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  1. Matt,

    Your blog is the best ‘fighting back’ i have seen. I completely understand you are observing, not fighting for one party or another. But what i mean is that you are making powerful observations that the public and the prosecutors will be unable to ignore for long. Really enjoying your postings and the very interesting comments from you and other readers. Thank you.

    1. Tom:
      Thanks for the nice words. It is important to open these issues for discussion. I appreciate that some few people like you are interested in keeping abreast of these issues and willing to examine them and arrive at your own conclusion. I’ve learned a lot since I started this and have changed my mind about some things. I’ve been lucky so far on this blog because people who disagree with me spell out their reasons for doing this without engaging in ad hominem attacks. As I noted before, the more informed we are the better we can participate in our democracy and understand that very often there is more to a story than first appears.

  2. Matt,

    Here is an interesting article for you. Link below. If this low level prosecutorial misbehavior garners such response in Louisiana, I wonder why the local Boston office is allowed to run roughshod? Rhetorical mostly, but welcome your response and thoughts if you or your readers care to share


    1. Tom:
      Thanks for commenting. The article about Jim Letten’s staff is interesting. It seems Letten’s second in command Perricone under and alias was posting nasty comments on a site nola.com about various people . He had to resign. Then we see his first assistant did the same thing and was demoted. It shows the peril of people posting anonymously thinking they are hiding their identity. I guess by now (after Petraeus) there is no doubt our identity can be discovered.
      One of the downsides to working in a public office is that your free speech rights are curtailed to the extent you cannot embarrass the boss. None of these posts by the assistant US attorneys amounted to a crime, although they may be civilly liable for asserting a person was a criminal, but they are such as would not be posted by the assistants under their true names so they should have known better than to write them at all.
      It’s interesting that the disclosure of the AUSAs commenting under the alias came about because a person under investigation, Mr. Heebe, had the money and means to strike back. Now the US Attorney Letten, who apparently has been effective in fighting corruption is having the table turned on him. There’s been no showing of criminal conduct on his or his staff’s behalf, rather some tawdry behavior, but it is enough to have the wolves (the criminal defense bar) come out and begin to attack him along with some politicians.
      I don’t know enough about New Orleans matters to compare that US Attorney’s office with our local office. There seems to be no allegation of using gangster witnesses, personal vendettas, or following the lead of a local newspaper in picking targets or developing a protective relationship. It is unusual to see someone not sitting back and being beat up by the US attorney but attempting to respond. It’s a good example to all not to hide their identities when attacking people. Maybe someday we’ll see someone fighting back against the Boston office.

    1. Jean:
      That’s an interesting article. The money that is floating around and the CIA slipping around the edges of so many things makes it impossible to keep tracks of everything. We’ve got our fingers into everything in every country and using our dollars to buy off this one and that one that I’m sure even the president has little idea of what is going on. I’ll always remember the story of some Brit who was running a civil agency in Iraq during the early stages of the American occupation when we were keeping the peace by paying off various tribes. He was leaving his job for another assignment and he still had left in his office a million and a half dollars he did not know what to do with. He tried to figure out what to do with it and kept contacting his superiors, none of whom had an idea how he could hand the money back in. He eventually packaged it up and drove into Baghdad and left it at the office. We’ve had no accounting for millions if not billions of dollars so were living in a country that’s pretty much out of control so I am no longer surprised at anything.

    1. Cynthia:

      Thanks for your comment. Hope you have a nice meal and a relaxing day. It’s one of our best holidays to just chat and enjoy a meal and a nice glass of wine with the family.

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