Matt will be missed by many.  The family greatly appreciated your messages and condolences.

Matt had a treasure trove of writings ready to be published.  He planned on publishing at least two books before his sudden departure.  We thought the best tribute would be to finish the books.

Over the upcoming months, we will continue to edit the books and prepare them for publication.  As we do, we plan to publish the chapters on the blog in a serial fashion.  Matt loved Dickens so we thought this approach would be particularly fitting.  As always, the blog has thrived through comments.  Comments brought a distinct perspective and increased the vitality of the blog.  We think your comments would do the same as we finish the books.  We welcome your comments on the books and we will incorporate the comments and suggestions as we go.  In the end, we will publish the books in book form.

Here’s a teaser of what’s to come.  Please stay tuned….


8 replies on “Future of the Blog”

  1. Some suggestions….

    I would write the book with an eye towards it
    being used as a textbook at the high school/
    college level.
    The book would come with a curriculum and
    annotated bibliography.

    I would include a chapter that features an interview
    with Angela Clemente dealing with her groundbreaking
    research into the FBI collaboration with the NY Mafia.
    I would ask her to develop a list of questions she wants to
    be asked

    I would question her about her current research into Jeffrey
    Epstein working for the FBI to sexually compromise judges,politicians
    and corporate leaders so the FBI can blackmail them.
    She can be contacted through her FOIA attorney Lesar.

    Muckraker’s fight to unseal FBI files on Jeffrey Epstein kept alive by judge
    UPDATED SEPTEMBER 22, 2020 4:19 PM

    More to come….

  2. I told Matt one of the positive aspects of a few other books on Boston Crime were the pics of the mugshots. It looks like Matt created an OUTSTANDING cover to the Irish Gang War. What a rough looking crew. Sounds like each chapter will be released on the blog for feedback. Can’t wait. With Tom Brandy no longer a Patriot and the Red Sox failing to advance to World Series this book will keep me busy

  3. Hi
    This is great news. I look forward to reading Matt’s book on The Irish Gang War. I will offer whatever feedback I can to help with book sales. RIP Matt. A one of a kind Patriot!!!

  4. Met Matt several years ago; had a very interesting conversation. May He Rest In Peace. On a separate note, who is taking over his website, hopefully it is family or someone very close. Again, I am saddened about his passing

  5. Something to anticipate during the coming winter months.. I always found the
    cold months a good time to read Dickens so Matt will be in my thoughts this winter.

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