Happy Pearl Harbor Day! Nice Job Brownie!

I have to admit I almost fell out of my seat when I read Trump tweeted out: “Happy Good Friday.” Do you think he knows what Good Friday is about? Do you think he has any idea that Christ was crucified on that day and it is the last day on which you would associate the word “happy.”  I have to admit when I first heard it I thought it was a joke. No one would say that I thought. But sure enough there it was in his tweet the absurd greeting. All  I could think of how is it this man thinks he is a Christian?

It’s like saying to someone on December 7 Happy Pearl Harbor Day  or Happy Battleship USS Arizona Day. Yes, that’s hardly a good comparison because to Christians the crucifixion of Christ was much more of a serious event. But you get the idea, there is no happiness associated with Pearl Harbor or the sinking of the battleship Arizona.

Or, what about saying Happy September 11 Day.  Can you imagine doing that? It is stunningly difficult to see how someone connects a tragedy with happiness yet Trump did it. Why?

A rabbi was confused over the brouhaha caused by Trump saying Happy Good Friday. She asked what is the proper greeting for Good Friday? I thought it a good question. I thought back on what I used to say to people on Good Friday. What I remembered about the day was that between noon time and 3:00 p.m. I was supposed to be quiet and not talk. It was a time for reflection on Christ’s death. There was no greeting attached to the day at all. It was just like any other Friday during the year when no wishes are expressed.

Some may come up with some inane defense of Trump but the bottom line is he was way out of line in writing what he did. It is a reflection on his inability to consider the consequences of his actions

Speaking of that, I see that some people are suggesting Trump has done a good job during this pandemic. One wrote: “that just 4 countries in Western Europe with only 3/4ths of the US population have about the same number of cases, and 3 times the number of deaths compared to the good old USA. Nice job, President Trump and team !!!”

Five hundred eighty one thousand six hundred seventy nine cases of coronavivus have been found in the USA. We have twenty-three thousand five hundred twenty-nine deaths.  We are number one in the world on both accounts. China and India have four times our population but their figures pale in comparison to ours. How is it possible to think that is a “nice job?”

Hasn’t anyone read the thorough documented presentation in the New York Times that shows he did hardly anything about the virus. I know Trump Team hates the NY Time but the article is backed up by documentation. Remember he  was holding rallies up into March. Haven’t you read all the happy talk he gave us through February about there was nothing to worry about when he knew it was going to ravage our country? He admitted himself that he was lying to us throughout February because he said he didn’t want to panic the country. He admitted it himself but people don’t want to accept his admission that he lied and people followed his lies and the result is we have 23,529 deaths and counting with the number increasing by over 25,000 every day.

Doctor Fauci said Trump “could have saved more lives” if the government had acted sooner to impose social-distancing restrictions. He was forced to back down after Trump forwarded a tweet that had #firefauci as part of it. But the truth is that Trump was negligent – that is the reason why the New York greater metropolitan a rea is suffering the brunt of the virus. He may have shut down most of the flights from China on January 31 to take effect on February 2 but he let the fights from Europe, especially Italy continue to March 14.

On March 7 Italy had 5,833 cases and 233 deaths, the next day 7,375 cases and 366 deaths, by March 10 10,149 cases and 631 deaths.




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  1. “Sticks and Stones . . . .” Liar, Liar pants on fire. I don’t see how the use of ad hominem attacks advances any thought, ( I understand we all do it to blow off steam.) You say I stink, I say you stink, how does that advance anything?
    I’ll make these milder observations, based on a lifetime of living:
    Liberals favor Big Government; Conservative favor Private Ingenuity and Private Initiative.
    Liberals Throw Stones,
    Conservatives use Stones as building blocks.
    Teddy Roosevelt:, “Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick”
    Joe Biden, “I can assure you, Obama has a big stick.”
    Rather than take the cane to someone who disagrees with me, I prefer the pen.
    The pen is mightier than the sword.
    Liberals have trouble with opposing views, it’s a remnant of Stalinist-Marxist thinking, like the Soviet Psychiatrists’ labelling dissidents “Sluggish Schizophrenics” and sentencing them to the Gulag or the Hillarians labeling Trumpians “deplorables.” Many liberals actually think conservatives are inferiors. I always preferred Bill Buckley, Bill Bulger, Thomas Sowell, Milton Friedman, Justices Scalia and Thomas, Pat Buchanan, Albert Schweitzer (Reverence for Life), Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Pope John Paul II, Golda Meier, et cetera, conservative views to liberal views. Or I should say, since I was a liberal as a youth, what Churchill said, “If you’re not a liberal when you’re young, you haven’t got a heart; if you’re still a liberal when you’re old, you haven’t got a brain.”
    It’s a Hegelian dialectical thing: Thesis, Anti-Thesis, Synthesis, or in Hegel’s words: “abstract-negative-concrete” derived from Kant and going back to Plato and Aristotle. It’s a proposition, followed by a counter proposition, followed by a new synthetic proposition, ad infinitum. No need for throwing spitballs at the teacher. Ask him questions; present opposing views. Liberals find this hard to do. They, like the Marxist-Leninist-Stalinists-Maoists before them, oftentimes resort to labeling, name-calling, identity politics, stigmatizing those with opposing views. (Pelosi compares Trump to Nero.)
    Simply put: I liked Ike; I liked Ronald; I like Donald. Trump in 2020; the Right View for America.
    Recommended Reading. Albert Camus, The Plague (how human beings react during a plague, just like they’re reacting today). Albert Camus: the Myth of Sisyphus: (about the indominable human spirit: Sisyphus smiled when he saw that rock rolling back down the hill, and knew he’d keep on pushing it upward, undauntedly.

    1. correction: indomitable, not indominable; or as Joe Biden says, “expodentially”

    2. Most of your observations are bigoted. As I said when someone called Tadzio a racist, no he is not. Racism is bad. Bigotry is not bad. Its an expression of how you believe. It might be stupid to some but it is not racist. Your blanket statements are pure bigotry.

      Not bad, but not wise. I am just as bigoted, but I know I’m only speaking for myself.

  2. The Liar-in-Chief must have perused the Constitution, or,more likely, someone dared to point out his error regarding Govs V. Pres.

    He has constantly urged people to not play the blame game—its too important to fight this disease and sort out mistakes later. How noble. Wait, wait. Its the WHO! Its their fault. Trump comes through again.

    I guess he’s going into his own pocket for the stimulus $$. That’s what he did with his taxes! We’ll all have his autograph on the checks. Look what he did for us. Where do we find such humble patriots? Maybe he can have his portrait on there too.

  3. Easter was made possible by Good Friday. You cannot have one without the other.

    Happy Wednesday to all!
    Oh no! A day named after a pagan god, Woden.
    How insensitive of me.

  4. 2019: Tufts University, Hirsch Health Library, “Happy Bunker Hill Day”,
    2019: Facebook: Maura Healey – Happy Bunker Hill Day! #TeamHealey is fired up and ready for a great parade.”
    Don’t they realize that 115 Americans were killed and 315 wounded on Bunker Hill Day and we lost the hill?
    President Trump misspoke and you want to crucify him for it. (See my earlier posts.)

  5. Matt: If President Trump had said, Have a Holy Good Friday, or a Blessed Good Friday, or even a Good Good Friday, your britches wouldn’t be on fire. Talk about quibbling. Of course, liberals would never say such things because I guess you’re alleging that liberals are better Christians than Conservatives, or that you and your political amigos know who the good Christians are or the real Christians are.

    I have read the NYT’s Timeline. It is pathetically out of context. It omits and downplays salient facts. Typically, it casts every action in a negative, even sinister hue. It omits or downplays its own and other journalist’s negligence and its own fallacious statements (innumerable ones.) I’ve posted some before. When did journalists recommend schools and shops close? The Boston Globe said on FEB 29, we don’t know if this will be mild or severe.

    Stop putting your blinders on and start reading contrary opinions, other than liberal democrats.

    I’ve had the good fortune over the past 15 years to get for free the NYT, Boston Globe, and Wall Street Journal. The former two are pathetically biased. I’ve seen not just biased coverage on CNN and MSNBC, but viciously biased coverage since President Trump was elected. It’s gotten worse, far worse. I was told by my younger brother that Dan Rather said the Press’s job was not to be an attack dog, not to be a lap dog, but to be watch dog. Today’s MSM is a malignant, malicious war dog, a WWII doberman sicced on this President. Jim Acosta said last week his job is to keep the president’s foot to fire. More like to give him a daily hot foot. More like to daily burn him at the stake. More like put him before the firing squad every day. Vicious MSM coverage!

    You apparently have not read my several posts, where I eviscerated the Time’s slanted story, and presented a True Account.

    You forget the WHO did not declare a pandemic until March 11, that Doctor Fauci, a world’s leading authority at N.I.H and the CDC itself, continued to say throughout February up until February 29, ”LOW RISK” You forget that all Western European Countries, the Presidents of every Medical School and University in the USA, the Governors and Mayors throughout America, all acted as if it were low risk, until the second week in March.

    The argument that all the leading scientists in Western Europe and at Universities throughout American and at all the Public Health Authorities were lulled into a coma because President Trump made a few optimistic, hopeful states is ludicrous.

    Your refuse to accept that fact that Western Europeans have up to six times the death rate of America. I’ve exhaustively posted the data.

    All you do is throw stones.

    Having gone to law school, you don’t know the difference between puffery, hopeful statements, and intentional falsehoods. Neither does the MSM. In February when the CDC said “Low Risk” Trump said, by Easter (hopefully) it will be over, a miracle will happen. Obama said the Seas Will Stop Rising. Did Obama lie?

    Speaking of Good Friday: Along with your persistent Crucifixion of one man, Donald Trump, add all these others you must crucify: The leaders of W.H.O, the Leaders of HHS, N.I.H., CDC, FDA; all the scientists throughout America; all the journalists who equivocated or reported “low risk”, all the Presidential Candidates like Biden who continued to hold rallies until March 10; all the leaders of major sports, professional and college, who continued to pack arenas until the second week of March; Disneyland which didn’t close until the second week of March. All the Presidents of all the Universities which didn’t cancel classes until the second week in March. All the Governors and all the Mayors who didn’t cancel school until the second week of March. And blame yourself, who didn’t start posting until after WHO declared a pandemic, on March 11.

    Your argument that the whole Western World was lulled into a sense of false security by a few optimistic words by President Trump is absurd. Moreover, why wasn’t the Western World on high alert when President Trump on Jan 31 declared Travel Bans from China, and Azur, the head of HHS, declared a national emergency that day, or when the CDC said on February 25th, schools and shops MAY have to close down, or when reporters first reported that CDC pronouncement at a Presidential Debate. And even after FEB 25th, on FEB 29, Doctor Fauci and others were still saying: “Low Risk”

    Good Friday is a good analogy, because libs have crucified this one man, while he and his team at NIH and CDC have done an excellent job.

    The intelligent question is why was the USA and Western Europe hit so hard? If you look at deaths per million, USA has about 70, Spain and Italy about 3,000, four others in Western Europe over 100, the rest of Western Europe from Sweden about 90 to Poland about 10, (Canada is about 15) is of the same order of magnitude. Even South Korea has over 4 deaths per million. The fewest deaths per million so far are in India, many African Countries, and many Eastern European countries.

    It’s easy to select a few battlefields in the midst of war and start blaming Churchill, FDR, Truman and Eisenhower.

    It’s easy to take things out context, to ignore the good, to single out only the bad, to Paint it Black, to see a Bleak House at the White House, to fail to see the motes in our eyes.

    1. P.S. I am not knocking Doctor Fauci or anyone on Trump’s team lead by vice president Mike Pence. They’ve done an excellent job. Of course, human error at NIH (initial defective testing kits) and some bureaucratic bungling and red-tape at CDC and FDA may have delayed approval of some testing by private and academic labs, and delayed approval of some potential useful off-label meds. Do you know of any government effort that has been flawless? Even during WWII when almost all of us were pulling together, on the same team (not engaged in persistent internecine squabbling), human errors occurred.

      Trump’s team has done a superb job, and a fair, honest timeline shows that.

      1. On Memorial Day, 2019, many newspapers said, “Happy Memorial Day”:
        Almost Every Newspaper Sang, “Happy Memorial Day, and Hillary Clinton tweeted, “What a joy it is to march in Chappaqua’s Memorial Day Parade.” Of course she also paid tribute to Americans who sacrificed all.

        Let’s not forget what else President Trump said on Good Friday.

        “Remarks by President Trump at Easter Blessing with Bishop Harry Jackson”

        Issued on: April 10, 202
        0val Office
        12:09 P.M. EDT

        THE PRESIDENT: Well, thank you very much. On this Good Friday, Christians from all around the world remember the suffering and death upon the cross of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. At Easter Sunday, we will celebrate his glorious resurrection.
        At this holy time, our nation is engaged in a battle like never before — the invisible enemy. Our brave doctors, nurses, and responders — first responders, responders of all — are fighting to save lives. Our workers are racing to deliver critical medical supplies. Our best scientists are working around the clock to develop lifesaving therapeutics, and I think they’re doing really well in doing so. Our people are making tremendous sacrifices to end this pandemic.
        Though we will not be able to gather together with one another as we normally would on Easter, we can use this sacred time to focus on prayer, reflection, and growing in our personal relationship with God. So important.
        I ask all Americans to pray that God will heal our nation; to bring comfort to those who are grieving; to give strength to the doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers; to restore health to the sick; and to renew the hope in every person who is suffering. Our nation will come through like never before.
        I thank the many families who have prayed for me and for my family. And your prayers are felt, and I am forever grateful. . . .read in full at
        I’d like to thank our great Vice President and his wonderful wife, who we all know very well, Karen, for the incredible job they do and for their service not only to the country but for their service to God.
        Almost 3,000 years ago, the Prophet Isaiah wrote these words: “Darkness covers the Earth…but the Lord rises upon you, and His glory appears over you…For the Lord will be your everlasting light.”
        As our nation battles the invisible enemy, we reaffirm that Americans believe in the power of prayer. We give thanks for the majesty of creation and for the gift of eternal life. And we place our trust in the hands of Almighty God.
        I’d like to just wish everybody a very Happy Easter. We’re going to be celebrating that very, very special day, and it’s going to be, hopefully, a very good weekend and a very productive weekend.
        And I want to thank everybody in our country and beyond for all they’ve had to put up with. One hundred and eighty-four countries, as of this morning, are fighting this enemy and we pray for them all.
        With that, I’d like to introduce Bishop Harry Jackson from Maryland, a highly respected
        gentleman who is a member of our faith and a person that we have tremendous respect for.
        Bishop, please. Thank you.
        BISHOP JACKSON: Thank you, Mr. President. First of all, let me say thank you for the job you’re doing — you and the Vice President — to protect our nation. And you’ve included the churches in the relief efforts. Many churches would’ve had to close down —

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