Free For Fun Friday: “Bring in The Guilty Bastard!”

James Whitey Bulger was made into a very  notorious criminal. The Boston Globe had it on June 25, 2011, in a headline that he was “Back in the town he terrorized.” Howie Carr had it about Whitey and his brother Bill on the cover of his 2006 book “how they terrorized and corrupted Boston for a quarter century.” Alan Dershowitz of  Virginia Giuffre fame, wrote that there was a case of “mass murder and massive corruption” and that Bill Bulger should have been indicted for extortion and taking bribes.

Dershowitz condemned Bill Bulger around the time when he was buddy-buddy with the notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. According to Virginia Giuffre, who had become one of Epstein’s sex toys, who along with other young girls was given out to old men to be abused, she was given out to Dershowitz. It is almost beyond belief that while Dershowitz was involved with Epstein and his ilk he not only goes after Bulger, but he publicly questioned the integrity of “the Dukakises, Whites, McCormacks, Cardinal Laws, O’Sullivans, Welds, Moakleys, and Silbers.”  He said they facilitated the terror campaign imagined by Howie Carr.

What do Howie Carr and Alan Dershowitz have in common? They both are very big supporters of  Trump. They have been with him at Mar a Largo. Virginia testified that Epstein told her Trump was a good friend of his.

The publicity given to Whitey by hateful people which is way out of proportion to his criminal actions produced these wild stories of terrorizing Boston. The truth is outside of South Boston probably 99.9% of the people of Boston never heard of him. Whitey terrorized much less than 50 people. As for his brother Bill, despite the big lie of Carr, he terrorized no one. He served in public service for over 35 years and was never close to being charged with a crime. This despite a prominent Boston Globe staffer urging his friend at the FBI, Supervisor John Morris, not to shut down an investigation of him after being told there was no crime involved.

How does one go about to prove that much of what was said and written about Whitey is an ex post facto creation whereby present knowledge is assumed to have been known many years before? We do know that prior to 1998 a tiny few knew of the extent of Whitey’s criminality? The Boston Globe did a Spotlight series on him in 1988 yet did not portray him as terrorizing anything.  When he was indicted in 1995 there was no allegation that he murdered or terrorized anyone. He was absent from Boston from late 1994 until 2011.

The great publicity about Whitey’s evil which came out around the year 2000 tainted anyone who associated with him. His brother Bill was said to know these things as if Whitey would discuss them with him. His FBI handler John Connolly was said to know them. People came to believe that what they knew in the year 2000 was known widely known prior to 1990.

There is no doubt Whitey was highly evil with his murders and extortion. These were only disclosed when those far worse than him talked in 1998 and afterwards. For the most part they made him part of their crimes to be relieved of their punishment for them.

You know what a voir dire of a person is? It happens when a person is called to serve on a jury. It is done to determined if the person has any biases or prejudices that would prevent him or her from sitting on a case as a juror. It is done in almost all cases in some instances quickly and in others in greater detail.

I mentioned voir dire because of the extensive publicity given to Whitey Bulger. It seems fair to suggest people who read the newspapers or watch television, especially if they are in the justice system, will have formed a very negative opinion about him and his associates. That would not come from any evidence but from the media  reporting.

Therefore doesn’t it follow that an appeals court judge like any other human would be affected by this. Why then are they allowed to decide cases without first having to go through a voir dire?  How could those judges deeply immersed in the publicity against Whitey, his brother, and his handler decide whether his handler was given a fair trial. Should not appeals in cases that receive extreme publicity be transferred to other appeal courts to get impartial judges?

When a court approaches a case where it has been prejudiced by the media as well as having heard some of the matters involving the parties beforehand it will of necessity be tainted. It reminds me of serving on a special court martial in the Marine Corps at Atsugi in Japan. The lieutenant colonel in charge of the five-member court of which I was the junior officer said: “Bring in the guilty bastard and let’s give him a fair trial.”

How will one be given a fair hearing when the minds are made up beforehand? What the court of appeals in Boston did was to write an opinion confirming its preexisting belief and twisting the evidence to support it. The case I write about is United States v. John J. Connolly, Jr. denying his motion for a new trial.

The next two weeks from Monday to Friday I will be writing about John Durham and his connection to the case of retired FBI Agent John Connolly. As part of that I will show the mindset of the Appeals Court from its own words.


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  2. Matt, your illogic is towering. Whitey was killed viciously. The media barely covers it. And you blame Trump.

    Matt, you have spelled out your support for the corrupt prosecution of John Connolly in Boston . ., implicitly you have accepted the testimony of perjurious serial killers, attempted murderers like John Morris, and accessories to murder like Kevin Weeks, all of whom were given obscenely lenient deals to testify, and paint John Connolly black. The jury rejected all the serious charges . . .not guilty on seven of them . . . .you know the Rolling Stones’ song, Paint it Black . . .

    I draw a reasonable inference that Wyshak, who was a Jihadi Javert overzealously pursuing Bill Bulger via the unfair, unjust prosecution of John Connolly for decades (Wyshak and his cohorts have been at this since the late 1990s, persecuting, pressuring, prosecuting one honorable man, John Connolly) and Wyshak still is the lead attorney of record in the prosecution of John Connolly in Miami . .(internal reviews for justice for John and appeals and appeals to governors are on going) and Wyshak would have an interest in where James Bulger was imprisoned or, transferred. Simple enough. You say Federal Prosecutors have no say in what goes in the Bureau of Prisons. Both are under the DOJ. So, of course, there are open pipelines between both federal agencies. It is like saying the CDC does not talk to the NIH on related matters, Both are under the Health and Human Services Administration, so of course Doctor Fauci communicates with all agencies under HHS on related matters, and so too would Wyshak have an open pipeline to the BOP on matters he was obsessed with for decades, pressuring JOhn Connolly to get info on Bill Bulger, Seems simple and obvious to me.

    My opinions are based on a lifetime of reading, education and work experience inside and outside of government. Sometimes I write what no one in the media writes. I have my opinions.

    I know how some government officials abuse power. Clear enough? Jihadi Javerts will go to unimaginable extremes in using and abusing power. I suspect Wyshak had a hand in James Bulger’s transfer. I asked anyone to correct me if my assumption is wrong. You have not corrected me. A man so obsessed with getting Bill Bulger naturally would have an eye on Bill Bulger’s brother JIm. Why? Perhaps Wyshak was afraid Whitey would say something to expose Wyshak’s abuse of power? If Wyshak would recommend a nurse get 8 years in prison for depositing her bookie husbands earnings and almost simultaeneously recommend that a Congressman’s wife who laundered four million dollars of her brother’s offshore illegal gambling profits get only probation, I would put nothing past him. Memorize my books!

    Wyshak like a Jihadi Javert over zealously pursued and prosecuted the innocent John Connolly in Miami. I would put nothing past Wyshak? He’d probably prosecute probation officers for “not hiring the most qualified candidate.” Of course, he knew ho the most qualified were. He has been promoted to head the FEDs ethics and white collar crime unit. What a joke. Why? That’s why!

    You write, “Whitey was sentenced to death.” How glibly you falsify. You know the difference between a life sentence, and a death sentence. Whitey was not sentenced to be executed in prison. LIke all life sentences he was sentenced to stay in prison until natural death, or pardoned or paroled. You know a life sentence does not necessary mean death in prison because of pardon or parole, and you also know a life sentence does not mean execution in prison. Yet you falsify. Why?

    What does the fact that the Trump Administration has given the green light to proceed with lawful executions have to do with the subject matter of Whitey Bulger’s unlawful, vicious killing?

    Again, to me, your illogic is towering. Anyone can twist and spin.

    I thought this blog was about trekking toward the truth.

    1. William:

      1. You said Whitey did not get a death sentence. I said he did. An 85 year old man who gets two life terms is getting a death sentence. He was not going to get out again so he was sentenced to die in prison. Whitey had no chance of pardon or paroled unless somehow Trump thought it might have been in his benefit to pardon another criminal which I think unlikely. You’s have to empty all the prisons in America before Whitey would get parole or pardon.
      2. Connolly was not forced to send a letter to Judge Wolf filled with lies in an attempt to spring evil criminals from prison.
      3. I suggested whitey Bulger was murdered in prison while the Republicans under Trump controlled the DOJ
      4. Don’t you find it strange that pro-life Trump and Barr want to execute people. I would expect more consistency from them.

  3. wa-llahi! Despite a conviction, and, a sentence, Flemmi has no BOP inmate number? Odd, to say the least. Sounds like the marshals have him stowed somewhere. Seeing that he’s ancient, do you think Flemmi has anything that might be current? The G is going through a lot of bother over a decrepit old murderer.

  4. wa-llahi! What BOP official signed off on JB’s transfer to Hazelton? Wyshak, just, consigned Bulger to the BOP. That’s routine. The question is who got touched in the BOP.

      1. Matt: Once you are convicted, you are in the pipe. What ever county holding facility that housed you during trial turns you over to the marshals who take you to the bus. Once your ass is on that bus, you belong to the BOP. If Flemmi didn’t take that ride, he must of had something that could screw up Wyshak’s case against Bulger, perhaps, others, as, well. I can’t believe the Fed prosecutor’s office would give a damn, if someone in the joint bumped Flemmi off. Security can’t be the issue. It’s hard to see how Flemmi could escape eventual custody by the BOP. Your question is intriguing.

        1. Khalid:

          Google Bureau of Prisons Lookup – type in James Bulger – you’ll see he died in custody; type in Steven, Stephen, or Steve Flemmi – you’ll see it had no record of him ever being in its control. Flemmi was sentenced to life in prison yet he never went into the custody of the Bureau of Prisons. He apparently was in the custody of Fred Wyshak. Yes, it is intriguing since he was the worst of the bunch.

          1. wa-llahi! Despite a conviction, and, a sentence, Flemmi has no BOP inmate number? Odd, to say the least. Sounds like the marshals have him stowed somewhere. Seeing that he’s ancient, do you think Flemmi has anything that might be current? The G is going through a lot of bother over a decrepit old murderer.

  5. Look at how dishonest the DC Appeals Court is. The DOJ has decided that Gen Flynn was falsely prosecuted and dropped the case. Yet the Appeals Court is going to try to reinstate the prosecution. In Norfolk County 30 years ago a judge wanted a Police Officer prosecuted but the DA using his lawful power nolle prossed the case. Two years ago in Boston Antifa rioted. Arrests were made. A judge wanted to proceed with those cases but the DA entered a nolle pross. Prosecuting crime is an executive branch function exclusively not a judicial one. Judge Sullivan has no jurisdiction in the Flynn case once the parties agree to dismiss it. What happened to Flynn is comparable to the Connolly case. Total lawlessness on the part of the judiciary. A mockery of Justice. A violation of the Seperation of Powers Doctrine. A Bill of Attainder by a lawless judicial cabal. 2. On a British radio program G. Galloway was interviewing an American. He asked him was he surprised by Maxwell’s suicide next week? 3. Wouldn’t want to be in Dershowitz’s shoes. If Maxwell corroborates Giuffre’s claim he could be in the slammer. Wouldn’t it be ironic after he framed Connolly in order to get Sen. Bulger he ends up in the jackpot. Maybe he’ll flip and implicate Carr.

    1. NC:

      1. Wrong. The DOJ under the control of Trump and Barr has decided to let a guy off the hook who committed many felonies. The DC Appeals court will decide whether Judge Sullivan can be forced to follow the DOJ rule or does he have discretion to do otherwise. The nolle pros does not exist in the federal judicial system. It does in the state. The feds have to file a motion to have the case dismissed. In MA no motion is necessary but unfortunately many cowardly DAs file motions to dismiss. Remember we have two sovereignties. State and federal. Don’t think they have the same rules. Far from lawlessness, it is how the federal system works.

      2. If Maxwell goes like her father then we can only blame the Bureau of Prisons that operates under Barr.

      3. Dirty Al isn’t afraid of the Justice System. He is a friend of Trump. Trump will take care of him if any process issued against him which is unlikely since Barr controls that stuff. Even with that he has his underwear defense. But I dare say there’s a lot more to this than Dirty Al would like people to believe. Maybe Fox will stop putting him on and the Globe stop giving him op-ed space.

      1. The DOJ in boston cut obscenely lenient deals with serial killers and put perjurious serial killers on the stand to testify against John Connolly. Salemme admitted perjury, the Boston jury believed zero of what serial killer Martorano said. The DOJ in Boston under Wyshak dragged serial killers to Miami to testify again, and Flemmi testified contradicting his earlier sworn testimony that JOhn Connolly was an honest cop who never said or did anything intending anyone be harmed. Who were the Presidents from 2001-2006? The DOJ/FBI under Comey and Muellar came up with the phony Rogue Agent theory. Trump wasn’t president then.

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    In other news….

    Democrats Finally Had Their Chance to Grill Bill Barr. They Blew It.
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    Also see

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  7. I think humanity would best be served if Matt redirected his
    considerable talent into something like the Innocence Project
    or forming a legal swat team to go after the Rulers of Uncivil
    Procedure at the DOJ.
    His strutting and fretting about the Cyber Stage has not produced any
    tangible results.

    Contact in the South End Lloyd Fillion and help him
    abolish Life Without Parole in Mass.
    Contact Fred the Whitehurst PhD, JD in North Carolina and help him
    with getting Death Penalty cases reviewed because of phony
    FBI Forensic Science around human hair and bullet lead.

    Ed Tatro in Quincy says William Weld is poison
    and helped cover up the JFK assassination.

    Stay safe …
    Reporting from somewhere in a place called Maine
    From a never writer to an ever reader Newes….

    See link for full story

    This Investigative Reporter Says He has Enough Evidence For the FBI to Dig Up Jimmy Hoffa’s Grave
    The writer, a journalist who has investigated the Jimmy Hoffa murder for decades, is the author of “The Hoffa Wars,” “Confessions of a Guerrilla Writer” and eight other books.

    By Dan Moldea

    Also see

    Also see

    1. MS:

      1. Good suggestions but I’m isolating plus there are many more competent than I working those issues.
      2. JFK assassinated in November 1963. Weld was born in 1945. That would mean at age 18 Weld was a powerful member of the Deep State giving instructions to J. Edgar Hoover who decided the day after Kennedy’s assassination to stick with a Lee Harvey Oswald story that satisfied the Cold War thinking of Russian and Cuban connections. I thing it was more likely that Ted Cruz’s father was behind it.
      3. I thought Jimmy Hoffa went through a branch shredder.

    1. MS:

      Don’t know why you have a problem. Nothing on this end as far as my ability to understand this stuff can tell.

  8. wa-llahi! Glorious Leader sure isn’t shy about committing murder. That’s what makes him a real fascist. The bodies will start to accumulate the closer we get to the election. Trump won’t hesitate to play his wop card. He is the last hope for daylight of a passel of wizened old wise-guys doing forever with the Feds.

  9. Matt, I am glad this is free Friday. So, I give a strong rebuttal, top of my head, a first draft, of your response to my comments yesterday. They all relate, and are on point. Perhaps one day we will get our facts and insinuations aligned.

    Matt, this is wiseguy sinister stuff when you write. “I thought you supported John Connolly”. You know I have supported John Connolly for over twenty years, since his fraudulent indictments, you know I have written four books, numerous articles (blogs), letters attesting to John Connolly’s innocence.

    You write: “Where did I imply the FBI stopped state officials from murder investigations. Show me.”

    Every time you have written “The FBI provided protection for Bulger or Flemmi” and have not immediately qualified that broad statement, with the fact that John Connolly himself and others inside and outside the FBI stated repeatedly that John Connolly told his TEIs “no violence, no murders” and that this was official FBI policy and it was and explicit condition of continuing to be a TEI. John Connolly repeatedly has stated this.

    And every time you fail to write that it was the official FBI policy that TEIs could be protected only from lesser offenses (gambling, drug dealing) provided no TEI could be protected from murder or violence, you leave the impression that FBI agents were sanctioning murders, were protecting TEIs from murder investigations.

    Why were lesser but serious crimes sanctioned? Because John Connolly and others in the FBI were using TEIs to take down organized crime throughout American, and in New England John Connolly was the one agent most responsible for taking down the New England Mafia, according to Joe Pistone, Donny Brasco. Lesser evils were tolerated to prevent greater evils.

    2. But I am glad to see you finally unqualifiedly admit that the FBI did not protect TEIs from murder investigations. So be careful when you write that “The FBI protected Whitey and others” to emphasize that to your knowledge the FBI never protected Whitey et al from murder investigation nor ever sanctioned murder investigations. Unless you explicitly do that, you are leaving the impression that John Connolly and other FBI agents, like H. Paul Rico, did exactly that. Read the book RICO.

    3. As far as the State Organized Crime Unit conducting wiretaps at the Lancaster Garage and a bank of telephones near Dorchester’s Howard Johnson, those wiretaps would not have prevented any murders, as far as I know. Those wiretaps were for Organized Crime activities. Gambling, drugs. Did any warrant for a wiretap specify who murdered whom> I think not, because the State Cops/DAs had no probable cause to charge anyone with specific murders. Not until after 1995, when Martorano talked to the FEDs (after his obscene leniency deals), were the murderers firmly linked to specific victims.

    At least you know concede that the State’s wiretaps had nothing to do with murder, as you had not probable cause to link Whitey or Flemmi to murders . . .we know the whole sordid tale of Flemmi fleeing to Canada and then coming back, witnesses recanting . . .we know the whole sordid tale of trying to link Rico to murders . . .read the book RICO.

    4. So, yes all the murders I am aware of by Martorano (on the run since late 1970s to his 1995 arrest in Florida), Flemmi, Bulger . . .Tony Veranis (1960s) and Eddie Connors (1970s) and others in Savin Hill and elsewhere were committed in the 1960s, 1970s, Halloran, Hussey, et cetera in early 1980s, and no State Investigators had probable cause to charge anyone for those murders.

    5. I will tell you about something additionally sinister. To say the the FBI protected TEIs without further explicit qualifications has lead to nefarious Federal prosecutions by Wyshak and his cohorts: phony indictments in Boston and Miami, and has lead to this type of scurrilous defamation by former State Organized Crime members like Arthur Bourque:

    “Bourque said that one troubling aspect is that if the electronic bugging operations had not been compromised, Bulger and his gang could have been brought down before they had a chance to go on to commit a number of other murders. Looking at the John Connolly case, he said that as a retired law enforcement professional, he is particularly troubled by the idea that somebody in that field would allow a murder to occur in the first place. “It’s the one case that has always bothered me,” said Bourque, who spent about two years in total investigating the Bulger gang.
    With these things in mind, in 2009 Bourque and four former state police team members traveled to Miami to see Connolly sentenced to 40 years in prison in connection with a 1982 organized crime murder. He recalled how Connolly shuffled into the courtroom in his prison jumpsuit, and looked away in shame upon seeing them. Witnessing the Connolly sentencing, he said, “was very, very soothing to the soul.”

    I was there in Miami. John Connolly looked proud and defiant, flatly denied the allegations, spoke assertively on his own behalf, denied Wyshak’s falsehoods about bribery, John said, unqualifiedly, “I never took a dime” and John convincingly reasserted his innocence.

    See, Matt, how history is corrupted, how insinuations lead to false conclusions, how biases cloud recollections, how Staties and Government Hacks like Wyshak and his cohorts frame innocence people.

    Conclusion: SHAME: The “shame” is on the Wyshaks and his FED cohorts, the shame is on the State Cops deputized as FEDs by Wyshak, told to investigate the State House and Bill Bulger, another innocent man, The shame is as we all know the prosecution and persecution of John Connolly was to get another innocent man Bill Bulger.

    I must add the MSM bears additional shame. Just one instance: The Media always write that John Connolly was a “childhood friend” of Bill Bulger. I recall the difference in age was six years. You all remember in first grade how many “friends” you had in junior high, or in sixth grade how many “friends” you had in college, don’t you? The corruption runs deep and it is a corruption of thought that infests the FEDs, Staties, the Courts, and the leftist-liberal Media.

    It is the Salem Witch Trials revisited. It is high tech lynchings. It is Federal Abuse of Power aided, abetted and urged on by a corrupt Press (the Boston Globe) and corrupt liberal-leftist Main Stream Media, and their cohorts in Government.

    The ultimate shame is the Abuse of Power by Federal Prosecutors.

    1. correction: The FBI never sanctioned murders . . .I mistakenly wrote never sanctioned “murder investigations.”

      See what happens on first drafts . . .we make mistakes . . .we all do . . .my overall point of view is crystal clear, I hope, after twenty years of writing about these matters.

      Perhaps, someone should hire me a proof reader and give me my own office and a staff to assist in writing “more perfect” commentary, as we Americans strive to form a more perfect union, as we know we human beings strive for perfection, knowing our arms are too short to achieve it, and our arms are to short to box with God, but at least we can stand on our own two feet and say what we believe is right . . . .someone wrote, “One man on the side of God, is a majority.”

      But as Pilot said to Jesus in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar:”We all have truths, are mine the same as yours?”

    2. Another correction of State-Cop, deputized FED, Lt. Bourque: John Connolly did not “shuffle into the courtroom in his orange prison suit” as Bourque alleged. John Connolly changed into a regular suit and was uncuffed, unshackled, whenever he appeared in that Courtroom.

      I was there.

    3. William:
      1. Flemmi testified Connolly told him and Whitey they could do anything but hit someone. That is they could commit violent crimes. You know what I can’t figure and you may be able to tell me is why did Connolly deep six two requests for Tulsa to look into the murder of Wheeler. Official FBI policy is bunk. It is designed to protect the FBI. Ask any agent about the illegal stuff like black bag jobs. The policy there was “don’t get caught and embarrass the FBI” otherwise do whatever you want. You will find the opposite in the FBI manuals. Assuming they were only authorized to do “lesser but serious” crimes then you must agree the FBI intended to protect them so that they could do them..
      2. I don’t “unqualifiedly admit that the FBI did not protect TEIs from murder investigations.” I don’t know where you get that. I don’t know how much the FBI knew about TEIs murders. When Castucci’s body was discovered Connolly said that Winter Hill didn’t operate that way when it did. When FBI Tulsa asked for FBI Boston’s help Connolly was given the case and he did nothing on it. Was that because he was protecting his TEIs. I do know that prior to the indictments for murder after Martorano and Flemmi flipped that was the first time the pubic knew Whitey was implicated in murders. Whether the FBI knew he or Flemmi were involved in other murders I have no idea. I do know that the FBI knew that Debra Davis went to visit Steve Flemmi and she was never seen again. They didn’t investigate that.I do know that two FBI supervisors went out to interview a person who allegedly had information Connolly was being paid off but never put into their report what the guy said about that.
      3. The wiretaps and bugs of the State Police the FBI compromised would have given insight into the operations of Flemmi and Whitey regarding extortions, gambling and leg breaking. It was through wiretaps and bugs that Baione and Angiulo disclosed some of their murders. Often wiretaps or bugs will be used for one purpose and while doing them other matters are learned.
      2 & 3 – I read the book RICO – it was by two FBI agents – some parts are good, others aren’t.
      4. Don’t understand your point. The state in the Halloran murder prosecuted the wrong guy. He was acquitted. If you don’t have sufficient evidence to prosecute someone you can’t prosecute them.
      5. Bourque was right when he said: “if the electronic bugging operations had not been compromised, Bulger and his gang could have been brought down before they had a chance to go on to commit a number of other murders.” Had it succeeded it is very likely Flemmi and Bulger would have been sent to prison for double figures. The following murders may not have occurred: Davis,Wheeler, Halloran, Donahue, Callahan, Barrett, McIntyre, and Hussey.
      Whitey wasn’t an innocent person. He was not framed. Connolly wasn’t innocent. He was convicted in Boston.

      1. Matt, Flemmi never testified that he had a greenlight to commit violence. He was asked what the deal was, and he said, off the cuff, no murders. He did not elaborate. Even if he had, Flemmi is a lying dog. Flemmi changed his eight years of saying John Connolly was an honest cop who never said nor did anything intending anyone be harmed, only after Wyshak worked with him convincing him to recant and support Martorano’s deranged recollection. Wyshak dragged Flemmi to Miami, knowing Flemmi was recanting twice sworn testimony.

        You know what FBI policy was. TEI’s could not commit violence or murder. Every FBI agent in the Country knew that policy and followed it. You have zero evidence that any FBI agent did not follow that policy, yet you infer John Connolly may have allowed violence, because . . .here is your logic . . .Flemmi testified they could not commit murders. Could they commit arson? Could they throw bombs, plant bombs? You imply they could. Could they commit mayhem and rape? Nonsense!

        You admit you have zero evidence what the FBI told its TEIs or how they monitored them, yet you throw allegations by implication. You infer nefarious motives from what you believe is a failure to investigate, when you have no evidence they failed to investigate. You did not have access to all FBI files. Did Wyshak or Wyshak’s cohorts charge John Connolly with failure to investigate. Did you forget that John Connolly was acquitted of all murder related charges in Boston, that the full weight of the Federal Government was thrown at John Connolly under the phony “rogue agent” theory cooked up by Muellar, Comey and Wyshak and his cohorts.

        You say John Connolly was guilty because the Boston Jury found him guilty of five lesser charges . .we’ve debated at length about the validity of any of those findings/verdicts . . .but have you no sense that Prosecutors sometimes unjustly prosecute, over zealously prosecute, and jurors sometimes reach erroneous decisions and innocent men are convicted and sent to prison, unjustly, unfairly, by overzealous, unscrupulous prosecutors using perjurious serial killers as witnesses. You buy the testimony of attempted murderer Morris, accessory to murder Weeks, and the perjurious serial killers all of whom were given obscenely lenient deals?

        I maintain John Connolly was innocent of all charges. You believe the perjurious serial killers and other murderers? You think John Connolly got a fair trial?

        Even you admitted that John Connolly was not the target, but that Bill Bulger was, so how can you defend a prosecution which was aimed at getting another innocent man, Bill Bulger.

        You know the men brought in to testify against John Connolly were perjurious serial killers given obscenely lenient deals, murderers and their murderous associates, even John Morris admitted attempted murder. You know this, and yet you state John Connolly had a fair trial?

        I suggest you reconsider the implications of what you write and try not to frame John Connolly again, or accuse John Connolly of guilt for crimes he was never charged with, nor for failure to investigate, nor for sanctioning violence, when everyone in the FBI says the opposite.

        As far as I know, your major beef is with the Lancaster Garage bugging being interrupted. From what I have read the first several attempts to put a bug at Lancaster were failures . . technical, then Fat Vinny sat on a bug in a chair and crushed it

        but when was the first successful bug installed? You say the bug may have gotten useful info to prosecute. That is sheer speculation. Bugs were planted in Whitey’s apartment in Quincy and got no info. Apparently the killers were tight lipped.

        All the bugs and investigations of the State Police and Boston Police and County D.A.s turned up no probable cause to arrest anyone for the murders you cited, nor the murders I cited. You concede it was not until the late 1990s that who killed whom was learned when Martorano began to confess to Federal Prosecutors in Boston.

        I have poked enough holes in Officer Borques statements . . .he does not know if any bugs would have prevented anything . . .beyond that he has zero evidence that Connolly was covering up for murders or sanctioning murders, yet he cold bloodily makes that accusation. Borques was flat out lying about the orange jump suits and John Connolly’s demeanor, and he was flat out lying about John Connolly’s involvement in any murders. Borque and you apparently have forgotten JOhn Connolly was acquitted of all murder related charged in Boston;

        Perhaps the day will come when we will reconcile the facts, opinions and insinuations. Of course, I believe your interpretations are incorrect, that you see through a glass darkly, that you paint the FBI and John Connolly black, that you defend the corrupt prosecution of John Connolly in Boston and defend Tauro’s “a bit harsh” ten year sentence.

        You defend the prosecutorial system in Boston. I condemn it as corrupt to the core. Perhaps, never the twain shall meet.

        I do hope, however, that in your next book, you clear up some false impressions you made in your first book, for example that John Connolly was living beyond his means with his second hand 26 foot boat, and his cottage down the Cape and his wearing his Boston College ring, and neat suits.

        I also hope you’ll lighten up on the guilt by association, or implications of wrong doing based on sheer speculation.

        With every breath I take and with every fiber of my being, I assert that John Connolly is an innocent man framed in Boston and in Miami by corrupt federal prosecutors, Jihadi Javerts like Fred Wyshak and his cohorts, under the corrupt Rogue Agent Theory generated in Washington D.C, by the DOJ and FBI under Comey and Muellar and ratified if not invented by Fred Wyshak and his cohorts in Boston, and ratified by Louis Freeh who took over in 2002, as I recall, and greenlighted the MIami prosecution, too.

        So, the corruption is deep. Innocent persons get framed. Few care. Many in the media try to cover up the wrongdoing because the media too thought it was a good idea to throw the full force of the Federal Government at a lowly FBI agent in order to “get” the conservative Irish Catholic politician from South Boston Bill Bulger. And the Media laughed and cheered as the perjurious serial killers and their murderous associates testified.

        Too bad!

        1. William:
          1. Thou protests too much. I buy John Connolly’s actions. John Connolly was guilty of at a minimum writing to Judge Wolf, lying to the FBI about his interactions with Flemmi’s defense lawyers. Perhaps you can tell me why he was sending messages back and forth to Flemmi who was in prison and to Flemmi’s lawyer while Flemmi was being prosecuted. Is that what an retired FBI agent should do? You may maintain until you are blue in the face Connolly’s innocence but a jury found otherwise.
          2. The bugs did not turn up evidence on Flemmi and Bulger because they were compromised by the FBI. Had that not been done it may have produced evidence to get them off the street so they could not have committed murder. What is hard to understand about that?
          3. Judge Wolf found John Connolly made public statements which if made under oath would have allowed him to find:”John Morris told Bulger nd Flemmi that they could do anything short of murder, and they would be protected by the FBI.” That is a green light to commit violence.
          4.As for the DAs not prosecuting Flemmi and Bulger, it is difficult to do so when the FBI is protecting them and they are being tipped off as to what is going on against them.
          5.Flemmi said Connolly was an honest cop because he depended on him to get him out of prison. He told Salemme that he had to accuse Morris of giving him the information because if he accused Connolly he would never get out.
          6. John Connolly was not acquitted of any murder charges. He was charged with obstruction of justice in the cases of the murders of Richard Castucci and Brian Halloran. The act he was accused of was leaking to Whitey and Flemmi that they were informants. The jury found those charges were not proven.
          7. You have yet to tell me why Connolly did not respond to the FBI Tulsa’s two separate requests for help in the Wheeler investigation but closed it out without doing anything. You defend his obstruction of Judge Wolf’s hearing by saying it is freedom of speech. Tell me why he tried to do that. Wolf had before him the worst criminals that ever existed in Boston, Martorano, Salemme, and Flemmi and Connolly was working to help them.

  10. wa-llahi! I want to know who paid BOP personnel to look away, while, two high-profile assassinations were perpetrated inside, supposedly, secure, federal facilities. Who facilitated the homicides? Who’s signature is on JB’s transfer? Why were the two BOP staff in charge of the cell block painting their toe-nails, while, Epstein was being strangled? I’m figuring Maxwell will either poison herself, or, fall out of an upper story window. What’s your guesses, lads?

    1. Its too easy. When you have someone like her in custody, the sky is the limit. She killed herself……. Take your pick.

      Depressed at spending years in jail….
      Afraid of being murdered…….
      Can’t live with the guilt……
      Didn’t want to bring shame to her family……
      Didn’t want to bring violent revenge to her family……
      Found God…..
      Had a terminal disease (they’ll make something up)…….
      Accidentally hung herself taking off her pantyhose…….

    2. Khalid: I believe, but will stand corrected if my belief based on reading is incorrect, that Federal Prosecutor Fred Wyshak’s fingerprints are on on the transfer of JB. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Boston must have green-lighted it.

      Would not a Media interested in “Justice” have fully informed us of all the official acts that led to this unwarranted transfer and vicious murder of an enfeebled, handicapped, sickly, elderly (about 90 years of age) man?

      As recent history these last twenty years has proven, Justice in America does not exist in the Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Boston, nor in its courtrooms, nor apparently in some Federally run prisons, nor apparently does the leftist Media care about justice, unless a leftist sacred cow is gored, or a liberal is offended.

      Off with their heads. Summary executions. Whitey was not sentenced to death. Wrongful executions. Wrongful prosecutions. Who cares, as long as its to “them”, “the other.”

      1. William:
        1.”nor apparently does the leftist Media care about justice,” – what brings that up. Whitey was murdered when he was under the control of Trump’s Bureau of Prisons. How does that impute the “leftist media?”
        2. I’ve seen no evidence Wyshak cared about Whitey after he was in prison. Spell out where your reading showed that he was behind Whitey’s transfer.
        3. Whitey was sentenced to death. An 80 something year old man given two life sentences, one following the other, is a death sentence.
        4. As far as the executions, they are being done by Trump and Barr. The “leftists” banned them.

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