Fox News Idiocy Swallowed by Trumpeters


I’m not going to write about Tucker Carlson’s outrageous attack on a US senator whose family history goes back to the American Revolutionary War where a relative served in the armed forces under George Washington and who has had relatives serve the United States in every war since and who lost two legs in combat fighting for our country in which he accuses her of not being patriotic.

He is now the most watched show on Fox by all our crouch patriots who never wore the uniform of our armed  forces like him. The  closest Carlson came to a uniform was when one of his uniformed housekeepers served him breakfast in bed when he was a kid. How is it, like Trump, these non-servers in our armed forces Trumpeters like to belittle those who did serve. Where were the Trumpeters when the trumpets of war sounded. Home safe in their beds.  Is there any Fox host who wore the armed forces uniform?

But this post is not about silver spoon Carlson but about a woman commentator on Fox but before I get there let me set the plate with a question or two. Do you think the expression mankind only refers to men. Do you think it excludes women? What about the term countrymen? Does that include women? What about “freshman” or “man made?” Don’t women go to high or college? Don’t they make anything? Seems to me the terms include both sexes. (I still think there are only two sexes.)

A Fox woman had this to say about that: “Joe Biden in ,this op-Ed had the audacity to literally rewrite the greatest foundational document in the history of mankind, the Declaration of Independence, his woke staffers changed it to not all men are created equal all people are created equal and are guaranteed equality throughout life. That is not a constitutional republic that we were founded on of freedom of opportunity that is the same radical left socialism that has taken over his party and really not just eroding our foundation but rewriting it  and out to destroy it,”

Okay is the Fox and Trumpeters problem they believe it is “radical left socialism” to suggest that the Declaration of Independence included women In the idea of equality, That women are somewhat less equal?

Or is it “radical left socialism” to suggest that equality continues through life. Like they believed that at some point some men (or women) become less equal.

Do the Trumpeters believe if  women and men are created equal and maintain that equality through life our foundation is being eroded, rewritten and destroyed? Do they believe the signers if the Declaration wanted women to be considered less evil?

Sadly for them  common sense suggests the term all men meant all people just like mankind means all people.  Along with that if we are created equal we remain equal all through our lives.

Remaining equal does not mean having equal things just like created equal does not mean every one must be born with a silver spoon.

Think of this when you hear the term “radical left socialist” and ask yourselves who are the radical crazies who think women were not created equally with men.








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  1. Matt

    Bill Ayers thinks you might be onto something ….

    Meet San Francisco’s new lightning rod DA: Raised by Bill Ayers, worked for Hugo Chavez

    in other news

    DOJ watchdog finds 5 senior FBI officials acted improperly by staying at Dodgers game
    BY ZACK BUDRYK – 07/08/20 11:28 AM EDT

  2. Matt continues to lie, maintaining I “Always” opposed mask.

    HERE ARE MY COMMENTS ON APRIL 2ND, THE DAY AFTER THE SURGEON GENERAL FIRST ADVISED MASKS BE WORN IN GROCERY STORES/PHARMACIES. (note, even today’s news confirms that masks protect the wearer from getting infected only “65%” more than non masks. It is almost universally agreed that masks, of the proper fabric, design, and worn properly prevent the wearer from infecting others.

    So, my comments on MattofBoston blog on April 2nd.

    “April 3, 2020 at 10:37 pm
    Matt, the science doesn’t change. But new facts, alter decisions. On March 11 you recommended all wear masks. Today the CDC recommends folks in HOT Spots wear masks, and folks going into congested areas, Groceries, Pharmacies wear ask. The Surgeon General explained new data showing incubators were a major source of transmission.

    “I’d also caution you not to declare victory in the middle of a war.

    “The facts remain, that masks worn poorly, put on improperly, taken off improperly, masks which are moist, masks, the front of which are touched, or the inside of which are touched, etc, offer little or no protection and may increase the risk of contracting germs, microbial disease.

    “The fact also remains that mask wearers who think they now can go out when sick or symptomatic, or who cluster and stand closer together, behind their masks, or who decrease washing of their hands, will only increase the spread of infection, and increase the risk to themselves.

    “What I’ll do is wear a winter muffler over my mouth and nose when I’m at the grocery store or pharmacy, as the Surgeon General advised, and stringently continue to maintain the six foot separation.

    2. You called for masks on March 11, after the WHO declared a world pandemic.
    I hope you’re not alleging the WHO and CDC and other scientists who continued to dispute the necessity of wearing masks were fools.”

    1. Matt, if someone told you a bullet proof vest blocked only 65% of bullets, or decreased your chances of being struck by a bullet by 65%, would you declare those vests “safe”? You’d say it is better than no vest, but you’d still recognize that only a 65% chance improvement of getting fatally hit, fatally wounded, would not be very comforting, would it?

      Read the SCIENCE of masks. Surgeons wear masks to make sure they don’t infect patients. Masks are not foolproof in protecting you from being infected, I hope you understand that.

      Try to present the true history of CDC advise on wearing masks.

  3. You are correct there are only two sexes. Are people who wore the uniform beyond criticism? The last three Democratic nominees for President, Biden, Obama and Clinton didn’t. Yet those who complain about non veterans still vote for the non servers. Some veterans want to tear down statues of our founders. Most don’t. Denouncing the vandals is a proper assertion of a citizen’s Free Speech Rights. 2. The only people who want to have different standards for the races are BLM and the liberals. If there were systematic racism why are there so many minority millionaires? Equal protection of the Law can’t contemplate different standards based on race. 3. Should the same standard of refraining from criticizing veterans be applied to Gen. Flynn? Some not very charitable types including Judge Sullivan called him a traitor. A brutal smear for an innocent person framed by the corrupt Obama team. 4.Some claim the outstanding Trump record on the economy was just a continuation of Obama’s policies. They are mistaken. Trump deregulated, cut taxes, built pipelines, developed all energy sources, started enterprise zones and created better trade deals. He completely reversed course from Obama who was a Globalist not an American Firster. Trump’s 3.5% unemployment rate was the best in 50 years. An example to look at is President Reagan’s policy shift away from Carter. Carter gave us malaise. Reagan gave us an economic boom and won the cold war. Trump is copying Reagan. Obama produced anemic 1.8% growth. 13 million more on food stamps and 8 million more in poverty. Obama gave us the wars in Syria, Yemen and Libya. Obama was a flop.

      1. What the fuck are you guys even here for? Do you share the same gym towel, too? “Lets dust off Matt, stick out our chests and have a pose off.”

        Reagan won the Cold War. Fucking hysterical.

  4. Well Matt do you consider this a problem with Fox
    and if so why?

    Should I work on cleaning up my own inadequacies or
    spend my life worrying about other people and their
    lives which don’t conform to my own view of reality ?

    In other newessss…

    Melania Trump statue set on fire July 4 near her hometown in Slovenia

    Joseph Wilkinson
    JUL 08, 2020 AT 7:40

    Also see

    Georgia Cop Charged with Masturbating at a Gold’s Gym Sauna

    1. At least MSFREEH, a good educator, sometimes misguided, understands the value of Freedom of Speech and allowing all voices to be heard, and none to be suppressed.

      As far as the Georgia Cop, poor guy, must of been overly heated in that Sauna. But who has not made mistakes in life, in haste, under duress or impulse, even gross outs? Restraint of word and pen and action, keep your powder dry; don’t fire until you see the whites of the enemy’s eyes; don’t mistake friendlies for foes, nor mistake the peaceable for prey. Sometimes the alluring is best left alluring.

      One liberal I have always liked is Juan Williams, although I disagree with him oftentimes on politics. Juan said in favoring the removal of those Live T.V. Cop Shows mostly on Cable (shows which I always enjoyed) “Who would want to be filmed at their worst moments in life.” Few could bear it, bear the baring of their worst moments.

      I have always said I would not like it if someone posted on the Internet or aired on television/cable My Ten Worst Moments in Life; My Ten Most Embarrassing Moments in life.

      Who could survive it? Although my divorced by much beloved wife used to tell my brothers and sisters, “Bill likes being embarrassed.” It’s just that if I act goofy I say, So What, Who Cares, so what I’ve done stupid idiotic inappropriate impulsive embarrassing things in life? Who hasn’t? Laugh it off. Most of us do many, many foolish things as we tread through life, tripping the light fantastic, dancing to our own music, however measured or far out.

      My intent is to do good, have fun, help anyone whenever I can, avoid hurting anyone, and to the extent feasible prevent anyone from hurting me. So, if I’ve been too quick with tongue or with my hands from time to time, I apologize. I always took No for an answer, but sometimes in the heat of the moment, it had to be a loud, decisive, definite, firm NO. So, my rule of thumb is this:

      “I shall pass through this world but once, therefore any good I can do or any kindness I can show to any human being, let me do it now; let me not defer it or neglect it for I shall not pass this way again.”

      ……..And Do Good and Fear No Man . . . .

      and no matter how many times you fall down or get knocked down just keep on getting back up and back into the game of life . . . .

      AND, and this is big AND, Being Kind sometimes means standing up to Bullies, Mudslingers, Character Assassins and Falsifiers. Being Kind does not mean being a doormat or pushover. The Strong and Tough can be kind, too, without being less strong or less tough. Stand on firm ground (principles) and reach for the stars. To dream the impossible dream . . .you know the lyrics from the Man of La Mancha . . .

      I wish and pray for peace to those of good will, even to MSFREEH who may or may not be an ideological spawn or biological spawn of Louis Freeh, but to those not of good will I wish and pray for: SPECIAL FORCES!

      may the force be with you, and may the force be agin (agin = against in Savin Hill Billy Speak) today’s leftist bolsheviks, leftist mediatic Trotskyites, leftist academicians, and leftist power abusing FEDs. We are fed up with power abusing FEDs. Too many power abusing Feds in Boston and D.C. and Congress and too many leftist power abusing falsifiers in today’s Socialistic Democratic Party.

  5. HUH? The only things we agree on is that there are two sexes and when folks use the term mankind or all men are created equal it obviously embraces women. Mankind and all of us are created equal also includes boys and girls, and the unborn human beings of either sex. Embryology, a Science, teaches that at the moment of sperm entering the ovum (egg) in the fallopian tube, and entirely new unique human being is created with 46 chromosomes, 23 from mom, 23 from dad, and the new human being has either xx chromosomes (female) or xy chromosomes (male) and Never the twain shall meet.

    Sometimes chromosomes get broken, and sometimes human beings have an extra X chromosome (Klinefelter’s Syndrome) or and extra Y chromosome ( I think that’s called Thompson’s syndrome or Johnson’s, I’ll have to google it.) but those extra chromosomes and those broken chromosomes are disease states, and do not detract from the fact that God made us male and female.

    I much prefer Fox News, to CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WAPO where all the leftist-identity politics-anti-American traditions reporters and commentators reside. In fact I view it as the Love or Like American Crew among conservatives and moderates and the Hate American or Dislike America Crew among the leftist wing of liberals. Most MSM folks today are leftists; a majority of Academics are leftists; The Teachers Union is leftist; Many feds are leftist. The leftists seek to gut American traditions and values.

    I too have proudly served in one of the seven uniformed branches of the United States (US Public Health Service, US Oceonographic/Geologic Service, U.S. Coast Guard, US Marines, US Army, US Navy and US Air Force . . .what about the Merchant Marine . . .what about all those Americans who served in the Peace Corps, in Doctors without Borders, in Doctor Tom Dooley’s organization, in the Red Cross, in all the Churches’ Charitable Organizations at home here and abroad.

    I have lost relatives and friends to combat. Friends’ brothers have been killed in action. I honor all who served, whether in the Armed Forces, the two non-armed Uniform Branches (mostly doctors, nurses, sociologists, marine biologists and other scientists) and I honor all those who served in the Private Sector in Charitable Medical, Public Health, Social Work, Church, Religious Organizations.

    I do not disparage those who never wore a uniform but served their communities and neighborhoods by simply being good friends, good sisters, good brothers, good fathers, good mothers, good workers, good athletes, good musicians, good actors, good store managers, good taxi cab drivers, good truck drivers, good reporters, good writers . . .

    I do disparage the Leftist ideologues, who hate American history

    I do disparage the race baiters and politically correct Leftists who are intolerant of opposing views

    I like Social Justice Warriors . . .we all should work for Social Justice . . .I like First Amendment Freedom Fighters . . .I don’t like Bolsheviks, Communists, Socialistic Democrats, anti-religious Democrats, pro-abortion Democrats, and I don’t like Joe Biden who says he will codify Roe v. Wade . . .Old Joe and Botox Nancy the Mad Ripper Pelosi epitomize the Big Government, tax and spend, Leftist-Liberal Wing of the Democratic Party, which I oppose

    Up the Republic, for God and Country!

  6. Needless to say, I respect Duckworth’s service and her great sacrifice. Ironically, Carlson’s attacks are strengthening her chances of becoming Biden’s VP nominee.

  7. Life is short, Break the Rules. Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably And never regret ANYTHING That makes you smile.

    Mark Twain

    Watermelon Slim is doing some of the music for the
    Rob Shetterly doc

    “ Radio,television and the print media have done to
    our minds what industry has done to the land
    We now think like NY City looks “

    Mason Williams

    I bought his book in 1970

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