was a bad move but it serves as a perfect cover up since the public can’t be told anything for fear of jeopardizing the rights of the defendant to a fair trial so by the time we really learn anything it’ll be many years down the road. Meanwhile we’ll be told everyone in law enforcement did a great job.

  6. I’d like to propose a motion:

    That the Russian agent who identified Tamerlan Tsarnaev as a dangerous terrorist from 6,000 miles away hereby replaces the entire FBI Counter-Terrorism Unit in Boston.

    All in favor say “aye”….

    1. Patty:
      The FBI is doing its best to put it on the Russians. I’m anxious to find out what the communications back and forth between Russia and the US was. The FBI said they asked for additional information and got no reply. Did they just drop it? What did they ask for? Did they elevate it to another level? I’m trying to give the FBI a pass and say they did all they could have under the existing regulations but since there is no way to deny that all that they did was not enough we need to change the protocol. But before anything can be done, we have to know the facts. All who believe we will never know the truth say, “aye.”

  7. What’s the ATF have to say about the histories of the weapons the Tsarnaev brothers used? Who are their former owners. Were they purchased on-line, or, at a gun show? Where’s the paperwork?

    1. Khalid:
      That is yet to be determined. Even more basic is whether both brothers had weapons and what type of weapons they were. I’ve read the MIT cop was shot because they wanted his gun. Does that mean they had one gun (the one they used to shoot him) and wanted another? Too much mystery remains in what we’ve heard. Hopefully we’ll get the truth especially now that we are learning Joker was unarmed in the boat and the boat was full of bullet holes.

  8. More of the same ol lies.

    From NECN..

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss says the Russians contacted the U.S. twice about Tamerlan Tsarnaev (tsahr-NEYE’-ehv), one of the men authorities say was behind the Boston Marathon attacks.

    Chambliss, of Georgia, says the U.S. was contacted once in March 2011 and again in November of that year. Another U.S. official says Russia provided the same information in both communications. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the official was not allowed to speak publicly about the investigation.

    The FBI has said Russia contacted the bureau once with concerns about Tsarnaev. The FBI said it told Russia that investigators found nothing to suggest he was part of an extremist group. It was unclear which part of the U.S. government received a subsequent request.”

    1. Qu:

      Were getting lots of stories and every time we seem to think we understand new facts come up. Everyone is speaking anonymously which is really worthless. The FBI, or people allegedly with connections to the FBI, has put out a dozen different stories. There really is only one true story and we’re entitled to know it. Hopefully some type of commission with guts and not loaded with FBI sycophants will come up with the truth. If things can be improved we should do it rather than worrying about the feelings of the FBI. Thanks for the information.

    1. Jim:
      I’m on the road and short of internet access but I promise I’ll get back to it as soon as I can. Thanks for keeping me posted on the developments.

  9. Jim A is correct about Benghazi. The administration tried to blame the killings of four Americans on a mob, incited by a you-tube video, instead of accurately calling it a terrorist attack. It was a deliberate attempt to mislead the public for political advantage. Where is that investigation at? 2. A guy named Curtis is arrested for sending Ricin laced letters to a senator and the president. These postings took place before the bombings on Patriots Day. But they are announced just after the explosions. His arrest takes place shortly after the bombings. The case is dismissed a week later. Was this episode a ruse or a diversion? Was it done to distract the public from the terrorist attack? 3.Shouldn’t the JTTF have known that Tamerlan was a resident of Cambridge as early as Tuesday of last week? Shouldn’t the Cambridge, Harvard and MIT Police been told to be on high alert? Shouldn’t hundreds of State Police been delegated to Cambridge? Was it negligence not to promptly alert Cambridge ? Does MIT bear any responsibility in Officer Collier’s death? Placing him alone in a one car patrol with two local killers at large? Didn’t they waste an inordinate amount of time and energy in framing Aaron Swartz for posting on the internet? Where are their priorities? Doesn’t public safety trump activity on the web? 4. Are the criminal charges designed to elicit the most intelligence against the terrorists or the least? Remember KSM when arrested asked for a lawyer. They denied his request and sought intelligence. It looks like their doing the opposite here. The last thing this group wants to find is Islamic Jihad. The DOJ thinks the probation officials pose a greater threat to public safety than Muslim radicals. This cover up is worse than Watergate.

    1. N:
      I’m on the road and a little behind so I apologize for the late reply. I’m have to think that if there were more to Benghazi we’d have had an investigation by now. The Repubs control the House Committees so the onus is on them to do it. Can’t figure out why if there is a problem more isn’t done.
      2. Curtis sent some rice in a letter. The FBI heard about it and one of its agents spelled it Ricin a letter. It was neither ruse or diversion but a spelling error. That’s why he was released.
      3. No blame on MIT. Two bombers were loose but no one told them they were from Cambridge. Should the FBI have identified them prior to going public with the pictures? Of course, if the right systems were in place. My question is how many people have the Russians notified the Boston office of the FBI that they suspect them of terrorism. Not that I trust the Ruskies, but unless they are warning the FBI in Boston about ten guys a week, this should have been followed up.
      4. I think charging him in federal court was a mistake. He should have been deemed an enemy combatant and shipped out to Gitmo. Now you’ll see people like Professor Torture volunteering to defend this terrorist. Boston will become like NY almost became, a huge locked down zone whenever that bum is brought to court. During his trial everyone within Southie will be told to Shelter In. They’ll be groups that rise up to free the Joker. This is the worst decision made by Obama. How can he droneliminate American citizens who preach against the country and give the Joker who actually murdered Americans a trial? The reason 9/11 came about was Al Qaeda thought we would cut and run whenever we were attacked. Now we’re getting soft again.

      1. Perhaps, a little research is warranted regarding the teip (Chechen clan) the tsarnaev family belong to, Islam practiced among the Chechens emphasized Sufism. In is only since the last Russian invasion that Wahabbi fiqh has taken hold. Saudi Arabi financed guerilla leader Shamal Badeyev on the condition that he convert his resistance group to the Saudi way of thinking. Was the teip to which the Tsarnaevs belonged associated with the Badeyev faction, or, the older less religious Obschina resistance movement? There’s also a strong current of gansterism in both these movements that spread their influence throughout the Russian Federation. The Russians will only help us puzzle things out, if it is to their advantage. Any info we get will be suspect, and, over-priced as well.

        1. Khalid:
          Agree fully about the Russians. Chechens have been formidable fighters against the Russian and brutal terrorists in attempting to get their freedom. Hopefully, the only Chechens we have to deal with are the ones who were involved in the Marathon Terrorist Attack.

    1. I wonder if the FBI connected Tamerlan the Waltham triple slaying and used that to attempt to coerce him into informing… but he had other ideas.

      1. Kid:
        The FBi has spent 20 months trying to figure out if its Top Echelon Informant Rossetti was a Top Echelon Informant. Do you think they’d ever be able to figure out if Tamerlan was involved in the Waltham triple slaying? I’d love to know if they or the CIA tried to recruit Tamerlan and sent him to Russia to get us information. They way they are playing around with not knowing about that trip is somewhat suspect. For all we know Tamerlan may have went back there as a US agent and got turned around by the people over there. Really, how does a guy like Tamerlan turn into the monster he became?
        As for the Waltham murders, who knows Were fingerprints taken at the scene? Didn’t the investigation involve questioning him if he was supposed to be the best friend of one of the victims? Or, did the cops just brush it off as drug ripoff and do nothing about it? That too involves a lot of questions. I’d like to see the investigative file on that.

  10. Headlines: Russia ‘warned FBI about Boston bomber ‘MULTIPLE’ times but ‘feds were more interested in al Qaeda.


    “Authorities in Russia warned the FBI ‘multiple times’ about Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev, though the ethnic Chechen could have slipped through the cracks because he was not linked to al Qaeda, it was revealed Tuesday by U.S. Senators who were briefed on the terrorist attacks.

    The federal agency looked into the eldest brother in 2011 after the Russian government contacted them, warning that Tamerlan Tsarnaev may have deveoped radical Islamic ties following a prolonged trip to Russia, including Muslim-predominant Dagestan.

    However, after its initial search and interviews with him and his family members, the FBI closed the case, and has come under intense scrutiny for doing so.”

  11. I really enjoy reading your Blog and exposing just how inept the FBI is. When you consider the agency was started by a homosexual (I have nothing agaist the gay/lesbian community.) who would later become the director, who balckmailed the president, AG, and others, claimned there was no mafia, why is any of this surprising. You raise many fascinating points. I’m sure you are aware, but do you recall that in the Lockerbie bombing investigation a key government witness revealed that in 1991 he had declined an offer of $4 million from the FBI to testify that the fragment was part of a Mebo MST-13 timer supplied to Libya. A leopard never changes his spots, certainly applies to the FBI (Hoover, Connoly, the FBI crime lab, droping the case against Tsarnaev and his travel to Russia, etc.).

    I also think it is sad but amusing that there is all this about what a great job all these law enforcment people did catching Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. They did nothing. An older gentleman decided to look in his boat in his back yard where the 8000 law enforcement had been combing through and found Dzhokhar sleeping. He called the police who then “caught” him.

    And to think, I wanted to be an FBI Agent once. Now, I love would give anything to defend cases those fools bring against people like Whitey and others.

    1. Steve:
      Thanks for reading. Never heard the Lockerbie story but will check it. It doesn’t surprise me. You are not supposed to remember the law men didn’t catch him. If that old guy didn’t come out of his house the Joker may have died in the boat and a rain storm washed away he blood and a nationwide manhunt would be underway. If the guy didn’t use his boat for a couple of years when he took the cover off he’d have found a skeleton.

  12. Matt: Fila an FOI rquestwith the feds and ask simply for copy of my letters,my photos an the transcript of my 5:00 A.M. phone call. I was told on April 17, before I wnt to the FBI office across from City Hall at Center Place (6th floor)by an FBI agent tht my phone call was “in the system.” When I was athe FBI Offce I saw Billy EVans, who I knew for 30 years as a runner from L-Street. We shook hands and said Hello, How Are YOU? you know. small talk. I told him BPD LT. Barry suggested I get the photos and story to the FBI. So, let’s track how the FEDS and hOmeland Security handled nd followed up on my Info.
    Thats enough from me for today!

    1. Bill:
      You have to file the freedom of information request. If I did I’d be told the matter was under investigation and get nothing.

        1. Question:
          You’re right it doesn’t work to file a freedom of information request unless you intend to go to court and force the FBI to respond. It’s impossible to have them respond if the matter is “under investigation.” Like many things, the FOI is a good idea but the agencies know how to give people the run around until they tire. If they persist then they get a document that has blacked out sections covering most of it.

  13. Matt: another thought: How do you travel to America, a Checkyen,from Russia, on a phony name? Who gave him the phony Visas/Passports?I.D.s?

  14. Matt: computers take a name and process it with potential misspellings. The FBI/TSA hs not such technology? Who is kidding whom?
    2. Today, I saw the photo of the dead bomber’s wife.(Katherine Russell Tsarnaeva.) The man with the hood sat across from her look-alike in Starbucks. I saw them. They looked an acted suspicious.
    I swear she looks like the young woman I described as being in Starbucks on Sat. April 13. I called the FBI at 5:00 A.M. on Tues. April 14 (I was still then and still am in a PTS state, a very minor one, but by 5:00 A.M nd a good night’ssleep my head was clear and I called the FBI number and the agent (a woman)took down my info. I asked then and asked again that the FBI get the Boylston Street Starbuck’s videos (across from Ring Road) of Saturday Arpil 13 and Fri April 12. See if I’m right or wrong. The BPD and Troopers should get those tapesand let us know publicly if I correctly i.d.ied and described her and another guy—the guy standing beside the guy in the green shirt published by the NEW YORK POST. “Something is rotten in the State of Denmark.”

    1. Bill
      1. We’ll have to get the true story soon.
      2. Did the woman you saw wear a Hijab?
      3. Sorry to hear about your PTS state.
      4. Can you send the picture in the Post? How did you ID him if his face was covered with a hood?

      1. Matt, the woman had her full face revealed,she had a scarf-type covering over her head and hair as I recall (some hair was visible); she lookd like an all-american girl, born ‘n bred, who was adopting a middle-eastern type fashionable dress — like an American girl of Lebanese, French, Irish origin who is mimicking her Muslim grandmother’s modern Beirut garb. I know it was her!!!!
        3 The PTS is normal; all sytems are go; back to baseline already; I’m within the Bell-Shaped-Curve nd asymptomatc but still may take a few days off work to make doubly sure. Everyone in Greater Boston suffers from PTS for the next few days or weeks; those closer to ground zero may hav longer lasting effects.
        4. The Hoodie he wore DID NOT cover his nose, eyes, brow,forhead,nor cheeks; his mouth I could not see; I recall seeing his hands; I always look athands because my boxing coach said when I was 14 “they cant hit you with their eyes.” From what I saw I knew definitely his complexion, his coloration, his likely hair color, and fromthe large part of his face Isaw, I have 99% confidence level that I am 100% sure he was who I say he was. The terrorist’s wife interracted in Starbucks on Boylston with the darked skinned mddle eastern guy who then was photoed on Boylston standing beside the guy in green. The FEDS are lying to us.
        4. The New YOrkPost photo was widely circulated and bizarrely was widely codemned by the MSM which said “How dare you print the photo of an innocent person.” Both the FBI and MSM wrongly exonerated this guy and his sidewalk buddy in green without a full vetting. THe FBI is dumb: they don’t understand that all these guys have alibis, counter-stories, cover stories,deniabiity. The MainStreamMedia is simply complicit in selling out AMerica to the demi-gods “diversity” and “tolerance”. The MSM/FBI will diversity AMerica out of existence with its tolerance of terrorists and narco-traffickers. I had a hunch these guys were selling drugs and their “turkish” buddies at BU, Harvrd,Bunker HIll etc are all in the drug pushing business big time, killing AMericans, and none of them,faithful Muslms all,use drugs themselves. They think its a game: PUshing drugs on American teenagers and young adults (like Flemmi and Martorano admitted doing.) We’d best be rid of all of the MIddle Eastern dabblers in drugs and terrorism and radicalism: Pronto! Deport immediately any “suspect.”

        1. Bill:
          The way you describe her then she was wearing a hajib as best I can tell. You didn’t include that in your original description.
          3. Maybe we can have another Shelter In for all those suffering PTS in Greater Boston to give them a chance to recover.
          4 You can’t ID a guy from his hands. You might believe 99% confidence 100% sure but it’d be hard convincing people that you could ID that person when you say “likely hair coloring.”

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