Haley’s Comet Heading to UN: So What! Watch Romney.

libertybondsTrump appoints a woman, Nicki Haley the present governor of the State of South Carolina, to the United Nations post as ambassador. That becomes big news in the pathetic national media which tells us that shows Trump is committed to some type of diversity among folk surrounding him. She is American-Indian. Not the type as Elizabeth Warren. Haley is also a she. She also did not support him.

Looking at it more closely it is a Trump throw away. I’d suggest Trump knows little about the UN other than it holds a valuable piece of property in New York City and it is loaded with anti-Americans. He plans to give it short shrift. So he figures why not nominate someone who will look good to the media and international folk yet has little or no say in anything he does. A real Trump type of move: full of flash but empty of substance. A little bone for the media to chew upon.

Here’s a short quiz for you. Name the last six ambassadors to the UN. I had trouble thinking of the name of the present one. There was no way I could name the line before her just like I am unable to name any line of ambassadors to any country. Add to that tell me something significant anyone ever did.

It is pretty much an insignificant post. When I think of UN ambassadors two come to mind. Bush the first and then Kirkpatrick – did she marry Henry Kissinger?  I’ll have to go to Wikipedia to figure this out.

But that’s for later. I’m just suggesting now that it is best not to read too much into Trump’s pick of her. Trump is the ultimate showman and Haley was a minor part of the act. It was done to throw a curve ball at the hostile media. He’s having a grand time thinking how he is conning them.

Now as for Secretary of State I’m on record as saying there is no way he will nominate Romney.

I could be wrong. It depends on how much Romney crawled around the floor licking his shoes when he crawled back to him. Talk about a craven man with no backbone you can’t find better definition for obsequiousness than that empty suit. His actions more than anything shows you the lack of character in these individuals coveting positions of power. Has it always been like that?

The one wild card in the Romney intercourse with Trump is the big money link that seems to have been influential in bringing their get together about. You know how much Trump loves money. That, of course, will be his undoing as president. But right now billionaire Sheldon Adelson is holding out pots of gold to Trump.

You know Adelson. He has been trying to buy American boys to go to war for Israel for years. One guy he had on board his ship four years ago was Romney. That’s why I could never had voted for him.  That old Dorchester boy will do anything and spend any amount of money to bring it about.

He, his Israeli wife, Benji Netanyahu, and company have since the times of the Bush Jr. presidency been pushing for that. Bush Jr. at one time was told that God allowed him to be elected for that precise purpose of attacking Iran. Bush by then had tired of war so he did not fall for it.

You can be sure if Romney gets the nod then some type of money arrangement took place. After he gets on board then just get ready for more minutes of silence at the end of the PBS newscast as we see the faces of young American “volunteers” killed in our war against Iran flash across the screen.
Trump will be in his counting house all his money. He’ll be buying up lots of gold; he’ll also be creating a lot more gold star families.

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    1. You disagree with Taney. Fine. But he was competent and wrote brilliantly. Goldberg was incompetent. He wrote so badly you could not figure out if you agreed with him or not. You should differentiate between ability and ideology.

  1. The ambassadorship to the UN was very useful once. LBJ appointed Arthur Goldberg to the Supreme Court where he was a total disaster. He insisted on writing his opinions which, as he was stupid, were undecipherable. The other eight Justices begged Johnson to get him off the Court any way possible. A very embarrassed President then called Goldberg and told him that as UN envoy he would have a place in the cabinet and that no one else could do it. A reluctant Goldberg took the job in NYC and was so dumb that he did not figure out why LBJ never called him again. Lyndon was angry and red faced. This story was told to me some 50 years go by a well placed professor at a prominent law school.

    1. Tadzio:

      I thought JFK appointed Goldberg but no matter LBJ wanted to get rid of him to give his buddy Abe Fortas the seat and as it turned out Abe and LBJ would discuss the way the Supreme Court should decided the case. LBJ found it very useful to have a puppet on that court.

      1. You are correct, Sir. JFK put him on the Court. At my age I should never rely upon memory alone. I do remember attempting to read one of his decisions, randomly picked, and he had to rank on that evidence close to, if not, the worst Justice ever to sit on the Court.

  2. The Fuhrer brought an entire coterie of psychopaths, and, mediocrities, to power on his coat-tails. People who had no creds, or, phony ones, at best, were vaulted into positions far beyond their capabilities. The criteria for employment in the German state bureaucracy became entirely political. Glorious leader continues to unnervingly follow the path trod by the Fuhrer’s jack-boots.

  3. I post at the News Section of the LDS
    Freedom Forum because of the courage of Physicist Steven Jones who got fired
    from BYU when he questioned the science of
    911 FBI investigation.

    Doctor Steven Greer has detailed the heavy hand of Mormons behind the throne in
    his film Sirius.

    Romney needs watching.

  4. Name Ambassadors? Off the top of my head: Old Joe Kennedy to England; John Volpe to Italy; Caroline Kennedy to Japan; Ray Flynn to the Vatican; . . . Ben Franklin (France); John Adams and John Quincy Adams . . I think I’m missing a few. Quick, name Secretaries of Commerce.
    2. I hesitate to make predictions, but this seems obvious: Trump will face a relatively cooperative Congress and a viciously hostile leftist press. Balanced coverage will come, however, from the Internet, blogs. The election showed many folks no longer heed the mainstream media.

    1. Honest:

      After his brush up with the pope perhaps he will refuse to send and ambassador to the Vatican; or, send Mitt Romney.

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