Hearing From Some Guys Who Were There

DSC_1019Another break – the next two witnesses were very enjoyable – a break after listening to the families telling about their dead loved ones.

First is this guy Ralph DiMasi – just got out of prison last March after serving 21 years for being caught planning a bank robbery. He has one tooth in his head and is as tough as nails. Wasn’t a happy witness and told a story about his involvement in the shooting episode where Billy O’Brien got shot on Morrissey Boulevard just after he left Linda Mae’s after meeting with Tommy King.

He says as he was leaving and getting into his car that Billy was driving because he knew the neighborhood, by the way he said Linda Mae’s was in South Boston but it was in Dorchester, he looked back to see where Tommy King was.  He saw Tommy get into a car with three other guys. He said he had this feeling something wasn’t right.

He said he told Billy “if you see a car coming up behind us fast hit the gas.”  He said Billy started laughing at him.  He said he told him the same thing again and the car came up fast and they stared shooting at them.  He said Billy hit the break and the gas and the car began to fishtail and ended up hitting the guard rail.  He said he didn’t have a gun with him but a stiletto.  After the car came to a stop he jumped out with the stiletto in his hand and climbed out intent on going after the shooters. He had eight bullets in him in his head, shoulder and elsewhere. He noticed the car with the guys had stopped a short way up the street and he saw two of the guys getting out.  He kept running toward them hoping he could stab one and get the gun away from him.

They saw him coming and one yelled “here he comes” and they jumped back in and burned rubber and took off. Wyshak asked him if he survived the shooting. He said it was pretty obvious he did. Whyshak asked if he went to the hospital after that. He said you want me to finish my story. He then went on.  He said after the car took off he realized he was a nitwit for doing what he did, his side was paralyzed, and he went back to his car. When the cops came he thought it was the cops that had shot him and at first refused to cooperate with them.  Hearing his testimony made the day worthwhile.

He ended after re-direct and re-cross saying in response to a Carney question whether benefits were known to guys in the can that “guys are walking the street after doing 20 murders and another guy kills one person and gets the chair – people are walking the streets who are serial murderers – they cooperated with the government – that’s how the system works.”  Earlier he said he never cooperate at all and didn’t talk to people who did.

The next guy also tells an interesting story but got to go for now.