Federal Prosecutor John Durham and American Justice. 9 of 10

Durham is a prosecutor without a conscience. He is now used by Attorney General Barr to come up with some charges against Obama’s people. For the first time in American history an attack is being made on a predecessor president by a man who is not bothered with perjury and an attorney general who had a lawyer put back into jail because he did not want him exercising his First Amendment rights. Trump said: “I look forward to Bull Durham’s report — that’s the one I look forward to.”

Perhaps we could overlook all this if Connolly was not still in prison. But what the justice system can do to the least of us it can do to any of us. Connolly was a scapegoat for the malfeasance of the FBI. I noted in the beginning in my book about his trial, Don’t Embarrass The Family that was the main reason for his prosecution. To understand Durham, that book provides insight into his manner as a prosecutor.

One of the saddest parts of the case is Connolly never seemed to realize it was his own people, the FBI, that turned on him and not only failed to lift a hand to help him but did its best to bury him. Robert Jordan who worked with Connolly as an agent and had become an assistant director of the FBI wrote to Judge Tauro at the time of Connolly’s sentencing. He said Connolly “betrayed his oath of office, his duty to his fellow agents, and his brothers and sisters in law enforcement” by working with Whitey Bulger and Steve Flemmi. How could that be when all in the FBI including Jordan knew he was assigned to do just that?

Jordan went on “I can attest that there is no FBI policy, official or otherwise, that enables an Agent to veer from the law in the development and maintenance of criminal informants. The FBI has no ‘wink-and-a-nod” policy that condones John Connolly’s conduct.” That is given lie to by the many FBI agents who closed their eyes to the criminal activities of their informants. It is shown by the FBI’s hiding of Robert Daddeico to prevent him from coming back to testify against its Top Echelon Informant Flemmi. Even Connolly’s supervisor, John Morris, asked what Bulger and Flemmi wanted for their information. He said Connolly told him “all they want is a head start.” Morris said he interpreted that as being tipped off if they were about to be indicted so they could flee. The Massachusetts State Police intercepted a call between and FBI agent and Mafia hoodlum who was his Top Echelon Informant wherein the FBI agent said: “My job is to keep you safe.”

A prominent FBI Agent out of Chicago told how the FBI would commonly violate the law by breaking  into buildings and home to plant listening devices. They were instructed by FBI headquarters it was all right to do that but if they got caught and the FBI embarrassed they would lose their jobs and be called rogue agents.

Jordan did not stop there. He said Connolly compromised several more investigations by the FBI and the State Police. These he said were foiled by Connolly leaks which “poisoned the trust that had existed among law enforcement and caused us to grow suspicious of one another. This is the cost and legacy of John Connolly.”

Supervisor Morris said they routinely tell informants when wiretaps are installed so they will avoid being intercepted. As for the trust, it never really existed. No one in law enforcement liked the FBI. It was not a team player. My office avoided dealing with it while dealing with all the other federal agents. The suspicion was always there that the FBI sought publicity for itself and pushed others to the back of the line. In a major attack where two persons who worked at clinics where abortions were performed in Brookline, Massachusetts, the FBI sought to take over the investigation. We rejected it because we believed it would not deal squarely with us. It had nothing to do with Connolly.

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  1. Obamagate was the biggest political crime in American history. Some want to avert their eyes from the lawless acts. Durham is now a bad guy because he investigates obvious crimes of the Democrats. As I remember in 2002 you had a favorable opinion of Durham. To claim that a prosecution of a Democrat is political when they are caught red handed is preposterous. Two standards anyone?

  2. Matt

    I will be coming out with my new book soon
    and was hoping you could write the forward.

    The book looks at the FBI Fusion Centers and
    how they target websites to create cognitive

    In the appendix to your book I hope you will
    name and credit those who created misdirection
    for you.

    In other news about the American State of it’s Police State….


    Border Patrol Agent with Cache of Ammunition Was Arrested by Mexican Army


    Former Boston police union president charged with indecent assault on a child

    By Milton J. Valencia and Jeremy C. Fox Globe Staff and Globe Correspondent,Updated August 12, 2020,


    Elmore PD officer arrested by FBI on charges of receiving, distributing child pornography
    Elmore police officer Samuel Kurp was taken into custody Aug. 11 following a tip submitted to the FBI regarding his involvement in distributing child pornography.

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  3. 1. Commentator “Perrot Conservative” nicely summarizes the enormity of the wrongdoing by Obama Administration Officials (falsifying FISA warrants et alia) in spying on the Trump Campaign. (The phony Russian Collusion story.)

    2. Matt is correct: The Supervisors in the FBI sold out the front line agents who were merely doing their job in accordance with the Top Echelon Informant Program.

    3. J. Edgar Hoover created the Bureau’s Top Hoodlum Informant Program in 1957, whose purpose was to go after Organized Crime’s top bosses. The name changed to the Top Echelon Informant program. It recruited informants who could continue criminal activities but “no murders, no violence.” The program was nationwide and is still in existence today. The big lie is that honorable men like H. Paul Rico, James Ring, and John Connolly turned a blind eye to murders. Remember John Connolly has never been convicted of taking one dime from gangsters. He was acquitted in Boston of all murder related charges and of all charges that he took anything of value (e.g. a two carat diamond ring: (N.B.in Whitey Bulger’s 2013 trial, Federal Prosecutors were still introducing testimony that John Connolly took a diamond ring, even though he had been explicitly acquitted of that. Juries’ verdicts do not matter to certain prosecutors and judges.))

    4. The FBI agent you quote, Robert Jordan, was a hand-picked crony of Muellar who along with Comey and men like the Jihadi Javert Wyshak fabricated the “rogue agent” theory. Of course, Jordan would perpetuate the phony rogue agent theory. Muellar appointed Jordan to head the Office of Professional Responsibility in August 2002. A year later Muellar was forced to admit that there was an “erosion of trust” in that Office while Jordan was head. https://www.foxnews.com/story/rebuked-fbi-agent-to-head-oregon-office
    Senator Grassley urged Jordan’s removal. In 2003, Jordan was removed and transferred to an Oregon Office. Jordan is nothing more than a mouthpiece and echo chamber for those (Comey, Muellar and Wyshak) who cooked up and perpetuated the “rogue agent” fabrication. No credence should be given to Jordan’s opinions.

    5. During John Connolly’s 2006 trial in Miami, Wyshak’s star witness was Steve Flemmi. Here is what Wyshak himself accused Steve Flemmi of before the U.S. Court of Appeals in 2000: Flemmi gave “belated, inconsistent and inherently implausible testimony . . .concerning events in the distant past.” See the book RICO, page 250. And remember that Flemmi for eight years (1995-2003) had said John Connolly was an honest cop. (See David Boeri’s articles that Flemmi testified twice under oath that John Connolly was honest and never said nor did anything intending anyone be harmed.) Wyshak had no problem taking the known perjurer Flemmi to Miami to sing a new tune to Wyshak’s liking.

    6. Durham was merely brought in from Connecticut to try the case against John Connolly. Wyshak and his Boston Office cohorts prepped all the witnesses and cut the obscenely lenient deals with serial killers and their murderous associates to go after the agent on the lowest rung of the FBI.

  4. Matt, I always loved how the Greek philosophers came up with Flogiston ( ? of SP) …they studied and observed all the things we now know to be gravity and concluded that things fell because they lacked Flogiston!
    You have observed all the things of import and have experienced how foul and corrupt prosecutors and feds did in a good man; John Naimovich. Those same corruptions by Obama, Comey, Mueller and that sad gang attempted to void an American election. You have concluded …………Flogiston!

  5. Sir, you share the same last name. Are you related?

    Durham is supposedly this icon, and his current criminal investigation hasn’t leaked one iota. Is he only famous for this one FBI takedown? (His investigation of the alleged prison crimes & photos resulted in no indictments.)

    The top brass of the Obama DOJ & FBI were highly corrupt, and included Swamp creatures at State, CIA, and elsewhere. Boatloads of evidence. Falsified FISA warrants, hundreds illegally unmasked, perjury, lying to Congress, Leaking Classified information, etc. This is 100x bigger than Watergate!

    Judge Rosemary Collyer detailed some of it in her publicly available 99-page judicial finding, written with the help of NSA Director Mike Rogers. (30% redacted.) The NSA database was illegally used by four outside contractors to spy on candidate Trump, his family, and Congress. The illegal search rate of a particular search was 85% and included tens of thousands if illegal searches! The illegal searches go back to possibly 2008 (Obama’s first term).

    The guilty plea of staffer James Wolfe of the powerful and corrupt Senate SSCI is another window into the illegal behavior. He leaked the Carter Page FISA application to his young journalist concubine Ali Watkins. Interestingly, an outside the Swamp FBI agent put a tracer into the FISA app (changed the date by one day), pinpointing the culprit. Did Wolfe really act on his own? Hd got a sweetheart plea deal, and didn’t plead guilty to leaking classified information. All OK’d by slippery attorney Jessie Liu. (I believe the honest FBI Agent us Duggan.)

    These illegal and treasonous acts include England, Australia, Five Eyes, and other foreign actors. If AG Barr allows these crooks to skate, we’re doomed.

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