Get Marty: Is the Mayor Doomed? Surrounded He Can Surrender or Smarten Up 2 of 3

(`) Joe BltzKelly did as he was requested. He did an investigation into the matter.Just doing that suggested there might be something to the nonsensical allegation in the indictment. This kept the matter in the public eye. The media were all over him trying to find out what he was doing. He kept his counsel. In December he issued a report finding there was no wrongdoing in the matter involving Brissette’s calls out of City Hall in the “Top Chef” matter.

After Brissette was indicted, Kelly suggested that did not relate to the “Top Chef” affair. It was for the things he did with “Boston Calling.” At the time of his hiring what was a frivolous became something serious. Kelly upped the ante by saying“There are serious allegations involved here, and the city is simply being prudent and wants to make sure it gets to the bottom of the situation.” 

Walsh said, referring to Kelly’s hiring: “He’s going to look and see, just to make sure the city’s done everything correctly.” Kelly’s brief was very limited.   Kelly’s report showed he did a narrow but thorough investigation that did not deal with “Boston Calling.”

Even so the hiring of Kelly in such a public case put Ortiz in a bind. Obviously Kelly was hired because of his closeness to people in her office. Could she leave the impression that if you hire someone who just left her office you will not have to worry about what will happen to you since that former prosecutor through the old boys’ network will be able to “take care of” everything?

Ortiz had the incentive not to let that happen. Walsh’s advisers did not understand that once you are out of a prosecutor’s office the past connections are mostly severed. You are not going to be able to fix anything. As much as I might disagree with the prosecutors in her office as to their judgment; I do not believe they are going to do any special favors for former prosecutors. When dealing with them you have to come with bare knuckles and a big smile. Be ready for a fight but always tell them they are the greatest lawyers since Clarence Darrow.

The mayor continuing to listen to new voices. He hired the same public relations group as represents the Boston Red Sox which is owned by the owner of the Globe. I noted that was a blunder. They apparently advised him to sit down with the Globe and answer its questions. That advice was similar to that given to Chamberlain to sit down with Adolph Hitler and straighten things out.

Walsh rose to leadership positions knowing his enemies, dealing with them, and surviving. By now it should be clear to him that his major enemy is the Boston Twins; The Globe and Ortiz. They are looking to take him down. He has surrounded himself with feckless advisers who beseech him to cooperate with them.

The cooperation has put him a hair’s breath away from an indictment. His future may well be in the hands of Kenny Brissette. Right now if Kenny is looking for a deal then the prosecutors may have the script ready for Kenny to memorize as to how the mayor was part of the extortion. Kenny only has to remember a few line.

It is time for the mayor to do a little reading. I would suggest The Prince. One thing he would learn from it is that “as Fortune varies and men stand still, they will prosper while they suit the times, and fail when they do not.” 

These are not the time to stand still. The major must now understand: “It is better to be rash than timid, for Fortune is a woman, and the man who wants to hold her down must beat and bully her. We see that she yields more often to men of this stripe than to those who come coldly toward her.”  

The first thing the mayor must do is to rise to the defense of Kenny Brissette. He wants to keep him inside the tent. The Globe has demanded that he be replaced knowing that will make Brissette feel abandoned and more subject to the siren song of the prosecutors.

(continued Monday)

3 thoughts on “Get Marty: Is the Mayor Doomed? Surrounded He Can Surrender or Smarten Up 2 of 3

  1. The Mayor doesn’t realize that this is a political smear campaign and that there are conflicts and collusion this particular group of former AUSAs representing the witnesses and Mayor to generate legal fees, then flip their clients to provide trophies for the USAMA “Public Corruption Unit” which operates as a RICO Enterprise.

    He should fire his local counsel before it’s too late and bring in a Washington, D.C. specialty firm like Williams & Connolly.

  2. The mayor should look at the ESPN program ” Fantastic Lies”. It chronicles how the Duke lacrosse team was framed. Those innocent students were confronted with a vile cabal of prosecutors, cops and media. What was done in Durham was done to O’Brien, Flaherty, Connolly, Fitzpatrick. Rico, Murphy, Finneran and others. This is payback for the mayors testimony on behalf of the Probation officials. The Globe is the focus of evil in present day New England.

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