Finding A New Love: Alan Dershowitz – No Longer the Villain

Once a member of the Trump party you begin to sleep with strange bedfellows. And, yes, the Republican Party as represented by true conservatives like Liz Cheney, George W. Bush and other Republicans who recognize Trump was soundly defeated in the last election – he received 8 million less votes than Biden – are now being ostracized as former Republicans join in the Big Lie that Trump won. A Big Lie perpetrated by a loser who has managed to turn a substantial number of Congress Folk into abettors of a lie. Cheney was always wary of Trump. As one  person noted her opposition: “It speaks to the degree that she was concerned about the threat to our democracy that Trump represented.”

It is not only the adoption of the Big Lie – a term right out of Hitler’s time which Trump has come to embrace. It’s history is: “The German expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf,  to describe the use of a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously” – but the need to change bedfellows which is frightful. It really boggled my mind how easily one can flip on a dime from attacking a person to praising him until I understand how so many who once believed in American democracy did the same thing by joining the Trump Party.

What I saw lately from a Trump follower a leaf falling from a tree could have knocked me over. It confirmed in me that no matter how much a person believed things in the past the arrival of Trump made him or her discard prior beliefs and swallow the Big Lie. 

I happened to be reading the comments section of this blog. This person wrote: “I just got from Amazon Books, Harvard Law Emeritus Prof, Dershowitz, his great quick read book: on censorship by Academia, Media, Big Business (internet) and Government itself.” I could not believe that person is buying a Dershowitz book and calling it great. Why, you wonder was I so stunned?

Well it was not too long ago, before he realized Dershowitz and he were in the same camp when it came to Trump, that he had this to say about Dershowitz: “Carr, Dershowitz and Mudd who will live in infamy. It seems to us that men like Howie Carr and Alan Dershowitz . . . have been waging some sort of jihad against our families, friends and neighbors. One person wrote about his writings saying he: “singles out Carr and Dershowitz as examples of chronic character assassins.”

Dershowitz wrote, and I assume this person will now agree with him, “Carr brilliantly shows how the real villains in this tale of mass murder and massive corruption are the ‘good’ people who knowingly facilitated the bad brothers — the Dukakises, Whites, McCormacks, Cardinal Laws, O’Sullivan, Welds, Moakleys and Silbers. Also guilty were the cowards who appointed Billy Bulger president of UMass instead of indicting him for extortion and taking bribes . . . .”

I suppose when you believe the Big Lie you can then believe people who you thought were evil are now good because they believe in it with you. I suppose the next Big Lie they will believe is Putin is a better man than Biden. Oh, I’m sorry, I already posted about that. This person said Biden is more like Stalin than Putin. When called upon it, he obtusely said “In a country of 140 million people you cite three attempted assassinations, allegedly, by Russia, over the past ten years, which proves what.” Then he doubled down: “I stand by every single word I have written, without apology, but more so with intense conviction of every single word I have written is apt, on mark. correct.” 

But that could not be the case if he is now praising Dershowitz.



6 thoughts on “Finding A New Love: Alan Dershowitz – No Longer the Villain

  1. Matt you decry my positions and defame me and others who support Conservative policies. You said, “Sadly”> I say liberal-leftists policies are not sad, but pathetic.

    1. William:

      You are not a conservative. Liz Cheney is a conservative. She is being tossed out of the Trump Party. You are a Trumper.

  2. Matt, do you look the find the good in others, or only the defects. Supporters of the HIllarians and the false Russian Collusion tripe have been selling us nothing but spite, mockery and hatred, outright hatred for four years, plus, now.

    Keep digging deeper into past hatreds. Keep tyring to widen chasms. I remember Winston Churchill said that Cromwell created the greatest gulf between England and Ireland. At the same time, Churchill was approving a tank named after Cromwell and previously Churchill sought to name two cruisers, destroyers, battleships after Cromwell.

    I have nothing but good will for Englishmen today, and nothing but good will for Russians today, and nothing but good will for Germans today.

    Keep stewing in the feuds and animus of pasts.

    As Dan Ryan, always said, Hatred takes too much out of you.

    There a sense of sadism I detect in prosecutors, like Wyshak, the Jihadi Javert, and others who enjoy inflicting pain on others, on bullying and picking on others, in stereotyping others, in painting good men black with a broad bitter brush.

    I sense other prosecutors, because they have been employed by the FEDs or by the State or by a County, that they are intellectually or morally superior to others, like those Conservatives who proudly support both Reagan’s and Trump’s policies.

    I know some who cannot extricate themselves from their hatred of persons’ personalities, and think they have been given a license to slur and defame good people, because they oppose liberal policies you are fixated upon.

    Yes, flash news, Conservatives oppose Liberals views. Conservatives vehemently oppose the leftists now growing inside the Democratic Party and now are taking over the policies and thougths of the moderate liberals. Yes, these leftist liberals are anathema to everything America stands for, freedom of speech, of association, of religion, and some on this site have mocked others free speech, faith, and free associations.

    And yes most vile is the insinuation some who write on this blog think that they alone embrace liberalism, but understand the difference between liberalism and socialism. Please explain to all of your readers how many courses in sociology, philosophy, Marxism, Communism, you have taken.

    Put it more simply, share with your readers, whose political philosophies you embrace . . .I embrace Reagan’s and Trump’s policies, I embrace the Catholic Churches teachings, I embrace the ideas of bill buckley thomas sowell, marin luther king, leo terrell and pope Leo the XIII and . . . .wno the hell do you think today openly espouses support for atheistic, secularistic, socialism . . .look up the writings of BLM’s founders . . ., study the history of socialism mutating to Marxist Leninism to Marxist Stalinism to Mao’s Communism to Pol Pot’s communism and Fidel Castro’s embrace of atheistic socialistic Big Government, Big Taxing control of individuals and deprivations of God given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    Who is trying to censor today> liberals in Media, Academia, the FEDs, the STATES, and in some Big Corporations . . .

    Yuh, keep pretending you have special insights into socialism and cannot, or at least have not cited on socialist you endorse . . . .

    Yes, the thinking are inapposite and irreconcilable . . .i wrote a long time ago, the men you revere, I revile their policies and actions; and men I revere, you have spat upon and derided and rediculed on this web site . . .

    There is freedom in forgiveness and extricating oneself from the past and living in the day, in the moment, and looking forward, after admission of your own wrongs

    Recall, the Jihadi Javert Fred Wyshak prosecuted probation officers for patronage and failing to hire the most qualified, and from what I have read Wyshak got his own son into the Federal Prosecutors office in Boston . . .Patronage is OK for Freddy, but not for Irish Catholics from Dorchester, MIlton and South Boston . . .you’d call that hypocrisy, wouldn’t you? Throwing stones at some and then engaging in the same conduct you have vilified others for doing the same

    Why are you still stoning Trump supporters . . . .you believe Biden has fairly won the election . . .why focus on Trump who has lost . . .DTS

    1. William:

      You are unable to follow the rules of this blog on length of comments and run on comments. I asked that comments be less than 500 words and one comment a day with exceptions. Your comment exceeded the word limit by almost 50%. You complain that I let a Ukrainian comment of 1500 or so words stand. I did that because he hardly ever comments and it contained significant information that contradicted me and I learned from it and thought others might. That is my option in my forum. You comment almost daily and repeat continually. I do not want to have to be a policeman. This is you last warning. Any future actions I take to your violations will be on your lap.

      1. Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager, colluded with the Russians. The Russians interfered with the presidential election in both 2016 and 2020 to help Trump. I deal with facts. Ignore the past and you are condemned to repeat it. The biggest threat to peace in Europe is Russia.

      2. Winston Churchill’s comment on Cromwell is nonsense. The British take over of Ireland and its penal laws enforced for a century or more created the gap as did Churchill himself who had no fondness for the Irish. “Those that I guard I do not love”

      3.I do not have any good will for people who try to interfere with America. I believe we should protect our democracy from those who seek to undermine it. That is one of Russia’s goals and unfortunately is Trump’s and the Trump Party’s.

      4. The last person who would have supported Trump is Martin Luther King who you suggest you embrace. You say you embrace the ideas of Alan Dershowitz and Bill Buckley. Hmm, pretty strange since they were opposite.

      5. You stand at the outside throwing rocks at prosecutors without ever having been a prosecutor or faced a prosecutor. You suggest you know more about some subjects than others, like abortion, and indicate your opinions on those subjects are superior and others must shut up. You have never tried a criminal case so apply your lessons to yourself.

      5. Liz Cheney is a conservative. There are few of them left. Most former conservatives follow the Big Liar and are Trumpers.

      6. You have no idea of what readings I have done on Socialism. I know you have done little if any. You do not understand the fundamental goals of it nor how it came about or when the anarchists first rose up. If you did you would know there are few, if any, in the Democratic Party who support traditional socialism. If you understood American history you would know that word has been thrown around by every would be demagogue that sought to rise to power. Classical Socialism is the government take over of the means of production; it is not the government providing more and better services to its people through programs such as Social Security and Medicare.

      7. You suggest Democrats “embrace . . . atheistic socialistic Big Government, Big Taxing . . . ” President Biden is a Catholic who goes to church weekly; Trump even on Easter was out golfing. You are not a believer is you don’t act like one. Big government gives us social security, Medicare, programs to help the poor which I believe are important. Big government supports our military, police, firemen, courts, and makes living better for all. It has enhanced life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness giving all a chance not just the wealthy.

      8. Big taxing is important if we are all to share the benefits of living a decent life by taking from those who have much and helping out those who are less fortunate. We uses to have a progressive tax system which is the only fair system. Those who can pay more taxes without having it infringe on their luxurious life styles should have to do that. I though that was one of Christ’s teachings

  3. The Biggest Lie in recent years was promoted on this site: That Trump was like Hitler, and Trump’s supporters were Brown Shirts, stormtroopers, NAZI cultish clones.

    INTRO: Some editor wrote: “As the grandson of Holocaust survivors, I was shocked this week to learn via a recent book, Larry Roth’s The Nazi Account, that in 1933 Hitler hired a major NYC PR firm, Carl Byoir & Associates, to portray Nazi Germany in a positive light to an American audience. While the book is fiction, it’s based upon true facts. The Nation exposed Nazi propaganda in America, and revealed that the agency was paid $6,000 per month to favorably influence media and public perception of Nazi Germany. “.

    American Edward Bernays, (the newphew of Sigmund Freud) is considered the father of Public Relations. Bernays turned down work for Germany, as he feared his work would be used – particularly by Nazi propagandists like chief deceiver Joseph Goebbels.

    As far as my two books titled Character Assassins, the first asked a question: Character Assassins: Carr, Dershowits, Mudd: Who will live in infamy? Read the book closely, and you’ll see I exculpate Doctor Mudd, and imply that even though the other two, Dershowitz and Carr, have at times thrown low blows, besmirching some . . .I fault that . . . .there’s no doubt I admire, and long have learned much from Dershowitz. I enjoy Carr’s radio show and some of his opinion pieces. He has a nice family. But I have vehemently critized him on three major issues: his befriending Martorano; his mocking Mexicans; and his running a macabre Death Betting game.

    (1) In the musical Jesus Christ Superstar, Pilate asked Jesus, “We all have truths, are yours the same as ours.”
    (2) I have publicly in critized Professsor Dershowitz for his unfair attacks on Judge Paul Mahoney, Senate President Bill Bulger, and Police in general. However, I have repeatedly written that I always enjoyed Professor Dershowitz’s debates with Bill Buckley and others. There’s no inconsistency here. I admire Harvard Professor Emeritus Dershowitz’s erudition, devotion to America’s Constitutional Rights and Freedoms, and his lifelong defense of Human Rights. I recommend the reading of his latest books on Censorship, and abuses of Big Government.
    (3) Bernay’s book, titled Propaganda, circa 1933, is one reason was he is considered the Father of Public Relations/Advertising/Mass-influence. Hitler’s Nazis hired that n American P.R. firm in 1936, to polish up Hitler’s and the Nazis image. The Firm quit within a year. Please read Larry Tye’s book “Spin” Savin Hill’s Billy Anderson was a good friend of Larry, too. Both and I were long running members of L-Streets Noon Time Nuts. We, 25 of us, rarely agreed on any issues, but did agree on friendhip.
    Tye’s Spin points out that Bernays was a nephew of Sigmund Freud, and used Freud’s psychoanalysis techniques in Public Relations and Advertising.
    (4) There’s no inconsistency in liking, praising Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto #2, and being critical of some of his other works. I criticize SCOTUS’ decisions and some politicians’ stances, even though I see and admire their good works..
    (6) I have always been critical of liberals, mostly Democrats, who walk in lockstep with the Party, regardless of its policies.
    (7) Like Alan Dershowitz, I praise men who put principles before politics, principles before personalities. Admirable are Harvery Silverglate, Chester Darling, Charles Rounds, Billy Bulger, Jim Kelly, Paul Walkowski, Judge Nolan, Judge Wolfe and others who stood for Constitutional Rights and against P.C. Toxic Tides. Reporter Boeri, too, courageously stood alone sometimes rebuking the use of the serial perjurer, serial killer Flemmi as a witnesss. We saw strange comrades in the Parade Case, . .So, there was a band of brothers from disparate backgrounds, like the Patriots at Bunker Hill, who stood up against Power-Abusers, against MSM Mass Propagandizing . . Aland Dershowitz was on the sidelines in that Parade Case but has been front and center hundreds of times defending underdogs’ human rights and constitutional rights against Power Abusing State and Federal Governments.

    1. Sadly, Trump is very much like Hitler. He tells the preposterous Big Lie that he won the last election by a landslide. His followers are like the brown shirts believing his Big Lie. Some day they will be called the red hats. How similar they are that from their mouths they parrot Trump calling liberals Socialists. When Trump starts picking out disfavored groups as Hitler did so will his followers believe they should attack them. Haven’t we already seen that with the attacks on the Asians because Trump keeps calling out the Chinese for his failure to do anything to stop the pandemic?

      And then how can any good come from some evil. Dershowitz who sought to have Bill Bulger, Joe Moakley, Cardinal Law, and other good men in prison you now tell us you admire him. So Trumpyin! – I suppose you admire Manafort – we know you admire Flynn who conspired with Kislyoff and you prefer Putin over Biden.
      But admiring Dershowitz who you rightly excoriated even before it became public about his association with Jeffrey Epstein – who by the way was supposedly bright and charitable and perhaps you can admire him for that – seems to show how deeply the Trump followers will succumb to his every whim. Who next – will you find good in Howie Carr?

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