Flemmi Will Be Called Next Week Prosecution Says

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABelay that last post.

Prosecution will call Flemmi next week it tells judge.  Carney seeking a continuance can’t convince judge to take foot of pedal. From now on we are only going to one o’clock on Thursdays. We are that far ahead.

Prosecution will end case next week.  Earlier it said it would go to the end of the month. Will Flemmi be the walk off witness? Will Whitey be ready to testify next week?  Is there going to be a case for the defense? The plot thickens.

Will my Naimovich series have to end before I hoped?  So many questions and so few answers. It seems the case will soon be gone with the wind.

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  1. Matt, the link to your latest post isn’t working, it leads to some kind of error message.

    Off topic a bit right here, but why wouldn’t Carney at least establish with the expert from the ME’s office that she was fired for some pretty sloppy work and worse? He wouldn’t have to get back into the gruesome stuff to challenge her qualifications, would he?

    1. Pam:
      Thanks – I think I left the title off it when I posted it. I hope it is corrected.

      Carney really gains nothing by challenging her qualifications. Even though Dr. Mirer was fired and hasn’t the best of back grounds I don’t really see what she has testified to is controversial. Weeks said we murdered three people and buried them here removing them from a cellar where we had previously buried them. He then took the cops to that location and said here they are: Barrett, McIntyre and Hussey. They dig and fing three bodies – two males and a female. Dr. Mirer was present at the dig and she explained step by step how it proceeded with pictures and then went about explaining how she identified each body. And after that we went to the two other sites where Weeks said there would be bodies and sure enough they were found. That alone is compelling evidence to the identity of six people who were missing for many years. I don’t see that it is an issue in the case unless Carney is going to argue these are six other bodies and not the ones who were killed by Weeks and friends

      But as I point out in my post that I hope came through Carney objecting to some of the evidence relating to this made no sense

  2. It looks like Mrs. Donahue will testify regarding her husband. Although Tommy Donahue may not always have the greatest sound bites, no one disputes that Michael Donahue was a tragic case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. And we are all learning that since his death our government did nothing to assist this family and it took WB’s defense to get the first apology that they ever received. He can bash the FBI in front of ch 7 all he wants.

    1. Salleme reported to fbi that Donahue worked for halloran collecting and such.
      I’m not sure Donahue wasn’t doing more than taking grabbbing a ride

        1. It was actually Flemmi who said Donahue worked for Halloran collecting shylock money.
          It has also been rumored, but not by Flemmi that Donahue was with Halloran in Chinatown when Halloran tapped Pappas.
          Surely Carney won’t ask the wife about her husband’s criminal involvement.
          I’d love to hear, however, Carney ask her what efforts she has made to learn the identity of the backseat shooter. Wyshak has blocked her quest for that info every inch of the way. It’s just not credible that with all the witnesses Wyshak immunized and debriefed he does not know that identity. He does, but he will go to extraordinary lengths to keep it a secret. Wyshak’s behavior in that regard obviates the conclusion that it was Pat Nee. Furthermore, it proves Pat is a Top Echelon Informant. No other explanation can come close to explaining Wyshak’s behavior.

          1. patty- I love it that your the first person on here to talk about Halloran killing Pappas. why did he kill pappas? I know Halloran was a mess a lot of the time but why did he just do that so outta control like? Was Jackie Salemme under the table aswell?

          2. Patty:

            That may be the greatest mystery in the case sincd it is impossible that Nee did not know the identity of that person. Yet in Boston the defense lawyers did not question it. Wyshak’s legacy will be all the people who committed murders who never got prosecuted for the murders and all the murderers who still walk the streets of Boston today.

    2. Anonymous:

      Some dispute that Michael Donahue was as innocent as he is portrayed to be. My opinion is whether he was or was not he still did not deserve to be murdered. Kep in mind there are many families out there who got no compensation who had relatives killed by FBI informants or the guys they associated with. We only know about Whitey and Stevie, but how many other FBI informants are there we do not know about. Even with those people Martorano killed, he was hanging around with Benji Ditchman at the time and Benji was being protected by the FBI so he may also have fallen under that umbrella.

  3. frankly my dear, i dont give a dam! a little gwtw verse! i think he has to testify at this point,really the govt has not really tied wb to any murders really with facts. just stool pigeons saying so. in my 33 years of life i hears how whitey was soo bad this and that. they had 2 decades or more to prove theese murders and the best hope is kevin weeks? cmon the only interezting this is the absence of the donahue kid after every day in court on ch 7

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