Grandma Clinton: Much Too Old For America:

Whistlers-Mother-by-the-Sea--95715Hillary Clinton may be a nice woman, I’ve never thought so but I’ve never met her. One thing I do know about her is that she is an old woman.  She was born on October 26, 1947. If she won the presidency she’d take office on March 20, 2017 at the age of 69 ½. That would make her the second oldest to assume that office. Her husband Bill who will be 70 ½ and co-president if and when he pays attention. He will be older than the oldest.

If Hillary were elected and she won reelection she would be governing the country at age 77 ½ along with Bill who’d be touching on the doorway to 80. Whether you want to admit it or not, persons of that age slow down a lot, become stubborn in their ways, and spend more time ailing than doing productive things.

Bill by the way was the third youngest president when he was inaugurated at 46. Here he is 24 years later telling us we should put his wife and him back into office. I don’t know about you but after the eight years he served I was pretty happy to see him go although I remember his reluctance at leaving and thinking he would find a way to hold on to the office; also who can forget his good-bye kiss which amounted to giving us all the middle finger when he pardoned all those big money felons.

Remember how old Ronald Reagan was when he took office? He was our oldest president who was two weeks short of his 70th birthday. Reagan might have done some good things early on but by the end it seemed he was faltering pretty badly as shown by his mishandling of the Iran-Contra affair.

The average age for our presidents has been about 55 years; Teddy Roosevelt was the youngest who took office when McKinley was assassinated. He was 42 years old.

Next oldest to Reagan was William Henry Harrison. Remember his accomplishments in office? If you don’t that’s not surprising. He was elected at age 68 years and 23 days, about a year and a couple of months younger than Hillary would be. He died in office after 30 days from complications from a bad cold. After him came James Buchanan who was almost 66 who brought us into the Civil War; the next was Zachary Taylor age 64 years and three months when inaugurated but dead a year and three months later from food poisoning and medical malpractice, and then old man George H. W. Bush the first, who was 4 months shy of 65 and four years younger than Hillary would be.

Being old means Hillary Clinton has been around for a long time and has had significance influence in where we are in America today. Her team consists of all those who have lumbered along after her seeking another ride in the merry-go-round. She encumbered herself with old friends who have given her old money to preserve the old ideas that has caused America to find itself in its present difficulties.

I suppose if you like where we are today in America then by all means you should consider Hillary. If you think that after 24 years things should be better in America then you don’t want to ensure that the next four or eight will be a repeat of the past which you will be sure to get with Hillary and her crew from the past.

But it is beyond that. There’s no way to get around it that Hillary is old with old ideas. That is really not what America needs today.  We need to find younger leaders who can bridge many of the divides that face us. We need people who can reach across the aisle to the other side and to all Americans. Hillary has been so much enmeshed in things Democrat for so many years that the chances of any reconciliation with Republicans is almost nil. That may be what some people want; and that may be what you get with a woman who is so old; but I suggest that is not what America needs.

We need a younger leader; a wiser leader; and fresh ideas to help us maintain our freedoms and the freedoms of others

7 thoughts on “Grandma Clinton: Much Too Old For America:

  1. How about Biden, would you say he’s too old as well.
    I agree, it’s got to be someone younger, but someone who has management and /or monetary experience—no more one year in the Senate and then onto President.
    Been there/done that!

  2. A Prima Feces ( Sic) evidentiary offering from Hank in thr Hil Historography 🙂 …. BRILLIANT. !””

  3. I personally want to see a Cruz v. Warren general election if nothing else but for the fireworks and entertainment alone that it would provide. Hilary truly is just a tired old gas bag, and really not very bright either. Besides corruption she offers nothing and is all about personal greed/power. If she really were bright (or even a bright criminal) she would not paint herself in a corner with excrement time and time again. That is why she has crap all over herself from wading out of it. Sorry to all for the graphic imagery.

  4. Like Cassius, Warren has ” that lean and hungry look. ” I know that look. Her long knife goes in the backs of any Republican plutocrats she fillets for political gain. She is, like the Clintons, struck off the same marble block of Wall Street interests and privileges. She is herself a plutocrat. This is the cursed irony : All of the rancid rhetoric of the Dems and Repubs aside, they are fully fledged together … As birds of a feather. Heaven save US !!!

  5. Elizabeth Warren would be a better Democratic candidate than Hilary Clinton. The Clintons are republi-crat Wall Street lap dogs. I’ll vote democratic if H.C. runs, I always do, but, I’m sick of the Clintons, and, wish the Democrats would run a different candidate.

  6. With all due respect just seems like sentimental nonsense to suppose that motives get less venal, and ideas sparkle with dewy doe eyed sincerity and promise because a younger generation is in political vogue and possession. Hil has got the whip hand. She will lacerate any ingenues or naive idealists who romantically suppose she is some sort of antiquarian. Women are tenaciously longer lived than men. The actuary of any imminent political or personal demise of her strengths should keep a confident grip on their charts. She is in it to win it, warts and all. And She Will !!!

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