FBI Up To Its Old Tricks! Sad To See Little Has Changed

shell gameSuppose you’ve invested heavily in stock of Redapple.  Its CEO Bill Chicklets says the company expects bang-up results for the fourth quarter ending June 30. On July 1 he holds a conference call to discuss them. He announces that they had a  record  quarter. When he is questioned he adds that he won’t release any figures and or discuss how specific products are selling. “You have to trust me,” Bill says. “We are doing what we should be doing.”

Do you think the financial analysts would but that? Would you feel your investment is well placed? Or, would you wonder a little bit at what is going on at Redapple?

That is sort of what happened at the show put on the other day by FBI Director James Comey. It is reported he called the media in on July 9 to announce“that federal authorities disrupted an undisclosed number of suspected plots timed to the July Fourth holiday to “kill people in the United States.” All of the plots, Comey said, involved suspects associated with the Islamic State terror group. The director said more than 10 people have been arrested in the past four weeks on charges related to their association with ISIL, and some of those involved plans timed to July Fourth. He went on to say: “I do believe that our work disrupted efforts to kill people, likely in connection with July 4th.” (my emphasis)

Great I think. Tell me  more about what happened. One paper said:Comey, speaking with reporters at FBI Headquarters, declined to elaborate on the nature of the planned attacks, where they were targeted or how far plans had advanced.” It is reported: Comey did not identify or provide details about the people arrested and he acknowledged that it was unclear whether any would have struck during the holiday. But, he said, “some of them were focusing on the Fourth of July.”

Does that make sense to you? The FBI secretly disrupted plots timed for the Fourth of July holiday but it is unclear if any of them would have struck on that day. That seems like a lot of double talk. Why is he calling a press conference to announce something so foolish?

It gets worse. He says more than ten people were arrested but he won’t identify them. Those are public records and the people in custody. We don’t have secret arrests in America. Why won’t he tell us  about them?

Here is what is going on. On June 28 the Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee in  the House, Representative Michael McCaul  issued a warning about potential Fourth of July attacks. Republican Rep Peter King said: “There’s probably more concern now than at any time since 9/11.” We were told, like in the post-9/11 days, there was an “increase in chatter.”

Nothing happened. Between that time and throughout the July 4th weekend things were quiet except for the fireworks. You have to figure on Monday they called Director Comey and said: “hey, Jim, we look bad. You told us things were going to happen so we get the people all upset and it turns into a big bust.”  Comey, who had been hoping for a big bust, not the kind the reps were talking about, had to scramble around to save everyone’s face. He calls the press conference to make the announcement about thwarting the attacks that never came.

We have to accept this on blind faith, as our media seems to do, or we can ask for some proof. Comey did throw out a couple of bones. He referred to the Usaama Rahim matter, the guy who was gunned down by an FBI agent in Roslindale. Comey said of him: “Rahim in Boston, I believe, was bent on doing something in the future and woke up on the morning of June the 2nd and said, ‘You know what, I think today is the day,’ and just went out to try and kill people.”

We all know something like that happened but what had it to do with the Fourth of July?

There was no need for Comey to make these statement. It was no news. All Comey said is: “we predicted attacks but they didn’t come because we stopped them but I cannot tell you anything about it.” What kind of bull is that. It is pure FBI puffery. Would it have been so hard to come out with a chart to show who was arrested and what was involved in their arrest?

The threat of terrorism is too serious for Comey to be putting on these acts. I have to  believe that most thinking Americans are not buying what Comey is selling.  We demand more as a people than “trust me.” The FBI Director insults us when he puts on this type of act especially since proving it would have been so easy.

Harry Truman of Missouri would say stop the bs and “show me!”   





9 thoughts on “FBI Up To Its Old Tricks! Sad To See Little Has Changed

  1. I found myself staying up late last night
    to watch the recent documentary Sirius

    I called the filmaker today
    and thanked him for making this
    important film about crimes committed by
    FBI agents.

    His father was shot and killed in the attack on the Sikh
    Temple in Wisconsin in 2013

    We both agreed the FBI was a taxpayer funded death squad
    posing as a law enforcement agency




    In other news FBI thwarts terrorist attempt by terrorist group
    Rodgers and Hemmerstein to reign terror down upon

    Why the FBI had a bulging file on Broadway legend Oscar Hammerstein

    By Michael Riedel

    July 16, 2015 |

  2. Apparently two separate shootings this afternoon at military recruiting offices in Chattanooga.
    4 Marines killed (and the gunman) at one.
    Drive-by, shots fired at building (no one hurt) at the other.

    1. Which reminds me, ironically, that this is exactly what Matt’s post is about.
      If they weren’t so busy packaging, spinning, and sugar-coating, and breaking their arms patting themselves on the back… then maybe they could have prevented this attack.
      4 active-duty Marines killed on US soil.


  3. He was in the Franklin jail from the night of the 4th to the morning of the 6th….but still allegedly attempted to murder a female nurse by stabbing her in the head with a pen?
    This story went unreported for a week?
    Some PR ploy.

    1. July 4 is a terrible time to release news, unless it’s bad news. People just aren’t paying attention. That’s why the story was held. The pen stabbing proves this guy is a nut, but we sort knew that all along, right? His family certainly knew it.

      1. I understand if people aren’t paying attention on the 4th, 5th, even 6th but it happened on the 6th (a week ago Monday) and should have been reported. Why wait a whole week?
        His arrest and the pen-stabbing weren’t the point, the non-reporting of them was.

        True. His dad warned authorities over a year ago of his radicalization.

  4. Matt: The mentally ill son of that Boston police captain was arrested on the 4th of July, though there was never any suggestion he would strike on the holiday. The arrest itself wasn’t made public for more than a week. This is a public relations ploy, not protection of the homeland.

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