First Friday — Morning Recess: – Jimmy the Sniff


2013 France-3000_1989Jimmy Katz has been on the stand all morning. Now under cross-examination by J.W. Carney.  Jimmy, used to be known as “Jimmy the Sniff.”  One of the first bookies I picked up on a wiretap with the MA state police Special Services Unit under Sgt Charlie Henderson and Trooper John Naimovich.  I ended up indicting and convicting him. Will have a lot to say about him later because I thought he was connected to the Jewish Bookies but didn’t know they were paying rent to Stevie and Whitey. Sort of ties a lot of things together for me – no wonder Whitey complained through Connolly about my office – we were all over his operations.  Lots to consider. Got to go.


2013 France-3000_1989