FLASH – Stearns Refuses to Recuse

Media outlets are reporting Stearns issued an eleven page  order in which he said:  “I have nothing of relevant or material nature to offer with regard to this case or any claim of immunity.”

Woah!!!  Hold on a minute.  Isn’t that the issue?  Isn’t that why Carney filed to motion to put Stearns under oath to find that out?  Imagine if everyone could do what Stearns just did.  If you’re subpoenaed you could just write a short note back saying, “I’ve got nothing of relevance or material to the matter.”

It reminds me of the time when some federal judges were suing to get a pay raise for all the federal judges.  The case went before the Supreme Court.  The first issue to be decided was whether the judges could be impartial in making a decision whether they deserved a pay raise.  After much deliberation they concluded that they could.  They then had to decides whether they deserved the raise.  I don’t have to tell you how that came out.

Stearns is sending a message to Carney that the judges have come to the conclusion they’ve had enough of Whitey.   The sooner he pleads out the case the better off he will be.  Stearns knows that no appeals court will overturn anything he does so he summarily dismisses Carney’s attempt to find out what he did when he was a US Attorney in regard to Bulger.

Stearns is also telling Carney he’s not going to spend a year trying this case.  The longer it goes the worse it will be for Whitey.  Don’t be surprised if Stearns doesn’t sever the best case the government has and have that go first.   It’ll be a short trial.  It’ll have a predetermined outcome.  Whitey will be shipped out and hopefully will die before his appeal is heard.

I’m sure Carney is getting the message.  Whitey can’t be too happy.


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