Federal Judge Saylor Tells Catherine Greig He May Give Her Life in Prison

justice criesLife in prison! According to reports Judge Saylor said he can impose a punishment on 64-year-old Catherine Greig of such magnitude that she may spend the rest of her life in prison. She is already doing 8 years plus an additional nine months for civil contempt. This to a woman who never committed a violent act.

Think of it. Please think of how these judges have treated others in the Whitey Bulger saga. John Martorano who murdered 20 people was given 12 years in prison and $20,000 upon his release; Kevin Weeks who murdered five was given six years in prison and allowed to keep his lottery winnings; Frankie Salemme got a handful of years and none for his murders or perjury; Stevie Flemmi who murdered two young women and a dozen or so other people is now in a Club Med confinement if not back on the street and he kept millions of dollars of his property.

These violent murderers all got good deals because they told the prosecutor Fred Wyshak what he wanted to hear about Whitey Bulger. (He wanted to really hear something bad about Billy Bulger. No one had a bad word to say about him no matter how much Wyshak begged and cajoled and promised. ) Greig who stood up to him and refused to render him any cooperation must now suffer his wrath.

The NY Post reported: Greig did not flinch when Judge F. Dennis Saylor IV told her that because there is no maximum penalty for the contempt charge, he could sentence her to any term, including up to life in prison.”

Who is this judge that would tell a woman whose real crime is to fall in love and take off with a gangster that she faced life in prison? We already know that another judge in that court, Douglas P. Woodlock, took a probation department recommendation of a little over two years and made it eight; now Saylor is telling her he might hit her with a life bit. These judges have another thing in common besides being on the federal payroll as judges. Both used to work as assistant U.S. attorneys. You have to wonder about what is going on that they are playing such a hard and harsh game on this woman who never was convicted of any crime at all other than doing what any other woman would do who went on the run with a gangster.

I read this the other day about one of the Iranian guys who was released in the prisoner swap with Iran. It tells a lot about America that the Americans who were released quickly went back to America while the Iranians stayed in America. One of the Iranians, Nader Modanlo, said he was given only two hours to decide whether to accept it. He angrily rejected the terms . . . “

He finally capitulated after two days. The pressure from his family and friends made him agree to be freed. He was not happy. Why was he so confident he’d win his case on appeal? Here’s what happened according to the newspaper: there were “dozens of secret communications between the prosecutors and judge, known as ex parte contacts, that had never been disclosed to the defense.”

When Judge Woodlock made his extraordinary rulings in sentencing Greig I wondered whether there had been some ex parte communications to him by the prosecutors. I dismissed such a thought thinking that doesn’t happen. But when I read about the happenings in Modanlo where it did happen, I had those thoughts occur to me again. And after reading Judge Saylor suggesting to Catherine Greig that he could sentence her to life I have to admit that it seemed to me he was working on behalf of the prosecutor rather than being a neutral arbiter. Was he trying to scare her into cooperating which she has refused to do? That’s not his job.

Now I can understand a judge having such an attitude in a highly important matter that involved life or death or national security. To even entertain the thought of giving someone life in prison would seem to demand a criminal contempt involving the most egregious and dire circumstances. What is it then that the prosecutors are seeking to find out from Greig that is of such great magnitude?

The Post reports the federal prosecutor Murrane told the judge that Greig was called before a grand jury in October 2014, but refused to answer questions about whether any third parties provided assistance to her or Bulger.” Greig is almost 65 years old. Whitey is in federal prison where he will soon die. Any assistance given to Greig or Whitey had to occur almost five years ago. The statute of limitations on any such act will have expired this June so at this point the prosecutor is attempting to use the grand jury to learn things that will not result in any prosecutions although if history is a guide it will be leaked to the newspapers.

The basic matter whether anyone did or didn’t give her help is not of any moment anymore. It may be of interest to some, perhaps someone who the federal prosecutors are helping write a book. But it is quite trivial and of very little consequences. Surely these ancient acts have no  ramifications today. To carry on with such a crusade against Greig speaks of prosecutorial malevolence reminiscent of the Salem witch trial days.

All those who were criminal buddies of Whitey and participated with him in murdering people are on the street; the one person who never did involve herself in any of his violence and who kept him on the straight and narrow for 16 years is still in prison. The judge said he can sentence her up to life in prison if he so desires.

Justice Weeps.


22 thoughts on “Federal Judge Saylor Tells Catherine Greig He May Give Her Life in Prison

  1. Matt
    Disturbing to say the least. First thought is they (the court system) is trying to break Griegs spirit and mind. On this post I am not really going to say what I really think because I dont want the Feds and FBI to come after me but this is another example of why certain groups, cultures, and countries hate America. Part of it I would imagine is America does not represent truth, justice, and freedom. Its about capitalism and power.

  2. When people wanted accountability, it was not to prosecute Fitzpatrick, it was not to have Flemmi vanish into comfort and retain his millions in property, it was not to release Martorano with cash,book deals, movie scripts, it was not for Weeks to stuff his pockets with all the money he could accumulate with interviews and books.

    As far as Greig goes she did wrong and is paying for that wrongoing. Fred Wyshak needs to stop with the terrorizing of this woman, Freddy, she won’t break, you don’t scare her, her life is over without Whitey, she adored the man warts and all. She will take whatever you giver her and that drives you {Wyshak} nuts.

    Flemmi is missing in the BOP, Weeks is out and about, Martorano is living better than most middle class working people. What message is that sending to the up-coming real capable criminals coming of age looking to do it even better and deadlier?

    People love the gangster tales and stories of who was a stand-up individual.
    Cathy Greig is the ultimate gangster then, never killed a person, kept a gangster out of trouble for 16 yrs, kept her mouth shut and got threatened by a judge with a life sentence while already digesting the 8yrs she is serving.

  3. “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” – Lord Acton


    Perhaps Lord Acton’s quote could apply equally to the prosecutors and judiciary in Boston as well as some of the objects of their focused interest?

    If we continue the practice of appointing the Federal judiciary from current and former Federal prosecutors, we can expect similar results. It would be a variant of expectation bias, where the judiciary continues to act as transmuted prosecutors:



    1. Ed:

      Right on the mark. There are no restraints on the prosecutors and judges who work in the same courthouse and see each other everyday and probably socialize together all perpetuate the system which at least in Greig’s case has turned into a great abuse of power with no known precedents. Until this time no one ever thought of dragging in wives and girlfriends to find out other information about the people who were targets of the crime. In this case Whitey is in prison in tough shape but the matters go on as if he is out on the street.

      1. Matt,
        No one has considered the option that maybe this is a side-door sledgehammer to get Whitey himself to talk to them. He did offer to do that in the beginning for immunity for Catherine. Whats he got to lose now? He’s down to months.
        Last chance squeeze play on Whitey?
        Appeal to his sense of chivalry?



        1. On the other hand,….
          apparently hasn’t been bothering him (too much) that she’s been standing on her head doing an eight year bid like a champ, or like a Red S.

  4. The standard sentence for a Mafia witness who refused to co operate at the grand jury was one year or eighteen months. The Court is going to treat her more harshly than Mafia assassins? The Whitey saga mirrors Stalin’s show trials. All suspects must accept guilt or their families will be executed. According to the DOJ and press in Boston the Mafia are good guys but probation officers, computer hacks and girlfriends are dangerous. 2. Davis the drug dealer was on tv demanding a harsh sentence for Grieg. The theatre of the Absurd. We have a moron running for president who wants to take out the families of the terrorists. Killing the innocent is a remedy for a relatives crime? Wyshak employs the same un-American approach. It’s past time for him and Ortiz to depart.Dramatic change is needed.

    1. NC:

      Catherine has already been sentenced for civil contempt and now it is on to criminal contempt. I suppose if you searched high and wide you would never have found a federal judge telling a Mafia guy he could get life. If you did you’d find out he probably gave him a couple of months thinking it was enough to put the scare into him. Catherine has already been treated more harshly that most Mafia guys sentenced in New England over the past decade. True, these are show trials – there is no reason for Greig’s questioning since no crimes will be discovered and what the government wants as answers it already knows. They just want her to mouth out the statements like Stalin wanted his victims to mouth out their confessions. Her blatant confrontation of them drives them mad. It is strange thoug, the Mafia have become the good guys in the eyes of the federal prosecutors and judges while those who live crime free lives find themselves being harassed. How man Mafia guys have had to appear before grand juries like O’Brien and Greig?

      Davis whose family was deeply involved in cocaine distribution and felt empowered by their association with Benji Ditchman now acting as if somehow they are victims is just another part of the nonsense the media feeds us. You are right that we need great change in this country since guys like Wyshak have taken a system designed to bring about justice into one that is used for revenge.

  5. Lady Justice has been weeping for many years over sickening deals and judgments coming from the Federal Court in Boston. At this point, I believe She is sobbing. What can ‘We the People’ do? Their power is unbridled. Despite what personal feeling individuals might have about Jim Bulger or Catherine Greig — my great fear is that the actions of the Court shall set a precedent. If that happens, no citizen is safe.

    1. Janet:

      Absolutely right. I tell tomorrow what I suggest people do. The grand jury is not being used to investigate criminal activity but the actions of this woman between 1995 and 2011 and those who may have associated with her whether criminal or not. Even if criminal, none can be prosecuted because they all happened over 5 years ago which is beyond the statute of limitations.

      The reason no one cares about Catherine is this is all happening below the radar. Writing to newspapers or other such things will not bring it to light. To show how bad this is I doubt that there is any other case in the United States where this kind of treatment has been accorded a woman. Imagine this, after she if sentenced for criminal contempt the prosecutor can begin the dance all over again and bring her back to the grand jury and ask her different questions. When she refuses to answer the same thing will happen. If this was a common prosecutorial practice America would be up in arms about it. That is why it seems to be happening in the way it is.

  6. A life sentence would be very shocking, to say the very least, very disturbing, beyond belief.

    One would think an appeal of such a sentence would be readily received.

    1. Elmer:

      Greig appealed her 8 year sentence but the appeals court upheld it. A life sentence would be an injustice of many magnitudes but if that happened she would get no relief from other judges which is a sad commentary on our system.

      1. I just can’t see a life sentence – cruel and unusual punishment?

        Obamatollah lets out a whole host of drug dealers, Klinton pardons Marc Rich in return for money to the Dems – a life sentence would be beyond belief

  7. What is it then that the prosecutors are seeking to find out from Greig that is of such great magnitude? It was reported that Greig had information on a variety of issues which included, but not limited to, alias of James Bulger, his assets, and his ongoing activities for the 16 years he had escaped justice. It would appear that Feds need a witness to go forward with other prosecutions. Greig may be their only first hand witness if James Bulger is not cooperating? Just an observation.

    1. All of that information, aliases and assets, does not require Greig’s testimony. The FBI can track bank accounts, for example, without a target knowing it.

        1. Jeanie:

          If you read any book about Whitey you would see the government knows the aliases which the authors have spelled out. They also know where she has been living. It is not information they seek they just want to be able to say Catherine became a rat.

          1. Matt, I hate to beat a dead horse, but what if a prosecutor had ‘information’ of criminal acts committed in the name of James Bulger alias, and CG had some knowledge that would be material in that ongoing case. Would that be a circumstance to use pressure on CG?

      1. Elmer:

        Good point. The only reason Greig is being pulled before the grand jury is because the prosecutors seek to harass her. There is nothing she could give them that they could not otherwise find out. One report had it that one question she refused to answer was where she lived from 1995 to 2011 – that the feds could find out by reading the newspapers or one of the books.

    2. Jean:

      Good question. It is precisely the one that I am asking. The problem is there are no crimes that the federals can prosecute from the past because the statute of limitations has run on just about all of them and will run on any that are left this June. There is no right I know of for prosecutors to subpoena people to a grand jury to find out what they have been doing from 1995 to 2011. Don’t you think if they had that right there would be a great lessening of our freedoms? Grand juries are supposed to be looking for criminal matters – they are not to be used for trying to track down anything that may come into a prosecutor’s head.

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