Friday – June 14 before trial starts

IMG_3041Sitting outside court in car.  Nasty weather.  Court won’t let anyone in until 7:30 am. Today I expect we’ll hear from the bookies. They usually are characters although they may have had their idiosyncrasies driven out of them by now having been cooperating with the government all these years.  I’m thinking Martorano may be coming up but can’t be sure of that. The government doesn’t tip its hand so every day is like our birthday where we get a surprise.  Will keep you posted.

Yesterdays news that Tom Foley had problems with the FBI and testified about it is an old story as most of the regulars here know.  The FBI will just keep its head down and go after despite the shots it may take during the trial. After all it is extremely busy for over three weeks devoting most of its resources to trying to figure out how FBI Agent X killed some guy (already forgotten his name) from Chechnya in front of at least six other cops in a room.  Sounds to me as I’ve mentioned before we had a scene from Deer Hunter going on and it may be difficult to explain that so keep investigating it.

I’ve changed my mind again on Whitey testifying.  After hearing Carney’s opening my money’s now going the other way.  It’s getting to be a lock that he will. The case isn’t about guilt or innocence. It’s all about how Whitey wants the world to view him.  Remember the new thing – the 50,000 dollars he said he paid FBI Agent Connolly for information in the opening.  Only way that comes into evidence is through Whitey. Stay tuned.

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  1. I AGREE, i believe that WB will most def testify.Having such an ego i believe is the reason he never had his pic taken or signed the 209’s. he is such a meglomaniac that he was above that. i love the work on here, i mean the rehashing of the carrs and the globe of some 20yr old stories is completely old and mostly untrue, here its fresh and indepth.My only request is that you sneak a cell phone pic of the scene one time towards the end of the trial. Its amazing that the still facing allegations of corruption,rosetti,mortti cmon they use kevin weeks who’s claim to fame is having 2 brothers grad wearijng crimson!

    1. PAT2E:

      I saw Howie Carr wrote a column the other day saying he won’t testify. I guess it shows he really has no idea what is going on. We knew that after he fell in love with John Martorano. Your absolutely right about the megalomaniac aspect of Whitey. This is all about him. He’s loving it. Yesterday when I was in the main courtroom until the morning recess at 11:00 there was no one in his family bench. Maybe they are catching on that the man in the long sleeve shirt with the bald head is not worth wasting time on since he is only in love with himself.

      By the way, the one witness who will kill Whitey is Weeks. I know he tosses my brothers went to Harvard around a lot as if implying he could have gone there also but when I saw him testify against Connolly he made a formidable witness. He’s going to be a whole show in himself. The cross-exam of him will be interesting because when Connolly’s lawyer did it he talked over her – I want to see if he can match wits with the imperturbable J.W. Carney.

      I can’t take a picture because I agreed I would abide by the rules of the court and I like to stick to my commitments. I’ll do my best to describe the scene. It is interesting so I have to devote a post to it. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Carney had a much better argument. He could minimize WB’s power, claim he was just a local hood who only paid off Morris a few grand Claim he is the non Mafia and the Feds and Staties are doing LCN’s bidding. Show all the Mafia types who were accommodated. Yet his ego gets in the way so he has his lawyer claim he wasn’t an informant but was a big time gangster doing millions of dollars in business. His boasts confirm much of the government’s case. If he had argued that he assisted in the take down of LCN and was double crossed by the present Feds his position would be enhanced. He threw away his best argument. 2. If Kelly and Wyshak had a sense of humor they would cut a deal with Connolly and have him testify to affirm all his 209s and refute WB’s claims of payoffs.3. Did Long appear on Fox last night and blame Schneiderham for compromising Lancaster Street? Thought the Feds were to blame for that? 4. When the bookie Franny Mac falsely accused Naimovich of wrongdoing Foley and Long seemed to have been taken in. They abandoned him. When Flemmi, Martorano and Bulger Blame Connolly,Long and Foley fall for those false claims. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Happy Fathers Day

    1. N.

      1. Absolutely, positively correct. Carney had several better openings he could have given. You mention the Whitey was in service of the government one and was a guy doing booking who hung around with Mafia types because the government wanted him to do this and pretended to be a tough guy so that he could infiltrated the gangs and give the information back – that Flemmi was the leader along with Martorano and Whitey was just trying to survive. But Whitey controls the show so Carney’s up there trying to tell Whitey’s story that gets his an express rider to ADX while at the same time trying to mount a defense. It can’t be done. Whitey will testify and give the government all it wants – we could get rid of this whole case if we asked the prosecutor to suspend his case and allow Whitey to testify at this time – he’ll admit everything that makes him look like his image – Mr. Tough Guy – “yeah, I gunned down Halloran, he was a rat – he deserved it” – “Tommy King – it was “he or me” – or “him or Jim” and I gunned him in self defense” – “Paulie McGonagle – yeah, got him too. He thought he was tougher then me.” “Drug dealings – you got it – no one was bigger than me – I made millions” Then the prosecution can resume and try to connect him to some other murders to please the families The jury will rise up and find him guilty on everything – Whitey will scowl, as he has been doing, and life will go on.
      2. I have absolute proof Whitey was an informant. Jimmy Katz gave it to me. Connolly can stay in Florida.
      3. I din’t see Long’s appearance. Lancaster Street was compromised when O’Donovan and Long told Jerry O’Sullivan they were about to take down Whitey, Stevie, Larry, Gerry and a dozen others. O’Sullivan was working on doing the same thing excluding Whitey and Stevie. He knew if he helped the state police undermine his FBI investigation he’d be out the door so he told Morris who did the dirty work. That’s what I figure. I heard that Long’s group had no connection with Schneiderhan who was in AG’s office and one trooper in Long’s group hated Schneiderhan and left AG to get away from him. They also kicked out the name Mark Nezer, the Israeli who did the electronic surveillance work but he did work for me and was always trustworthy. Bottom line is it is a leak and you really never know – but Flemmi confirms my belief which I had arrived at before he confirmed it but that he did makes me wonder if I’m right.
      4. Long had nothing to do with Naimovich. Foley was the state trooper who worked with the FBI to get Naimovich – he had been doing it long before McIntyre came along. He was told Naimovich was a leak to the Mafia. He later was told they found the leak who was in the FBI. But they continued to investigate Naimovich. He and some other troopers (kissing up to the FBI) are investigating Naimovich while Naimovich was running a wiretap with me – picture this – I’m up on Abie Sarkas and Mel Berger with Naimovich as my lead guy and half of the guys that are doing the wire are not interested that I’ve gone right to the top level of OC but are investigating a fellow trooper. I was on the way to taking down the whole OC structure in Boston and the state troopers connected to the FBI, Foley among the leaders, and John Connolly’s FbI unit went after the one trooper who had the wherewithal and knowledge and intergrity to go after the real OC figures. Foley testified he came up with the idea of going after the lower bookies to get the upper bookies. We had been doing that for years. I think Foley’s a good guy but jammed himself in so much with having undermined a good trooper he’s still trying to justify the unjustifiable. As you noted before all the state police abandoned Naimovich. Only Stevie Lowell, who is now a lawyer in Quincy, openly supported him. John O’Donovan to his credit worked secretly to help him through me keeping me advised of what was going on. He knew if he came out openly the FBI would destroy him. Don’t forget how powerful the FBI was back in those days.
      Long had nothing to do with the Whitey investigation. Foley did. But by that time he was wiser. It was Foley’s goal to bring down Whitey and Flemmi – Wyshak had to remind him that he was also looking for evidence against Connolly – I don’t think he was – it was Wyshak who wanted Connolly.

  3. From everything that I’ve read here (Thank You) and elsewhere so far, I too believe that Whitey will take the stand and testify in his own defense. At this late stage, the question of guilt, or innocence, isn’t in doubt. It’s really not even important. The only thing that remains is how this famous final scene, this last chapter, is to be written. From Whitey’s choice of clothing (no suit/tie) to his “courtside manner” (glaring @ Trooper Foley, staring straight ahead, etc,…) the ONLY thing that matters is to somewhat restore his “reputation” or “legacy”. To do that, look for Whitey to take the stand and to tell his story HIS way !

    1. Gus:

      Put your money on it – see if you can find a bookie who is taking odds on it – what about that internet gambling site – intra something or other – maybe you can convince them to put up the question will Whitey testify – Howie Carr says he won’t – he has a big following so you should get good odds like 10 to 1 – mortgage your house and put the money up – it’s a lock – since we’ve learned, as you said, the case isn’t about guilt or innocence it’s about the Story of Whitey – and who best to tell that story, Whitey himself. You and I are in the same camp. Thanks for giving us your opinion.

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