Finally: Election Day. Will America Do The Right Thing?

It has been a long time coming. We can finally get a mid-term report card on the Trump. The vote will tell a lot about America. I really can’t believe there are many who are happy with Trump. As a Democrat I’m hoping there will be good news which.means a Democrat takeover of the House.  Time will tell. Before I wake up tomorrow the results will be known. I don’t think I’ll watch them. Can’t take the agony because so much is at stake.

I’ll crash early with a book of short stories. If things don’t go well I’ll be living in the world of fiction for a long time. Maybe I’ll re-read all of Dickens or Trillope.

One downer about living in MA is as far as DC is concerned my vote doesn’t count so I could stay home. I’ll vote for Keating who has done a good job and for the woman who is running for Senate. I’m not a big fan of hers but I’d vote for anyone with a D after his or her name even if I had a personnel abhorrence of that person. I’m really at a loss to see how anyone could vote for a Republican in Congress – the way that party has acted is deplorable. It is as if the Founding Fathers and their wives or friends had forgotten to provide for a Congress. Why have a Congress if all it does is rubber stamp the president’s actions?

If I was living back in the city and if my votes mattered I’d have been out of my house early planning to vote early and often. Did you know a person lurks on the voters list for six months after he or she moves? One could take advantage of that by voting in their place but since there are no real contests it’s best not to do it.

However I’ve heard the Russians have taken advantage of this in states that have close contests. I’m not sure if there are Russians getting up early and voting but the rumors have it they are using absentee ballots to do it. It would be nice to know that if people are cheating in the election that Americans are doing it and not Russians.

Where I vote  now we use paper ballots that are easily processed. Don’t know why all places don’t use them. The computer run machines without paper backup leave lots of room for fraud. Rarely is there a line at my precinct. I can’t imagine voting in that city Dodge. There is one voting station for 13 thousand voters.

Our ballot has three questions. Number two is foolish so why even spend time marking it. I won’t. Number one is all about nursing care. Those for yes want to have lots of nurses; those for no want to have less and less. Because of the great expenditure by the no vote supporters I’m going yes.

The last question is about transgender people. I have to respect those people who are truly transgender and have taken steps to conform their bodies to their minds. I’m less enthused about those who suggest they are not of their birth sex but make no effort to change, or some who one day feel male and the next female. Hoping the latter groups are infinitesimally small, I’m voting yes on question three .

For state offices I worry less about the Democratic/Republican divide. I’ll vote for Gov Baker who hasn’t done ill as far as I know; I’ll also vote for the GOP Senate candidate who masquerades as a Democrat believing it good to have a guy with a Cape Verdian background with a voice .

Incumbents Goldberng and Bump have had no scandals so I’ll vote for them. That leaves the one last Irish Democrat running statewide Bill Galvin – he too gets my vote.

Good luck to all who enter the ring. I don’t know how they do it. I like my privacy and have a hard enough time representing myself without having to do it for others.

May the best person win. May America regain its sanity  I’m  off  to vote!





9 thoughts on “Finally: Election Day. Will America Do The Right Thing?

  1. Wa-llahi! Down with Glorious Leader! Revolution is right around the corner. Let’s push the political pendulum so hard left, it falls off it’s hinge. Great days, ahead!
    All praise to Red Neck Revolt, and, the John Brown Gun Clubs. All power to the dialectic!

    I’m climbing into El Chapo ( pick-up), and, motoring down to the county seat to exercise my right to vote against Trump, and, his minions, both, big, and, small.

  2. Harrah. Vote for anyone with a D behind their name. A vote for a D is a vote for abortion on demand at any stage, a vote for a weakened military, and for uncontrolled govt spending. You must have grown up in Wellesley Hills.

  3. You say “I’d vote for anyone with a D after his or her name even if I had a personnel (sic) abhorrence of that person.” Yet you don’t get why people vote for the personally abhorrent Trump.

  4. p.s. I’ve got to go to work. I have social security. I don’t have a government pension. I like working. I love it. Work and play keep my juices flowing.

  5. I used to be a liberal.
    I grew up, lived in the real world, worked in the private sector, and became a small government, pro-life, anti-neocon, strong military defense, pro-Israel, anti-Interventionistic, Milton Friedman-type pro-private sector, pro-personal freedom, pro Women’s Reproductive Freedom without the Killing, pro-First Amendment, pro-Second Amendment, AGAINST BIG GOV and SOCIALISM and against ACADEMIC LEFTIES, leftist Media, and most things the liberal DEMS taut.

    I vote conservative and pro-life, pro-second Amendment, and pro-National Defense.

    I once was liberal. I smartened up. I became more concerned for human life than big government socialistic programs and leftist social engineering.




  6. There are a hell of a lot of people down here in Northern Virginia standing in line in pouring rain waiting to vote. The woman I know that works the desk told me they were buried this morning with people stopping in before work. It seem so long ago I voted for Shirley Chisholm back in 72.

  7. “Personnel abhorrence ” … Either that is a really dashing irreverent word play or you need a fucking copy editor because I … Know …. you know the diff.

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