Friday Morning First Look – July 12, 2013

IMG_4438By next Friday we will see the end of the prosecution case if things go according to plan. That means there will be one major witness left. This is Benji Ditchman. I’m not sure how Carney will handle him. Will he go into his relationship with the two women or will he stay away from the murders like he did with Weeks. As things stand now Whitey is locked in tight to those murders because there has not even been a hint from defense counsel that he had nothing to do with them.

Weeks may live a life of lies, may be a hot head, and had all the incentive in the world to please the prosecutors but he did say there were three bodies buried across from Florian Hall in Dorchester and the digging team found three bodies where he said they would be. Maybe he lies about some things but he surely didn’t lie about these (or the other bodies). It’s the bodies that hang like an albatross around Whitey’s neck and something must be done to untie them unless Whitey is interested in having them as companions as he goes down to Davy Jones’s locker.

Because Carney did not go after Weeks in any manner in respect to the murders, I reasoned that having gone through the 31 other times Weeks had testified he felt that Weeks could not have been damaged much on them and that since Whitey would testify he shouldn’t have Weeks emphasize them. But it seemed to me that the complete avoidance of them, after all it is the Tyrannosaurus rex that’s plunked down in the middle of the courtroom, wasn’t smart. Even a little damage to Weeks, like leaving the suggestion that it was Nee rather than Whitey who helped bury the bodies might have been helpful but that wasn’t done. Ignoring them like one would do with a hangover headache will not make them disappear

When Benji Ditchman testifies about his murder with Irish Whitey I hope Carney doesn’t pull the same routine. But I really don’t know what he will do with Benji. That’s what will make next week fascinating.

Aside from that little else is going to play into the big picture in this case. Today the one thing that may be of interest is to see if the ubiquitous Steve Davis can control himself when testifying about his sister. I figured yesterday that Carney dragged out FBI Agent Daly’s testimony in order to keep him off the stand immediately after the photographs of Debbie’s decomposed body and skull were shown. I don’t know about you but that’s something I never could have sat through.

The rest of today will see one of the people who Whitey had dealing drugs for him like Paul “Polecat” Moore who has been “relocated” and then other people (Lindholm, Accardo, and Hayes) who Whitey extorted money from by threatening their lives. The extortion and the drug dealings are not being contested because defense will argue that Whitey had the government OK to do those things so there may be little cross-examination of them

One other bit of testimony today that could turn into something of interest will be that of retired FBI Agent Gerald Montanari who was one of the few agents who wanted to bring Whitey’s reign to an end. He was the agent who along with his partner Leo Brunnick handled Brian Halloran just before he was murdered. He was able to continue the investigation after the murder because Halloran had tied both Irish Whitey and Benji Ditchman into it.

I don’t know if he will get into it today but he stayed with the investigation until Connolly complained that his informant, Irish Whitey, was being investigated and he had the right to know what was going on. There was then a big meeting in Washington, DC with the FBI head of the organized crime investigations. Attending the meeting was Montanari, ASAC Fitzpatrick  (on the defendant’s witness list) and Connolly. The outcome of the meeting was that in the future Montinari would keep Connolly advised of what he was doing and Connolly would keep Irish Whitey and Benji Ditchman informed and get feed back from them.

I’m serious. The FBI decided that two major criminals, who also happened to be top echelon informants, who were being investigated for their involvement in the murder of a prominent businessman, Roger Wheeler, were to be kept informed of the progress of the investigation against them. Put that in context of the recent news out of DC that Congress could not be informed about the investigation into the Marathon Terrorist Attack

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  1. Because as usual when the government drops the ball or is lazy they’ll never admit it. Although this was a triple murder to the cops it was a misdemeanor homicide. I’m sure Matt and others know what that means.

    1. Notoboyo:

      There never has been any evidence connecting Tamerlan with the triple homicide.

    1. Wow, that’s pretty heavy. Direct contradiction by authorities of friends, family, and associate statements. Why would these people lie? No reason. Why would the authorities lie?

    2. notaboyo,

      Here’s what I don’t get. Do they think we don’t notice?

      They got every tool they asked for and so much more. So much more that they can play back the telephone order for take-out and compare the voices. So much more that they can tell us – NOW – who was in contact with whom, where the pings pinged and whatever the hell else they spy on us with.

      What kills me is they have it and won’t solve the damn murders NOW. Because these families and friends have suffered not one whit less than the rest of the Tsarnaevs’ victims. This neighborhood was and probably still is terrified that police would not – for whatever reason – follow up on the information they gave them. Can you imagine being the people of Waltham who gave police Tsarnaev?

      Gave him the name, the gym, the last time and place they saw him with the victim?

      What do they think we talk about at car pools and soccer games?

      Jeez, thank God they shut down Occupy Boston in the middle of the night. These people were dangerous because of their anger that their money disappeared, their home values plummeted and their kids will not be able to even get a mortgage because they just woke up with a mortgage-and-no-house student loan.

      And no, I wasn’t there, and I heard it wasn’t what I just said it was. I wasn’t anywhere except here, thinking about how we can do better……

      I’m thinking about the interview of a guy outside his house in Dartmouth who described a bomb that went off in the woods behind him and shook the neighborhood. A bomb. I’m thinking about this guy who said that after the Marathon, he thought of the earth-shaking explosion and called it in – police were out looking for the site as he spoke.

      Have you been to Dartmouth? It’s a gorgeous place, a big and lovely place, plenty of room for bomb testing. Tsarnaev and friends appear to have figured that out. They beat us, even with our NSA spy machinery, and he went back to school. He tested out a bomb – it went fantastically – and moved up his date to destroy peace in Boston. Then went back to the caf at UMass Dartmouth.

      And I’m just sitting here, thinking, is there some way we could do better?

    3. Notaboyo:

      I’m not buying into that article at all. It’s all a recent invention thought up after Tamerlan was found to be the screwball bomber. People are rewriting the story.

  2. Matt, I have a question. Why wasn’t Weeks included in the White Flight Indict(ment) in Jan.94 ? Do you think them wanted to lull him into security, then squeeze him later for the bodies? Just like they did? Do you think they made a calculated decision, so long ago, about who the weakest link was, and who could put the “albatross” around Whiteys neck, when it came to trial?? Weeks came through, lets see what Benji does.

    1. Rather:

      Those indictments that caused the White Flight (I like that) were based on squeezed bookies – Weeks wasn’t into that type of thing so Chico Kranta and Jimmy Katz could only point to Whitey and Stevie. Weeks’s reach never went beyond Southie.

      I’m absolutely positive that there was no thought of Weeks back then because they were happy to get Whitey, Murderman and Benji Ditchman.

      Weeks got jammed in by the drug dealers – the Irish guys who couldn’t hold their tongues – and I’ve got a feeling the federals were suprised he knew about the bodies and the murders – until he opened the door to that knowledge to get good deal.

      I’m waiting to see what Carney does with Benji – if he pulls on him what he did on Weeks – that is not going near the murders – especially of the two women – Whitey might as well pack up his bags –

  3. I wonder why Whitey never considered, or if he did consider and decide against permanently silencing Weeks shortly after he went on the run. Probably would have been easy for him.

    1. Rather:

      Good question. It would have been very easy. Maybe he needed him to be his eyes and ears at home and his being arrested in ’90 cut the string and opportuinity. I don’t think it was trust that stayed his hand.

  4. Weeks knowing where the bodies were adds to his credibility. Everything else subtracts from it. ( serial killer, career criminal and compulsive liar). Who is he going to pin those killings on Nee, Martorano, Salemmi who have deals with the government and will be at liberty or the old guy who took off five years earlier and may never be seen again. It’s always easier to blame the dead guy.( Weeks attempts to put Mantyille in the Halloran killing) Plus his freedom is contingent on mouthing the party line. 2. Can the Pat Nee you-tube be put into evidence? It could show a motive for Weeks not wanting to blame an at large dangerous local gunman. Plus shows Nee’s proclivities. 3. Does the Desalvo matter assist WB? If they can solve a fifty year old homicide with DNA why can’t they connect the defendant to these killings with forensics? 4. Because someone can show where bodies, guns or money are buried doesn’t mean they put them there or the source of the information that they were there placed them there. Let alone that that person committed the crime. Keep up the good work. Remember the President said the FBI performed their duties during the Boston Marathon. They did as thorough a job as the Patriots did with Hernandez.

    1. Knowing anything about a crime might come in handy. My father use to say its not what you say, its how you say it. I can add its not what you say, its what you don’t say. And speaking of wording things and presidents, it wasn’t long ago that one of ours claimed that getting skull from an intern in the White House did not add up to an act of sex.

      So if one of Whitey’s handlers were to say, “You will not be prosecuted for a crime” does that mean he was told that he could commit murder? Maybe it was the lack of words that Whitey was hearing.

      1. Honest:

        It’s not Whitey’s handlers who gave him the OK it was the AUSA O’Sullivan – at least that is what Whitey is telling us.

    2. 1. Weeks and Whitey were bossom buddies – he’s credible on bringing Whitey in –

      2. I’m not sure what Carney is up to at times. I don’t think it can go in out of the blue. Nee is supposed to be a witness.

      3. Desalvo is part of an election campaign – it helps the DA – it’s like Garret Byrne had a raid on bookies just before elections

      4. Disagree – where the bodies are buried is usually a closely held secret Obama has no idea what the FBI does but knows the American people like them bette than they like Congress so he wants to be on the side that is most liked.

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